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  1. Equanimity in times of Suffering

    My inner essence is with you.
  2. Light and Dark

    Yeah, I still prefer shades of grey as opposed to white/black, light/dark.
  3. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    I don't recall that but then it was a long time ago. I know about them Sirens though.
  4. Light and Dark

    The primal and constant state of the universe is dark (Yin). Light requires energy (Yang). Dark = Yin = Rest.
  5. Call to Vikings!

    Okay. But consider, the Minotaur in an important part of Greek and Cretan mythology. Yes, way before TV.
  6. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    I love landscape paintings. I have some around my house. Really love the Chinese landscape painting but have none of those. Maybe one day.
  7. Regret, guilt and shame

    Good point. Refusal to admit that we messed up.
  8. What role does faith play in the taoist perspective?

    I still prefer confidence. She was and still is a good old gal.
  9. Call to Vikings!

    We are remembering that this is comic book story put to screen of what the writers think how it might have been, right?
  10. Aliens among us

    If you live anywhere near a military aircraft training center those flares could appear any time during the night. And many have parachutes so the winds in the atmosphere will cause them to move in various directions, and cause them to suddenly disappear because the flare ran out of fuel.
  11. Nei Kung, Kriya Yoga and the occult.

    I "practice" empty-minded meditation. No rules except sit down and shut up.
  12. Nei Kung, Kriya Yoga and the occult.

    Funny. I know it's the truth but it's not me. Me be empty-minded meditation. Sit down (get the body comfortable) and shut up (the mouth and the mind). And once you have forgotten "self" what more is needed in order to return to One?
  13. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    Oh!, would I love to have that painting hanging on some wall in my house. Buuful.
  14. Light and Dark

    Page one, Chapter One.
  15. Light and Dark

    Yep. That's the one.