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  1. Hello Nungali, Thank you for all those interesting related references! As a "Self-muzzled occultist" I was delighted to read the Rosicrucian Symbolism chapter in "Ancient and Modern Initiation."
  2. Humans Without Souls

    Hello Nungali, thank you for your question. I revised my original post, hid it, and suggested it be deleted. I shouldn't have commented on what I consider to be an occult matter.
  3. Though the chatak bird is about to die of a parched throat, and around it there are 7 oceans, rivers and lakes overflowing with water, still it will not touch that water. Its throat is cracking with thirst, and still it will not drink that water. It looks up, mouth agape, for the rain to fall when the star Svati is in the ascendant. "To the chatak bird all waters are mere dryness beside Svati water". (Sri Ramakrishna)
  4. It's about the foolishness of harshly judging anyone for anything. One automatically does the same to oneself. Like someone said, "Hitler got a bad rap. All he did he was compelled to do". Judgment is natural, but judgment that moves into hatred and unforgiveness is not good for one. I certainly judge the German Nazis of WW2. Even if modern "Nazis" or fascists, who are flourishing worldwide like a disease out of control, are too far gone to recognize their moral worthlessness, "good" people need to hear the judgments that can help them confirm the difference between right and wrong. Watching the war in Hong Kong, which is awful but understandable, I'm compelled to go deep, here anway, to come with some kind of answer. Unfortunately, the protestors are karmic victims of the CCP, but that karma has been coming, definitely since the 1997 handover. The clash of core values, democracy vs fascism, is the most intense, with the feeling being "freedom or death". A serious disappointment is coming the last half of December 2019 -- for the world, and perhaps Hong Kong. As one can't run or walk out of Hong Kong to be safe from the CCP, the only ways out are by air or sea. If I was there and "karmically trapped" I would try to get a group in a decent boat.... I call this "running for the fence" (when captured by fascist monsters) -- one may get shot down but at least one tried. To leave oneself to the ways of monsters once is worse than dead. One has even a slim chance no one is watching.
  5. Hello from Luxin

    November 8, 2018 It's very sad to witness the death of Love, O dearest of beings, The tragic death of Love. Why do I return to tell thee this? Because I love, And forgive you, For you know not what you do. ---------------------------------- 'If God lived on earth, they would break his windows'. (Yenta, Fiddler on The Roof) ---------------------------------- Without Love, all is lost. ---------------------------------- FX, thank you, I did enjoy my time here. It just wasn't meant to be. All the best to you.
  6. Hello from Luxin

    November 8, 2018 TOP FAREWELL NOTE.... Dear DBs, After careful reflection I have decided to bow out of this forum. I now realize I shouldn't be here because ... and I don't ... here. To be honest, I haven't .... The only people here I will have nice memories of are Marblehead, who surprised me by saying this is a forum where humor is allowed -- but I never really saw it. It was a nice fantasy that it could be possible for a while anyway. Another obviously fine person is Zen Pig -- take care, pawdner. This is m' last rodayoh here ah reckon. Thank you for giving my stuff a chance anyway. Lovin' you all deep down and movin' on....Wherever I go there is more to learn, and 'It's all good' as the ancient rabbis said. Luxin the head wrangler. My sharer Mr. Lao wrote: Those that know me are few; Those that abuse me are honored. Therefore the sage wears rough clothing and holds the jewel in his heart. (TTC 70) Other men are sharp and clever, But I alone am dull and stupid. (Ch. 20) When wisdom and intelligence are born, The great pretense begins. (Ch. 18) Accept disgrace willingly. Accept misfortune as the human condition. What do you mean by 'accept disgrace willingly?' Accept being unimportant. Do not be concerned with loss or gain. This is called 'accepting disgrace willingly'. Surrender yourself humbly; Then you can be trusted to care for all things. Love the world as your own self; Then you can truly care for all things. (Ch. 13) ============================================== November 8, 2018 Re: New and second intro for Luxin which supersedes my original intro dated October 24, 2018. Hello fellow DBs, My intro below talks of myself in the third person ... it's long as usual by I'm a person who needs to understand and provide as much clarity as possible in order to: 1) discover whether or not I should continue to be here at DB; 2) let people know more or less EXACTLY what I'm about so they have some concept of me (if they care), true or false. 3) help others to understand me, because I am a sharer, not a student, though I still learn things from anyone and everyone so I can grow to become a better sharer. My writing includes original metaphysics and is based on the esoteric and occult. Some of the occult I have actually discovered myself through my own experiences. I also write on ethics, for which there is no forum here. THE WRITER: ~ is not a student of any teacher or group, and is not someone who needs or is looking for any particular teacher. I am a teacher ... However, to be precise, I am NOT a 'teacher' but a sharer. For those who can understand it, I wish to clarify this: I reject the notion of a 'teacher', as no one can actually 'teach' another person in the sense of 'uplifting them with knowledge directly'. What people learn is what they teach themselves through understanding the subject. The correct substitutive term for 'teacher' is sharer, as all a nominal 'teacher' can do is share knowledge with others. The actual learning or not learning is the business of the student. No 'teacher' or sharer can make anyone learn any subject if they don't have the capacity to learn that subject. In addition, I do have many 'teachers', but not the living kind that a number of DB seem to be open to. My best 'teacher' was my second wife, who never 'taught' me anything 'directly', but was my 'teacher' nevertheless, because I learned more from her than anyone else in my life, though she was not philosophical or intellectual at all. My other 'teachers' are all deceased: Christ, Lao Tzu, etc. Through their Logia I have learned an enormous amount. Furthermore, though I am a sharer through the written word, I cannot have any 'live' students as I cannot do that being a recluse and very careful about my environment. Also, I'm not a false prophet that is invariably compelled -- along with the truth that they do teach -- to use their position of respect and 'authority' as a cover for their abuses of their students. I have witnessed -- from a distance -- the abuses of false 'teachers', both financial and sexual, and that were beyond belief. I don't speak of their names or what they did because the memory of the spiritually dead should be 'buried and forgotten' -- though all one can really do is not speak of them, as their depraved deeds cannot be forgotten. ~ is a secular adherent of the Wisdom of Christ, Lao Tzu, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, Spinoza, The Dhammapada, and the Chandogya Upanishad, and an inclusive eclectic pantheistic metempsychosic lapsarian Number philosopher ('Philo Sophia') that chooses mental freedom as distinct from the mental slavery of the professed philosophers. ~ mourns the death of the philosophy that thrived 2500 years ago and which included gnosis, metempsychosic revelation, physiognomy and qualitative number. ~ does not read others' writing in depth ... writes original metaphysics based on esoterica and the occult. ~ obtained Qualitative Number from false prophets at 19; a scandal emerged 40 years later evincing the bad karma of false prophecy from their incomplete teaching; as I was always more an observer than a member, the ruinous bad karma didn't affect me so much. ~ after realizing a dangerous knowledge years ago, (which along with Number forms true prophecy), noticed it 'hidden in plain sight' in the teachings of Hinduism (and other religions, but most apparent in Hinduism), and enjoys the challenge of sharing whatever Truth I deem to be discreetly shareable online, and concealing the rest. ~ was compelled by experiences with the dead to become an authority on evil and the spiritually dead, who are blameless victims of bad karma compelled to do evil. ~ since his teens has been guided by a soul that knew he had to be prevented from a fate worse than death; writes solely out of Love and Compassion, avoiding the sin of mercenariness. ~ has had 3 wives; did office work for 30 years; was a white hat hacker; was a blues guitarist-singer-bandleader; now sings operatic arias; vegetarian; no substances ever; former porn fan for 50 years (saw a black abyss waiting); exercise and breathing nut; frequently uses himself to illustrate a point, aware that the false prophets reveal little of themselves for fear of losing business. Confucius said, 'The proud man is not dignified, and the dignified man is not proud'. ~ is a comedian. Out of compassion for the humorless who need to be left in peace, I try not to use humor. I promise to do my best here, anyway. The humorous and the dead serious are a disaster together, but I have learned from the example of Pythagoras - who was definitely a comedian -- to seriously limit humor 'in the classroom' (which is anytime I'm here at DB) because of its disruptive effect upon solemn reflection upon the deadly serious topics of Life and philosophy, which are basically one subject. ~ has a concept of Truth and Love which equates with the Taiji, Truth representing Yang or the masculine 1 quality's inspiring vibrational power, and Love being feminine Yin's 2 quality, a unifying, restful but lifting force that with the Truth creates Life or beings symbolized by: the 3 quality, the third realm, or the Taiji in this concept; the child; or Wisdom (3 or Spiritual Life as a merging of 1 = positive Spirit and 2 = negative mind). MY FOOTER: This is my 'thought song'. I'm singing it out of Self-Love for my self and my Self, not for your self and Self; however, if you like it, then it is for your two selves. When you're done listening, then it may be time for your 'thought song'. Let's hear your song. Nobody should judge a song; a song is for listening to and reflecting upon. A song is for the singer unless we like it, then 'it's ours' too. Self-Love is not selfish -- it's the love of God in one's Self.
  7. November 8, 2018 My fellow DB 3bob, thank you for your feedback. I have adjusted the piece's header accordingly in the new version, 009A.
  8. November 8, 2018 [ This piece is only for secular free thinkers. ] We are sacred beings. Therefore, when others try to "shovel dirt on our graves", they are actually "shoveling dirt on their own graves" unawares. By the time they might be thought to realize what they are doing, it is too late.... Nature traps those who think that men are not gods. However, all beings are sacred. Therefore She provided plenty of "earth" with which to "bury ourselves". This is The Law of Justice operating self-service style. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christ's admonition, 'Judge not lest ye be judged' (Matthew 7:1) I paraphrase and articulate as Judge ye not vengefully lest ye be judged by thine own Conscience or The Laws of Nature/God first, and perhaps the laws of men second. The original could be truthfully worded as 'Judge not vengefully lest thou judge thyself so', but most people would not understand what 'judging thyself' means. I have elaborated upon the asserted original with the truthful concept that the Conscience is one's judge, plus the Laws of God and laws of men. However, 'Judge not lest ye be judged' doesn't make perfect sense, as 'to judge' means to form an opinion, and the admonition implies that the questionable judgment must be at least harsh in thought if not vengeful. Perhaps something was lost in many translations, or the church altered the wording. Anyway, because the wording has never made sense to me, and one other thinker noticed this also, I know the addition of the word "vengefully" is justified, at least in the mind of a thinker unconcerned with the church's approval.
  9. Yah ... To know it's there, and nada more is fine for me, but I have told it silently to shut's like my little joke to relax myself I think...and it doesn't know I'm 'talking' to it coz it's in 'another room', and doesn't have a sense of humor anyway...ego is dead serious...we'll never 'understand each other'. 'pretense of spirituality' here; false teachers pretending they're perfect; 'no ego' but enormous ego that will likely never diminish as Nature's retribution for their sins of self-deception, other-deception, self-worship instead of Self-worship. 'To find the devil, look behind a cross' or any symbol or mask in nominal 'spiritual authority'. They're compelled to try and help others; this becomes their cover for 'helping themselves' to ANY opportunity to abuse their trusting worshippers. They can't help it and should be forgiven. I witnessed a classic case of false prophets from a distance over many years. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. It's all in my mind; I won't talk about it here because 'the dead should be buried and forgotten', or at least not spoken of. Talk about 'Speak no evil'!! I'll have to search for your thought songs then. Just heard you warming up I guess.
  10. I had to delete all my posts in his thread....
  11. Hi Zen Pig, I like your face, you laugh a fair bit I think. Sounds like you're tuning into your positive Spirit, which can examine every thought if we relax and 'quietly tell them we're not having any nonsense'. I have a 'paranoid monster thought' like Jabba the Hutt, that I just mentally whisper to, 'Down, boy'. He's no problem, now. Love that down to earth humor, thanks. The ego just diminishes -- it can never disappear. Hehe, it seems analogous to an overdeveloped extra arm flailing in disturbing places; the problem with the ego is it can make us talk. My 'extra arm' has shrunk somewhat. Dark side, mm. I won't mention what my alter ego is into. It has to stay trapped in its cage of me. It's unthinkable that it would actually get out. It's just an antithetical shadow of what "I" (the positive Spirit or Superconscious) am/is -- "I" is good and light, the Superego -- my alter ego, terrible and so bad, is an opposite shadow of what I really am (the True Self, spoken of in the Chandogya Upanishad as 'That thou art', 'That is what you are'). Thanks for the welcome. Nice to be here.
  12. Luxin, July 29, 2020: My original post is superseded by this note, as the occult subject of Angels is unsuitable for public discussion. I don't share the occult anymore online.
  13. Hello from Luxin

    Thank you, Kar3n for your advice and welcome. Your fellow Dao Bum Luxin
  14. Hello from Luxin

    November 4, 2018 DAO BUMS PLEASE NOTE: The following is just a draft for review by our Leaders ... NO POLL needed for now. Thanks, Luxin. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- DRAFT ONLY................ NO POLL REQUIRED.... Tentative Thread Title: The Living and The Dead L01 Intro Hello, Luxin here, with a poll for all my fellow Dao Bums requiring responses of ANY kind -- negative, positive, whatever -- from anyone reading this please, with particular reference to our Leaderboard Stewards, Fa Xin, Marblehead and any other "Major Bums", if you'll excuse that likely unconventionality. I have just been thinking of the possibility -- I'm not sure yet if it would actually be appropriate -- of posting an introduction to the occult subject of 'the living and the dead', which is a term for our human race and its duality which is based on morality or immorality, i.e. 'the good' is 'the living', and 'the bad' are 'the dead'. If my proposal for an introduction is accepted, the term 'the dead' will sometimes be replaced with the euphemism 'harmed ones' or 'the harmed' which reflects their true condition as being victims of bad karma through no fault of their own. Definition: 'The dead', also known as 'harmed ones' or 'the harmed', are those who have damned themselves with sin. Their full term is 'the spiritually dead'. The concept of 'eternal damnation' or 'spiritual death' applies. The harmed ones are 'permanent residents of hell on earth' -- meaning subject to the karmic judgment of an unhappy, loveless life because of their sin typically involving lovelessness -- e.g. 'loveless lust'. And, get this -- the judgment of damnation comes from the sinner's own Conscience! Something like a 'spiritual short circuit' happens, probably in the pineal gland. You see it's a heavy topic, not for the squeamish at all. And harmed ones need to be protected from the topic as well, because they're just as sensitive as 'good' people and they suffer a lot, and it's not their fault, but due to the world's bad karma mostly. The harmed enjoy dreaming everything's OK with them, and no one should inform them otherwise. I wouldn't want any one of them to shed a single tear because of me and my words, or anything you might say to any one of them if you are open to this subject. Secret knowledge is only for people who can handle it, and my challenge in public forums -- an impossible challenge perhaps, but I love 'impossible' -- is to get something online, share knowledge with 'the good' who might be able to protect or help themselves with it -- without getting too many people upset....Sigh.... My soul seems to be compelling me to share the topic. Only time will tell if it's something I can further proceed to share without some kind of bad karma for me. I'm either going to be justified in sharing it, or the dumbest person for trying to share occult knowledge. I know if I travelled in a time machine back to anywhere between year 0 and 1700, and spoke of it then, I'd be burned at the stake or something else lovely quick as a wink. One strange thing is that I'm initiating this proposal in a cycle that basically means it's going to fail or be vetoed, perhaps even by myself. I was encouraged by that other general public forum post acceptance, though. I could share the link for it, but I'd rather conduct this poll first. Of course, I generally forget that many people are protected from subjects they don't relate to or find disturbing somehow by simply denying there's any truth to them. I tend to worry sometimes; but overconfidence is also hazardous. As far as I know, I am probably the only one in the world who is talking about this heavy occult subject. It's 'just about people', but it's heavy. It's fairly simple to understand. It seems clear that this subject has been concealed from the public for perhaps thousands of years, and now here I am contemplating its revelation here at TDB. I posted a longish piece called 'Identifying Evil and The Dead' at a general public forum, and no one was upset with it. I noticed someone talking about 'the dead' in their blog. It seems people are open-minded enough to accept it as 'just another subject' (?). However, regarding my idea of an intro here at TDB I must be cautious and wait for your feedback before I post anything. I'm impressed with the TDB forum, my first exposure to a forum for followers of the Dao or spiritual path, the physical disciplines of course being important too. Those interested in a Path at philosophy forums are rare; there's a lot of babbling and ego clashes there. Because I've hardly begun here, I don't really want to risk being banned, but anything is possible even though I've had a wonderful welcome so far. However, sharing Truth is my number one priority without regard for how people respond to my stuff. I'm not happy unless I can share the things I have learned the hard way, with the hope that perhaps even one 'good' person could benefit from my words. The bottom line in sharing philosophical writing and Truths gained is that the process of sharing must really be for one's Self, and an expression of Self-Love. Real philosophical expression is, much like singing or other arts, individual performance then an exit from the stage, where another writer is waiting in the wings. It's like in a musical evening everyone gets a chance to perform. One does one's bit and hands off to the next performer. The debates and ego-defense seen in philosophy forums only proves that those who do that are not philosophers. 'Truthful words are not beautiful. Beautiful words are not truthful. Good men do not argue. Those that argue are not good. Those who know are not learned. The learned do not know'. (Lao Tzu, Daodejing Ch. 81) Here 'my friend' Mr. Lao could be summarizing the average philosophy forum experience from my own viewpoint. I see I'm digressing but no harm. Opening up with one's feelings on things may help responders give me their best, so I might get an idea whether its wise to reveal 'the harmed ones' which seems to have been kept secret for ages because the harmed are the most dangerous segment of the population, though not all of them. They are users, predators and morally clueless people. 'Good' people or 'the living' can't stand the thought of abusing or hurting others. I'm one of the living, and its only the living I should really share 'the topic' with. And how can one restrict the thread to the living? Harmed ones would be warned -- in an indirect way; one never says anything like 'the bad' should not read this -- at the top of the introduction to '....the dead' in the following way, so you'll get an idea.... I have to discourage children too, first.... "This piece is not appropriate for children or mentally or emotionally vulnerable adults. If you're suffering from depression, do not read this. If you're someone who thinks that 'love is just a four letter word' and have no belief in a God of any kind, you should not read this. If you're a member of a religion, it's best that you not read this. If you have mentally said 'yes' to any of the aforegoing, once you close this thread, I'm asking you to please not read anything written by me, Luxin. If you disregard my words here and read this piece, and you begin to feel antagonism or any other emotional disturbance, please do not read any more of my writing because I do not want you to get upset at anything I say in this thread, and I wish you a good day. Thank you". The above warning needs work and shortening if possible. It's so verbose, some might be more curious to read it, but I left it as is. (DISREGARD THIS SENTENCE, DRAFT ONLY:) Please tell me what you think and don't hold any thought back. Much appreciated....Give me the bad news early please, if you have any for me. If you wish, dear Leaders, I could provide the link for my piece at the other forum so you could get more of an idea reading it there. It occurred to me just now after I wrote all of the above (left as is) that providing the link by private message might be the best thing, because it may be possible that some Dao Bums are in need of material and feedback of a greater therapeutic nature than 'the dead'! It won't bother me at all if you need to delete this post from my intro. Thank you. Truth and Love, Junior Bum Luxin **********END OF DRAFT ONLY***************
  15. Hello from Luxin

    November 3, 2018 Hi Fa Xin, Marblehead and other fellow beings here at TTB/TDB, Thank you for the great welcome! Regarding humor I've had to recognize it could be disruptive, like telling a joke in class and others laughing when all should ideally be allowed to reflect on the rather serious subject of Life. Pythagoras allegedly disdained laughing (presumably while he was sharing), but it seems he was quite a standup comedian, as he was always standing up in his classes. Marblehead, since you've encouraged me, I'll just get one joke attributed to Pythagoras out of the way .... Abaris the Hyperborean thought Pythagoras was a God. Pythagoras told Abaris he came down to human form lest men, disturbed by the novelty of his transcendency, should avoid the discipline he advised. (from Iamblichus? via William Harris, Prof. Em. Middlebury College). OK, I'll behave now. Whoops, still laughing. Ahem.... About the abyss, there was an enormous bass voice in it I think. I don't know if he was talking to me or grumbling about misplacing his shoes. Sorry. I should really leave the class. Perhaps we can all reflect upon the depth and do our disciplines when we're all done with this post? That's recommended, to keep earthbound and not fly away with humor. I can't guarantee some of my fellows will always be happy with what I say, because Truth is heavy, and I'm 'full of it'. Still a ways to go of course; it should only stop with the last breath (but continue in the next). Forgive me, for it was either I married the Truth at 20 or I was going to die too early ... analogous to a shotgun wedding; my soul was holding the 'shotgun'. Thank you for accepting me so graciously. I'm also impressed with the graphics of TTB. Beautiful. Till then, Luxin