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Pleasantly surprised by the film Sound of Metal (2019)




At the end of the film, Ruben finally realised he was following a path of self-destruction and acknowledge the importance of bringing stillness (Yin) in your life as he was told by the leader of the small community of deaf people.


A highly recommended watch.


Note: About the film director, Darius Marder:


"Marder grew up in Conway, Massachusetts with his parents and four siblings. His parents, Lauri and Efrem Marder, both artists from New York, lived according to the teachings of the Russian philosopher and mystic George Gurdjieff."


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still don't know what you mean with enlightened, but there's interstate 60 for people who like development of themselves, looking things in the eyes & calling them by their real names as well as enjoying a good projection of the mind / mindgames ... need a little reassurance or distraction or ... 

-- 2nd trailer is original one --









of course very western centered and very simple troubles of the main character, but fun to watch for the above purpose, I guess B)




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better trailer

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