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  1. Seeking D-cell battery charging advice

    Yes, most chargers we buy today have a peak voltage shut-off. Most any solar panel you buy will have a peak voltage output of 7.2 VDC. Charging to that voltage won't harm the batteries. You could buy a cheap volt meter (less than $20) to put in line with the panel/batteries and you would know what the voltage of the batteries are if you read the meter at night time when the panel isn't putting out a charge. No, not sorry. It was a challenge for me when I first started with my solar system for the fish ponds. There was no one I could find who knew much about solar electric panels. I was around electricity for the twenty years I was in the Army so most of what I had to do was already first hand knowledge. Yeah, I can understand you wanting to be off-grid as much as possible and still have the ability to do things This little project will get you some first hand knowledge with solar electric systems. Might even cause you to invest more so that you have more capabilities.
  2. Mair 20:4

    When Confucius was besieged in the area between Ch'en and Ts'ai, he went without cooked food for seven days. The old gentleman Jen went to console him, asking, "Were you close to death?" "Yes." "Do you dislike death?" "Yes." "Let me try to explain the Way to avoid death," said Jen. "In the Eastern Sea there is a bird named the lazybird. It flip-flops along as if it had no power. The lazybird will only fly when there are others to lead it on and will only roost when there are others that press close to its sides. When it goes forward it dares not take the lead; when it retreats it does not take the rear; when it eats it dares not take the first bite, always preferring to take the leftovers. Therefore, their ranks are seldom broken and outsiders rarely can harm them, hence they escape calamity. The straight tree is the first to be felled; The well with sweet water is the first to be exhausted. You seem intent on ornamenting your knowledge to amaze those who are ignorant and on cultivating your person to highlight those who are vile. You are as ostentatious as if you were walking along holding the sun and moon above you. Hence you do not escape calamity. In the past, I heard a man of great accomplishment say, 'Who is self-assertive has no merit; Merit that is complete will collapse; Fame that is complete will decline.' Who can get rid of merit and fame, and return to be with the masses of men? He flows with the Way but does not rest in brilliance; Walks with integrity but does not dwell in fame. He is so plain and ordinary That he may be compared to an imbecile. He erases his traces and renounces his influence, doing nothing for merit or fame. For this reason he does not blame others, nor is he blamed by others. The ultimate man does not seek renown. Why, sir, do you like it so much?" "Excellent!" said Confucius, whereupon he bid adieu to his associates, sent his disciples away, and retired to a great marsh. He dressed in skins and haircloth, and ate acorns and chestnuts. He went among animals without disturbing their herds, went among birds without disturbing their flocks. If even birds and animals were not afraid of him, how much less were men!
  3. Seeking D-cell battery charging advice

    The batteries will be in series. That means that 1.5 VDC times 4 batteries equals 6VDC. If you consider the flashlight thing all you will need is a cheap plastic one.
  4. when time runs out...

    Yeah, time just keeps going whether we are paying attention or not.
  5. Seeking D-cell battery charging advice

    Well, a solar panel or panel assembly can be found by doing a search for - - 6 VDC Solar Panel. Amazon has a number of them but I'm sure others are available from other sources. I would opt for just the panel so to keep it as simple as possible. The batteries could be mounted in a PVC tube just large enough for the batteries to be mounted in. This would reduce the number of electrical connections. The tube, bottom capped with a coil spring inside like in flashlight with a wire running through the bottom cap for connecting Negative on tube to negative from solar panel. Top of tube would be top cap with battery contact plate on the inside with a wire going to the outside for connecting the positive of battery tube to positive wire of solar panel. Of course, a four-battery flash light could be modified and be used as the batteries mount.
  6. Stole name and album

    That's nothing new but it still sucks. Of course, it might be one of those Google tricks they like to play.
  7. Seeking D-cell battery charging advice

    There are a few 6 VDC solar panels available, some under $10. You would have to make your own charging rack. Maybe a PVC tube with one spring cap to insure good connection between batteries.
  8. What are you watching on Youtube?

    What a happy video.
  9. when time runs out...

    Basically, yes. I have tried to live a pretty healthy life but old age still put its whammy on me. My physical health is my main issue. The body can't do many of the things my mind wants me to do.
  10. when time runs out...

    The Christians fixed that with your soul and the delusional body that carries it around get to be in prime physical and mental health.
  11. when time runs out...

    I just edited that song two days ago to add to my collection. When time runs out. The older I get the less I care about that.