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  1. so going by the opening crux of the talk there really is no leading away from an "unreal" to the "real", thus what is needed is a leading away from an incorrect perception of only the real or Brahman in everything - which does not include an unreal, thus part of the ancient opening prayer states or espouses to me a direct contradiction to what then follows in the talk.
  2. without simple and sincere honesty and a certain humbleness it doesn't matter how hard working or how smart a student is if they don't have or develop those virtues
  3. it is recorded that Lord Brahma (as the aspect of creator ) is not immortal per-se although his lifetime is the length of a extremely long cosmic cycle...anyway even that is not enough. Btw. in Taoism The One is "born" so even the One is not immortal per-se.
  4. On Meditation

    that which knows it is not the the complex computer like tool and resulting RAM programs that mind is, (with lots of programs running in the background besides what is on the desktop - with some of those people and programs having code based on dharma and some based on anti-dharma along with mixtures of both...whereas all of the True Master's working code in this world is based what could be called the ROM of Self.
  5. On Meditation

    a chute is a nice option if the jet has slowed down enough to exit out of a normally shut emergency door - say at 15k feet, btw if four or five people have you in a death hug on your way out the door will the chute slow all of you down enough to safely hit the ground?
  6. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    to paraphrase: seek God first and all things (needed) will be added unto you. Inviolate Spiritual Truth is the foundation of true and rooted power that works for and with the goodness of the lifeforce in all beings, ....as also spoken of per, "Tao follows it own ways" from chapter 25 of the T.T.C.
  7. On Meditation

    Rideforever, It sounds like you want to or need to be some kind of alternate know it all, but I'm afraid you are barking up the wrong tree in this sub-forum,... whereas you can probably find some young, impressionable wanna-be masters of the universe types in other forums or sites who are more likely to go along with your half-hidden and half baked repackaging of Mr. G ramblings and slants.
  8. On Meditation

    well the sound of one dog barking turns more or less instantly into two dogs and then three dogs barking, and from there to ten thousand dogs carrying on...but if those ten thousand dogs are wafting their tails after farting then it would be wise to return to non-form and its non-smell. (asap)
  9. On Meditation

    your dog barking at you in disgust?
  10. On Meditation

    "one hand clapping" wafts farts away...
  11. Question about Falun Dafa / Falun Gong

    I know next to nothing about them, but I didn't care for the sectarian push in their public dance concert presentation which I went to thinking it would be based purely on Chinese history of a non-sectarian kind... (other than some references to ancient schools of religious Taoism and old mythology) which to me it seemed they were co-opting to give credence to their school.?
  12. Advaita Vedanta is only one out of hundreds of other religions that also make sense to millioins and billions of folks which is or could be called a great and tolerant outlook of "Hinduism".
  13. it is to pure and simple to be a thing or a mind, but it does know itself beyond regular knowing. (otherwise all would be like the vanity of vanities)
  14. The Way of Understanding

    so one's effort and a certain purity is needed to reach the threshold, but once there (so to speak) ones effort alone can not cross or leap further without the helping power of Mystery along with being granted passage to Mystery where things can not go....
  15. The Way of Understanding

    casting various and highly dubious interpretations of the often fragmented content and context of many 'fourth-way" sayings (by use of veiled correlations) - onto or over other traditions, teachers, people or ways is part of what Mr. G. admittedly said was the MESS HE LEFT before he passed away, and imo parroting indirectly (or directly) such is not a new or deep revelation.