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  1. any good gin and tonic recipes?

    I agree in Tang as the one to go to... but never put any alcohol in the freezer. To me, it just changes the taste too much.... at least I would say that for vodka and southern comfort for example. One either likes the rawness of the alcohol or want it tamed down a bit (maybe). I like suggestions folks are mentioning so far, so thanks. I'm a simple G+T+extra Lime. In a pinch, instead of varying tonic vs club [+ fruit alternatives]... I've used Sprite. For the record, Cruises tend to make the potent G+T... I guess they realize you don't have to drive home And, for an old remedy use of Gin... I had a friend from years ago whose grandmother swore by this... they claim the alcohol evaporates away... but I have my doubts... Can Gin-Soaked Raisins Help Arthritis?
  2. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    Welcome There was someone in the last 2+ years who came on with the same idea and asked folks to review his app. I recall giving some suggestions and look forward to seeing your app
  3. Seems a very mental explanation in the end; tame the mind and it will find a single path? It sounds like our 'domestication' requires meditation to calm our animal instincts... which seems the opposite of what I would suggest. Meditation is meant to tame the mass domestication or societal indoctrination which focuses on mental applications (decisions, ethics, customs, morals, etc). IMO, daoist practice (as I use it, not as say temples appear to do) is to get rid of the controlling interest played by distinctions and words... so as one gets 'rid' of the veneer of brain-washed domestication, what is left is more like just an inner voice; a beacon of light that reveals a source. Point to waking up: If you mean from a mental POV then questioning whether there is any rational reason to wake up seems, again, too mental. The point to waking up is the body is simply doing what it is meant to do, while it has manifest life. Trees do that till they wither and die. Reminds me of the philosophical saying, 'there is something rather than nothing'. Each time we wake up, we can realize this idea.
  4. This has become an interesting topic on its own... @LightBody09... can you start a topic in Newcomer Corner (or Buddhism) and I can move some posts there ? Thanks
  5. The idea of Taoist philosophy is the unicorn of Daoism... if you find it, please let us know ! Know this... if you just want to understand a sliver of Daoism... you can cut up any pie in the sky and taste it... but it is not ultimately Daoism... except to your taste. But as Laozi said, a thousand mile journey starts with a step... Oh crap... you didn't want Laoism, yes?
  6. Earth chakras

    Thanks for sharing this... never heard it before and still kind of contemplating it all but appreciate you taking the time to talk about it.
  7. Central channel or Heart Field?

    In Medical Qigong I was taught, you never absorb another's energy... you can pull it out but then shake it off; you can let it flow through and out of you. The three principles were: Purge, tonify, regulate. Just pulling it out can leave a void or imbalance behind. Leaving it now in you can cause an imbalance too. In more recent methods instead, while there may be an energy loop of transmitting and receiving, there is nothing about absortion. I might feel a throat issue on another but I am not intentionally taking it on but sensing it. Instead, I would bring them to an expanded space where their energy can release more freely.
  8. When does one "become" a taoist?

    I recall my assistance coach once telling me, "you teach so Zen-like...". I said, "What's Zen?" That lead me on a very curious-to-know journey through Buddhism to Zen to Zen Buddhism to Daoism. The Daoism I most resonated with is as Laozi and Zhuangzi tell. Although some will call this philosophical Daoism I don't separate this apart; I just do prefer the earlier Daoism ideas rather than the more religiously moral versions that come later (borrowing from Buddhism on some level). I think there is a Zen saying something like , "The journey starts where you are". And Laozi has something similar with, "A journey of a thousand steps starts with the first". Between that first step and the step you are at will be layers of unfolding, understanding, and letting go of. Like peeling an onion... and when you peel the onion completely away, what are you left with as the concept of 'self', 'steps', 'daoism', etc?
  9. Contradiction ?

    As the existential Sartre said... our be ing [ness] is because we are become ing And he concludes this ends with die ing
  10. Neiye - Section 8 - The Core of the Heart

    ok, I just got it. IMO, The lines go as: 151 道滿天下。= Dao reaches the limits of Heaven and earth 152 普在民所, 153 民不能知也。 154 一言之解, 155 上察於天, = Look above to see the limits of heaven 156 下極於地, = Look below you to see the limits of earth 157 蟠滿九州。 158 何謂解之, 159 在於心安。
  11. Neiye - Section 8 - The Core of the Heart

    It's kind of a circular argument
  12. Neiye - Section 7 - Controlling the Essence

    Ok, so I think translation reveals a bias and so will my comments as well. It is my very bias opinion that to translate as 'mind' is likely one is not a practitioner of the energy arts or is mostly a meditating type.
  13. Neiye - Section 7 - Controlling the Essence

    fair enough... but: 135 有神自在身。There is a spirit that alights in the body; Should we take this as singular or plural? Or what is this spirit? Added: Roth uses mind... like many others. Just his translation
  14. Neiye - Section 8 - The Core of the Heart

    Seems a rather bizarre statement overall. And why bring up the nine regions.... sounds so Yu. So means everywhere (Dao fills the world). 155 上察於天, 156 下極於地, This seems completely strange. And the placement of Ji in particular, in contrast to Cha. The first sentence is a Kanyu idea, precursor to Feng Shui. The second one's use of Ji seems atypical, or i'm not getting it. My best guess is like: Above, observe the heavens Below, explore the earth
  15. Neiye - Section 7 - Controlling the Essence

    ok, I will admit you helped me to see numinous mind idea. I'm just not of the mind that Xin focuses on the mind. Problem may be that this is my mind talking. I may be forcing the issue with the old practices of spirits within... but just feels like the meaning on some level.