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  1. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Zen Master Huineng:
  2. Test - Beverly

    Glad to finally have you here ! Welcome !!
  3. Opinions on Ron Hogan's "Tao Pamphlet"?

    thanks for sharing... I found it an easy speak, plain language, street talk version... I smiled through many chapter translations. I get where he is coming from and if it attracts some to look deeper at the DDJ, then that's good.
  4. Left-right polarity in Taoism

    Me too as it has re-kindled my interest in the magic squares... may try to find those articles I previously referred to.
  5. Bone Healing

    I recall dark blood implies stagnant blood. So a good thing to move it out.
  6. I talked to Shiva... he said it is all under control. No need to worry about it
  7. Not sure I have anything to add except I've never seen anything on viscosity but it seems to be something to it. I generally agree with the other comments you make.
  8. Lineages- old and new

    Not sure I follow the topic point or your point... but if one is an awakened teacher, shouldn't a lineage be meaningless; ergo, they can understand most any lineage ? The 'mapping to in their mind' seems to suggest not awakened. Just not sure what you are arguing here but would like to understand it more.
  9. As a side note: the stickiness is a consideration of jing.
  10. Five Important Themes of the DDJ

    I offer my opinion and thought.
  11. Weapons training with PVC pipe

    sounds very interesting but PVC is not really flexible. DOes that matter? Thanks for sharing
  12. Sounds like Existentialism on some level, but I follow it. I think all this talk in the topic, which is rather fascinating, but what is truly awareness? Some seem to think this is just understanding but the essence is experiencing on a Oneness level. How to test that? Can you connect to any deity, entity, dimension, being at will ? That's my meaning of truly aware. I just don't like such ideas that skirt around our physical mind.
  13. I find that a very clever use of words to describe something beyond words, thank you.
  14. I'm getting lost in a love triangle... what is the definition of love you are using? emotion or non-emotion ?