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  1. Why do I hear Chinese say "ying-yang"?

    Those linked pages are giving me a hard time, but at least one Chinese I heard saying 'yiñ' is Cantonese. It is mindboggling how with a language like that where subtle intonation changes the meaning they then also have dialects that make one word sound like another. Today I heard that Vietnam managed to boost literacy vastly by switching the Vietnamese script to roman letters. (And apparently Vietnamese also has six different intonations, and that's not even the maximum among languages.)
  2. It's written yin-yang in the system, but several times now I have heard a Chinese say it, and yin sounded much more like "ying". Or maybe "yiñ" would be more accurate. Why is this so? Dialect? Flaw in the transliteration system?
  3. Do you have a blog or a website?

    In addition to my colorful and varied personal website hub http://dowlphin.de that I mentioned before, I now made a tiny one that reflects my personal quest and difficult situation in getting things moving, describing who I am, where I want to go and what I associate with success. A bit like an extended business card (but not really a business - yet): http://owledge.de
  4. I paid more attention to the "Super Maha Butthead".
  5. Sorry, couldn't read @Everything you wrote. Too many words.
  6. Clichée alien shapeshifting reptiloid, shitting its esoteric, mysterious shapes into the clichée Illuminati (dumber clichée Freemason) circles, who are at least according to the picture interestingly not 'the jews', and I am wondering what species the creature in the flag is supposed to be. Looks a bit like a caninoid or ursoid alien, haha. They probably belong to the grand conspiracy of wasting the reptiloids' time with an illusion while the gray aliens plug their bodies into the Matrix to finally get eggs for breakfast again. Planet Earth with humankind is probably just an elaborate decoy for an intergalactic power grab. (Yes, I like Douglas Adams.)
  7. That picture is part of a popular refusal of responsibility. They're all one.
  8. @manitou I read, and this dialogue popped into my mind: Student: "Why should we move back to make our mind become like a child's again? Then what is the point of becoming an adult in the first place?" Teacher: "I see you are beginning to understand." Student: "What? No! I don't understand!" Teacher: "I see you are undecided."
  9. @Everything I tended to assume that fear always condenses and love always expands and that as such the material realm if profoundly a result of a portion of fear in contrast to love. I don't know whether I would discard that theory at this point, but it would constitute a zero-sum game, so I am intrigued by your thesis of the purpose of this realm to try and materialize love. I am skeptical because practicing love always seems to lighten, etherealize. But maybe that is just an early step of the whole process?
  10. @Everything As profound as that is, it also seems extremely trivial in certain points, because aren't we all looking for that in real life which makes us feel good, is meaningful and empowering? Finding that is the whole challenge, and I would say that despairing over not being able to find/access it is what drive people into different pursuits, like spirituality. A path of least resistance might even be found at first, but not be sustainable. Life tends to not allow this but throw stuff at us. From my own experience, it even seems like trying to find meaningful connections between an envisioned goal and physical reality can spoil the former and backfire violently due to utter incompatibility and phoniness of the things connecting to, which again signals that a representation of the feeling in the physical realm might not be available.
  11. @Everything A lot of your writings match my insights gained from experiences with ayahusca and salvia divinorum in tandem with ponderings. I think spiritual englightenment/awakening is a lot about realizing implications of experiences made. Like, as a figurative example: You read a sentence and don't ask what it is telling you but what the fact that you are reading it, in that moment, says about your experience of life. When you shift attention to that mode of perception, maybe you suddenly realize the sentence is in a language you don't even know, and you still read it. And then more implications arise. Or you go "Woah, this is so cool", i.e. back to sleep. (Which may be fine. Things take time to process.)
  12. You have to forgive them. They are sleep-deprived.
  13. I am still trying to make sense and explore implications of a phenomenon I had ever since I had a profound ayahuasca experience. Whenever I wake up from a troubled dream, which means one from which, for one reason or another but usually due to being weirded out / scared, I try hard to wake up and eventually do, for a minute or so after that I see flickering light patterns when I close my eyes. They're not really complex, just some movement of bright dots in a distinct texture pattern, which made me call this phenomenon "holodeck matrix". It is always the same pattern, and the perception gradually fades the longer I lie awake. (It's quite intense light at first, but in the context of the whole phenomenon being kinda subtle.) I don't know whether the specific pattern has any relevance or familiarity (maybe related to the way that light-receptors are arranged on the retina or at least how the brain manages them?), and it is hard to describe, but I tried to draw a crude approximation/guess. (They are slightly more colorful, I think, with some elements of yellow and green, but last time I had this I remembered a red-dominance once I noticed it was occuring again.) I think there might also be a connection between the occurence of such dreams and how much energy is still active in my head before entering sleep. (I usually do some nei gong in bed.) I had this type of dream a couple times after my ayahuasca experience, in a more intense way, but even years later this still ocurs in a milder version if I don't ground myself thoroughly after the nei gong. (But I usually don't do that because I am not that worried about these effects. It is part of a process anyway, and results are so subtle that I decide to emphasize more on keeping the energy active as much as possible. Once one reaches a state where there is always activity, you cannot say you moved energy out of the head anyway, and one has to distinguish between energy being constantly active and it being stuck up there. I don't think I have an issue with the latter. I've had energy pulsing around a bit between third eye and crown ever since my Kunlun Nei Gung seminar, and it is active at various times of the day, usually during states of relaxation.)
  14. I got it! I got it! All you have to remember is MEOW! This was too easy.