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  1. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    If you don't like the practice then you don't have to do it. Nobody has attachments to individuals. People come and go, work with people or they don't. It is all up to them. That is just something you are trying to make into an issue. You are wrong, everyone associated was accused. Uh, you mentioned my name and my practices. Now you are trying to side step it.. We left it open, asked her to comment on it and she refused. When we created a new site we closed the thread as it was just an attack with no other dialogue. Can you show examples of us gaslighting people? Again, it is just you attacking people and assigning motives. There is Bindi and you who do the most attacking. Most just don't agree with his view or think shared energy work is bad. I am referring to your interaction in the chat room with an individual that created a serious issue you were warned about before you started. Glad you stopped. I am not here to attack you. That seems to be your job. Spider on the wall because you would sit in chat quietly until you would attack me for some wrong. I never, ever ask anyone to recruit anyone. Nice side step. I seem to have messed up the quote system.. No, you asking me to hide long posts was in a thread here at the bums. Our conversation was in chat. If you remember when you first came around you tried to change me. Told me how I was acting wrong, shouldn't debate even when I was right. How you could feel peoples emotions just from a post. Their fears, anger, etc. I do agree. Sometimes you just have to stop. Not all the advice was bad but we did have it. You would prefer? Okay, that is your view. There is no dependency on what we do. I also don't see how it is not empowering to others. It is a different view on the issue. You are sustaining the narrative with your anger at Jeff. Why? We were friends, my wife was your friend and now you are attacking everyone. For what purpose indeed? There is no dependence, that is just your personal view. The change in being is empowerment. We are free to disagree. People reach higher levels by clearing out issues and fears. One can be helped or taken deeper but the only way to remain at them is to clear out the underlying junk. Nothing wrong with some help. I would agree with that from many here.
  2. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    It's called attachments. Pretty basic spirituality. We don't go after anyone. I have gone after one person because they accused me and others of astral rape which you KNOW is not true. They had a dream and then wanted to blame it on us. Then went on to attack us for years. There are tons of threads here at the bums with people attacking us and we rarely answer back. Has anyone went after you? Mentioned your actions and the effects your practices have had on others even after being warned? Nope. You attack and we don't say a thing. Nobody is expected to recruit anyone. I have never asked anyone to recruit people. I have never, ever been mad at you for not recruiting anyone. If i remember correctly you were upset with me because my posts at the bums would wake you up. That even when I was right in a debate about Rigpa I should have just stopped instead of debating others. You were upset that I lead dives and didn't give you and others more of an opportunity to lead them. You can be upset with Jeff all you want but you don't have to lie and make up stuff. Also, yes I do believe Jeff, I and others can help people. I have seen it to many times to doubt it. Offering help is not a bad thing. You don't have to stay, you don't have to accept. Maybe you try it and it is not your thing. No other explanation? No other reason possibility beyond what you think was going on? You really think it is all about power? You are just assuming but never asked? Maybe it was about the other person and had nothing to do with you? Also, thank you for the blanket method. I use it all the time. Clear your obstructions and realize the clarity underneath it all. I have never heard Jeff or anyone at PW use the term weak or that someone is bad. I have also never heard Jeff use the term powerful as a reference to himself when working with someone. Again, no need to respond. I won't be checking back for an answer. I just thought I would add a little perspective.
  3. Edited.. Always interesting to see how people really think of you that you thought were friends and had respect for each other. Never mind responding..
  4. No, no he wasn't. He still brings a smile to my face. He was pretty unique.
  5. Imagine tolerance in an online spiritual forum. Not all countries have the same values but with tolerance one could come to such places to learn and grow.
  6. Merging and guru yoga

    Well, it was 5:45 am.. I hadn't had any coffee yet.. I am always a little slow till bedtime anyways.. Thank God it's Friday!!
  7. Merging and guru yoga

    Thank you Rex for that explanation. Yes, I still merge/connect with Divine Beings. Where to me Buddhism is wrong is that there is no such thing as the last few pages has demonstrated where there are two beings that can merge. Buddhism also doesn't believe that another person can directly introduce others to differing states of mind or to give one a direct taste of different states of being. It does not believe in a sharing of oneness with others. It does not believe that one being can help another let go of obstructions through the sharing of ones clarity for instance All the above is part of my practice and also very much a part of Kashmir Shaivism. Yet, KS get's some stuff wrong that Buddhism get's right in my view. I would like to say I don't teach others to connect to sources of wisdom, irrespective of source and traditionalist views. I think it is important and very respectful to understand those traditional views. If I am in a Hindu section of the forum I will stay within KS, if in the Buddhism section I try to stay pure Buddhism, if in the general.. well I am free to share my views a little more openly.
  8. Merging and guru yoga

    Clarity to me has many aspects.. I am just quoting a Dzogchen Master and going from there.. We can say it is the ground of all thought but then again.. from that ground, thoughts arise.. what then is thinking?
  9. Merging and guru yoga

    I know Siva, I liked your post but I was referring to Steve's post..
  10. Merging and guru yoga

    I would agree that there are clear differences between Buddhism and it's terms and meanings compared to Vedantins and Shaivites. I do have my view but I have not really tried to express it. They are all separate. My view does incorporate many aspects of different traditions but that is not what I have been doing.
  11. Merging and guru yoga

    I didn't say it was a state of mind, different states of mind is a perfect reference of one still in local mind. Yet that essence still has thoughts...
  12. Merging and guru yoga

    I am referring to Buddhist teachings that does say that some Buddha's are limited.
  13. Merging and guru yoga

    I agree yet ones attachment or clarity can have a huge impact on ones life.
  14. Merging and guru yoga

    Thank you Steve for jumping in. Always have fun discussing things with you. First, with regard to clarity and thoughts. The Lankavatara Sutra discusses Universal Mind. Differing levels of realization is me referring to the different types of Buddha's as was discussed earlier. I should have been clearer.. but to me if a Buddha is restricted or limited.. it is about realization/clarity.