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  1. It is nobler to declare oneself wrong than to insist on being right - especially when one is right.
  2. It may also get you reported. We do have some PC folks here.
  3. Well, that was a little bit more than what was needed but still, ...
  4. We all know that I am retired Army, damn proud of it and damn proud of having served my country. A Taoist does what needs be done. Nothing less, nothing more. One could say that Chuang Tzu was a pacifist but I cannot recall him ever speaking negatively against military service. One must protect what one values. There are always others who would take it from you if it is not protected.
  5. Oh, there are many stone-headed people around here; it's just that most won't admit it.
  6. Nuts are one of my staple foods. I always keep some in the house. And peanut butter too. I can't recall ever trying pine nuts though.
  7. Marblehead is already taken Best wishes toward finding one that is fitting for you.
  8. Or a match to find the gasoline.
  9. Politeness seems to be a thing of the past, just as does respect. What am I doing talking here? Bye
  10. Anarchists don't normally talk about such matters.
  11. That will happen during empty-minded meditation. And really, that's the way it is supposed to be. Dead ashes. It's really about clearing our mind of biases, prejudices, and other crap.
  12. Yep. My reality is based in my perspective, not anyone else's.
  13. I can't recall Lao Tzu speaking directly to the concept of chaos. Chuang Tzu did. Yes, even spontaneity requires taking responsibility for our thought, words, and deeds. Younger folks have a hard time trying to be spontaneous because they always have things to do and places to go, most of which involve other people. Yes, our root values will dictate in which areas of our life we can live spontaneously. What I was speaking to was more at the kids trying to tell the older folks how to live. I mean, really, most of us, after reaching the age of 70 just don't give a shit what others think about us. We already lived most of our life with that mentality.
  14. A while back my signature block read "Peace an Happiness". I changed it because I could not find a satisfactory definition of happiness. Therefore it now reads "Peace an Contentment" Those two concepts can be well defined.