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    I'd like to do something. I keep getting blocked every time I try to attend a seminar something happens with job/ family/ other things. *crosses fingers*
  2. Imagine a unique way to say "hi"

    Welcome, I'm in the DC Metro area.
  3. Kunlun Questions

    lol, yea, the shaking happens mainly in the back/shoulders/arms/neck/head, and goes down my spine and tingles my whole body tremendously,I don't know much about the Puritans, I need to read more. I remember I used to make fun of my mom and other family members who would do silly shit in public and I'd feel embarrassed, now i'm like ermm.....oops.
  4. Kunlun Questions

    I am getting these, the tingling experiences are getting intense for me, sometimes I look like a crazy person walking down the road, because at random times I get hit with such an intense amount of energy my body will shake and I will have this huge smile that won't go away. I feel the head tingling also, but the visualizations and third eye openings that you are having, I have yet to experience. I believe this is because of the Egos that I need to let go of. I am glad you are having such openings. Ben
  5. Chuang Tzu

    The Wheel Maker by Derek Lin One day, King Huan was reading a book while an old craftsman was busy making wheels over in a corner. The old man noticed that the book seemed to capture the King's complete attention. He grew increasingly curious about this, and after a while decided to approach. "Your Majesty, forgive me for intruding," the old man said. "What is this book that you are studying so diligently?" "This is no ordinary book," the King said, holding it up with great respect. "It is written by a wise sage." The old man asked: "Is this sage still alive, Your Majesty?" The King shook his head. "No, he passed away a long time ago." "Oh, I see," the old man nodded. Then, without thinking, he added: "In that case, what Your Majesty is reading would simply be the leftovers of a dead man." This struck the King as incredibly insulting. "What is this?" His anger flared. "You are nothing more than a lowly craftsman. Is it your place to comment on what I wish to read? Explain the reasoning of your statement and I may let you live. If you fail to do so, I shall have your head." The old man replied: "Your Majesty, it is exactly as you say: I am but a humble craftsman. I know nothing except the art of making wheels. Permit me to explain myself to you using this little bit of knowledge that I have." This response surprised the King. To him, making wheels and reading books could not be further apart. Had the old man lost his mind due to fear? King Huan was puzzled, but his interest was piqued. "Go on," he said. "Your Majesty, in my line of work, the hole in the center is of supreme importance. It must fit the axle just right. If I make it too big, the wheel will slip right off and become useless. If it is only slightly too big, then the wheel will seem to stay on, but after a short while of actual usage on the roads, it will loosen and fall off the axle, quite possibly causing great damage to the carriage in the process. "On the other hand, it is also possible to make the hole too small. In that case, when I force the axle into it, I may very well split the wheel in two, thus wasting hours of effort. If it is only slightly too small, then it may appear to be a secure fit, but after a short while of actual usage, the wheel will crack and break apart, again causing possible harm to the carriage and even the passengers within. "Therefore, one secret of my trade is to know the right way to make the hole. But making the hole just right, not too big and not too small, requires years of non-stop practice. This experience gives me a feeling that guides my hand. It is a feeling I have learned to trust, for it is never wrong. "The other secret of my trade has to do with the roundness of the wheel. If I chisel away at the wheel too quickly, I may be able to complete the work in a short time, but the wheel won't be perfectly round. Even though it may look quite acceptable upon casual inspection, in actual usage it will cause excessive shaking of the carriage. The ride will be extremely uncomfortable, and the wheel will damage itself beyond repair in a matter of days. "Of course, I can chisel slowly and carefully. This guarantees a perfectly round wheel, but it will also take so much time to complete that Your Majesty would have to wait many years before we can assemble the royal fleet of carriages. Clearly, this would not be acceptable. "In order to create the best wheels possible in a timely manner, I must chisel at just the right speed - not too fast and not too slow. This speed is also guided by a feeling, which again can only be acquired through many years of experience. With this feeling, I can be perfectly composed and unhurried when I make my wheels, but still complete the project on time. "I can teach the mechanics of wheel making to anyone. It is easy to create something that looks like a wheel, but quite difficult to make wheels that are durable, safe, and provide a smooth ride. I can explain all of this to my son, but it is impossible for me to give him the feeling that is at the heart of the wheel making art. He must gain that on his own. This is why I am seventy years old and still making wheels. "Your Majesty, the ancient sages possessed the feelings that were at the heart of their mastery. Using words, they could set down the mechanics of their mastery in the form of books, but just as it is impossible for me to pass on my experience to anyone else, it is equally impossible for them to transmit their essence of wisdom to you. Their feelings died when they passed away. The only things they left behind were their words. This is why I said Your Majesty was reading the leftovers of a dead man."
  6. I've had deja vu experiences my entire life. For one occasion when I was about 14 years old on the 4th of July, I was able to know what everyone was going to say and do for about 1 hour of time. It felt amazing. I was sitting there just watching everything happen and playin around with my cousins betting them that this next event would happen and they would be in shock. I haven't had anything quite like that since then, but I've been able to re-live up to 5 minutes at a time at some points. A large amount of deja vu that I have comes from dreams. I will have a dream and it will end up happening sometime down the line. Ben
  7. High heels connected with Kunlun?

    I'm not sure about high heels, but the closest thing that resembles Kunlun in my every day living is driving a car. Your hands on the wheel, one foot with the balls of your feet on the gas and one foot resting, usually on the balls of your feet, but.. there are so many tempered drivers here in DC, I suppose its not working for them .
  8. I haven't noticed anything electrical going out around me, but I accidently touched a metal chair that was next to me while I was doing kunlun. I felt a little spark yesterday when I was doing kunlun but didn't pay any attention, and I woke up and felt like I burnt a part of my hand. I took a hot shower and the pain subsided, but I found it pretty strange. Ben
  9. time of day to practice Kunlun

    Is it fine to practice twice a day? because I personally like to do Kunlun at night, I suppose I'm a night person. I get lots of energy that way. I also would like to do it in the morning to further my cultivation. I am not going to be able to go to a seminar for another 6 months to a year because I have to help my brother with his legal situation, so I'd like to do whatever it is I can to improve my practice without the transition.
  10. Kunlun Scottsdale Jan 19-20

    Mal, I really appreciate the offer, but I had to spend $2500 on my brother's lawyer, and I don't know how much more he will need. It will cost about $750 for me to get to Phoenix and attend the seminar, so I will get through this mountain in my life, and I will put back a kunlun fund from each of my paychecks. I let him borrow my book, so hopefully it helps wake his ass up a little bit. Ben
  11. Kunlun Scottsdale Jan 19-20

    My brother got himself in trouble with the law and I gave him money for a lawyer, which was pretty much all I could afford to spend. So I will not be attending in Phoenix . It was a let down, but I have to take care of my family. I will be saving up, and I really hope Max continues to teach, because I am very excited in meeting him and learning more. I will continue to do Kunlun Level One, Gung Fu, Meditation, and save money.. I hope you all have a good time, and please let me know how it goes. I will be using my spare energy on keeping my bum brother out of jail. I wish you all the best, Ben
  12. Kunlun Visualization

    I found this in the book "Merging with Siva" It seems to me that it describes the Kunlun Visualization.. The highly trained classical yoga adept intensifies, through techniques imparted to him from his guru, the clear white light to the brink of God Realization, the void. His entire body is faded into a sea of blue-white light, the akasa, where now, past and future are recorded in teh linear depths or layers, sometimes seeing himself seated or standing on a lotus flower of shimmering light in an actinodic clear, transparent, neon, plastic-like body outline as his consciousness touches, in tune with heart's beat, into the Self, God Realization.
  13. 5 years to the next cycle?

    Completely agree, Live every day as if it were your last, and never regret your past. If you live every day as if it were your last then you won't have a need to regret your past. The future and the past are both irrelevant to worry about, so just live and enjoy. Ben
  14. Walking The Invisible Path

    The diamond I get a feeling all over, but mainly in center of my back and my heart. The Nebula I get a big feeling in my head, around my eyes.
  15. Kunlun Scottsdale Jan 19-20

    I am going to make plans tonight, but I saw rates on expedia and cheaptickets for hotels and rental cars for fairly cheap, 100$ a night for hotel + car. I don't have a lot of money at this time, and my fiance doesn't quite understand the idea of spending a lot for only 2 days, but she has liked a lot of the changes i've made in my life, so I just need to get through to her that the quality of time is > the amount of time. I'm very excited to attend, learn, and experience from Max and everyone else. I am very thankful I ran into this site about 2 months ago, and hope to meet the rest of you cultivators there Thank you for having this site up, and I wish I could describe in words what I am going through each day because of this teaching. Ben