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  1. the authenticity of masters?

    In fact they even work when the patient knows he is being given a placebo:
  3. tooth regeneration

    Has anyone heard of any stories of Calcium Hydroxyapatite helping teeth regrow?
  4. Personally, I think it's a case by case basis. I could be completely wrong here and I am not trying to assume any kind of power over life and death, but unfortunately we are put in a position to decide when a loved animal fellow's time has come. I have had two cats pass away within the past two years. The first cat recieved a shot, that quickened it's death and the second one went on it's own terms. In my judgement I found it best for the animal to go naturally, even if there was some pain involved. The reason is that giving a lethal shot is anything but pretty and definitely not without agony for the animal. It's a death that comes sudden and from behind and leaves terror in their faces when it comes. That I have wanted to avoid. The second time around my cat was obviously having string discomfort from her ailment and death was coming for sure. Yet I simply let her be and stayed with her the whole night. In the morning death came with peace. Yes, she experienced pain. But I did not see the shock I saw the first time around. However I must add that the first cat was about to suffocate from her ailment, so I found it to be better to give her the lethal shot, since suffocating must be one of the worst ways to die. I still saw the confusion and fear in her face when the shot started to act. At the time, it seemed to me that I saw the spirit of the first cat eject into freedom. That gave me peace. The second cat appeared to to speak to me one week before she died, telling me that we will meet again. Time will tell. I could have imagined all of the above, my mind trying to comfort me, however.
  5. Great power and strength with out weights

    I am intrigued. Can you share more info?
  6. Dr Sha?

    The way I see it, on a level a spiritual teach is no different then a teacher in any other, mundane field. They have access to knowledge that they can pass on to their students and are skilled in their field of expertise. This does not make them a better person in all areas of life however and to expect that from a teacher and to idolize anyone creates the risk of dependancy.
  7. Reptilians connected to this forum!

    Thing is even if you see spirits (I have) you still do not know if they are real or just a figment of your imagination. Unti an experience trickles down and has an impact on the third dimension that I live in, i find it hard to be sure of anything. I know that I have a need for food, procreation and physical and mental stimulation, basic needs. Beyond that it's a tough call defining reality. Spiritual phenomena have as much of a chance to be real as they may be a result of subjective psychological and sensory processes. The human mind re-interprets everything we see and feel and think in the context of our personal experiences and conditioning. Taomeow gave a nice example of this. The human psyche feels a need to be in an equilibrium and it will search for any means to make that happen. It is definitely not objective in it's evaluation of reality
  8. I do not, nor have ever craved meat products. If I did, I would consume meat, but I really don't. I do not think it is inherent in the human species to require or necessarily crave meat.
  9. What is a good breakfast for a TaoBum?

    Yes I eat that every day for breakfast, as it serves me and my constitution well. It feels very nourishing and calms my mind. I do not think that is true for every type of body though. I tend to rely on the ayurvedic dosha system to choose my foods and it happens to fit pretty well with what I like to eat and what makes me feel good.
  10. Here is a link to the I Ching and other classic texts: Text I do not recommend using the online oracle function. It does not give accurate results in my experience.
  11. What is a good breakfast for a TaoBum?

    Some great recipes, this thread would make a great book For breakfast I enjoy cooked oatmeal or spelt semolina with nuts and lots of spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom. Add some ghee and a dash of honey doesn't hurt either.
  12. I think it steals the photons bouncing of your body.