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  1. Yutang Lin

    which btw I think could be adapted to help on the recent topic of, can we know Truth. or trouble that neo-this or thats might get into, or.....
  2. Yutang Lin

    it's been awhile since this quote has popped up, and since many of us have been going around and around in ways related to it I thought I'd add it to the mix...so we can see what else pops out. By Yutang Lin "Teaching of "Non-form" indicates non-attachment to form. Misinterpreted, it is adopted as holding to absence of form. Abiding in no forms at all, one falls into the abyss of void. Only in no grasping to form or non-form lies true liberation"
  3. i would suggest caution along any lines of "inserting"... for Revealing Grace is a thousand times more than something like that - it is simply through deep Mystery/wisdom of the Self revealing the Self - with no insertion from an apparent outside needed. (which is what it sounded like you were implying)
  4. nice quote man, btw this Grace descends not only on the prepared and advanced student...it descends upon whom it chooses whether they be a fool, buried in great karma, a so called normal person, a youngster, etc.. thus drawing up or implying certain limitations for It to act (which one may do and try to line up per method) is not really the case.
  5. I'd say that the Revealing and pure power of Grace uses the vessel not the other way around, granted that power also provides for the vessel or Sat Guru but they - the attuned vessel makes no claim to ruling It. (it rules them)
  6. the irresistible power of Sat may hold you, but you as a particular somebody can not hold it....
  7. no MH, you are the often fun or flexible person, while somebody else here acts like a know it all
  8. quit trying to be an authority that you are not
  9. umm, is that a lure in the water? hashing it out can be informative, lets just remember that we are not the historic figures we are quoting and very few of us have permission from a lineage to teach for them in public or privately. thus an imo or an in my understanding preface and attitude will or should nip a lot of unfortunate arguments in the bud.
  10. mixing up Buddhist and Hindu concepts just adds to the confusion, and speaking as if one were a lineage holder Satguru or the historic Buddha is mucking things up even more!!!
  11. is MH a personification, like trillions of other beings, of a partial degree and variation of Dao...
  12. I didn't say that, and I far as I know the widely accepted definition of Hinduism includes belief in Lord Ganesha and other gods and devas, importance of Guru, the Vedas, several other major aspects like reincarnation, dharma, and karma which are recognized across most all schools or sects, along with some commonly accepted spiritual/cultural practices that may not all be written in religious stone but have been in effect for a long time. (like certain marriage traditions, vegetarianism, alms for the poor or Sahdus , festivals, temples, etc..) Of course I'm only speaking as an outsider looking in through my small window.
  13. I'd say there are many general and important meanings, besides just concepts and symbolism - also the feelings and meanings are not the same for all individuals or everyone. (and should not be attempted to be made so)
  14. Gods and Guru, integral part of Hindusim - not abstractions in the wind...
  15. ah, I remember a rock fight that started out with an agreement among all of us neighborhood boys that per team and as individuals we would only throw semi-hardened dirt clods, thus only be able to cause slight pain to one another but still have the thrill of the fight.. (located in a small nearby canyon) well it wasn't long until the dirt clods had bits of rock in them either unintentionally or intentionally, thus the agreement soon changed into throwing only small rocks that still wouldn't cause much harm... (lol and you probably know where this headed) but in the heat of the battle bigger rocks started being thrown and getting in a hit without taking one yourself was what it was all about. I was doing well and more or less sticking to the small rock agreement when out of nowhere a large rock with lots of speed behind it hit me right in the solar plexus, it hurt like hell and knocked me to the ground. The other boys didn't take much notice of me and when I looked up I saw the one who threw the rock with a triumphant grin on his face... after that I never got into a dirt clod or rock fight again. (knowing it could have been far worse if I or someone else got hit in an eye)