Resources: Books, Links, Articles, Movies, etc.

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One of the greatest joys I have found in my searching is what I have gleaned from science and imperical observation. Here are some great sites to keep up on the current trands and discoveries. Learning the nature of our world and cosmos is one of the most Taoist of activities.



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it has an excellent Daoist bibliography:


good book reviews:


and an overview of the Daoist Canon:


it also has a listing of teachers


Related site on Cultivation:


Dr. Russell Kirkland Associate Professor or Religion - Taoism, Asian Religions, Native American religions


Good UK site on Academic Daoism:


Livia Kohn's Three Pines Press site, great source for scholarly books:


James Miller, Assistant Professor of East Asian Religions at Queens University in Ontario Canada:



National (US) Qigong Association:

check out the online energy assessment (5 phase analysis):



Great online interactive guide to acupuncture point location:

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Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson - Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Vol. I - V


A little expensive, but absolutely worth it.

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If you ever have the chance to see them

go see the


Moon Water

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

"Taoist philosophy and Tai Chi movement blend in this critically acclaimed dance work".


visit this page for information


you can also purchase a dvd at Amazon

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LINK 1 => The Works of Tom Brown Jr


Oh ya, btw, his books entitled The Quest and The Journey are temporarily out of print,

and so are not listed on his School's website, but used copies can be easily acquired

online; and I highly recommend them! Also, check out Fred Alan Wolf's stuff as well!


LINK 2 => Free MP3 Audio of Castaneda's Teachings - Scroll down for them.

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Tai Chi Energy Patterns DVD and more directly


I found this DVD really helpful - the visual representation of energy flow is very good. (a preview of energy patterns available on the site)

From the blurb on site: "6-hour mind/body program, master-teacher Ramel Rones instructs essential movements and training exercises, with a focus on four popular Tai Chi Patterns: Ward Off, Rollback, Press, and Push. You will learn to develop and utilize the internal (Qi) energy that can be found within all Tai Chi movements."


Recommend it highly.

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Some of my favorite books on Daoism and Taijiquan:

Reading Osho and Alan Watts genuinely helped me to wake up...

Osho: When the Shoe Fits and The Empty Boat - Both contain commentaries on Zhuang-zi's parables

Tao: The Pathless Path - Commentaries on Lie-zi

Alan Watts: The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

Eastern Wisdom - An inexpensive collection of three of his short but profound works -

What is Tao? What is Zen? An Introduction to Meditation

Thomas Cleary (translations): The Secret of the Golden Flower

Opening the Dragon Gate

Kuo Lien-Ying: The Tai Chi Boxing Chronicle

Deng Ming-dao: The Chronicles of Tao

Raymond Smullyan: The Tao is Silent

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Of the top of my head, books that mean a lot to me:


Dan Millman - Way of the Peaceful Warrior


Dan Millman - No Ordinary Moments


Zen - Alan Watts


Anthony Robbins - Notes from a Friend


Danny Wallace - Random Acts of Kindness/Join Me


Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Belief


OSHO - Intelligence, Intuition


Eckhart Tolle - Practicing the Power of Now


Sugar Blues - William Duffy

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THE BIG LOVE -- here's an interview with Dr. Bradford Keeney, a psychologist recognized as a shaman by the Bushmen.


interesting article on ecstatic altered states posted by Drew Hempel.


Fun links on taoist astology from Taomeow:


Thanks for the link, Sean,


looks pretty cool. I know this stuff, although I'm no stranger to that "scratching the surface" feeling, it seems to be inevitable with all those taoist goodies... the more you know, the better you understand how little you know!


Below I will post a list of fairly reliable resources -- good luck exploring!


I occasionally do the Four Pillars professionally, but have never advertised and all my clients have been word-of-mouth referred. Please PM your info if interested. smile.gif


Cat, I'll be happy to do yours too.


Now then...


Master Peter Leung

Director of the Toronto-based Feng Shui Association of Canada, Master Leung is a TCM (Tradition Chinese Medicine) practitioner specializing in the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. Also, he is a master of and on-line instructor in TCM, feng shui, divination, astrology, and palm and face reading.


Master Raymond Lo

Master Lo offers worldwide professional training courses in feng shui and The Four Pillars of Destiny, a method of Chinese astrology. Lo is the author of seven feng shui books in English and in Chinese.


Master Joseph Yu

Founder of the Feng Shui Research Center in Toronto, Canada, Master Yu offers on-line and worldwide in-class training courses in feng shui, Chinese astrology (The Four Pillars of Destiny and Zi Wei Dou Shu), and the Yijing. He is the co-author of the second edition to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui (Alpha Books, 2002), and has co-authored The Complete Idiot's Guide to the I Ching (Alpha Books, 2001) with Elizabeth Moran.


Articles and Software:


Feng Shui Living

The "doorway to feng shui" presents seminars, articles, Four Pillar readings, and feng shui consultations by the most respected feng shui masters worldwide. Maintained by Nancy Pond-Smith, the site offers books, luopans, and many other unique feng shui products.

Serious students of classical feng shui visit his site regularly to download free articles about Xuan Kong feng shui, The Four Pillars of Destiny, and Nine Star Ki.


Chinese Astrology

Moderated by Ray Langley, this discussion group focuses on Chinese astrology and classical feng shui. Although beginners are welcome, this list is mainly geared toward those with a solid foundation of the aforementioned traditions. Ray offers an extensive archive with many translations of Chinese texts. For more information and to subscribe, go to



Moderated by Peter Leung and Nina Wilson, this forum provides instruction and support for students interested in feng shui and The Four Pillars of Destiny.

For more information and to subscribe, go to


I Ching Yijing

Moderated by Ray Langley, this group encourages discussion about the Yijing. For more information and to subscribe, go to


Recommended Reading:


Classical Five Elements Chinese Astrology Made Easy, by David Twicken., 2000.


Feng Shui: The Pillars of Destiny, Master Raymond Lo. Times Books International,

Singapore, 1994-2000. Can only be purchased at


Four Pillars and Oriental Medicine: Celestial Stems, Terrestrial Branches and

Five Elements For Heaven, by David Twicken., 2000.

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Anybody read third book of Hsi Lai "White Tigress, Green Dragon" ?


Any new stuff compare with "The Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon..."?



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