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  1. It's interesting to see so many takes on philosophy, spirituality, hygiene (qigong, martial arts, mediation, etc) and the like.
  2. My introduction to the Eastern philosophies

    Your wit simply has to be appreciated. -Lousy Lao Tzu
  3. My introduction to the Eastern philosophies

    Hahahahahaah, we're all gods within the macroism of the universe. The same being said that we're all specks of dust in the grand scale of the cosmos.
  4. Taoist Novice's Deep Question's

    Haha, someone must ask such questions! I'm curious to hear everyone's answers.
  5. Taoist Novice's Deep Question's

    Taoist Novice's Deep Question of the Day: What are the best and worst parts of human nature?
  6. Taoist Novice's Deep Question's

    We're all apart of the Three Teachings. Similar in design and thought. When Buddhism was first introduced in China they all assumed it just some foreign kind of Taoism due to their similarities.
  7. Taoist Novice's Deep Question's

    Taoist Novice's Deep Question of the Day: Are humans better at creation or destruction?
  8. Daoist monasticism

    Simple thing to assume our path and another to know it for certain. I won't presume to know which is which. You've obviously the heart and the will for such things but something holds you back. If I ever find such a place, it will be subtle, free and used as a format for training, learning and study. Money is ideology of greed, which I don't believe we require, so all would be welcome regardless of their financial station. Take this "what if" and know you'll always be welcome.
  9. Daoist monasticism

    What is then stopping you or any other like minded individuals to seek out the monastic life without the complications of it's modern form. A temple, a band of us all together with the focus of being one with the Tao and finding our inner nature. I for would would put all of my resources into such an endeavour.
  10. My introduction to the Eastern philosophies

    Xie xie, Dao de Qi! I consider myself a form of Taoist scholar, with an appreciation of its take on physical hygiene, internal alchemy and philosophy. - Lousy Lao Tzu
  11. @Orion, thank you so much for sharing that detailed, intriguing and overwhelmingly beautiful story. Since posting this thread I've listened to everyone's thoughts and opinions and found that I agree. I have stopped smoking pot as much, found the same level of relaxation affter a cup of tea and a mere 10-15 minutes of meditation. Thank you all very much. All of you are greatly appreciated.
  12. Taoist Novice's Deep Question's

    Amitoufu, brother. Brilliantly said and thank you for your insight. Interesting that you used the new born baby analogy, this is often the same, motif used by the Internal Alchemical school of Taoism. Even Lao Tzu, uses this motif when talking about the "uncarved block (p'u) ". A new born baby is a perfect example of an unbias, contented, and pure human nature through non-conforming means. The baby has strong chi and can scream all day long and his voice never get tired. The baby has strong jing and can get an erection having not known the union between man and woman. Most importantly , the baby has strong shen and is closest to the Tao (or dharma) by being so spirituality pure and one with itself. I might have just been rambling, sorry.
  13. Taoist Novice's Deep Question's

    Very, very well said. Thank you brother.
  14. Taoist Novice's Deep Question's

    Tomorrow I will post another or simply add it here, I am uncertain. Human nature seems constant in its conditioned response to culture. In the earliest civilization's culture directed morality and governed it's people. In a time before civilization, human nature was directed by survival and continuing it's legacy through offspring. One could say that that is human nature even today but I feel that would be a prudent thought. Humanity is but an animal capable of deep thought, which enables our biggest fault, ego. Ego which differs from culture to culture. Human nature has and will constantly be in state of flux. It cannot be constant for our environment is never constant. So my humble belief is that human nature can be completely changed by both culture and society.