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  1. Hello again

    I'm returning after a large change in my life that gave me some opportunity to improve. Born in Scotland 1951. Lived in Canada 57 years then met my avatar beloved from the Philippines where I have since lived. My god woman wife's guardian taught me one should not teach anyone what they don't know. Ciao!
  2. Secrecy

    I admit it is unimportant to know his birthplace. He's no doubt like me; I say "I'm a child of the Universe" to myself mostly, and feel uncomfortable when anyone asks me where I'm from, and try not to say. Thanks for your responses. I didn't tell the whole truth ... the person living with us (with my wife) is a 6800-year-old Soul, as I talk about in my last piece, "My life with a 6800-year-old soul" in my PPD. The essential thing about us all, immortal or mortal (but always with a soul) is that that soul exists -- it doesn't matter where it came into being.
  3. Secrecy

    PS LATER ADDITION (added on Feb 7 2021 as a NOTE regarding my "test post" below which proves I can be deceptive; however, I'm not an outright liar.) I WON'T DELETE my posts in this thread as I have done many times in other threads with topics I have "moved on" from. DON'T RESPOND TO THIS THREAD UNTIL you've seen my second post below, in which the whole truth of the situation is revealed: MY FAMILY is 3 people -- two mortals, myself and my wife, and one 6800-year-old Liberated Soul who has the secrecy policy that all the Souls do. ANOTHER REASON I won't delete anything for now is that the topic of secrecy to me seems to be more or less taboo, and it pleases me to see ANY discussion of it Any feedback on this will be appreciated. My wife and I have someone living with us in our house who will not reveal his place or country of birth; his accent gives us no clue; his English is very good so he has had exposure to either good English speakers or has had a lot of special lessons. This man has been in our house for about a year, and has helped me a lot. He has effectively been my guru from the start. However, he has a policy of secrecy about his background that is quite firm, and he tells me that everyone where he is from has the same kind of secrecy. It seems he has either: 1) a (irrational) fear that some kind of harm can come about by us knowing where he's from. I told him I would never be disrespectful or derogatory on the basis of where he's from; I'm no kind of fool like that. It's just I'm a curious person and would like to know a few basic details about someone who has been helping me so much. 2) certain knowledge of some certain disadvantage to him or us if we should know. Anyway, I decided to challenge the man, saying I question your secrecy regarding this matter of birthplace. I told him I question everything. Humor is important, so I spontaneously told him that you think it's none of my business where you were born; and added (what he already knew) that I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, my joke to him being "and that's none of your business." (I consider this to be typical Scots humor, especially of the nuts ('feel beasts') in my family). It was a ridiculous statement and my wife and I had a good laugh about it. There are two types of secrets: good or bad. The commonest type, bad, essentially result in some kind of harm or abuse to the one the truth is kept from. The rare good secrets are about things that the person kept in the dark could not possibly properly understand or deal with constructively. It seems when hell freezes over he might tell me his country etc. of birth, and I won't hold my breath about it. But I am insatiably curious and felt he should be challenged on a policy I don't understand. If the man is not a criminal (and I know he isn't) what possible harm could come of him being open about said details? Thanks for listening.
  4. Indeed. As time has gone on the more I see that others are none of my business. My true business is me, which sounds self-centred but really isn't. Only a person themself can make any progress with their life. Others can inspire us, but we alone have to do the work.
  5. desire in Taoism

    Thank you, dwai. This rings a bell.
  6. Conscious mind, crow, flies everywhere, gets into everything and makes a lot of noise cawing and cawing. When crow sits still on a branch, Divine mind, elephant, that was quietly standing, can be heard speaking in low rumbles that were until then inaudible.
  7. Inequality

    Pindar made it known that he respected and kept on good terms with all the autocrats he knew or knew of. To voice (even privately) any objection to the thoughts or demands of those in power is inadvisable.... Silence and acting ability can save you. Authorities, like all of us, make mistakes unconsciously; to speak of them is a mistake.** // PS ** Though pointing out another's errors frequently leads to some level of chaos, someone I don't recall said that instead of pointing out another's errors we can, more safely (sometimes) just express how we feel about the situation resulting from the mistakes (disgusted etc.) without naming anyone; this I sense is better than direct criticism of another, but may only be relevant in a democracy or at home.
  8. Inequality

    I too was concerned about injustice. Compassion for victims is normal, but the emotional disturbance of the "resistance mindset" doesn't bring peace. thelerner's example of the resistance monk who gets people killed is apt. Scripture and Star Trek's The Borg ("Resistance is futile") recommend nonresistance. The concern for equality, a worldly matter, is self-defeating in the sense of the individual or masses feeling hurt or disappointed when any expectation is not met. Lao Tzu writes "accept being unimportant." The matter of peace of mind should be top priority.... Peace before the end of this life; if peace is not found in this life, it cannot be found when it's over. What is to come in this life or after is based on what is now.
  9. Ball against wall. What goes out comes back.
  10. [ Luxin bows and utters ]


    Salutations, Angel thelerner.


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