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  1. Favourite Buddhist Books

    What the Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula xeno
  2. Anatta (no-self)

    Service to others in Life trains the mental aggregate to be not focused on a self in death. xeno

    Not here (...also thymus). Thank you Taomeow. xeno
  4. Little do I know; this I do, the purpose of human Life is thus.
  5. The MCO is Taoist fundamentalism

    You don't need Max balance; in fact, you need to not need Max...or anyone...other than you. Peace, xeno
  6. The MCO is Taoist fundamentalism

    Ah, the teacher complex, no...your body and your mind are your teachers; for the diligent student, lessons are clear. Facility with your MCO will ultimately introduce you to Indra's Web...you'll cry out of stunned amazement at the beauty of it...blazingly awakened will you be, while bodhicitta blossoms. A bodhisattva birth! xeno
  7. What is a phenomenon?

    Wow, was I an ass and a fool in this discussion; sincere apologies to all, Vajrahridaya especially. Truly a beautiful poem; much thanks V. xeno
  8. you are your teacher

    May we all be /\ ...
  9. you are your teacher

    "If one is true to one's self and follows it's teachings, who need be without a teacher?" - Chuang Tzu
  10. Kunlun:4 Years later

    Hi Cameron, So glad am I to observe your transformation. Well upon your path you clearly are. Smilingly yours, xeno
  11. What is the Ego?

    Ego = the sum of the deviation from one's self induced by one's conditioning as a human being. One is born without ego, but gains it rapidly and progressively as a result of living in society; most die with with more ego than they can shed when the Bardo presents...they enter as what society says they are; and traverse the Samsaric desert exposed as a characature of their self...and lost. Choose not this course...subjugate your ego in Life. Choose forgiveness, humility, heart-thinking and Love...choose Bodhisattvaness. IOW, choose as if your next Life depends on it. Be well upon your paths friends, Love, xeno
  12. Activation of Crown Center by means of MCO releases DMT, I surmise.
  13. The Three Wise Men were Taoist!

    Most sincere appreciation to you strawdog for this contribution...it contains the most significant truth of any recent post on this forum that I'm aware of. Please continue to share. xeno
  14. Absence of said reveals much Kate...look to your Te, friend.