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  1. I don't remember that but it sounds good, doesn't it?
  2. That's being done by magic. You have to turn the magic button off.
  3. Yeah, that's the question, isn't it? You won't be hearing me talk about universal or unconditional love. I don't go there. You were talking about anger and a fast release. I know of none. The key is prevention. Yeah, I know, that's not possible for most of us. I guess the best is to find a way to release our anger without harming any one/any thing that doesn't deserve being harmed. And this will requires us to question why this whatever caused us anger and how much of the anger is our own fault.
  4. Suffocate it with love.
  5. Perhaps it is time to sheath your swords. You will still be balanced but in a much more peaceful way. Controlling emotions? Knowing what our emotions are and what stimulates them? Maybe better? Understanding them so that they don't cause trouble in our physical world.
  6. Thing is, progress will not be stopped. Most will always be looking for an easier way to do things. There's not many of those small villages around any more. Most people don't even know what their true nature is.
  7. Well, yes, this is true. But it is the smell of dead meat that gets fed into our hair. BTW I found out that drug testing now includes a sampling of hair because the hair holds what we have been consuming a lot longer than does urine and blood.
  8. Yes, that's a lot of personal info but I'm not bothered by it. And although you didn't answer the question about your emotions being confused, I think this might be the case. Are you Asian? Most Asians say that Caucasians and Blacks smell. It is all our hair that causes that. Our hair holds our stink. So you appear to be an extrovert here on the forum but really you are an introvert. My guess. Have you recently asked the question: Who am I? Hint: When answering you have to be honest. At least to your self. We others don't matter that much.
  9. True, cat astronomers are more rare. Not so with female cats though. They are very common.
  10. I can't say. I agree, they can be scary. But then, if you don't look you will never see. If you think you can handle it, look. If you feel apprehension then perhaps not. Curiosity will make you go for it.
  11. Hehehe. More tough guy stuff. Just wondering - are your emotions confused?
  12. I hope it was something pleasant.
  13. I can't answer your question. I just felt like talking with you. Come on, tough guy. It won't hurt. I promise. I can't speak to this as I cannot see inside your mind. That's your work to do.
  14. Ah!, that old Buddhist concept of "liberation". Personally, I'm not in prison so I don't need be liberated. And I'm not suffering so we don't need go there either. So why do you have any burdens? You are supposed to put her back down once you have carried her across the river.
  15. I understand what you are saying but again I must state, "Not here on this forum". A word I would like you to consider is "empathy". Just a beginner's level of understanding. You don't need to go there.