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  1. I don't know who I am

    who am I not...?
  2. Corruption and Natural Growth

    it's a hot topic for some and would take study of several volumes of materiel from several sources...which I don't want to get into now.
  3. Corruption and Natural Growth

    the "4th way" explains how quasi- 4th way summations are mostly corrupt.
  4. Rx As required -- Our Real Nature

    same quandary though for an identified self to untangle. thus ideas about food but not actual food given to starvings beings does not feed them, also denial of such beings is denial of Shakti manifest.
  5. Need to categorize?

    in simpler terms that is just "somebody up there watching out for you" even if "they" are right under our nose.
  6. I am officially jaw dropped amazed.

    was it George Harrisons fault?
  7. Need to categorize?

    or just have the rabbit for imaginary lunch if it gets to complicated...
  8. from my limited under-standing Self-realization does not bring an end to one's evolution/work or seeking until there is final merger of soul and Soul or soul (body) and the Self, which only God knows how long that may take? Thus there are all sorts of advanced and Self-realized beings who have attained moksha (or freedom from the cycles and karma's of birth and death) but not yet final merger.
  9. I'd say the "in private to a select few worthies" idea could get very dicey...along with the "Why" that you mention. Btw. Zen is one school of Buddhism, and Hinduism has God only knows how many - so do you include all of those? I'd also add imho that it is more than only the responsibility for lineage holders to transmit their lineage but it also of key importance to their working M.O. that they do not practice mix-ups of other M.O.'s from other schools. I like the Tattva diagrams or charts in comparison to Buddhist ones.
  10. Anyway finding and seeing common ground is noble, yet we do not have or hear lineage holders (Guru's) of Hindu or Buddhist schools saying their teachings are really the same when it comes to Atman and no self...nor about many other key points of doctrines. (or that they end up with the same realization, liberation, enlightenment, or in the same realms along with the same deities, or even in some cases with the same deity being recognized but given far less or little importance depending on the schools)
  11. neti, neti, does not negate Atman, while no-self does per traditional Buddhist interpretations...and we know that traditional Buddhists never accept the doctrines related to Atman.
  12. in some schools - all of that- (or Shakti) is not, nor never separate from the transcendent (beyond name & composite forms) yet the transcendent is always free from limitation by particular forms.
  13. considering the historic Buddha had "Hindu" based or related ascetics teaching him up to (if I remember correctly?) the Buddhist 8th liberation then there is no wonder that there are some overlaps in the systems...still the no-self teachings are in direct contradiction to Vedanta and if one is part of either school then they can not be on fence about same or correlate and interpret both as they see fit and remain in said schools.
  14. Concepts Etcetera

    thus it sounds like old dogs may learn new tricks... btw. there is only one of us after septillions x trillions of spin-offs so verification by many under or across all conditions is setting up a false premise
  15. Concepts Etcetera

    hey happy guy if you are not writing novels maybe you should be?
  16. mod party poop-ers, this was a string with mystical/transcendental and deep philosophical connotations...
  17. Concepts Etcetera

    the aspects and power of the thinking mind of what many call the "waking" state is just a part of the total mind which includes the higher astral and also super-conscious realm. (which if dharmically misused is not unlike a rocket being mis-aimed and burning up on impact with the ground) think of or try to use the analogy of inductive reactance in an electrical circuit, where if the induced resistance increases in proportion to current flow then limits are reached and if pushed further then something will have to give or burn up...but if the resistance decreases then more current can flow without the circuit burning up.
  18. Concepts Etcetera

    a fringe benefit of Self-Realization is the dharmic use of the tools of the mind or mental powers, otherwise or if its not of dharmic usage then its a rocket ride into the hell realms.
  19. Concepts Etcetera

    a good beer from a bad?
  20. Concepts Etcetera

    ok, and probably enough detail, lol..
  21. Concepts Etcetera

    and of course we also know that could all be wrong since we can not prove a dam thing to anyone else when it comes to such a matter. and to say we can would make us a fanatic of some kind. Btw, I take it wandelaar has boxer shorts or Michael Jordan shorts, not panties, we wouldn't want to paint a wrong picture at his expense would we?
  22. it is stupid and egotistical to brag about such things in a public or private manner...thus we have a person with some experience who has gone bad or is being foolish regardless of his experience, white beard, robes and knowledge.
  23. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh reconfigured as Osho, along with people looking the other way when it came to the crimes committed by him and his people at his the Oregon compound - are still selling books and making money for an organization after his passing. But I'm also thankful for the True Guru's and the Grace of Guru that helps pierce the mind veil!
  24. not really since you've made that dead guru statement a couple of times, and since most of us are not mind readers how else are we supposed to take each other statements? Btw, i suggest not mixing much beer with wine unlees one has total inner gut mastery.