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  1. Hi, I am Ben. I'm in my early 30s and I have been practicing various spiritual paths (mostly kundalini yoga and vipassana) for more than a decade and I would like to switch to Taoism from now on. I really like to learn and practice Nei dan or inner alchemy. I know it is not an easy path and I need a solid base for start. So how should I start? consider me a slow learner with a very basic knowledge of Taoism. What is the easiest and shortest path to internal alchemy? I mean I just want to learn and practice things which are absolutely necessary, because too much information confuse and dishearten me. So do I need to learn tai chi/chi kong? Which Masters or books do you recommend.. Mantak chia, Master Yang, Master wu dang chen,...? Thanks for your help and I hope I learn a lot from you guys. Kind Regards