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  1. This linguistic oddity always puzzled me where it has nothing to do with entry or joining but is used to describe a prompt to confront/examine/consider something. Popular example: The Bruce Lee movie "Enter the Dragon". But also in situations like e.g. "Enter the spy" where it would be synonymous with "And that is where the spy becomes relevant in this situation".
  2. The antinutrients mentioned also have beneficial effects. One general rule to consider is: Balance brings health. Also: Don't eat isolates. - Foods that contain substances that have a reputation of being bad might have it due to being isolated. If you eat foods that are said to have harmful substances, they often also bring in themselves the solution to those in the form of nutrients that counter it. So emphasize wholesome foods that come with everything given by nature. Fermenting is a great way to make foods easier to digest and take that burden off of your digestion so that it never has to learn to become better at doing so. (Phytic acid binds nutrients. It is in greater concentration in whole grain. You know what else is high there? All the nutrients.) - Antinutrients can bind minerals. ... But if you got an excess of one, like the problematic iron, phytic acid can even out, restore balance, and it's a powerful antioxidant. - Plus, you might have bacteria in your colon that can convert phytic acid. ... And where did they come from? Well, likely sitting on their food source that you ate. (Unless you killed them with heat or such.) Personally I don't seem to have any problem with gluten. - Adaptation is a wondrous thing. (Same case with lactose tolerance. Don't stop drinking milk after toddler age, it might help. People who say they're lactose intolerant have little desire to just gradually get used to it. Maybe they could regain tolerance. - Although there's claims that's not possible. ... If you accept such without own research. - Same with diabetes type 2. Establishment says you can only manage it. But you can totally lose it and be slender and healthy again, with simple diet adjustments. - The sugar mafia wants to run the world. Addiction makes the masses controllable.) Corn is an issue because it pushes insulin* up, and it is also notorious for being low on micronutrients. It's mostly just good for energy. (Traditional corn consumption is likely a main cause for obesity in Mexico. - And that was likely caused by US colonialism exporting all the good foods and leaving the local peasants with the low-value stuff - absurdly often even imported from the USA, i.e. extra-crappy quality.) Alcohol burdens the liver. I hate to say it, but wine might actually be better than beer. (Also because hops is estrogenic and if your sex hormones are out of whack, your health can suffer.) *) See my other thread in this section for very enlightening details that can empower your whole understanding of healthy diet. - Spoiler: Bacon diet is great for losing fat.
  3. fish oils

    I currently have an inquiry going with a canned fish producer about the difficulty of determining based on the nutritional fact list how fatty (and thus valuable for a healthy diet) the included fish actually is. Some are dry fish weight, others don't specify. Some are in vegetable oil, yet don't mention content without that oil. And those that do are still with the soaked-in vegetable oil after dripping off the excess. One suspicion I have is that fatty fish is commonly considered too valuable to put in cans and thus they use the cheap stuff for that. Another suspicion is that high fat fish doesn't vibe well with canning which is designed to last for years, so it might be that only smoked fish works in that way. Because the only two examples I found where the fish included might be on the fattier side are both smoked. I also checked whole fish from the cooling shelf and there the nutritional facts state proper fat contents (i.e. two-digit) and they all look smoked, except the salmon filet I saw. Here in Germany THE abundant and affordable fish for cans is Atlantic herring, and I look on a can with sauce and it says 60% herring and also has tomato concentrate and canola oil in the sauce and the fat content is 14.5g. That's supposed to be a typical fat content for the fish itself, but the figure is for the whole meal. Also, the fattest herring from the main season is preferrably used to make matjes. Still though, 9.9-19.4% is the range of fat content stated for that type of fish.
  4. Before keto enlightenment: Chop wood, carry water. After keto enlightenment: Chop wood, Kerrygold. Dairy from the land of Ire is all the rage. Casein point: grass fat.
  5. How to step back and rest?

    It's preaching in hope that it might reach 1% non-choir audience. The prescribed solution is so often not available, because if it was, people would choose it. Self-improvement can be a coping strategy from experiencing a situation where not doing that leaves you in the gutter, where you feel the coercive pressure of going along with the status quo to a certain degree so that you can breathe a little. It basically urges towards radical rebellion.
  6. I am curious: Please check these couple of videos and tell me whether they are of help to you: https://www.youtube.com/c/DrEricBergDC/search?query=constipation That information source kinda blew my mind recently, for many topics, not just constipation. I would say it emphasizes that there is no shortcut to understanding how things work, to putting in the enlightenment work for self-empowerment.
  7. I've been binging on "Dr. Eric Berg DC" lately and it is an amazing source, and especially after repeated severe disappointments with the medical establishment, i.e. local GPs and such, that make me angry about having to pay health insurance for this deeply and widely flawed system. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3w193M5tYPJqF0Hi-7U-2g Focus of that channel is on how keto / low-carb, sugar avoidance and intermittent or prolonged fasting can cure most of our typical civilizational ailments; is relatively close to the root of all human problems. Did you know, for example, that heartburn is often an indicator of having weak stomach acid? ...I found that channel when recently my long binge-on-sugar and overeating phase came to an end when I lost all appetite and went into 4.5 days of fasting and lost 6 kg (likely all that water bound to glucose - losing tissue fluid alone made me look 10 years younger). That phase made me ponder whether fasting, triggering a kind of no-abundance situation and also being a state of lowered reliance on external material sustenance, might, through that, change our mindset because it brings us closer to a subtle, manageable state of existential challenge, basically whether fasting is inherently spiritual in the sense of entheogenic effects.
  8. Does luck exist?

    Luck is perceived as desirable outcomes in a certain system. If the system is rotten and you go along with it, your chances of luck are greater because, using blissful ignorance, you can derive heart's joy from the path. Your attention focus likely influences it, too, which tends to play into said blissful ignorance if you only care about personal pleasure and not the implications and consequences. - But on the other hand, sometimes expression of negative emotions can lead to things going better, defying the whole positive-thinking bunk. The few instances of significant personal good luck that I remember involve spending a shitton of money for a brief period of unsustainable but slightly more pleasant life circumstances while being motivated by false hopes. - Something like that. It's hard to get an accurate read on the causality of luck when there are few examples to examine.
  9. Does luck exist?

    I am not interested in talking to fools. They are abundant and thus naturally I had an abudance of study with and about them. And of course we can see folly as a scale and call everybody a fool, but this kind of nitpicky refusal to read between the lines would be folly.
  10. Does luck exist?

    How could I answer that if I am not motivated by it? It is its own expression. The messages contained should be blatantly clear. Or do you mean that will come of it? Well, in lack of feasible alternatives, after much life lessons, it always brings me back to simply be myself and express that. Seems to me that is the most authentic communication of reality; my part of it as a contribution to the whole. Can you accept that so that change can occur?
  11. Are we already dead? Is this actually hell?

    I find it very frustrating because while the impulse to look for those might have been founded in a search for meaning (and I remember it starting with 22:22 on the clock catching my attention a lot), I suspect the whole complex of synchronicity might merely communicate as implication, not as any intellectual benefit like drawing an X on a treasure map. Like merely a reminder that this is all magical, but at the same time it would imply that all that magic is creating an experience that is painfully unmagical. It can feel quite 'trolling'. - It is exhausting me, but with no alternative state coming with that exhaustion, but merely bouncing me back right into it.
  12. Amoral Dao

    How about analoguous to Bruce Lee's formless path - accept both strands of philosophy so both are available dynamically. Nourish the creator-like emergence of high ideals and such but also nourish the passive let-be path. To truly walk the path of divinity do we not have to become a nourishing beacon for all expressions? Including approving of those who pursue to prove that path wrong? If this is mindblowing, then maybe that's the ultimate pointer. But even this must not become a mantra, for balance is conductive to health (or maybe the relationship is even tighter), and every standard recipe is a strategy of mental energy-saving and thus rooted in fear (via scarcity). As the saying goes: One man's poison is another man's medicine. - This awareness ensures that we cultivate selfless action by not preaching our own likeness but inquire about what another being needs to find balance. Only then are we truly concerned with healing the world, I would posit.
  13. Does luck exist?

    I totally do not treat life as a dream, like any kind of deliberate mind exercise, but I experience synchronicities and it fills me with sadness, loneliness and frustration when I try to share it with those involved but only reap silence. I have made a quite consistent chain of experiences of this realm being incompatible. It's like NPCs everywhere. You say a bit too much and you break their little scared-puppy brains. And so those things I see become like a torture. They contain profound implications but they accumulate within me and nothing ever comes from it that could give me any consolation, hope or other type of empowerment. This world is also supposed to have avenues to help, but they, too, seem embedded in the sick structures and thus become part of that grotesque expression of corruption, where those who actually manage to find the help they need didn't need it in the first place because they managed to wade through all that shit to 'get help'. Imagine that state of loneliness. You on one side and the entire fucking universe on the other.
  14. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    So yeah, this is an I-told-you-so to show the gap between fools falling for very transparent sleaze and 'wise fools' who tend to still suffer from not following the majority folly of humankind. Specifically about the Karatgold Coin mentioned here that I facepalmed about so hard, after its initial value of 1 cent and that joke of guaranteed-500-cent, its current value is 0.38 cent. But you yourself then mentioned marketing and popularity. Wasn't/isn't it predictable that the old-system greed through speculation play is what establishes one for the wider public? If there weren't large speculative gains to be made, 'no one' would give a damn about Bitcoin. This is what always bothered me about crypto currency. It builds so much on the old paradigms, supercharges greed, spreads the bankster mentality to the masses. All that is not progress but another embracing of the technocracy's 'solutions' offered to manage the problems created by it. It is actually very frustrating for me now because my psychological torture situation continues when I could in theory have had the means to escape it by now, and in retrospect there were traits that might have allowed me that, but those were/are on the mental side, and I always had the heart's voice disagreeing with the constant stream of cringy sleaze connected to the topic. (Too great imbalance in support of a better way, burned myself out while the fools lolrofled all over the place and created the mess we have today.) Never did anyone recommend crypto investment to me who didn't come off as a robot brain and/or drug addict. And that it is now a primary topic of spam e-mail is also quite telling. Plus, the people feeding the masses with speculative crypto profits aren't exactly beacons of hope either, at least not for the spiritually enlightened. The world disgusted me and tortured my ability to compromise with the madness for selfish (but essentially necessary) purposes away. If I traveled back in time with the knowledge I have today I probably would have invested in Bitcoin but with the same or even more contempt for the system and only seeing it as a saddening necessity to get a minimum, healing distance from the freak show that torments me every day through immediate proximity.