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  1. Tai Chi Energy Patterns DVD and more directly I found this DVD really helpful - the visual representation of energy flow is very good. (a preview of energy patterns available on the site) From the blurb on site: "6-hour mind/body program, master-teacher Ramel Rones instructs essential movements and training exercises, with a focus on four popular Tai Chi Patterns: Ward Off, Rollback, Press, and Push. You will learn to develop and utilize the internal (Qi) energy that can be found within all Tai Chi movements." Recommend it highly.
  2. In addition to other suggestions - I have found moving chi ball up and down front helps. You can pause out from face and feel how energy is there. Also I find paying extra attention to chi massage after chi gung practice or meditation helps - closing the energy gates. This decreases sensitivity to external energies.
  3. Any Good Martial Bagua Teacher In Melbourne?

    Hello, You could try or ask although he's overseas teaching just now - back in the next week sometime I think. There is a Push Hands Club in Melbourne and some members practice this - James is a member. We meet Wed nights 8.45 pm - I can give details if you wish.
  4. Baghwan bashing

    Swami Beyondananda: Especially - the news and Swami for Precedent
  5. Tao Te Ching Translations

    From Fifteen The ancient masters were subtle, mysterious, profound, responsive. The depth of their knowledge is unfathomable. Because it is unfathomable, All we can do is describe their appearance. Watchful, like men crossing a winter stream. Alert, like men aware of danger. Courteous, like visiting guests. Yielding like ice about to melt. Simple, like uncarved blocks of wood. Hollow, like caves. Opaque, like muddy pools. Who can wait quietly while the mud settles? Who can remain still until the moment of action? Observers of the Tao do not seek fulfillment. Not seeking fulfillment, they are not swayed by desire for change.
  6. New

    OK. Thanks for welcome message. Concerning Ramel Rones dvds - I'm really enjoying his material. Very good, IMO. Learning a lot on lots of levels; it feels like. Best, R
  7. New

    Hello to all. I've just joined up. Look forward to reading and contributing to list topics. I'm in Australia and have a long involvement with meditation and various forms of yoga. Since mid 90s learning and practicing chi gung, and taoist methods; initially with Mas Rogers. Most recently have done Michael Winn's courses at (ongoing) and enjoyed the new DVDs by Ramel Rones at Member of local Push Hands club. Best, Russell