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  1. For the longest time, the was a Pit so that some topics could remain open but not in public view... Why not create one? That is a kind of compromise to lock vs open.
  2. Sure, I know this as it was likely the most time consuming part of staff... The newer version made it much more difficult but we figured out some methods to determine puppet accounts.
  3. What is the motivation to move a valid member's PPD to disappear? Why not move all threads older than 2 years to be hidden? I hope the latter idea proves a point that this makes no sense. A PPD is more of a members deepest concerns to share but you want to now hide that. I'd worry more about inactive sign ups... in the past, it caused the database to grow to 50,000 members when only about 5,000 posted. This was all removed and cleaned up. I suspect it has now grown to 10,000 or more with most non-members. Go into the members signed up and see who posted or not. The historical handling was to remove anyone who registered but never posted. Otherwise, you start paying for a bigger database for non-existent members. Who is paying that ? Why not maintain it.
  4. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 68

    Energetically, follow the flow of energy. Humanly, follow the flow of humanness. Earthly, follow the flow of earth. Heaven,ly follow the flow of heaven. Spiritually, follow the flow of the spirit.
  5. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 64

    The Flowing Hands version (here) is a transmission, or as FH has said, that it is Li Erh's version (laozi) dictated to him in english. If you have ever seen Hua-Ching Ni's version (here), he calls an elucidation more than a translation. A translation would be what you think whereby it is based more exclusively on a particular text version (be it the guodian, mawangdui, heshang gong, wang bi, etc).
  6. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 63

    There is a really big issue with translations and that has to do with culture, which is difficult to translate in a line. The literal translation is to, 'pay back according to virtue' (virtue / goodness / morality / ethics / kindness / favor / character / kind) Of course, pay back can be understood as positive or negative but the meaning here is positive. There are some translations that are just more practical than academic. David Hinton 2002 63 If you're nothing doing what you do, you act without acting and savor without savoring, you render the small vast and the few many, use Integrity to repay hatred, Dwight Goddard 1919 63 One should avoid assertion (wu wei) and practice inaction. One should learn to find taste in the tasteless, to enlarge the small things, and multiply the few. He should respond to hatred with kindness. Bradford Hatcher 2005 63 Act without acting Work without working Savor without tasting Greatness is ordinary, much is little Repay ill will with virtue Wing-Tsit Chan 1963 63 Act without action. Do without ado. Taste without tasting. Whether it is big or small, many or few, repay hatred with virtue. Gu Zhengku 1993 63 Act by means of inaction; Deal with matters by means of not being meddlesome; Taste by means of tastelessness. The big stems from the small; The many is based on the few. To overcome the difficult should begin with the easy; Ch'u Ta-Kao 1904 63 Act non-action; undertake no undertaking; taste the tasteless. The Sage desires the desireless, and prizes no articles that are difficult to get. He learns no learning, but reviews what others have passed through. Thus he lets all things develop in their own natural way, and does not venture to act. Regard the small as the great; regard the few as many. Manage the difficult while they are easy; Flowing Hands 1987 63 In the Universe, the Dao and the Ten Thousand Things all flow according to their natures. The Heavenly bodies move and glow according to how they were formed Man should take note of this and exercise himself according to their influence, and then he will be in keeping with the Dao. By following the flow and entering into emptiness, practise the ways of doing without doing, influencing without interfering. For the Heavenly bodies influence our lives, but we can never feel their influence. The Sage follows the flow and so he practises influence without interfering. He rewards anger and strife with care and understanding. He meets aggression with yielding softness. So he remains at one, unattached and unharmed. His nature is simple and yielding. So he never complicates his life. He never demands too much of the people
  7. The locked thread by incompetent MOD

    Please take a nap
  8. You're trolling again... but I know you ... we are brothers... FWIW.. minor one plays with bait. major one is the bait. I'll excuse the rape metaphors... let's not go there.
  9. There seems to be no longer a way to figure out if a member was banned... no more banned group signage. Did you ban this member, or what's the meaning here?
  10. There are trolls... and there are TROLLS... I don't know mark ... but limahong is a major pain in the ass... trolling with good fun, videos to make someone smile or laugh or have a good time... he's beyond incurable.. I've meet worse but ... he and I chatted a lot off TDBs about life. There is so much more than what you will find on Bums alone.
  11. New Moderator Team

    Thanks. Fwiw... Past handling was to move a removed members ppd to the sleeping pod section. Selective hiding of a removed members ppd posts seems a bit odd but I get it.
  12. New Moderator Team

    Please post what is hidden and what violations you can cite. Thanks.
  13. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 19

    I follow your point but tend to see it as an attack on anything that is a crutch or dependency over naturalness (what is often referred to as zi ran). Strip away the influential forces that we label as important and what we're left with is naked existence. It may be a call to return to one's 'senses'.
  14. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 19

    Please define anarcharistic with examples