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  1. Spirituality and Dao, Chicken and Egg

    Is that like "What would nature do?"
  2. The Tao of disappointment

    Yeah, but there's no ignore button in real life.
  3. Lao tse or Lao tzu; Chuang tse or Chuang tzu

    Well, there are many strange people in Seattle.
  4. The Tao of disappointment

    I had one of those the other day and I did good at resisting the temptation to disagree.
  5. Lao tse or Lao tzu; Chuang tse or Chuang tzu

    Well, our study of Chuang Tzu is still on-going. And it will continue right up to the end.
  6. What are you listening to?

    Funny. Most national anthems are boring.
  7. Hi Phoenix3, I hope you are still reading this thread of yours. I often talk about empty-minded meditation. Chuang Tzu spoke directly to this meditation method. If you are still interested I will find exactly how he explains it and post it.
  8. Hello from a noob

    Hi on-ca. Welcome. Yes, not needing to force things is always best.
  9. Hello Family

    Hi Anmol. Welcome. Yeah, that was the bottom line about faith. Thinking about it won't help but practice definitely will.
  10. Lao tse or Lao tzu; Chuang tse or Chuang tzu

    Yes, I do understand the difference. I can talk about the physical because it is in my face. I put labels on these physical things. Mental concepts can be symbolized with words. They aren't physical things - more at understandings. But faith? Desire to hold to a belief even though we may have no logical reason to do so? Dao and Tao. Labels we have put on a mental concept. Same with Tzu and Tse. Actually, I can understand the use of "Dao" over "Tao" because we are told that the word is pronounced like the English word "Dow" as in Dow Jones. But I don't understand the use of "Tse" because it is my understanding that it is pronounced like an English word spelled "Tsue". Too bad there are no acceptable English words that would properly express the Chinese symbolization of the words.
  11. Favorite Daoist Quote

    I presently hold that position of making judgements.
  12. Favorite Daoist Quote

    and leave no footprints.
  13. Spirituality and Dao, Chicken and Egg

    You done good. Keep it up.
  14. Holotropic Breath Work

    Hi Fruiticus. Welcome. Well, based on what I know about our need for oxygen, the higher one goes in elevation the less oxygen there is available in the atmosphere. Go high enough and you will die. And basically, in small amounts, the more oxygen we have the more efficient our brain becomes.
  15. Lao tse or Lao tzu; Chuang tse or Chuang tzu

    Yeah, we will follow you even though I have no idea if you know what the fuck you are doing.