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  1. Opinions on Ron Hogan's "Tao Pamphlet"?

    As I understand the special nature of the Dao De Jing, things may be more prone to be lost in translation than in interpretation. (I think that is what you hinted at with the rest of your comment: Taking things at face value would be completely missing the point.)
  2. Ego Charity

    Do you want to help people by removing their money from them? If so, you will end up with a lot of their money. I will gladly help you then. I am strong. I can handle it. And I can do energy conversion. Just keep that damn ring away from me. I don't live anywhere near a volcano.
  3. If you acknowledge that contents from your dream can bleed into the waking state on the transition, then you should understand your test doesn't work reliably with that. It's not like a projector burn-in. In the waking state dreams are called hallucinations. The stuff that is going on in both cases works with the same processes that allow you to perceive the world normally. Consider that everything you perceive has a portion of yourself in it. (The more you awaken, the more you may understand the gravity of this principle. Barriers start to fall away.)
  4. Channelling Truth Into The False World

    There are more skillful ways.
  5. This modern interpretation kinda grew on me, and I am wondering how it is perceived by various people who have read different versions of the DDJ. Also wondering how known this one actually is by now, since it is many years old. Tao Te Ching - a modern interpretation (by Ron Hogan, 2002, 2004) http://www.beatrice.com/TAO-pamphlet.pdf Apart from this one I only read the German Richard Wilhelm version, but that was long ago and I never really compared the two.
  6. Tao Te Ching: The Definitive Edition?

    The cover can still give valuable insights; more so to very knowledgeable people. That being said, we're judging the title here, heh.
  7. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    So, half a year has passed and I see Karatgold Coin is indeed doing great so far. Grew 5%, from 1 cent to 1.0161 cent. Surely it's gonna skyrocket to its "guaranteed" 500 cent value shortly before end of 2020, haha. (Is there a hindsight joke hidden in there?) Just wondering why it's at one cent when that was only the special early-bird intro price (that surprisingly got extended) and others were supposed to get it for a much higher price. They'd be a long way off before leaving the red. Well, the bright red. African gold mines aren't profitable anymore, so people come up with wacky ideas of how to still make use of them. Ironically, it's the principle of diminishing returns at work, just like with mining of remaining Bitcoin. Funny what parallels we discover in the area of mining, between physical and virtual.
  8. African melee combat techniques can be quite intimidating. Brought to you by an intergalactic mind...
  9. A neigong joke

    Read this in a Youtube comment yesterday - slightly improved: A tourist visits a monastery and sees an old man peeling potatoes. Tourist: "Are you the Head Friar here?" Old man: "No, I am but a chip monk."
  10. A neigong joke

    An imaam, a priest and a rabbi walk out of a bar. ... Sorry, you missed the joke. It was hilarious. But you just had to be there.
  11. A neigong joke

    @King Jade I would prefer not to go into joke-explaining.
  12. A neigong joke

    I watched videos of a foreigner in China who said: If you want to see China, Beijing is merely easymode and not the real China. And I thought... In neigong, bae jing is first base, bae chi is second base, bae shen is third base.
  13. If they are in some way related, I didn't at all get the impression that they're on good terms, so if I point out the ripoff, I might set something in motion I know very little about. Their fear is obvious, but I don't know what it's based on. I'm trying to access some other sources first.
  14. Not sure whether this is for Rabbit Hole or General Discussion, but I need someone who understands these things. Maybe if you know someone you can direct them here. There's an Asian restaurant here that popped up a while before my favorite one nearby closed, so I started going there. They had some less common stuff on the menu, so I search the internet for it and stumbled upon another Asian restaurant that had the same descriptions for their menu types. Judging by nature of minimal modifications between the two, it really looks like the local one just ripped the texts off the other one and also mostly the menu structuring. The problem is that those descriptions also don't match what they offer. They have different sauces, but their veggie mix is pretty much the same for every menu they offer. After fully realizing this I went inside where no one could overhear and calmly inquired about why that is. And the woman who is waiting tables was absolutely evasive, in the way where she didn't even respond to what I said, but pretended like I had said something else; didn't find anything she could reply with, just pretended all was fine and dandy; very clumsy. Even if I consider the possibility that it's not malice or selfish convenience behind it, I found that quite rude and thinking: "Well, what do they expect to come from that?" I also heard some vague things from another business that they might be difficult to deal with, always thinking they're right and a bit self-aggrandizing and pretending to not understand the local language; hard to have good relations with. For one thing, I'm not getting the kind of vibe from that that would make me go there again. The food is OK, but still, I am sensitive to these things. But I am considering inquiring at the other restaurant about the matter, and maybe some other sources to figure out what's going on. I mean, it could very well be that the presence of that restaurant caused the other one I used to go to to have to close shop. They said they were not getting much business anymore. And generally I don't like the kind of personality traits that I am getting indications of. Personally I also noticed they tend to do their own thing first before serving customers, whether it be having a snack or wiping every table outside clean before adressing a customer who wants to pay. But I could assume there's also a whole world of inside dealings in the Asian restaurant business, with families, mafia, rivalry etc.., dunno. From what I see it could just as well just be someone trying to sleaze their way.
  15. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    Are you trying self-parody? How much do you actually understand about it? First, the 1-Cent was supposed to end long ago, now it's again only-for-a-short-time ... again. That blog article is just some random source-less text that throws around the word "gold" and badmouths regular cryptocurrency while itself is using a pyramid marketing scheme (which is very much not a sign of confidence in a product/service but is driven by even more selfish incentive than original cryptos at their speculative bubble phase) and makes predictions about the value rise of the currency. And while it's always gold, gold, gold, they value the currency not in grams, but in dollars, which shows a profound deception in the claimed concept. So is the currency limited? How are decisions made about how to artificially control its value in relation to the gold-backing? He can only produce a certain amount of gold to back it with, and that's also when the gold is considered to actually be available for backing. As long as it sits in the mine, it's the rabbit in the magician's hat, or Schrödinger's Cat. Also, since there's only mention of exchangeability for dollars, and this is something that was obvious from the very beginning, there's a misconception about what gold backing and fiat currency really means and entails and a deception of how this is still the old problematic monetary systems. Buy KaratGold Coins and in 2020 tell him you'd now like to exchange them for the gold they are backed with and see what happens. He'll probably not do that, because the gold is his; he paid for it, and its purpose is to not actually be exchanged for the backing. So what value does it really have? Imagine everybody exchanged their coin for the gold it is backed with. Then Seiz would have all the coin and no gold, which will be distributed among many people who might decide to exchange it for dollars. What value would all the coin in Seiz's possession have then? You either share the fruit of the land socially or it's all still based on attaining material wealth through violent acquisition. That is actually what systems with material backing are based on. If it was supposed to be about currency stability, then how come it's 1 cent now and planned to be 500x that in two years? What's the guarantee that it's about to stay stable? Because he wll run it like that? That would basically make him just your typical central banker, giving him influence and control, which in the hands of someone without exceptional idealism is a bad idea and leads to the old problems again. So, this is my chance to help build yet another centralized profit pinata stranglehold? I mean, I know that without some selfishness it's hard to get through life, but with today's knowledge I would have been much more inclined to get involved with Bitcoin. The KaratGold thing I simply don't trust, and I have made enough bad experiences with initial investments. Once "get in early" is advertised on billboards, you're not really getting in early. Also, I am aware Seiz did the KaratBars thing before that, which is basically him making a killing by letting others work for him in promoting overpriced gold that's not officially accepted for trade, while dressing it in a pretend-altruistic mission for marketing purposes. KaratGold Coin is just that while jumping on the crypto bandwagon. It's double the 'shilling'. Also, the MLM and affiliate marketing turf is comedic. Everybody is trashing other competing systems in reviews to promote the own one, or trashing people who are trashing other systems to create pretend-credibility and non-bias, while promoting their own system, or warning of scams of MLM while promoting Affiliate etc.. It's all still part of the highly spiritually destructive system that harnesses selfishness in a centralized control manner. The very same system ailing humankind. Heck, even just monetizing my Youtube channel is a hard decision once I read up on everything and considering how GooTube keeps appalling with ever-more ridiculous insanity. P.S.: Seiz is such a successful businessman that his promo videos are utter garbage. (At least the Karatbars one I watched.) Also, he worked in another gold reselling business (KB Edelmetalle Group) very much like KaratBars before, and his employer (Mike Koschine) got under German fraud investigation and his business was forbidden by Swiss authorities and he moved it to Liechtenstein.