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  1. 1/137 is known as the fine structure constant. It pops up in the mathematics of cosmological physics. If our reality relies on consciousness to exist, then perhaps to obtain ONE there are 137 levels of consciousness to realize as the path? Just an extrapolation of notions combining many interests...Or perhaps there are 137 universes that coexist in our reality? Today's politics surely points to separate thought-based universes in a reality seemingly shared! Bringing science and spirituality together is just one of my hobbies I 'spose. Stay well on your paths my friends.
  2. Haiku Chain

    Anyone hungry Not fed-up with too much food Gratitude abounds
  3. Haiku Chain

    Echoes in the void Rippled away like cheap wine Li Po and I sing
  4. Haiku Chain

    new format taobums old anti-mat taobums laugh mat just smiles sweetly
  5. There are no true seperations in our shared reality, everything alive is part of the whole. Man made seperations have driven us apart. The Roman Catholic Church is a manifestation of The Roman Empire. The bible was written hundreds of years after JC or his followers. It was created to promote the Empire not the teachings of The Rabbi Jesus - known as the Christ... WAKE UP! And the internal rot of child-abuse is as real as a heart attack, as are the financial mis-dealings coming to light...
  6. Good to see you back online :)

  7. I'm seeing the Yin & the Yang also having a common state of being as if the two seperate are also always "two" united & create a triad in the realm of nature... able to function as sperate and united forces within each life form, as well as the geomorphic whole...Everything is all one thing... an expanding moment of life ever changing and becoming -the big bang is still happening, expanding every moment at a fantastic rate...
  8. Thank you all for this wonderous response... So much insight & wisdom on this site...For my way of thinking, it's the whole "Boss" idea that needs to be left behind... Going with the natural flow of nature is what we have been missing in our development - industrialization and dehumanization are rampant. I just wanted to note that there seems to be a geomorphic will that people pick up on that is changing how power is manifested through our various societies... It may be that society's pendulum will swing farther to the Yin side of nurturing rather than subdueing...than will be uncomfortible for some... before a more natural balance is reached -but without the will to protect "Mother Earth" we have no sustainable future to fore-see...Patriarchy has failed us in almost every instance... Also , as I've written here before I think it highly possible that Jesus was an incarnation of a Buddha, the 3 wise man story ties in with the searching for reincarnated Buddhas too...And the teachings of love and compassion are directly tied to Buddhism... Thank you for these great insightful thoughts...
  9. Translators of the TTC

  10. Translators of the TTC

    Hi Everyone! I've been off line for quite a while. But I recently read a wonderful translation of the Tao Teh Jing- Titled The Secret Tao - by D.W. Kegler I think that is correct spelling, not sure)... He offers the text in Chinese in a direct sort of broken english and an interpretation of his own that offers a fresh take for me. His introduction is also really great as it tenders an enlightening view of early Taoist history.-Peace.
  11. Haiku Chain

    Anyone Hungry? The meat wheel spins through space/time None for me thank you!
  12. Haiku Chain

    My Vision expands Inner space & outer space incite excitement
  13. End of the world is May 21st.

    That poor "seer" is left waiting, Well cheer up,at least its not the end of the world...
  14. The Nature of Self

    The constant is change. Am I the same "person" I was at 2 or 10 or 30 years old? I seem to possess a continued conscioussness over those years, but I am not the same person. I have also had out of body experiences that lead me to believe that my self is not perminently tied to my ever-changing corporial "self" anyway! My take is I have an eternal spirit that has a soul of its own, and a "borrowed" body and mind to allow me this human experience... That consciouss self has had several incarnations and shall have more until I realize a permenent spiritual being...