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  1. Yuen Method?

    Clarity - Interesting stuff. Can you say any more about it? Have you used it to heal yourself or someone else? If yes how effective is the method? Thanks in advance.
  2. Dynamo: Magician Impossible

    Very cool videos, for sure.
  3. Flying Phoenix UK Workshops with Terry Dunn

    Jeremiah - that's an exciting schedule! I can tell everyone that I had the opportunity to spend two days with Sifu Terry this summer in California, and it was an outstanding time. Everyone who attends a UK seminar is in for a treat. Sifu Terry makes his training sessions extremely informative and a lot of fun. His knowledge of qigong, tai chi, and kung fu is extremely wide and deep, and his enthusiasm for the arts is really contagious. It amazed me when I spent time with Sifu that he made some seemingly small corrections to my forms that made big differences in the quality of the FP energy. I would encourage everyone who can to attend one of the sessions. This training will be worth its weight in gold! Good practicing, Fu_dog
  4. Neigong at the Beach!

    Good info....thanks.
  5. i ching tao te ching bhagavad gita
  6. the tao of a babe. paige.ali, yogi

    Some more pearls from Yogi Berra: I really didn't say everything I said. It's deja vu all over again. Pair up in threes. When asked what time it was, Yogi replied, "You mean now?" We're lost but we're making good time. 90% of the game is half mental. When asked if he wanted his pizza cut into four or eight slices, Yogi replied, "Four. I don't think I can eat eight." Yogi was once honored by being presented the key to New York City by the mayor on a miserably hot and humid day. Mayor Lindsay's wife, Mary, turned to Yogi and said, "Yogi, you are so cool." Yogi replied, "You're don't look so hot yourself."
  7. Five Profound Scientific Facts!

    Those take me back to my old college physics classes. Pretty cool stuff though....including the concept that all is energy.
  8. ling gui healing qigong school

    Ditto what other posters have said... very interesting info on some female centered qigong, thanks for posting. I hope you stick with it and update the board from time to time with your progress. Good practicing!
  9. Added Zazen to my Qigong

    I can't add much to what's already been posted by Trunk, Cameron and others. But I will say it's my experience that zazen becomes quieter because of qigong. Qigong is made richer by zazen. They are excellent compliments.
  10. Is it me or Qigong is boring ?

    The first obstacle to meditation is often the mind itself, telling you things like, "I'm bored", "I'm wasting time", "When will this be over?" etc. The mind wants to be entertained, engaged, stimulated. At least initially, it does not want to be forced to remain quiet. That said, in meditation you are in the process of controlling the mind and all of it's complaints and logical arguments on why you *should not* be doing the meditation. Quieting the mind and gaining mastery over the mind is part of the process, goes with the territory. However, control over the mind is not an easy battle to win....it's a formidable foe. So feelings of being bored, that nothing is happening, etc., is very common to people getting into meditation or certain quieter styles of qigong. Getting past that is the first obstacle. If one does this, there can be other obstacles that can be just as formidable that come along later. You might try reading Pantanjali's ideas on this. His writings go into quite a bit of detail on the subject. And then again, meditation and qigong are not for everyone.
  11. Does Magic Exist ?

    To the OP, I don't know if you would call what they do "magic" or not, but the people who practice Santaria in Miami (this practice is originally from Africa, refined in the Caribbean) are known to conjure up some pretty strong spells, both to help and to hurt. They call upon ancestor spirits to do their bidding. If you find a burnt chicken with paraphernalia in a corner somewhere in Miami, especially common in the Little Haiti area, then that's where a Santaria (or less common Voodoo) priest has performed a ceremony. Side note: there are 250,000 wild chickens running around Miami so the Santaria practitioners have plentiful access to the chickens. I can promise their spells (or magic) have been demonstrated enough that pretty much nobody in South Florida seeks to challenge them.
  12. I carry the Tao te Ching, but very seldom refer to it. I carry the I Ching and do refer to it, prolly a couple times per month. I've never found the I Ching to be wrong, but you have to be ready for what it tells you...it's not always pleasant. The ebook makes carrying any book pretty easy to do. I have 3 versions of I Ching on my Nook. Also one older translation of Tao te Ching translated by Charles Muller in 1991 that's not particularly good IMO (I bought it because it was cheap).
  13. The question for me is How does a belief in an afterlife affect my present life? And if there is an afterlife, in what form does it take? Yes, Christianity teaches one to live this temporary life totally focused on earning a positive eternity in afterlife. But for me I just can't buy into living for some future spiritual possibility. I must live in the now. Don Juan Matus in Castenada's books had a conception of an afterlife in which one's spirit eventually diminished and blended with the cosmos. One's afterlife could be lengthened by right living but even then, eventually everyone's spirit evaporated. This belief seemed to bring an urgency to don Juan's life, and brought a greater value to living every day as well as one could live. I have no idea of afterlife, if there is one and what form it would take, but I do buy into living each day to the fullest.
  14. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    One thing most posters can agree on: More can be accomplished from meditation than from arguing with Lao Tzu.
  15. Korean Ginseng

    I just purchased the actual root from my local TCM herb shop, sliced thin. Pretty expensive, actually, for about 30 slices. I plan on brewing it with my tea for the next month. I'm going the natural route by buying the root now, rather than purchasing the ginseng in any sort of processed form.