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  1. China has been doing knock-offs for thousands of years. It is in their blood to do so. So doing it anywhere outside of china would not surprise me. Also possible a north vs south cuisine different for the same dish too. I would not put any effort to it and simply attend the restaurant you like.
  2. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Havana .... by Trump !!! LOL Original:
  3. Celestial Kryia Yoga?

    Anyone associated with the past scammer issues at TDB from maybe the last six years is immediately banned. He has no right to be here to defined himself. He has been banned before and any attempt to return will be dealt with a ban. Please do not use TDB to communicate with such people. You can certainly use your email instead. But I would ask everyone who gets an offer to buy materials for $$$ regarding Doo Wai material to immediately report the PM so staff can evaluate it. If it is determined someone is having communication with them in TDB, they are subject to immediate an ban. A review of you, based on a report had very little to do with FPCK thread but your rude and at least one threatening post, plus how you respond to staff requests, and also try to go around staff decisions. Hope that is more clear at this point. I think I read this story now more than once, Isn't it time to just move onto something else? (Rhetorical, but that is the wish and what the notice was hopefully going to help you understand it is time to do so. )
  4. Greetings from the UK!

    There was lots of confusion with this account creating upwards of 8 accounts... but talking with Jamie we have cleared it up that only a single account is allowed. Sorry for all the hub-bub of enforcing our website polices on multiple accounts with the concern they are just spammers or trollers. We have resolved this now. Welcome back to TDB
  5. I remember one day while driving, suddenly thinking about RAB... and decided to do it while driving.. As the energy circulated to a point, I realized I need to stop it to just focus on driving
  6. YES ! and yet... so much more too
  7. (-:

    Know the zen story: First there are mountains then no mountains and then mountains ? There is ego then no ego and then ego. Last stage is a healthy perception of mountains or ego... Some walk through the valley of death to know this... others just do it through practices...
  8. I would not over think this. If you feel movement then focus and practice a bit.
  9. Sorry.. I think I agreed with an earlier comment you had... I didn't mean towards the anus. The perineum draw is vertical upwards. The anus might close and pull up too but that is a focus. In my experience it is rather slight but noticeable, why I said to touch the area. You want to know it is moving. You can actually practice it without doing the RAB at all, or moving the stomach... that is when you know you have control over it. But the main point is, they work together and why best to do as a complete set.
  10. cosmic cycles

    As an addict to Taoist cosmology, I was formulating a post but your beat me to some point... Laozi is not the best source of Taoist cosmology... there are about 4-5 texts which are much more revealing. His is more a summary of the manifest unfolding. The Taiyishenshui states, in one study: that the Taiyi sheng shui is the only text which explicitly reflects the idea of reciprocal assistance and interdependence among different phases of the cosmologic process. To be specific the Taiyi sheng shui says: “太一生水, 水反輔太一, 是以成天” (Taiyi [Grand One] gives birth to water. Water returns and assists Taiyi, thereby forming Heaven.) This passage clearly implies a reciprocal interaction and interdependence between the cosmogonic phases of Taiyi and water. To be specific, although Taiyi generates water according to the Taiyi sheng shui,, water assists Taiyi in forming the other cosmogonic stage of tian 天. Likewise, though the Taiyi sheng shui offers an account of somewhat hierarchical steps of genesis similar to those offered by other Chinese texts on cosmogony, the Taiyi sheng shui is particularly noteworthy in that it explicitly illustrates reciprocal interaction between the different cosmogonic stages. The other very ancient text, HengXian, Primordial Beginnings, is also a better text for Taoist cosmological understanding. To the comments so far, it may be like a wave coming to the shore that splashes up and returns to sea and then returns to the short to 'return and assist', over and over... thus creating a new expansion of One on each return. I get that some might call that Two, Three, etc. but that is from the perspective of the manifest and not original origins, whereby the original One becomes a new One each time.
  11. Dr. Yang's books are the best to describe it.
  12. IMO, that is what you want as 'upward'. It should not feel like a strain like your are overly flexing or pulling it. It is more like the breath is connected to it and it draws up and then relaxes on exhale.
  13. very interesting point... I just put down my bowl of rice and beef and started to do some RAB... and yes, the huiyin engages prior to the stomach. The stomach seems to just naturally follow it.
  14. I'd encourage you to get the perineum movement down. When the navel draws inward, the perineum draws upward. The good news is they are coordinated like this for normal abdominal and reverse breathing so you could try the other method to see if you feel it any more. Also, you can put your finger on your perineum when doing the breathing to see if it is moving. In some cases you may even feel it is moving but once you touch it you find out it does not.