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  1. Merging and guru yoga

    Well, it was 5:45 am.. I hadn't had any coffee yet.. I am always a little slow till bedtime anyways.. Thank God it's Friday!!
  2. Merging and guru yoga

    Thank you Rex for that explanation. Yes, I still merge/connect with Divine Beings. Where to me Buddhism is wrong is that there is no such thing as the last few pages has demonstrated where there are two beings that can merge. Buddhism also doesn't believe that another person can directly introduce others to differing states of mind or to give one a direct taste of different states of being. It does not believe in a sharing of oneness with others. It does not believe that one being can help another let go of obstructions through the sharing of ones clarity for instance All the above is part of my practice and also very much a part of Kashmir Shaivism. Yet, KS get's some stuff wrong that Buddhism get's right in my view. I would like to say I don't teach others to connect to sources of wisdom, irrespective of source and traditionalist views. I think it is important and very respectful to understand those traditional views. If I am in a Hindu section of the forum I will stay within KS, if in the Buddhism section I try to stay pure Buddhism, if in the general.. well I am free to share my views a little more openly.
  3. Merging and guru yoga

    Clarity to me has many aspects.. I am just quoting a Dzogchen Master and going from there.. We can say it is the ground of all thought but then again.. from that ground, thoughts arise.. what then is thinking?
  4. Merging and guru yoga

    I know Siva, I liked your post but I was referring to Steve's post..
  5. Merging and guru yoga

    I would agree that there are clear differences between Buddhism and it's terms and meanings compared to Vedantins and Shaivites. I do have my view but I have not really tried to express it. They are all separate. My view does incorporate many aspects of different traditions but that is not what I have been doing.
  6. Merging and guru yoga

    I didn't say it was a state of mind, different states of mind is a perfect reference of one still in local mind. Yet that essence still has thoughts...
  7. Merging and guru yoga

    I am referring to Buddhist teachings that does say that some Buddha's are limited.
  8. Merging and guru yoga

    I agree yet ones attachment or clarity can have a huge impact on ones life.
  9. Merging and guru yoga

    Thank you Steve for jumping in. Always have fun discussing things with you. First, with regard to clarity and thoughts. The Lankavatara Sutra discusses Universal Mind. Differing levels of realization is me referring to the different types of Buddha's as was discussed earlier. I should have been clearer.. but to me if a Buddha is restricted or limited.. it is about realization/clarity.
  10. Merging and guru yoga

    I found this on another forum. If others agrees it can help answer my question.
  11. Merging and guru yoga

    Maybe truth is the wrong term. More my realizations have been in line with much of Buddhist teachings.. I am not talking ownership of a thought or an "I" from a Buddhist perspective. Yet Dudjom Rinpoche formed thoughts to say the above. Is it the Universal Mind? There is no self, some place somewhere made up of things in some location. Again, the point is showing there is a unique.. something of differing levels of realization that expresses it. Clarity is very important which is why Dzogchen talks about it being an aspect of the Primordial State.
  12. Merging and guru yoga

    Thank you CT. I do reserve the right to bring in a different traditions teachings to help clarify my meaning on a topic. The last few pages have pretty much stayed within Buddhism. Another way of looking at it for me, within my tradition, is finding the truth in all traditions so with that being said one shouldn't be surprised if I do sneak in a post here or there. This thread isn't just about Buddhism. A pure Buddhist question is who/what is having thoughts of clarity when one has realized the Primordial State? Purely on topic before people decided to start asking me why I am asking Buddhist questions about Buddhism on a spiritual forum
  13. Merging and guru yoga

    I have found many truths and parallels in my path in Buddhism, the same could be said for Kashmir Shaivism and the teachings of Jesus. I like to learn and study all traditions. Every moment of every day is working on my current path. Having these discussions is just a small part of that. I am more than willing to discuss Buddhism on it's own terms. I do it all the time. If you were to search for the term Rigpa you would see lot's of discussions from me on the topic. Asking clarifying questions about Buddhism is what a student of the art is suppose to do is it not? My latest question in the thread is for a Buddha, who/what is having thoughts of clarity? That seems to be a tough question. This thread was a split from what does Buddhism get wrong. You will see in an depth discussion of merging and guru stuff that is far different than Buddhism. Much of which Buddhism say's isn't possible. A thread ebbs and flows from Buddhism to my own practices and back and forth. People ask me tough questions and I hope, I ask them back. I find nothing wrong with it whatsoever. All the best.
  14. Merging and guru yoga

    I think I am challenging concepts not building them. As this thread describes from the very beginning, I am not a Buddhist and my practices are much different than anything in Buddhism.
  15. Merging and guru yoga

    No, I had not. Thank you.