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  1. Robert Peng QiGong

    Thanks so much!
  2. Robert Peng QiGong

    Hoping all of you are great and healthy. I’ve been practicing PangGu Qigong (moving form) and Spring Forest QiGong (Level 1 and Five Elements) for over 10 years. I move between the 3 forms. I have heard about Robert Peng and am wondering if anyone here has experience with his qigong and can provide insights on it?
  3. Hello! I’m new here and have enjoyed reading through some threads over the years. I learned Moving Form of PanGu Shengong from Master Ou about 10yrs ago while I was going thru Lyme Disease. It helped but didn’t remove all issues (I also cleaned up diet and environment). So after a year I switched to Spring Forest QiGong. That helped me some more - but still not entirely. I also found Level 1 monotonous. I switched to meditation for a few years. Recently I came back to SFQ by way of the 5 Healing Elements form. I really enjoy this form. However, shoulder/tendon and neck issues persist. Can anyone recommend any forms that might might be helpful to me? Thanks!