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  1. you are missed mate.

  2. Hello

    Hi Myklan. Welcome. Lots of discussions here for you to get involved in. Have fun.
  3. Vipassana and now kunlun

    Hi rkc. Welcome.
  4. What is spirituality

    For me, spirituality points to my inner essence, my state of mentality regardless of external conditions.
  5. I Think, and Only I

    Well, too bad you aren't impressed with my truths regarding this subject. At least I have some truths that I, myself, have verified.
  6. The Brexit Thread

    Y'all got to leave. The EU must be broken.
  7. I Think, and Only I

    Science also says that bumble bees cannot fly. But they do. Maybe w just don't understand some things in nature?
  8. I Think, and Only I

    While that may be true, all other influences are unqualitative. Cannot be verified or nullified. Therefore only reality counts.
  9. I Think, and Only I

    One thing that led me to my conclusion was that saying "The Devil made me do it." No, no god or devil causes us thoughts. It is our own mind and that is all. Now true, our mind might be screwed up but it are still our own thoughts.
  10. What are you listening to?

    Keep in mind, I'm not average.
  11. I Think, and Only I

    Excellent comments. I am in total agreement with you. (We are responsible for all our thoughts, words, and deeds.)
  12. Chi - how does it feel?

    Good question and could be an interesting discussion. For now I will wait until some of our alchemy friends have commented.