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  1. what exactly is nonpsychological open awareness? I get open awareness it is the non psychological kind I fail to understand
  2. Haiku Chain

    shine similarly crazy karma diamond you breathe samsara dust
  3. Following Desire

    This is one awsome post deci belle
  4. Haiku Chain

    axe in hand smiling seconds of reflecting mind deep breath moving on
  5. Haiku Chain

    who wants to go next? intuition will save the daredevils, the pure
  6. On Kundalini and thought constructs

    ahh this was great read. I could not finish today I am afraid. Why do you have the need to use so many words to come aross with your ideas. do the talking sooth your intellect? keep it shorter sweeter. the masquerade and trickster is just it. thank you. I will finsih reading later..probably. - just one more thing, claiming kundalini non-material does not hold up, just because it uses or can be read through several to us appearing different scientific means does not make it merely ethereal
  7. a world without pretense perhaps but I am awfully unsophisticated
  8. How to prepare chinese herb?

    draw off the water thrice, mix the drained water and drink one cup of this twice a day, is it? thank you dmattwatds.
  9. I just purchased a chinese herb called Lei Gong Teng/Thunder Vine/Tripteerygium wilfordii. Is anyone familiar with the use of this plant? I accidentally ordered bark instead of capsules..and now I do not know how to prepare it. Do I cook, grind or put it in alchohol? Would very much appreciate some help, it would be a pity to see it wasted.
  10. Pain in lower back

    often trouble in the lower back is a response to or corresponds to immobilized torso or shoulder area. in addition to circulatory movements of the hips and the regime you already thought of and Joes advice, I would look into tummo breath or just pull/suck in your tummy on both inand outbreath as you bend over and straighten up. to stretch and elongate the inner fascias around your ribcage, especially in the back around your shoulders.
  11. do I know you?

    1. eye_of_the_storm


      Maybe, that question sparked a memory...

    2. eye_of_the_storm
  12. The Tao of Dying

    fancy that! two in a restaurant and nobody dying. yet. ain´t this america money, handcuffs and slavery death is close