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  1. Which QiGong form to start?

    About two years ago I was asking myself the same question. I recommend from my experience that you study the forum very deeply, it is a true treasure of information. (Literally do data mining using the search option) Of course there is misinformation too but you will create an idea with everything. You will eventually find other very similar posts with book recommendations, lineages and qigong types. (And other very good ones on the dangers and deviations of qi.) In my little experience I recommend the same as @Rara : Zhan Zhuang, Ba Dua Jin and sitting meds. (don't underestimate ZZ try to do 1hr+ every day ). I take this opportunity to thank everyone in the forum for the contribution they make, it has helped me a lot to obtain research points for my personal growth.
  2. New member - long introduction (sorry)

    Very interesting history I hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. I just finish of read this thread of posting, and then see this post : @squashedface I hope you find useful
  4. Thanks.

    I follow the page since 4 years ago. but just since last year i began to do something real. I think is very simbolic say hi to everyone and say thank you for sharing your personal experiencies, informations and thoughts in this the path of inner cultivation. You all have been a great help for clear doubts and recommend books.