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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Clear! as though right by your side. Vague! as though it will not be attained. Indescribable! as though beyond the limitless. The test of this is not far off: Daily we make use of its inner power. The Way is what infuses the body, Yet people are unable to fix it in place. It goes forth but does not return, It comes back but does not stay. Silent! none can hear its sound. Suddenly stopping! it abides within the mind. Obscure! we do not see its form. Surging forth! it arises with us. We do not see its form, We do not hear its sound, Yet we can perceive an order to its accomplishments. We call it "the Way." The Nei-yeh (Inner Cultivation or Inward Training) Anonymous - Mid 4th Century BCE
  2. Book Chat

    A book that might be of interest is The Whole Heart of Tao by Sifu John Bright-Fey, a practicing Taoist priest and lineage holder in a Zen (Chan) school. This is a translation by an author who cultivated the Tao Te Ching via the oral tradition. A far cry from the typical non-cultivator translations haunting the shelves of Barnes and Noble. I posted a brief review on this site. There's a more comprehensive review at Amazon.
  3. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Let go of what may come Let go of what is happening now Don't try to figure anything out Don't try to make anything happen Relax, right now, and rest Tilopa (988-1069)
  4. Standing Cultivation

    Take a gander at John Bright-Fey's book, "Whole Heart of Zen," for transformative movement qigong, as taught by Bodhidharma to the Shaolin monks. All but lost to modern Zen.
  5. new qi

    Dropping in from Alabama. Tao. EQi