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  1. There are athletes which are said to live celibate when important competitions are going to take place. It is said that they do this because they intend to tweak their performance. I fear that you are right. I believe that frequent ejaculation or insufficient practice of grounding exercises or excessive sexual activity weakens the kidneys. I believe that weak kidneys can lead to hair loss, obesity, low resistance to cold temperatures and to illnesses (i.e. depression, burn out syndrome) Animals may not be celibate but many of them only have sex a few times a year and only to reproduce themselves. 1) and 2) are highly speculative theory that i just thought out: 1) Plato Rosinke wrote the book "Prostate Orgasm, Prostate Cure". He thinks that toxic substances accumulate within the prostate over time if ejaculation does not happen. Mantak Chia wrote that it was possible to drink water with your genitals using secret ancient taoists methods and therefore lead the water into the bladder. So, maybe it is possible to lead the water into the prostate and then out of it again. This way, the toxic substances might be dissolved in the water. 2) You may also go to a doctor and let him stick a catheter through your penis into your prostate and then lead water into your prostate. 3) Plato Rosinke advises to do prostate massage using an aneros or an anal dildo. He advises to squeeze the prostate using such a device and therefore forcing the toxic fluid out of the prostate which is said to be stored in the prostate. However, this is also very painful.
  2. retention

    To me, it is very obvious that my urine would not be foamy if i ejaculated every day or every second day. I also ejaculate once in a while, and after i did, the foam in the urine is less thick and its volume is lower.
  3. retention

    I have this problem myself and know exactly how you feel. I believe that this problem can be solved on a long term basis by abstaining from sexual activities and do grounding exercises (Tai Chi, Standing meditation, Sitting meditation, Yoga) intensively. I believe that semen gets into the urin because of weak kidneys. Kidneys get weak because of stress, intensive sexual activity, insufficient sleep, too much mental activities (i.e. watching TV in your free time) etc. further information
  4. Laughter attack after Kunlun

    I feel sorry for the cat, as well. I think you should be more compassionate. Your behavior creates bad karma.
  5. Jasmuheen,

    What do you think about Jasmuheen ( Does living on light work? If it does: how does it work? It should be considered that calory restiction can increase the life span and cure illnesses. This has been proved by experiments on animals. So if living on light works and could be achieved by ordinary people, it would be a great tool for self realization.
  6. Zhan Zhuang is either painful (if i stand for a long period of time, depending on whether or not my thighs are horizontal or in an 45 degree angle) or my muscles do not grow and i do not progress. (if i stop standing as soon as it gets uncomfortable) (someone on an other forum wrote: "My progress in horse stance has been slow as molasses. I think I went from 2 minutes to 3 minutes in 3-4 months. I just timed my stance at 8 minutes this morning, breaking my old record by about 30 seconds.") Wasting time due to ineffective training or being in pain - both is inacceptable. Everybody has got the same problem. Everybody feels pain during sport training (Zhan Zhuang, Tai Chi etc.). If pain is not felt, muscles are likely to shrink. So what are we supposed to do?