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  1. Ma Wei Qi Bagua

    I am working on it. I have the clips. shocked every time I watch them myself.
  2. Ma Wei Qi Bagua

    sure enough. she will drop me in an instant and take care of anyone else who has a problem too. funny that way to be a combat veteran and almost 6 feet tall and get dropped by a 5-4 125 pounder.... one day she might let me show you some videos of it.
  3. Ma Wei Qi Bagua

    Guo Shilei has been attempting to align with Us. That is up to my wife. She is the lineage holder.
  4. Ma Wei Qi Bagua

    There is plenty of connection between Bagua and Aikido. You can check Bruce's work on this. Just because the Japanese don't ever want to consider the Chinese as their big brother, most of them are intelligent to understand it as truth.
  5. Ma Wei Qi Bagua

    Hello. I am a long time member and a non frequent poster. It is great to be here and always love the upgrades and improvements over the years. Currently I am working on the connection between internal arts. Specifically Aikido and Bagua. Anyone interested in discussing the historical possibility of this?
  6. Nice videos. If you are thinking can I or can't won't. You're just getting in your own way. The thing that is unexplainable is so, because you shouldn't be explaining it. You should feel it. When you felt the opening your master gave you, you thought about, should or shouldn't I. You got in your own way. How can you explain, get out of your own way to people. The Dao of getting out of your own dao.
  7. Hello, glad I found you all

    I'm Dennis. Former combat airborne medic and Army drill instructor. Can say with confidence war is obsolete and the Pavlovian techniques used to train soldiers should be banned and criminalized. Using internal arts to settle and open to a new and better me.