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  1. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    Yin and Cheng Bagua Heibei (and some Shanxi) Xingyi Yang style Tai Chi And Sung Shi Wu Dang Chuan
  2. countermeasures against hairloss

    I've heard about the inversion and scalp massage working, as well as a diet supplemented with He Shou Wu (Fo Ti) and Lycium (wolfberry). I wonder if using Helichrysum (which is as far as I'm concerned a gift to the earth) in conjunction with scalp massage would help.
  3. Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson and Taoist Magic.

    5-e-tao, my teacher had a similar experience with Dr. J. He learned a portion of the Sun style Bagua that Johnson was teaching, and attended his 5 Branches. He said that he had incredible knowledge, but that his ego got in the way.
  4. Jerry Alan Johnson

    If you have the money, his books are worth it - both the Medical Qigong and IMA texts. As noted previously, they are text books, so they do cost. If you intend to go into the field, or would like a much deeper understanding about the subject, I would strongly consider it.
  5. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    This is basically the same set of arguments, again. Those that know - the believers (or at least those that have had experience) believe, And those that don't... go out of their way to be insulting. Pretty pointless either way.
  6. Tao and Carlos Castaneda

    Opening the Dragon Gate
  7. Tao and Carlos Castaneda

    It involved the scene from the second book (I believe), with the Nagual, and how some of the phenomena was a lot like qinggung... which set off a list of comparisons (I have odd dreams) involving changing the point of perception through stillness, some of the basic techniques offered in the Art of Dreaming (tongue to roof of mouth connecting the Du and Ren channels, applying pressure near the lower dantien with a stone) and being locked in a box to recapitulate (which melded with Wang Liping's early exercises to to quiet his mind). A lot of undoing. Or not doing? I'm going off 5 year old memory here. Aside from the dream, it's been on my mind for a bit, and it's nice to see that others have noticed the similiarities. A great deal of those books seem less fantastical now... Parallels, coincidences, or reflections of Taoism in Mexico?
  8. Tao and Carlos Castaneda

    I've read all of them, besides the Grau and Abelar. Weird enough, I actually had a dream last night, about the parallels between Taoism and Carlos Castaneda... Strange. Anyway. I suppose I'll have to go and reread all of them. And maybe the Grau and Abelar. Like the new pic, Taomeow
  9. Some Thing For You All

    These are terrific videos - thank you very much.
  10. meditation poll

    I do an hour of standing I-Chuan practice in the afternoon or late morning, and anywhere from 10 min to another hour following practice. I seem to get the most results then, as opposed to evenings, but early early morning is supposedly the best time. Assuming my schedule would ever allow for that...
  11. Tao Meow's diet

    I remember reading the thread, just not the specifics. Where is that link?
  12. Pre-Heaven Power of Pan Yue

    I understand what you are saying about an opponent neutralizing, or the uselessness of a training technique as an actual fighting application. IMHO, however, I think that applying that logic towards these videos is kind of like saying that a form is used the way that it is shown or demonstrated. Or that tools such as pushhands or circle walking have no value because of the tactical unlikeness that someone trying to murder you is going to try to push hands or walk the circle, so why bother to learn it? These exercises, like push hands and circle walking, are intended to train different faculties and develop sensitivity. In this case, learning how to create the physiological responses needed to work the technique. What is incredible to me is the method of the power generation, not the jin itself. I haven't to been to the park in Beijing, much less China, but you make it sound like they must be doing some Dragon Ball Z shit over there.
  13. Very cool. I'm recognizing a ton of his Chin Na. He's obviously very talented.
  14. Pre-Heaven Power of Pan Yue

    Profound or not, the power generation is incredible. Something else about it is that the method is relatively easy to learn in comparison to the dan tien breathing, and just as soft a jin. Ultimately, I suppose, it relies heavily on a teacher's ability and willingness to teach.