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All I know is that I tried Falun Gong for 3 months 10 years ago and dropped it as it took too long. Since I now have more time I took it up again last month for about 3 weeks. All I know is that for several years I have had lower back pain after lifting anything even a bit heavy such as 25 lbs. But soon after this recent go round with Falun Gong that slight pain disappeared even though I have been lifting a 33 lbs baby for awhile now. 100 million Chinese years ago were not going to do Falun Gong unless it really did heal people that they knew and then themselves when they tried it. I dropped it again recently because the postures are not enjoyable at all. It is meant to make you endure hardship with the thinking that suffering changes bad karma to good karma. Just one of Master Li's concepts that I disagree with. But it does result in rapid and unexpected physical healings. The emphasis is that the practitioner should focus on uplifting his moral character in order to get full spiritual benefits because modern Chinese do not have very high morals according to Li Hongzhi. Instead, they are striving to get ahead of others on the job and are jealous of the success of others and are preoccupied with materialistic achievements. He does not even want the practitioner to read any other qigong books as all other qigong methods are to be considered to be low quality and only good for physical healing but will not advance you spiritually. Falun Gong is mainly for achieving enlightenment. Since it is all taught for free, including all of the teaching videos and texts are online, it is not a money making organization. 

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