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  1. Missing Yoda

  2. So, did you create this site?

    Nice work if so!

  3. Kunlun and Demons

    Heavenlygong, the same yodster!
  4. Kunlun and Demons

    So this thread is starting to become like the HT forum thread where people were sending out their psychic dragons to fight each other. So we have some sort of naga attack going on from Winpro for some reason that he hasn't explained and he's baiting New Dawn to psy-scuffle. If a lizardman appears in my living room I'll definitely pass on whatever message he may have for us. Yoda
  5. Kunlun and Demons

    Winpro, I'm not sure if doing so will make us think that Kunlun is any less weird or less hostile than we do now. Is this for our education or some sort of payback for something we've done to you? I'm happy to apologize if I've been inconsiderate to you in any way in the past. Yoda
  6. Kunlun and Demons

    I'm not offended... we all have strong feelings about all this and it's cool that we have a place to chat about it.
  7. Kunlun and Demons

    I heart entity discussions! Bindo, I have seen another photo along those same lines... That leads to another cool drill... check out the Gwan Yin photo that Kan took and vibe it out... obviously, there's going to be some positive vibrations there for marketing purposes but maybe there are other vibrations in those photos too? scroll down a bit: http://www.eceti.org/Eceti.IndexII.html
  8. Kunlun and Demons

    Scott, I probably shouldn't use the word 'advanced'... maybe 'dramatic responder' would be more fitting to describe some kunlunies like rodgerj. Rodgerj would also be fun to have on threads like this as he and I have spent many hours discussing issues with Kunlun and have come to very different conclusions in the end, but we both know quite a bit about each other's backstory that isn't practical to get into on forums so we have a good handle on the other's perspective. Your pal, Yoda
  9. Kunlun and Demons

    All of this is rehash... I was hoping maybe rodgerj might bring this discussion up a notch to include some advanced K topics perhaps?
  10. Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    Cao Cao's tomb discovered? http://www.newsdaily.com/stories/tre5bq0bx-us-china-tomb/
  11. Kunlun and Demons

    Aside from vibing out Max directly from his photo, another cool K sampler drill is to do Kunlun at different times of the day... the practice is strongest between 1-4 am and especially 3:00 to 3:15 am... you can set your watch by it... I've found that it is accurate to within seconds. From a classical Taoist perspective, that is a very strong indicator that it's a ghost practice.
  12. Tale of the Gods

    Just finished it! Great book! Really an incredible story of Geung Tai Gung going from mere peasant to total genius super Taoist advisor, prime minister, warrior, and military commander. And finally he transformed the fallen into Taoism Gods... Interesting to see who made it to Godhood... many warriors from both sides did, his ex-wife who left him did, the evil king did, but the demoness Daji wasn't mentioned. The names the new Gods were given were pretty interesting too... the star of universal muddling dipper... what's that? There is a youtube in Chinese of the story out there somewhere, so I'll check that out at some point too. here's a trailer:
  13. Kunlun and Demons

    Facing demons based path of enlightenment is certainly popular. Here's Aleister Crowley's take for example: Adeptus Exemptus chooses to cross the Abyss, which is the location of Choronzon and the illusory eleventh Sephira, which is Da'ath or Knowledge. In this example, the adept must surrender all, including the guidance of his Holy Guardian Angel, and leap into the Abyss. If his accumulated Karma is sufficient, and if he has been utterly thorough in his own self-destruction, he becomes a "babe of the abyss," arising as a Star in the Crowleyan system. On the other hand, if he retains some fragment of ego, or if he fears to cross, he then becomes encysted. The layers of his self, which he could have shed in the Abyss, ossify around him... who will eventually be broken up and disintegrated against his will, since he failed to choose voluntary disintegration. So did Aleister just become enlightened there or did he more fully surrender to the influences of his Holy Guardian Angel who was a bad dude? Judging by Aleister's personal life, one has to wonder. The best way to judge Max's path is to look at Max's photo for awhile and to vibe out whether we want to be like him or not.
  14. Kunlun and Demons

    Another pass through K-ville! For anyone new to the debate and particularly studious, definitely look up the Kunlun follow up poll and the sex with entities threads. New twist: Rodgerj is in the house! Rodgerj and I went through parallel meltdowns about Kunlun but Rodgerj went back to spontaneous qigong and I went on to study with Mak Tin Si. Rodgerj has lots of great K experiences and is a very advanced K practitioner so would be a good source of information if he feels open about sharing it at some point and is a great guy. Amongst the pro-K people who are willing to share their experiences, he is quite possibly the most advanced. To my mind, the benefit of spontaneous qigong practices is that it is super fast developing the subtle body rapidly and puts one in touch with guardian angels/spirits/etc which enables one to learn new practices and concepts as needed. The problem being that these friends are super high level practitioners are subtly stealing positive energies while teaching whatever it is that the practitioner wants to learn. So the K practitioner learns how to do all sorts of nice siddhis and realize lots of happy insights but it's all Faust in the end. To my mind, the downside is unavoidable. Others, like the writer of "Aghora, Left Hand Path of God" claim that a long term positive outcome can be attained through left hand means but that the path is extremely dangerous and not appropriate for most practitioners. Yoda