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  1. Exoteric, Mesoteric and Esoteric


    We can talk about the karmic propensities of a people. The wavelengths of frequency, the sounds of their dharma.


    Karma is generally misunderstood in the West and quite often in the East. On the exoteric level it is nearly equivalent to Sin and Virtuous deed. It is also seen to accumulate as baggage or merit. "Merit" being a Judeo-Christian term at its root.

    This is the Exoteric understanding - the outside ring - it is contained in Religion as well - also Exoteric.


    In the Mesoteric - a movement / release from dogma and the termoil of a break in Beliefs - the clinging proclivities of the rehearsed karmic patterns and the intentional suffering of breaking patterns and finding and facing our judgements.


    The mesoteric is heroic in intention - it is asking the heavens to rain down upon us, within us. Break "us" apart - not in obieyance, not as deserving - but to enter the oneness, the divine essence - an "I" still seeking - seeking a goal - an end game in Godness - to chisel away the dross - a doing.


    In the Esoteric - karma has ceased - is ceasing - has taken a back seat more or less. The frequencies that still hold us do not hold an "I" and the holding is a passing more than a block. Seeking has ceased. Belief has ceased. Abidance in Divine Natural Essence - Gratitude - is settling.