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  1. This is a feed...

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    2. Brian


      A person's "feed" is in their profile. There's an option for whether to allow others to post to your feed. Things like status updates and feed postings appear in the Notifications stream so people don't have to visit your profile directly to be aware of activity there.


      A&P is eating all your feed, BTW. It's a feeding frenzy!



    3. Brian


      The "Thank You" button is a toggle. If you push it, it raises the "Thank You" flag which others can see. If you push the button again, it lowers your "Thank You" flag for that post.

    4. Stosh


      Excuse thick headedness , but I see the Notificatons stream , but ... a post shows on there till it gets pushed to the next page , and so if things are moving along briskly , then ones  post is there and gone in short order??

      AP is welcome to my feed , but you are joking about the nom nom nom? as in the noise of eating? 

      but feeding frenzy , I dont see that , it looks sleepy right now . Sorry still a bit lost on what this is.