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  1. Seems like a dumb writing approach, though, because they would still know what lying is and be especially skeptical towards an alien species. History is a thing. Especially when being proud of the achievement of telepathy, they would be aware of the contrast. Even more so if lying is still possible through acoustic communication.
  2. Now it is getting outright silly to call that a Siddhi. Get your 'magical thinking' stuff out of the way. Englightenment begins at the basics. The most common reason for not being able to spot BS is a deliberate choice to not care about it enough to put in the effort. Same reason why police want to use mass surveillance. Such a convenient externalized power tool. Basically: 'I am just not good at being human, so everybody should be hooked into the Borg collective.'
  3. It is not a good sign that you are simply repeating yourself when facing fresh impulses. That is expression of being trapped. BTW, you are already living in that world you describe in the quoted sentence, blind one. It has always existed.
  4. Because only your pain matters here. You lust for a weapon to wage war against insane people, but that weapon is being provided by the same psychological current you are trying to fight. It is all a power trip over externalized power that is easy to control by others and weakens us internally. You are at the very beginning of the spiritual journey, so to speak, if you so willingly commit follies that are even in the realm of popculture examination. You want to cut the arm off that hurts. You believe that insane people can be changed by slapping overwhelming truth in their face. That in itself could be seen as a form of insanity. Here is a movie I can recommend to you - Revolver (2005): https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0365686/ And here is an excellent spiritual primer about the foundations, probably best watched after the movie so as to not diminish the experience:
  5. I am speaking of a utopia, not the dime-a-dozen dystopian concept that empowers lies further through the blind declaring war.
  6. That opens discussion about the relationship between lies told and self-deception. Could someone still tell a lie falsely believed to be true? This is where the societal aspect comes in, because where there are no lies and that is to work, I would imagine self-deception also fading.
  7. How exactly does that play out? Why would dishonesty be unintelligible and to whom? 🤔
  8. That is status quo spiritualism, which is in itself a defiance of all possibilities and thus dualities, because where there is a middle, there are extremes, and neither could exist without the other. And the thesis is that a society with pretty much no lying, an extreme, could exist, ironically through cultivation of spiritual wisom teachings, at least the non-status-quo type. It would simply require working towards truth without waging war on lies. Fear is the motivational root of suffering.
  9. Hm, relatively far away from the concept, but that movie is one of my favorites. A strong antithesis to the garbage served recently.
  10. I think I remember that movie. Better than nothing, but so not about enlightenment. IIRC they made the rookie mistake of confusing sincerity with openness and pushed the concept of blunt rudeness hard, and also approached it from the angle of that society being too dumb to comprehend lies, so yeah, quite what one would expect from a comedy. Not entirely void of enlightenment potential for the audience, but likely mostly for the astute student, and that one would feel quite dissatisfied. More of a dystopia and exactly doing what I mentioned - missionary work for the status quo. 'Look, here comes the normal guy into a messed up society and rebalances the world.' with a side of 'of course a bit more honesty in the right situations would be nice.'
  11. Indeed, there are various films exploring highly spiritually evolved societies, and I also remember one movie of a woman from such being thrown into our ugly world and trying to cope (I remember a scene of her in a nursery ward with a baby in her arms to 'recharge' and in another scene admiring the vigor of city street trees), and there is that one inspiring scene from K-PAX taking about a society without laws or crime, which kinda makes it even more astounding that no one seems to have picked this spiritual theme up, considering what a profound pillar truth plays in spirituality and generally in humankind's well-being. And if there was a book about this, it would definitely be worth exploring in movie format, since the acted out version of social interactions would be delightful. Too bad I'm not a movie director, hah, otherwise such niche-filling opportunities tend to be golden. I could imagine someone from our world ending up in such a utopia, to produce contrast, to see how that person deals with that society and also how that society responds to the odd outsider. Also to be considered would be whether they can even comprehend lying, and how either variant would play out. Highly interesting spiritual-philosohpical-sociological exploration. Hollywood seems busy with self-destruction right now, so someone else would have to pick up the task. 😏 There is, of course, always the risk of such a movie being profoundly unpopular. 😏 (Could be marketed in the psychological horror genre.) A Hollywood production would also, of course, come to the conclusion that lying is quite nice sometimes, and we cannot live without it and should just accept everything as it is and falls. 🤷‍♂️ ... Oh wow, not even a Star Trek episode touched this theme ever?? 🤔 (And Vulcan really doesn't cut it.)
  12. I mean, does this even exist?? I don't mean some cheesy comedy about someone getting the truth serum vibes, but a portrayal of a functioning society where everybody is openly communicating sincerely. If there has never been at least one such movie, how telling would that be?!
  13. Enlightened movies

    To add something more for the heart than the mind, really powerful, Enchanted seems truly magical, not just in theme, but meta, especially in these mentally challenged times. It has that MLP:FiM vibe, but with much less entry ugh hurdle, or let's say, you can accept the movie's intro as thematically amusing. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0461770 The movie seems as much outside of our times as it seems outside of our world, yet it connects it all. It is like an unrecognized documentary of what could be, from a time when Disney was still Disallofmyyes. Don't watch a trailer. Just dive right in and open your heart. Of course there is also much spiritual teaching to be pondered. But feel free to be too distracted.
  14. Enlightened movies

    By Terry Pratchett. I watched it years ago. It's really good. Although I wouldn't put it in the spiritual-enlightenment-themed TV category unless you want to put everything in there. Thanks for the mention, though, because it seems like the second season might be released shortly before my Prime free trial expires, and maybe it will be included. (P.S.: Amazon Prime is a messy/sloppy service in more ways than I can be bothered to list. Kinda like Amazon itself. Definitely not convincing to pay money for that.) UPDATE: Ugh, kinda predictable, since the second season is no longer based on Pterry's works, it is overall not quite on the same level, and while the storytelling is mostly OK, it is also written 'for modern audiences, to reflect the times we live in', if you get the hint. I mean, really shoehorned.
  15. Don't be too hard on people in the mental ward (or elsewhere) who believe to be Julius Caesar. After all, Julius Caesar believed to be Julius Caesar, too. And who was he, to be so bold?