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  1. I think it is a theme issues... that block just wasn't setup... so looking into "Who's Online"
  2. Yes... of the myriad small things missing, I'm surprised they don't have this setting anymore. I've been collecting potential plug-ins and did find at least two that we'll evaluate regarding whose online, but ultimately would need to get Sean to approve. As to chat, same feeling... but I did find a free plug-in and one paid version which is a one time fee.
  3. 4. Moved NewComer Corner to be a sub-forum of Welcome We may look into using more width, which would have to go through Sean. We're trying to get the board a little leaner in terms of scrolling through, so many of the forum descriptions were shortened as well with the mergings. There is a feature to have widgets to the right but we would definitely want to go wider. Here is what IPS4 itself looks like at 100% width and widgets: https://invisionpower.com/forums/ We're looked into plug-ins to fill some gaps that we're missing or have been requested (Chat, ignore topics, emoticons, etc), but we'll focus a few weeks on the core software to get its performance and use as stable as possible. thanks for all the comments... and feel free to continue to use this to make us aware of forum software issues.
  4. No change for Create vs Edit... I know the default is set because my toolbar went to two lines again. Going back to modern view.
  5. I see a reduction even at my level on a computer... Creating New vs Editing. I'm had changed the toolbar to the more modern look but wonder if it has other side effects. I'm going back to the default and we'll see what happens. Because I have so many icons as part of my group, the default wraps them to two lines.
  6. Editor Comment: I like keyboard shortcuts but seems one of my favorite is gone... to highlight text and then Ctrl-L to embed a URL. Now, highlight the text, click the Link Button
  7. I think two items: Clarity and faithful to the original. Not saying it is the best but so far, I have found in comparisons I keep going to it to understand the other translators.
  8. Also consider that the Jesuits were actually working within the chinese court... it is an interesting period to read about. How would they of choosen to translate 聖人 ? IMO, Saint carries too much of a religious slang. Sage seems better to me. Reflections on the Jesuit Mission to China - Harvard University
  9. Just fixed that. Thanks for reporting it.
  10. Just chase any Rabbit Hole... enjoy the ride... The Rabbit Hole is Off-topic
  11. curious what are the missing 3 ?
  12. There seems to be no setting to enable that... like only staff has it... speechless on some of these changes... will look further.
  13. Yes... you are quite bold I'll look to see why all groups don't have it
  14. A few house cleaning steps: 1. General Discussion was moved under Welcome, so it is top-most. 2. Daoist Textual Discussion was moved to be sub-forums of Daoist Discussion. 3. WWW was merged to Off-topic and renamed The Rabbit Hole.
  15. Where is that bogeyman passage from, what chapter and translator?