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  1. Alternative High Cholesterol Remedies?

    This link might be worth checking out. http://www.paulingtherapy.com/ From what I have read on the site - Linus Pauline has won 2 nobel awards in his lifetime and he reckons heart disease can be treated and reversed with high doses of vitamen c, lycine and prolene. He proposes that this will also reduce cholesterol to normal levels.
  2. 7 Levels of Reiki

    Thanks for the info guys
  3. 7 Levels of Reiki

    I always thought that Reiki had 3 levels. I came across this site http://www.reikienergy.com.au and they have 7 levels to the Reiki system. Can anybody shed any more light on this. Has anybody done the 7 levels. Are the first 3 the same as other Reiki courses. I'm thinking of doing the course so any feedback/info would be appreciated
  4. Heart orgasm

    Has anyone tried out the techniques from this site http://www.multiples.com/ Supposed to enable heart orgasms for both men and women. Has anyone tried it. I'd be interested to hear if they work or not
  5. ...

    Can't really comment on injuries of the students under Marko as I did not study for long enough but the research I did on the mian style before I started it suggested that people practiced this art into their eighties/nighties and were know for ther posture/speed/power and flexibility. Do a google search on "cotton boxing" or mian to find out more
  6. ...

    I used to train in this martial under one of Marko's teachers. He is based in Sydney and the steel body he teaches is the real deal and he will readily demonstrate it The art he teaches is called Mian I only reason I stopped training in it is because I moved to a different part of the city
  7. Snorings

    I can't remember the source, but I have heard that singing can reduce snoring. I hav'nt tried it out so cannot verify whether it works
  8. Kunlun in Australia?

    Hi Mal I'm game for either Australia or Hawaii.
  9. Vajrasattva's Greatest Hits

    I'm also a lurker here and love reading your posts. Keep it up mate And thanks Yoda for putting these all in one place
  10. Kunlun in Australia?

    I've been practising K1 for about 3 weeks Legs have been shaking like crazy and sometimes the upper body too so hopefully am doing it right Can't wait for Max to head over here. Do you know where he'll be doing the workshop
  11. Kunlun in Australia?

    Thanks for the update Mal Are you currently practising KL1 from the book
  12. .

    Hi Guys Do you know if people who have not been to a seminar will be allowed access to the forum. I'm currently studying from the book and would like to kep in touch with other people doing the K1 practice
  13. The Dark Side?

    Scary stuff!!!
  14. I am aware! Watch THIS!

    Thats amazing. Thanks for sharing. I can't even draw as well as that elephant
  15. Kunlun in Australia?

    Hey Hugo I've read in previous threads that Max was thinking about coming to Australia but I've not been able to track down a date. I've PM'd Mantra and asked him about it but have not got a reply. I'd really like to attend a seminar so might have to wait until he has another seminar in Hawaii and fly over. Jetstar have cheap flights