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  1. For the Buns

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know another forum has been made public for us to discuss topics that may be of a more sensitive nature in the Dao Bums. Hope to see ya there!
  2. Enlightened movies

    It says the video is unavailable, what's the name of the movie?
  3. Tantric Buddhism and Archetypes

    Thank you, I agree with you. Taking proper time to make decisions is paramount. Thank you for your reply
  4. Here to Learn about internal alchemy!

    Are we talking about platonic elements?
  5. Tantric Buddhism and Archetypes

    Thank you guys I am learning a lot from all of you. Thank you for your opinions on the matter. ☝️😁😁😁☝️
  6. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Looool sorry about that lemme repost it in the proper place 😂😂😂😂
  7. Tantric Buddhism and Archetypes

    That's an interesting way to see it. How do you use these gospels in similarity with tantric buddhism tho? 🤔🤔🤔
  8. Tantric Buddhism and Archetypes

    I'm neither Muslim nor Christian but I am asking as to see how strict Tantric Buddhism is. I live in Canada. Thanks you for your answer
  9. What happens to suicides?

    I hope that by now you have changed your mind and find yourself well. I will tell you in my experience thanks to medidation I was forced to accept life for what it was. By learning some buddhism I came across some reincarnation passages in some random book. The gist of it is: When you die the only thing you keep with you is your mind however not in the form we can use the mind as humans but more like ghosts who have a recollection of who they were yet are not able to create new memories or new friendships. They are but a hollow shell of who they used to be until rebirth. When you are reborn your mind is what the soul carries into the body and you are reborn with the same mind. You heard that correctly the same mind that is causing hour suffering, the same pain, the same regrets and burdens, they will all be there. That's why suicide isn't good enough to remove the pain and why I let go of that idea when I was younger. I hope this helps you direct your way.
  10. Jung shadow work?

    This is a new concept for me and it will definitely be extremely helpful. Thank you
  11. Experiencing death before death.

    26:11what do you guys think the other ingredients are and do you believe this experience is alike the one mentioned in Buddhist texts where monks are prepared for death before death or even in the Wang Lipin's book Opening the Dragon Gate (which most of you might already be familiar with) where a special concoction was given to Wan Lipin by his masters and he was able to access the realm where the dead go. I'm looking for your opinion as to these rituals and whether you know about the alchemy related to this or other similar formulas. There was another piece of material that comes to mind when discussing the experience of alchemy; The book "The Red Lion" by Maria Szepes. Thank you Edit: I just realized this topic may be better in the off grid forum. Hope this topic isnt too hardcore for this thread.
  12. Enlightened movies

    Some of these are probably on the lists already mentioned but are also my favorites on the subject of spirituality and metaphysics. 1. The fountain (Hugh Jackman) 2. Birdy (Nicolas Cage) 3. Powder (1984) 4. Solaris 5. Veronica (horror-Spain)
  13. Tantric Buddhism and Archetypes

    Similar to Tantric buddhism? That's interesting, which ones are similar?
  14. Tantric Buddhism and Archetypes

    Where do you find teachers? Do you have to become Buddhist or is anyone allowed to enter the practice without renouncing their faith say Muslim or Christian.
  15. Tantric Buddhism and Archetypes

    Hello Guys, I've only read about Tantric buddhism and find it quite intriguing. Has any of you practiced this archetypal form of medidation? If yes how do you start to get into it and what is the purpose? I'm really looking for any form of opinion you have formed throughout your practice. Thank you