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  1. and if becoming established in Brahma loka through evolution only lasts at best for a part of a cosmic cycle with dissolution still coming resulting in nothing gained and nothing lost per and as a non-evolutionary Brahman... then what purpose in "going far and returning" in a seemingly vicarious way asks the Hamlet minded?
  2. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    the starving can not eat abstractions,
  3. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    going by impartial non-human karmic/cosmic math everything is perfect math wise -- which doesn't do shit for any of those suffering and weeping in pain in some form of the thousands that there are!
  4. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    also an underlying fear...yet fear has no real or lasting root
  5. unconditional grace needs no conditions and is not dependent on or only reactive to merited effort....for it spans and penetrates, without harm, the entire multi-verse and being-ness in less than an eye blink. (eye of the true Guru)
  6. a key aspect perhaps alluded to by "transmission" is Grace, all three really have an aspect of Grace manifesting.
  7. I assume you know the answer to your question.
  8. there is a strong tendency to put Jesus on a pedestal...which is not where he is or wants to be held....
  9. i believe there is a guardian aspect to this, namely what a guardian closes stays closed or sealed until they open it...
  10. similar to the saying about what is opened none can close, and what is closed none can open.... (through and by full wisdom and its related power)
  11. Hello Manitou, I've lost some interest in the transcendental melting pot free-for-all and some of the endless pointers about it, (although and of course do not deny the "Source") Thing is Jesus and other great masters and beings are also particular souls with particular histories and places in the scheme of manifestation. So now my interest is more about the soul level and the scheme of things -- since the transcendental can very well take care of itself, thank you.
  12. umm, Jesus is called the "King of Kings" in the Bible but if that doesn't fit in with various levels of "New Age" thinking or the esoteric in-crowd then lets just toss it out, for its kind of an inconvenient sounding truth. Anyway Bible quoters can't cherry pick verses and meanings from the Bible and then turn around and also deny many of its basic precepts and still honestly claim that tradition and its teachings as where they are coming from. Btw, heaven is both within and without, thus denial of its without aspect (as a name) is half-baked.
  13. umm, that is after the climax of the horrific war, with certain beings being assigned to eternal damnation and wherever being thrown into the lake of fire comes in per said revelation. Thus there is no loving reconciliation there per the Bible; Btw. we also have like 10,000 Christian sects, New Agers , and all sorts of self-proclaimed esoteric interpreters of the Bible and its meanings...bottom line though is a non-reconcilable heaven and hell per the Bible. Thus wana-be guru's and dabblers platitudes and summations are not of or found in the Bible.
  14. So yes there is the internal war within oneself...on the other hand and of course there are actual beings of all kinds, heavenly and hellish, angles and demons, etc. who are at war and have been for unknown numbers of ages.
  15. again, in certain cases among humans, (although not with the money changers in temple grounds, or with the Pharisees, etc. ) Btw. are you seriously forgetting the Book of Revelations...with the wrath of God and heaven falling upon evil, thus no more forgiveness or love there, and the King of Kings and his Angles do not turn the other cheek in that horrific war beyond human knowing.