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  1. Unless the AI chip is one of poems But I would say a thread on sharing a line from a poem might be a great topic Let's folks ponder it and sink into our psyche. My personal range of poets is west and east... I think you are on to something here.
  2. I recall many years ago hearing of fire retardant used in carpet and its exposure to kids who tend to roll and crawl around on carpet was enough to make me never want carpet again. https://www.minnpost.com/second-opinion/2015/12/major-furniture-mattress-and-carpet-makers-still-use-toxic-flame-retardants-r/
  3. the lieh tzu

    I, Robot: Self as Machine in the Liezii Jeffrey L. Richey
  4. the lieh tzu

    THE IDEA OF NATURE IN THE DAOIST CLASSIC OF LIEZI BY YIN-CHING CHEN DISSERTATION Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in East Asian Languages & Cultures in the Graduate College of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2012
  5. the lieh tzu

    Additional information from the Library of Chinese Classics book, Mao Shuangmin, Liezi, written in 2005:
  6. the lieh tzu

    A.C. Graham wrote his original work in 1960 and 30 years later had this re-publication preface:
  7. the lieh tzu

    I'm going to provide some info and likely start some separate chapters. I'll start by providing more from Giles:
  8. Trump's form of evil

    I got through the two and the second one seems the more original, written about 40 years earlier. The first cites them quite a bit.
  9. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Sorry... fake news... I don't know your group. I know of Ken and those in his time.... which I guess we could say are part of his 'group'... but I got along with a few of them. At least one was actively helping me determine fake puppet accounts. Now that is news. There is the story of a member who was on staff turning off his wife's PM message ability... did I mention a thousand stories.
  10. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    I'm not in a position to touch topic posts... and I generally do not think digging up the past is useful... like 10 years of Mo Pai. Or staff who are no longer on the forum. there is always tomorrow to improve. I talk directly to Sean when needed. As he will decide things for the most part. There will forever be grievances. I was told a thousand horror staff stories when I came on... there will be a thousand all the time.
  11. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    That's just an outward observation. Internally, mods discuss issues and not all of them want to make public announcements. She said she was willing to make team decisions public. Each person kind of takes on a responsibility they are willing to do. I would highly recommend folks volunteer to help on staff so they can understand it more.
  12. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Is that a hug you're offering
  13. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    But an outsider may say that is because the current atmosphere, you are now free to curse and beat down another member as you want. That is really my point... that some form of moderation would benefit things, IMO.
  14. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    The current state of affairs here is more like a free-for-all of bashing others without compunction. Folks have taken advantage of Sean's absence without any show of self-moderation. If one thought political threads were bad and all from one side should leave, and bashing each other is good... I'm not sure we've improved the situation with no moderation. I think the timing is bad.
  15. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    I allowed both sides... both sides were on the receiving end. but now you're happy that there is only a left wing free for all? I don't see any improvements with all the trash talking and abusive treatment to others.. including to Megamind. What seems clear is, non-moderation doesn't work.