Humans Without Souls

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9 minutes ago, Luxin said:

RE "Meaning it can be stolen." I haven't come across the concept of a soul being stolen before.

From my own experiences, it can both be stolen and contracted off. Generally speaking, however, the methods of doing so are sealed off if the "individual" is spiritually conscious enough to acknowledge such a possibility and block it (basically any shielding technique is sufficient, unless one is consciously signing their soul away. Such contracts are rather hard to break or revoke.). It is also possible to integrate pieces of two or more souls together, though doing so will generally be harmful to both. Magic dealing in souls is rather misled in that regard, though, it is certainly *possible*, simply not advisable. 


14 minutes ago, Luxin said:

I haven't come across any reports of psychics seeing soul auras. I believe the psychics who can see auras are witnessing the biomagnetic fields that exist around the chakra points.

There are those who can see the field you are talking about, and there are those that can see the "colors" of the souls. Both types exist, and some can see both sides. The color scales for "auras" (generally starting at red and ending at crystal, in the same sort of color schemes and orders as the chakras), when uniform in color and consistency, generally refer to the soul. Said color is usually correlated with the maturity of said soul, in that red souls are in a more immature state than orange souls. While the colors generally listed off as common are indeed similar to the colors of the chakras, they are not sourced from the chakras as far as I can tell. Of course, this color has the potential to change over one incarnation, or to stay the same over multiple hundreds of reincarnations.


Other than that, kudos to a fairly accurate assessment and explanation of the concept of "souls", given the difficulty of putting said concept into language. 

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Interesting. Thank you for the responses both of you :)


Pretty sure I was thinking of something here :D What you call soul I would simply call spirit.


indeed anything described as "divine" cannot be fragmented.


Perhaps the best way for each person to describe what they are referring to, is to list qualities gained from these principles. Do they boost your thinking speed? Sharpen your senses? Increase your intelligence? Also how could someone nurture them/ "it" ?

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, EmeraldHead said:

1. Do they boost your thinking speed?

2. Sharpen your senses?

3. Increase your intelligence?

4. Also how could someone nurture them/ "it" ?


Hello EmeraldHead, I numbered your questions for easier response....


1. I don't think a soul can boost one's thinking speed; its purpose is to monitor and advise but not interfere with our natural capacities.


2. This is not likely in my view, and would breach the soul's "basic noninterference policy" so to speak. Risking a little facetiousness, souls and Captain Kirk of Star Trek would agree regarding "no control, no interference."


3. Ditto. But a soul can create an enhanced awareness of what is right or wrong for its person, which is connected with moral intelligence, the highest kind of intelligence.


4. Nurturing a soul. Good question. A soul is a power of Love and kindness, but it cannot compel us to think and act properly. The soul subtly sends danger signals to its person. My own soul is so "quiet" and unapparent, but I sensed, in my twenties, it was "silently screaming" at me about something untellable. My soul is growing a lot now; its growth was slow when I was younger. Basically, as one grows in Spirit, primarily in Love and kindness to oneself and others, and ego defenses begin to wane, the soul grows too. You could say that one's soul is nurtured by one's own goodness, righteousness and Love, by courage and all the virtues. Being a virtuous being, the soul disdains its person's worry, fear, self-doubt or self-pity (it strongly objects to it), and wants them to rise above that petty negativity and become one with their True Self, the Atman of the Vedas. If one can rise above self and ego one's soul goes through a "birth", and it is rewarded with eternal life. A soul may go through a great many lives without that "birth." When it finds an exceptionally righteous person on a spiritual path, it may be born into eternal life.


Though a soul can give strong signals disapproving of someone's weaknesses like worry, etc., it is not harshly judgmental or self-righteous; the soul, being Divine, is completely dispassionate in its objections to foolishness. There is no passionate emotional negativity in the Superconscious plane that souls, spirit and the conscience exist in.


Take care, angel and all the other sacred angels of God.


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