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  1. Can We Know Truth?

    Why even consider magic? I just say, "I don't know." Sometimes I'll add "but I'll find out."
  2. Can We Know Truth?

    "Spooky stuff at a distance" is nothing more than stuff happening that we yet do not understand. No magic, no miracles.
  3. Can We Know Truth?

    No, the cat is not both dead and alive. It is either dead or alive. We will not know until we open the box. Probabilities are infinite. And yeah, the particle and the wave. One particle exists. It can be in only one place at any given time. A series of particles may or may not create a wave. One particle cannot be a wave.
  4. Watching The Birds

    It is true that Jays can be very aggressive (protective) but it is mainly the act of protecting their nest and young. Once the young have flown the nest there is no longer a reason for the aggressive attitude and they just spend their time doing normal bird things.
  5. Rebirth????

    Yeah, sometimes I think too much too.
  6. The Self, Does it Exist?

    But there is a true self. It is what drives the emotions we feel every day.
  7. I can testify to that if you ever need a testimonial.
  8. Mair 19:6

    Yeah, that's a concept I had problems with a number of years ago. I did finally make peace with it though. (And that's why I mention often that I am sharing my opinions and understandings. Not enough proof to suggest it is a fact.)
  9. Hi everyone!

    I don't do those kinds of recommendations. I would likely respond with something like, "Read the Tao Te Ching and then the Chuang Tzu." You will find many here willing to offer guidance. But as always, test and try before you buy.
  10. Hi everyone!

    Sounds like you might need to evolve into a strong rat for a while. Best wishes.
  11. Can We Know Truth?

    I just bought some of that yesterday but I am planning to dump some berries in them.
  12. New to Taoism, struggling with

    Hi interpaul. Welcome. Yes, this is a good place to seek guidance. But take care regarding presenting too much personal information. There are people on this planet who will use the information against you.
  13. Can We Know Truth?

    I prefer strawberry.
  14. God and stuff

    I can understand that.