[DDJ Meaning] Chapter 1

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4 hours ago, dawei said:


Trodden does work as 'Way' means path... ergo, to walk the path [of the Great Way].    So in the opening lines, it is juxtaposed with the idea that as a name (whether spoken or trodden), it is not the eternal Way/Dao.


I like the logical unfolding of Spoken because 'Ke Dao' means spoken and then the second line reminds us that 'names' are not eternal.


Later, we get manifest (world of names) and mystery/primordial (without names).


But I'm not trying to dissuade embracing Trodden but hope to help deepen one's choice on some level.


Any thought that the Tao that can be trodden is a reference to doing. Where the Tao is a being.


The Tao that can be named is a thing, where emptiness is no-thing.

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