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  1. in electrical terms two electrical generating devices and or powered up busses can merge if their frequency and voltage are the same or within a hair of each other and then very quickly become the same....this is also what is called and takes place when synchronizing a smaller individual generator to a much larger or main buss. Btw, the amperage of the two during and after synchronization are not the same although their total amperage together feeds and equals what is on said buss, thus everything else that is connected down the line and drawing power will be at same voltage and frequency and have whatever amperage is available per its distribution to various loads on the buss.
  2. Hello Dwai, the first sentence in the pdf above sounds very dubious....while lots of the other sentences sound fine. Anyway I'd say that any guru (including those of the Ramakrishha order) that thinks or believes they know better than Lord Siva as Lord Nataraja's workings with phenomenal form and also non-form has problems and also spreads problems. (and has missed the meaning of the Isa upanishad and others)
  3. sounds to me like some think that being conceptually in the know qualifies them for more than they know, but I don't know that about anyone for sure, besides there are certain built in protections that are not gotten around easily although various types of accidents do happen.
  4. why do spiritual orders have all sorts of preparation, why do yogis, masters, etc. of same spend years, decades and lifetimes in training for the changes to come to handle the greater voltages and amperages - go figure besides impressionable and idealistic hopes...(which any true guru would temper and protect against)
  5. dangers: a person sun bathes on a nice day at sea level for an hour without damaging his eyes or body, he then figures he can do the same for longer periods at higher elevations with only minor preparation with some minor side effects but much greater benefit being that he is hopeful regardless of anything else, besides the warmth and light are wonderful! So more is better and that person next gets into a space ship (astral form) and flys it directly into the sun to try and merge with it for the full benefit... (and sure enough the single atom of sun element in him does not burn but unexpected to him the rest of him very painfully does)
  6. Btw, there are dangers in idealistic ideas about merging with a powerful being, for instance imagine a sea creature suddenly coming out of the water and forcing itself to try and merge with a fire; thus help from a powerful being given by the wisdom of such a being as to what is needed is one thing, but if one idealistically throws themselves at such a being to merge there could be problems...
  7. when one contradicts themselves it could be said to be a form of beating around the bush, (although side-stepping same would be better term) more so when "counter points" were already submitted and side-stepped.
  8. "Are you abstained from bias then?" are you beating around the bush?
  9. "Anyway, the subject is 'merging and guru yoga' - bringing up what the Buddha postulated (or not) is besides the point..." hmmm, does that mean that your entire 2nd paragraph of: "Seeming duality is an illusion - it has no basis. It comes about due to dysfunctional or neurotic mental tendencies (which btw are also without basis but nonetheless occur as conditioned phenomena within mindstreams). Since it is without basis, speaking about merging might do not much more than to remain subservient to the ego's need to create a seeming separateness as a kind of buffering comfort activity so that one may remain within a limited field of thoughts that (imo) has all the trappings of self-delusion - i see no other usefulness in hanging on to an idea of an assumed activity which is 'mind created' and therefore has no basis in truth. The alternative, which is to resolve what inseparability really means, and finding that, to remain in that awareness, is more conducive to spiritual growth" which sounds to be heavily Buddhist biased is questionable here? (with such being postulations per your particular school or person which some may not agree with) just as some other posts in this thread may be; anyway imo. we are a fairly flexible and eclectic group or site when it comes to posts with comparisons, forays, morphing, correlations, etc. as related to OPs, which granted has fouls from time to time but to me most (and as demonstrated by mods) fall within workable bounds.
  10. "The question i am considering is why the need to even postulate the term when doing that possibly leads to the creation of more mental activity, when the alternative, which is simply to first recognise and then maintain the resting in awareness of innate inseparability?" from CT umm, by very well recorded accounts the historic Buddha postulated a great deal and even worked to develop the Noble Eight fold path as part of a process or way - besides only "resting in awareness of innate inseparability".... so who would deny or dismiss another in whatever process they may be going through?
  11. I like the Zen saying, “Before I sought enlightenment, the mountains were mountains and the rivers were rivers.While I sought enlightenment, the mountains were not mountains and the rivers were not rivers. After I attained enlightenment, the mountains were mountains and the rivers were rivers.” Also the one about, "before enlightenment chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment chop wood and carry water..." and after considering those sayings one might ask or have an issue along the lines of, is the 'First Noble Truth' true or not? and another take on, "Another question: when awake to the realization to no-separation, what do you do?" Well how about we also consider chapter 49 of the T.T.C. ? "The Sage has no interests of his own, But takes the interests of the people as his own. He is kind to the kind; He is also kind to the unkind: For Virtue is kind. He is faithful to the faithful; He is also faithful to the unfaithful: For Virtue is faithful. In the midst of the world, the Sage is shy and self-effacing..." and one more (if you will), although a tangent to this thread it relates in part to what has been brought up, By Yutang Lin, "Teaching of "Non-form" indicates non-attachment to form. Misinterpreted, it is adopted as holding to absence of form. Abiding in no forms at all, one falls into the abyss of void. Only in no grasping to form or non-form lies true liberation".
  12. I'm not a Buddhist but a short and partial take to me on the Tibetan Wheel of Life drawing is that it depicts the various realms of mind and the related states of being that go with same....along with the freedom of "essence" that is also directly alluded to throughout as the Buddha. Anyway, the variety of Beings in the drawing can make various degrees of connection with each other and thus share information, knowledge, thoughts and feelings related to their respective realms of mind and their state of being; (I don't think many would disagree with that statement) but a particular being can not remain in one realm of mind and state of being and also "merge" or be in another at the same time because they would then be a different or changed being. Thus "merging" in that sense is not possible although a change in state of being within the wheel is. Further, the secret right under the noses of all the particular beings depicted is that the essence is already there throughout all of them and by being free of binding to particular areas in the wheel they will then merge-which is to realize the essence which already is and already merged and free throughout all of them in all of the realms. (and also beyond realms at the same time)
  13. well a comparative aspect on the matter between two individual beings would be a great connection...a connection that could share information, feelings/thoughts/knowledge and certain forms of energy of a quality and quantity at a speed of say a thousand or ten thousand times faster, meaning what might take a life time of study, good fortune and evolution in understanding could transpire in say 7 minutes...
  14. the mind, our mind, their mind, is nothing more or less than a (wonderfully diverse) thing (or things).... no-thing knows that but not by mind.
  15. "the master replied: It is essential to practice a yidam deity because through that you will attain siddhis".... even though further context is added to this sentence I'd say it is wrong to initially condition the subject in this way for if such is the motive then greater problems will probably take place...so it far more important to work towards attaining spiritual freedom, its related truth, and wisdom of compassion, during and after which any form of power (of will and mind) is used for such motives.