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  1. Thanks for the advice. But where I live I cannot have access to him or his my best shot is his books and maybe other resources or teachers..
  2. Damo mitchell has written two books on the subject of internal alchemy, namely, White Moon on the Mountain Peak and A Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Nei Gong. So my question is for someone interested in chi gong/nei dan practical and theoretical aspects which one of these books is necessary? or maybe both of them are complimentary and should be read together?
  3. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    If it is necessary to is ok to judge for example when you want to but a new house or a car you need to judge and find out what works for you and what doesn't. What is troublesome is actually when you judge someone unnecessarily, for example you don't need to judge guy next door or a strange on the street or even a fellow dao bum! And if you do so, you will lose focus on what is important, which is Yourself!
  4. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    Thanks for mentioning them but there is not much on their website. maybe someone from NL who attended their classes can clarifies it a little bit more
  5. Hello Everyone

    welcome! what does your name mean?
  6. What is spirituality

    I think spirituality refers to meaning behind every appearance. A spiritual person strive to find the deep meaning behind every event of life and eventually to become one with this mystery of life. By this definition a spiritual person is not necessarily practice tai chi and yoga or does not use crystals, orb, manta, etc. but he is living a meaningful life. p.s. In person language spirituality is equal to "Manaviat" which roughly translate a meaningfulness. And there is a bunch of peoms that talks about in in their poems like this beautiful verse from Rumi: ای برادر قصه چون پیمانه است معنی اندر وی مثال دانه است دانه معنی بگیرد مرد عقل ننگرد پیمانه را گر گشت نقل which roughly translates as: Every story (philosophy, tradition, teaching, etc.) is like a plate Meaning is like the food inside the plate Wise man takes the food But leaves the plate behind, no matter it's an ordinary plate or a majestic one So if one can reach to that ultimate meaning he can leave everything else behind
  7. Welcome

    Welcome to the forum. I also joined recently. there is actually lots of stuff to read and discuss here
  8. New arrival

    Hi Moog, I'm a total beginner here but I think what you need is a meditation that help you feel your bodily sensation. There is no such thing is chi deaf. You definitely do have sensations. Focusing on this bodily sensations (sensations like warm, cold, scratching, pulsation, etc) is first step then when your meditation goes deeper you can sense subtler and sublter sensations until finally you can feel chi. but it doesn't happen overnight. Have you ever heard about vipassana? It could be a great help for feeling chi and bodily sensations..
  9. Hello

    Hello, welcome to the forum
  10. No More Mister Nice Guy, NMMNG

    Not to dismiss your/writer's idea, just my two cents: I don't think there is any real being versus false being. Even what people consider their true being is actually a conditioned being on some deeper level. Moreover being a nice guy sometimes can make us and others happier than getting what we want
  11. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    This file is expired and cannot be download now. Is it possible to recover it again? got it!
  12. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    Why's that? 'cause you know, I have a few books on this subject and I have heard sex is very potent in internal alchemy
  13. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    What are some authentic masters you would suggest? I know Mantak Chia, Master Yang (YMAA founder), wu dang chen (he has a website same as his name) and Damo mitchel. Also michale Winn. I also have another question. is it ok to start with chi kong or it's better to start with tai chi. I practiced tai chi for a few months before but I did't have much success
  14. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    Interestingly I had this book of Eva wong I borrowed it from Archive website so I guess I can start with it. The other list is fairly intimidating. Do I really need a huge amount of knowledge before I start the actual practice?
  15. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    Thanks for the answer. I know the best choice is always finding a teacher. But I live in Iran and because of all the sanctions and stuff it's near impossible to travel to America and I could find any teacher here. so maybe next best option is either online classes or books. I think I should start with some books and read more discussions here and see where the road take me. Thank you all