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  1. In the advanced text of Advaita Vedanta, titled “jivanamukti Viveka”, the author, Vidyāranya Swami lays down three requisites for liberation, enlightenment, awakening. The three are — Self knowledge, jñāna dropping of vāsanās, or habitual patterns of the mind that appear in the form of compulsive behaviors and cravings Cessation of the mind, in the sense the mind stops clinging to things According to the book, all three must happen simultaneously, and not sequentially. However, depending on whether one is a seeker or a knower (jñāni), the emphasis is on different components of the triumvirate. While for the seeker, the primary emphasis is on gaining the knowledge (via studying the texts, transmission from a realized master, contemplation and meditation), along with cessation of the mind, for one who has realized the Self already, the emphasis is on dropping the habitual patterns of behavior that arise from activated karma.