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  1. Someone here who loves drawing?

    It just saddens me a bit now, in retrospect. It is so rare so see someone actually pick a creative idea up for execution and then I never got to see the result.
  2. Dreamt of having a lucid dream

    I may not even have had lucidity, because it's all basically an autopilot script that incorporates theme-defiance, so to speak. One can declare to be dreaming without having any deliberate control over own actions.
  3. Someone here who loves drawing?

    Someone had Chinese characters in his profile pic and I imagined them to be real-world objects and scenes one could draw. From what I could gather, Carson made them, but electronic transfer was a problem, and then that was it. We chatted about some other ideas and stuff shortly after that, but I think I never received the drawing, and he also got quite busy at some point.
  4. Dreamt of having a lucid dream

    Wow, I didn't remember having had this. Old thread. More recently I had a few experiences of calling my dream out as such and waking up soon after declaring that I was in a dream. In one case there was a recurring annoying dream theme and it upset me so that I was ranting within my dream like "Damn, every time I am dreaming, this crap happens!".
  5. Enlightened movies

    CBA to check whether I already mentioned all of then, but I did Blueberry/Renegade. Another obvious one that is very dear to me is The Fountain. But if you want to experience one that doesn't appear like one at first but requires own open eyes, try Revolver. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0365686/
  6. An old movie about a Conan-style guy on a quest in a fantasy-style world, making various encounters, including in the desert, that help him to know himself, is on the search for some book of ultimate truth or treasure and eventually finds it and it is just a mirror to look at his own face.
  7. Is the mind not a thing that exists? And what but the mind could even make such a claim? Also, I tend to see the 'alchemy' like this: root = confidence crown = hope When both mix in the middle (heart), where balance can be achieved, they create faith. I.e. faith is hope empowered with confidence. Hope without confidence is the bemourning of powerlessness, running away, looking for external support. Confidence without hope is a survival machine with no direction, i.e. a cog-in-the-machine process, so entrapped in its own identity that it does not realize its powerlessness for having any transformative impact. When crown-imbalanced find root-imbalanced, they form an alliance that is a severely interdependent and fear-driven pseudo-balance with no harmony. ... But if we look at the system as a whole, beyond the egoic identity, it could still be quite 'valid'. Because while self-empowerment can be helpful, these things are always a matter of what is needed for balance, and self-empowerment can become a dogmatic mentality that cripples empathy by trying to teach everybody to become self-reliant and not perceive reliance on others, even though that is to some degree inevitable. (If you live in the woods in a log cabin and grow your own food, you had to buy the land with money you got somehow, and then you rely on a state authority to recognize your ownership of the land and defend it against malicious influences.)
  8. Thoughts/theses: Accepting the meaninglessness of life allows to move past the concept of meaning to truly give life meaning, the act of giving being constituted by the act of accepting possibility, the act of perceiving. Controlling physical desires opens up to the concept of the beyond. Then surrendering control of physical desires transcends the concept of the beyond by neutralizing the fear function, the foolish quest of wanting to go there through elevating your level of control to beyond-level. But without first trying to control those desires, one cannot know the real thing through contrast. That is, the mind cannot know, but it must so that it can choose to surrender its control. Connecting with the creator power makes knowing a responsible choice. Then you know life has meaning because you said so. This is a crossroads phase. Those touching on it unprepared can become a manifester of their more basic motivations. But those who understand that seen from the source, everything is bullshit, are not afraid of it, and thereby are not ruled by it.
  9. Isn't it a yang water tiger year? How about a tiger on a water slide? ROAR!
  10. Things that exist, things that happen, inherently have meaning. Otherwise, what would be the point? Because a point is a thing that exists. And meaninglessness exists, too, which it could not without meaning. I hope I didn't make myself clear.
  11. Depression

    Because the means typically required to attain so much money make unhappy. That is the price of buying into it. Selling your soul. Closing the heart. But if someone attaines riches without having to jump through those soul-tainting hoops, that is not the case. That doesn't mean that all depressions can be resolved that way, but a lot of it is conditional; a reaction to sick society. From my own experience I can say that I can identify dozens if not hundreds of issues of different magnitude in my life that I have been struggling for many years with, trying to figure out how to deal with them, resolve them, and they would all dissolve if I had a financially secured future, enough money to shape my own domain, so to speak. I can do many things in a smart and thoughtful way, and it low-level drives me nuts to be coercibly subjected to the rules and ways of stupid/rotten people. That might sound blunt, but I burned out trying to compromise and arrange. It is like a slow death. The soul cannot breathe freely, get some relief from lifelong deprivation.
  12. Depression

    You definitely do.
  13. Depression

    Still not helping with those ominous, sloppily worded Twitter-style platitudes.
  14. Depression

    You are not helping with that very subjective statement. Things get really simple once a thorough understanding is attained, because the basics become clear.