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  1. Enlightened movies

    To add something more for the heart than the mind, really powerful, Enchanted seems truly magical, not just in theme, but meta, especially in these mentally challenged times. It has that MLP:FiM vibe, but with much less entry ugh hurdle, or let's say, you can accept the movie's intro as thematically amusing. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0461770 The movie seems as much out of our times as it seems out of our world, yet it connects it all. It is like an unrecognized documentary of what could be, from a time when Disney was still Disallofmyyes. Don't watch a trailer. Just dive right in and open your heart. Of course there is also much spiritual teaching to be pondered. But feel free to be too distracted.
  2. Enlightened movies

    By Terry Pratchett. I watched it years ago. It's really good. Although I wouldn't put it in the spiritual-enlightenment-themed TV category unless you want to put everything in there. Thanks for the mention, though, because it seems like the second season might be released shortly before my Prime free trial expires, and maybe it will be included. (P.S.: Amazon Prime is a messy/sloppy service in more ways than I can be bothered to list. Kinda like Amazon itself. Definitely not convincing to pay money for that.) UPDATE: Ugh, kinda predictable, since the second season is no longer based on Pterry's works, it is overall not quite on the same level, and while the storytelling is mostly OK, it is also written 'for modern audiences, to reflect the times we live in', if you get the hint. I mean, really shoehorned.
  3. Don't be too hard on people in the mental ward (or elsewhere) who believe to be Julius Caesar. After all, Julius Caesar believed to be Julius Caesar, too. And who was he, to be so bold?
  4. Impossible for me to say whether any of this is sound, though, heheh, and the mental blockage bypassing doesn't seem to be the case since he was very aware that he couldn't help people who were resisting mentally. Although not always, because some people were very skeptical, maybe they simply didn't expect anything. But people who were only present to criticize he could even spot and asked them to leave. And there was one case where he kept asking a woman in need of healing why she keeps resisting him, which she denied. Eventually he slapped his hand on her table and said, that's it, time up, I have to leave now. And in that moment there was a brief opening where he could help her. Why would fluid accumulate where light passes through? And still unaddressed, but mabye simply outside of what you feel confident talking about, the issue with the inner burning up. Why didn't it cause fluid buildup in his whole body when he wasn't allowed to channel the energy anymore? Also, while he did put some emphasis on lectures, that might have been just a natural side activity and later even more so to try and dodge ugly legal trouble, but the throat chakra definitely didn't seem to be the main sender where the voice would carry it. Sometimes he didn't even have to do a gesture. Sometimes he healed at a distance, merely by thinking of someone or someone thinking of him, or he would give someone a ball of aluminum foil that carried his healing energy. His approach seemed close to the no-method path I vaguely know as Lao Tzu's Miao Tong Dao. Which would make sense since he didn't practice any nei gung system or such. He was simply gifted, instilling calm in people through mere presence, getting along great with 'wild' animals, too, and spent a lot of his childhood escaping unpleasant family energy in nature and 'expanding his spirit' there to feel connected with everything.
  5. Does someone understand spiritual medicine/anatomy deeply enough to be able to offer insights why Bruno Gröning, someone who healed even severe ailments 'miraculously' through gentle intention, had a swollen neck? He said it is not a goiter but a gland that expands when he can heal many people, which makes him feel very good, and the fewer people he can share his energy with, the less distinct the swelling is, and then he feels less well. What gland could this be and might this be an indication of an enablement mechanism or a positive, neutral or negative side effect of his active energy? Side info: He died when he was forbidden from healing and it was described by autopsy, as he himself described the experience, as burning up within. Could this be related to kundalini?
  6. Meditate on this before you shoot it down

    Consider the thought that you might be in denial about something in you that I am tucking at to bring to the surface. You seem quite prejudiced and content with your self-image, quite 'up there in your head'. You tend to not even grasp the point of my writing but instead twist in a way that serves your thought bubble. Many of your responses would require so much energy to simply try and figure out how to even respond to that I decide it is not worth it.
  7. Meditate on this before you shoot it down

    Don't concentrate on the finger, though.
  8. Meditate on this before you shoot it down

    Everything can be a teacher. But on the topic of artists committing suicide, which could almost be a kind of clichée even, there are so many lessons to learn. There is AVICII who killed himself because he couldn't stand the strangling pressure of the career tentacles he got himself entangled in. He was very popular, of course. That is the prize, and then it was time to pay the price. Another very rich slice of life (and death) is the production of the video game Night in the Woods. Two flavors of societal distress collided while trying to make something meaningful, ending up conveying a story rarely told, weaving into the meta story. One of the most beautiful video game soundtracks to one of the most meaningful games made by someone who suffered parental abuse, sexually harassed his colleagues, while trying to understand the world and do better, and then committed suicide under the load of what he had done. I can highly recommend playing that game, and ideally after that reading the whole background story (even though I already gave a part of it away, but there is so much more): https://www.reddit.com/r/NightInTheWoods/comments/cy5lx9/news_regarding_alec_holowka_future_discussion/ Take my like instead. 😅
  9. Meditate on this before you shoot it down

    You know about a writer who killed himself? Interesting. 🤔 The plot thickens.
  10. Meditate on this before you shoot it down

    Ah, that popular quote. It shows how versatile the word "good" is. Yet when on the acute receiving end of an unwise interpretation, most people's minds are suddenly quite enlightened, revealing the insincerity of their previous interpretation. Which points back at the OP. Cure ail and whine with ale and wine. But maintain moderation. The cure (teaching) is delivered with the treatment.
  11. Meditate on this before you shoot it down

    I can't watch that. Rights issue.
  12. If you decide to wield a sword, first get drunk so that you know the cuts are sincere. — Kōan the Barbarian
  13. A truly divine kōan

    Does God exist? ... Short answer ... No. Long answer ... Yes. . (P.S.: It gets even better in the Russian version.)
  14. A kōan about the game

    You play the game to learn not to play it. When you succeed, you pick a higher difficulty level. When you fail, you pick a lower one. Or is it the other way round?