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  1. Neiye - Section 3 - Multi-authors

    I've looked at these opening lines of ctext section 1, our section 1-3 several times and matched up some phrasing to ctext. Very few are unique, if at any. Here is my keyword summary of the sections: 凡 物 之 精 Always : the essence of creatures –Jing Heaven / Earth Ghosts / Spirits Center of Chest Sage Qi of the citizens Heaven / Abyss / Ocean Residing in self Calmed by De welcomed by intent Maintain and not lose = Developed De De develops, Wisdom arises = bounty of the the ten thousand is attained 凡 心 之 形 Always : the form of the heart/mind is Form of the heart Natural vs reasons you lose it Leave behind the reasons to return to natural state Nature of that heart [natural state] naturally achieves harmony by your side, over looked without boundaries (Wuji) Use De daily my comments focusing on Linnell: 1. 凡 means all. 凡 物 之 精 means, All creatures have an essence... so, the essence of all creatures. 2. 精 - Jing. This seems much different than later uses of Jing in the sense that it is not a procreation thing. It is akin to Qi. 3. see: https://ctext.org/liji/ji-yi?searchu=物之精&searchmode=showall#result . part 18-19. 4. Thus, the Qi of the citizens... seems a major overlook as citizen (Ren) will be mentioned in many later sections. (thanks TT). The 'thus' or even 'therefore' seems not best. Maybe, 'In the same way'... the shift from Jing to Qi has no transition. 5. Developed De: this can just be completed or arrived at a state. That the 'bounty of the ten thousand is attained' sounds more cosmological, this can be a natural outcome of life. 6. Form of the heart as potentially, 'standard' is an interesting direction to look at in future sections as form is used a few times later and it is not the character for 'standard'. 7. Wuji mentioned is in next section for most authors.
  2. Neiye - Section 3 - Multi-authors

    FYI: I included the lines that Linnell and Eno keep as a part of this section. I will repeat it in the next so everyone starts the same. Added: At ctext.org, this 3rd section concludes their Section 1.
  3. Absorbing Energy from Trees

    A word of warning... make sure there are no fire ants colonizing around the tree. I once found a colony , against my plan
  4. Neiye - Section 3 - Multi-authors

    刑 has some overlap to law 法 (fa), which 'standard' makes sense. And maybe we need to see 形 (xing) in a different light too.
  5. Neiye - Section 3 - Multi-authors

    NY... I assume you mean New York people
  6. What are you doing to open your heart ?
  7. Absorbing Energy from Trees

    I've told this story elsewhere here, I am sure, but I'll post it again. My Taiji master, an acupuncturist, asked me to fill in to his first day of Taiji class at a TCM school. So I first engaged in conversation to ask their motivation and desires and future goals, etc. But the telling part was most of them just finished the Qigong 'requirement' but most said they felt no energy and hopped around like animals and don't see WTF it was all about. I asked them if there was a large tree outside and they said a few. So I said we would go 'hug a tree' to understand. There were about 10 of us and we circled the tree. I told them to breath a few times slowly and deep... like their mind was not there except their heart knew the universe was there... and then asked them to put their hands upwards and continue the slow breathing in the way I said... and said, feel the tree... note the feeling. We did that for about 5-10 seconds and then stepped 3 feet to the right. We repeated till everyone had gone around the tree. I asked them. What part of the tree most talked to them. 100% of them said the same spot. And they described their palms as flowing with energy...
  8. Holy Mackerel Batman.. how did I miss this non-Mantak Chia penis thread... Well... you may not know enough about the stick (ie: stickiness) thing... stickiness likes to stick.... so a nonstick would go against procreation
  9. Neiye - Section 3 - Multi-authors

    Section 3 Of note, Linnell and Eno continue into the next part as being a part of this chapter. so their thought may not convey. Linnell: 凡 心 之 形 Always : the form of the heart/mind is 自 充 自 盈 Naturally full, naturally overflowing, 自 生 自 成 Naturally born, naturally complete. 其 所 以 失 之 The reason that you lose it 必 以 憂 樂 喜 怒 欲 利 Is certainly due to worries and happiness, love and anger, desire for profit. 能 去 憂 樂 喜 怒 欲 利 If you can leave behind worries and happiness, love and anger, desire for profit, 心 乃 反 濟 Your heart/mind then returns [to its original nature] successfully. 彼 心 之 情 The nature of that heart/mind 利 安 以 寧 Benefits from calmness and the tranquility that comes from it. 勿 煩 勿 亂 Do not be troubled, do not be confused, 和 乃 自 成 And harmony is then naturally achieved. --- 晢 晢 乎 Is it very bright? 如 在 於 側 As though located right by your side. 忽 忽 乎 Is it very easy to overlook? 如 將 不 得 As though it will never be attained. 渺 渺 乎 Is it very remote and indistinct? 如 窮 無 極 As though utterly without boundaries. 此 稽 不 遠 To examine this, you need not go far : 日 用 其 德 You use De daily. Eno: The form of the heart is Spontaneously full and replete, Spontaneously born and complete. It loses this form through care and joy, pleasure and anger, desire and profit-seeking. If are able to rid itself of care and joy, pleasure and anger, desire and profit-seeking, --- the heart returns to completion. The natural feelings of the heart cleave to rest and calm; Don’t trouble them, don’t derange them, and harmony will spontaneously be perfect. So gleaming! As though just beside. So dim! As though ungraspable. So remote! As though exhausting the far limit. Its basis is near at hand; daily we draw its force of virtue. Roth: 1. All the forms of the mind 2. Are naturally infused and filled with it [the vital essence], 3. Are naturally generated and developed [because of] it. 4. It is lost 5. Inevitably because of sorrow, happiness, joy, anger, desire, and profit-seeking. 6. If you are able to cast off sorrow, happiness, joy, anger, desire and profit-seeking, 7. Your mind will just revert to equanimity. 8. The true condition of the mind 9. Is that it finds calmness beneficial and, by it, attains repose. 10. Do not disturb it, do not disrupt it 11. And harmony will naturally develop. Shazi Daoren: All forms of the Heart are naturally infused, naturally filled, naturally generated, naturally completed. They can become lost, out of place Due to sorrow, happiness, joy, anger, desire, or profit-seeking. If you are able to cast off sorrow, happiness, joy, anger, desire and profit-seeking, your Heart will return to its natural flow. The natural emotion of the Heart is beneficial calmness and tranquility. Do not vex it, do not disturb it, and harmony will naturally develop. Yueya: All the forms of the heart-mind Are naturally replete and nourished by it [vital essence], Are naturally generated and grow to completion [because of] it. It is lost because of sorrow, happiness, joy, anger, and desire for profit. If you can cast off sorrow, happiness, joy, anger, and desire for profit, Your heart-mind will return to equanimity. The disposition of such a heart-mind Is that it benefits from calmness to attain repose. Do not disturb it; do not disrupt it Then harmony will naturally develop.
  10. Neiye - Section 2 - Multi-authors

    Yes and I agree with that thought... but how to get there may still require broadening one's view of daoism till they change course.. or not.
  11. I attempted a translate before here... https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/38553-lu-dongbin-100-character-stele/ If I read it myself, years later, I would likely change some of it... but glad to see another ! Much love in translation !
  12. Neiye - Section 1 - Multi-authors

    It has been discussed in the first two chapters. Seems an interpretative difference.
  13. Neiye - Section 1 - Multi-authors

    you posted four characters as: 修 心 靜 意 - Order Heart Calm To-thought The heart is calmed by the mind; Meditation
  14. Neiye - Section 1 - Multi-authors

    Lest we forget this morsel. I take your meaning as: Morality = Working So you ask... Dao = ?
  15. Neiye - Section 1 - Multi-authors

    So you shared a chinese that nobody would understand... ok. the simplest meaning of it is: Mediate and Dao will come... how many actually have that experience ? So either the chinese is wrong or the translation or the application...