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  1. Gospel of Thomas

    This to me sounds more like dealing with an attack, like with a demon or you could even say negative energy. This is very much like Chapter 69 of the TTC as Jeff described it here. Much the same is being describe in the GOT quote. You know an enemy is going to attack. Do not advance but gather your resources. Staying within your own mind space you are prepared.... and half way to victory.
  2. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    Thank you Still Waters, I will say that my experience is much different than what you have described. Much like Jeff described earlier, it is the Master that radiates and it is that, which takes one to deeper levels of silence to deeper states of being. A sharing of Oneness through the direct transmission of the Masters being. To me it isn't about thoughts arising and then the answers flooding in. It is about realization of being, of Wisdom rather than intellectual understanding. Remember silence is only one half of what we are and is not the goal.
  3. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 29

    I thought this part was very important. "Sometimes one feels up and cheerful, but sometimes one feels down. This is natural; for we are all subject to the Heavenly bodies that influence our lives. The Sage experiences these as well as ordinary men, for he is one of the Ten Thousand Things. " Even a Sage still has obstructions.. the road never really ends.
  4. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    Hi Still Waters, If one has realized a thing one is able to describe it to one degree or another. What do you think is happening with Master A in the story? Do you think they are all just sitting there staring at each other or is more going on?
  5. Merging and guruyoga

    Found some interesting stuff from The Kula Ritual of Kashmir Shaivism. Next is a short little excerpt of the guru merging the disciple with a deity. Any thoughts?
  6. I did and didn't care for it You see to me to say a thing is an illusion is to mean it is not real. That veil is something, something creates that illusion, that transmission. It isn't that the veil goes away, you realize it, you are part of it and realize it's true nature. An example is to say the world is an illusion, a veil.. hinting that is truly nothing like a mirage that you see but with the correct view was just a trick of the mind. To me it is more than an illusion. One can be one with that illusion, that transmission, can feel the clouds as you, the texture the shape, be one with the wind dancing about and at the same time realize it is all just energy of which it's true nature is emptiness. That is my experience anyways and it is much different than thinking about "I" this or that. No question I have ever asked has helped me realize anything as to my state of being. To each his own and if it helps you and you feel you have arrived.. Awesome.
  7. I agree, but realizing it is the key, much more than a mental understanding.
  8. Thank you dwai but I would not say I am a realized being, a Buddha. Still a little ways to go
  9. interrupted meditation session

    Sunya does not mean emptiness in KS. Sunya is often used to describe deep sleep which is far from the goal in KS. Sunyata in Buddhism is different than the term Sunya in KS. Independent self nature is the basics of emptiness. Like saying there is no fire without wood and air. More like an intellectual understanding. Thank you for the conversation dwai, clearly our understandings are different and no reason to rehash old talks that go nowhere. All the best.
  10. interrupted meditation session

    Thank you my friend but you still are not answering my questions. KS does not believe in emptiness like Buddhism. I thought the Physical Universe was an illusion in AV.. now it is real just like in KS? Thank you, I looked up the Mańdukya Upanishad and I see nothing on emptiness or potential as is being discussed here. Maybe I missed it and you can point it out. This is the closest I got.
  11. interrupted meditation session

    Thank you, You do know that is a unique view don't you? In AV what manifests and what is a physical universe? Also, can you provide me a reference to the causal body being emptiness and full of potentiality? The closest I have found is this. Siddharameshwar Maharaj, the guru of Nisargadatta Maharaj, also describes the causal body as characterized by "emptiness", "ignorance" and "darkness".[3] In the search for the "I am", this is a state where there is nothing to hold on to anymore. That doesn't sound like Buddhist emptiness like you are using.. More sounds like moving beyond the local "I". As described here.. The Indian tradition identifies it with the Anandamaya kosha,[web 1] and the deep sleep state, as mentioned in the Mandukya Upanishad, where buddhi becomes dormant and all concepts of time fail.
  12. interrupted meditation session

    Thank you dwai but that didn't answer my question Let me ask it a different way. Is the One both emptiness and awareness at the same time? No difference?
  13. interrupted meditation session

    So the One is the "I" like in Dwai? Brahman is emptiness which is awareness of awareness? That which is beyond the "I" aka Dwai?