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  1. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 75

    David Hinton 2002 75 The people are starving, and it's only because you leaders feast on taxes that they're starving. The people are impossible to rule, and it's only because you leaders are masters of extenuation that they're impossible to rule. The people take death lightly, and it's only because you leaders crave life's lavish pleasures that they take death lightly, they who act without concern for life: it's a wisdom far beyond treasuring life. Dwight Goddard 1919 75 Starvation of a people comes when an official appropriates to himself too much of the taxes. The reason a people are difficult to govern is because the officials are too meddlesome; the people make light of death because they are so absorbed in life's interests. The one who is not absorbed in life is more moral than he who esteems life. Bradford Hatcher 2005 75 The hunger of the people Is from their superiors eating up so much of their tax grain This is behind the hunger The difficulties in governing the people Are due to their superiors having to take action This is behind the difficulties in government The people come to take death lightly Because they pursue life’s riches This is behind their taking death lightly Only when one does not think life a performance Will there be skill in valuing life Wing-Tsit Chan 1963 75 The people starve because the ruler eats too much tax-grain. Therefore they starve. They are difficult to rule because their ruler does too many things. Therefore they are difficult to rule. The people take death lightly because their ruler strives for life too vigorously. Therefore they take death lightly. It is only those who do not seek after life that excel in making life valuable. Gu Zhengku 1993 75 The hunger on the part of the people Is the result of exorbitant taxes on the part of the ruler; Thus the people are hungry. The unruliness on the part of the people Is the result of meddlesome actions on the part of the ruler; Thus the people are unruly. Making light of life on the part of the people Is the result of setting too much store by life on the part of the ruler; Thus the people make light of life. Those who make light of their own life Are wiser than those who overvalue their life. Ch'u Ta-Kao 1904 75 The people starve. Because their officials take heavy taxes from them, therefore they starve. The people are hard to rule. Because their officials meddle with affairs, therefore they are hard to rule. The people pay no heed to death. Because they endevour to seek life; therefore they pay no heed to death. Flowing Hands 1987 75 Why do people starve to death? Because governments use up all the money in taxes and military operations. Why then do people become rebellious? Because governments interfere and have too much control over people's lives. Therefore people feel frustrated and cheated. Why do people lose care in their hearts? Because their lives are preyed upon by the rich and the lawmakers. So people become wild and lose any care about what they do. Go back to a simple life, have nothing, but be free. Be at one with nature, with all her beauty and ugliness, and troubles will be simplified and their solutions more easily found. But people find it hard to let go of what they have. By letting go, you can free yourself from bondage.
  2. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 74

    David Hinton 2002 74 In their misery, the people no longer fear death, so how can you threaten them even with death? Let the people fear death always, then if we seize those who follow sinister ways and put them to death, no one will dare live such lives. The Executioner's killing is perennial, it's true. But to undertake the killing yourself - that's like trying to carve lumber for a master carpenter. Try to carve lumber for a master carpenter and you'll soon have blood on your hands. Dwight Goddard 1919 74 OVERCOMING DELUSIONS If the people do not fear death, how can one frighten them with death? If we teach people to fear death, then when one rebels he can be seized and executed; after that who will dare to rebel? There is always an officer to execute a murderer, but if one takes the place of the executioner, it is like taking the place of a skilled carpenter at his hewing. If one takes the place of the skilled carpenter he is liable to cut himself. (Therefore do not interfere with Tao.) Bradford Hatcher 2005 74 (If) the people do not fear death Then why use death to intimidate them? Suppose it were so that the people always feared death And still they behaved perversely (When) we seized, detained and executed them Who would be bold? There will always be a master executioner to do the killing Now to take the place of the master executioner & do the killing May be likened to taking the place of the master carpenter in hewing Now (of) those who take the place of the master carpenter in hewing Few indeed will not harm their own hands! Wing-Tsit Chan 1963 74 The people are not afraid of death. Why, then, threaten them with death? Suppose the people are always afraid of death and we can seize those who are vicious and kill them, Who would dare to do so? There is always the master executioner (Heaven) who kills. To undertake executions for the master executioner is like hewing wood for the master carpenter. Whoever undertakes hewing wood for the master carpenter rarely escapes injuring his own hands. Gu Zhengku 1993 74 When the people are not afraid of death, What is the point of threatening them with death? Should the people really fear death, Who dare go against laws If we put to death those who do evils? It is the duty of a regular executioner to kill, If one wants to kill on behalf of the executioner, It is like chopping wood on behalf of the master carpenter. There are few who can escape cutting their own hands When they chop wood on behalf of the master carpenter. Ch'u Ta-Kao 1904 74 When the people are not afraid of death, what use is it to frighten them with the punishment of death? If the people were constantly afraid of death and we could arrest and kill those who commit treacheries, who then would commit such? Only the Supreme Executioner kills. To kill in place of the Supreme Executioner is to hack instead of a great carpenter. Now if one hacks in place of a great carpenter one can scarcely avoid cutting one's own hand. Flowing Hands 1987 74 In nature everything has its own unwritten laws and bars. But these are simple, and everyone knows their part. Man has lost his link with nature, he has made too many laws, too many advancements, so his movements are restricted. It is natural for men to kill one another, just the same as it is in every other species. But in his natural order, he would rarely take the life of his own kind. Because greed, envy, lust, jealousy, cunning and intelligence have entered into his heart, he kills unnaturally, without any balance. Man in his natural state has a form of justice For if a man commits a crime against another, the victim will go and do battle with this man and even get killed in the process. By facing the possibility of death from another, who would dare perpetrate a crime? By complicating life and producing too man y laws and procedures, justice never seems to be done. If the sentence of death is there, who would dare perpetrate a crime? Make life simple, go back to simplicity; if a man commits a crime against you, you have a natural right to try and punish him yourself. By watching nature you can see her laws in practice. By having no laws, people have more trust and honour. When people are simple and honest, is there any need for many laws?
  3. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 73

    David Hinton 2002 73 To infuse daring with courage means death. To infuse caution with courage means life. The one enriches you, and the other ruins you. No one knows why heaven despises what it despises, that's why a sage inhabits the complexity of things. The Way of heaven never contends and so overcomes perfectly, never speaks and so answers perfectly, never summons and so arrives of itself, stays calm and so plans perfectly. The net of heaven is vast, woven so vast and wide open nothing slips through. Dwight Goddard 1919 73 Courage carried to daring leads to death. Courage restrained by caution leads to life. These two things, courage and caution, are sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful. Some things are rejected by heaven, who can tell the reason? Therefore the wise man deems all acting difficult. The Tao of heaven does not quarrel, yet it conquers. It speaks not, yet its response is good. It issues no summons but things come to it naturally because its devices are good. Heaven's net is vast, indeed! its meshes are wide but it loses nothing. Bradford Hatcher 2005 73 Courage atop presumption suggests dying Courage in avoiding presumption suggests survival (Yet) either of these may be sometimes beneficial, other times harmful That which heaven holds in contempt - Who knows as to the reasons? This is why wise ones watch for things to get complicated Heaven’s way does not compete, yet skillfully overcomes Does not speak, yet skillfully replies Does not summon, yet naturally attracts Is above all of this, yet skillfully arranges Heaven’s net is vast & encompassing Loosely meshed, and yet nothing escapes Wing-Tsit Chan 1963 73 He who is brave in daring will be killed. He who is brave in not daring will live. Of these two, one is advantageous and one is harmful. Who knows why Heaven dislikes what it dislikes? Even the sage considers it a difficult question. The Way of Heaven does not compete, and yet is skillfully achieves victory. It does not speak, and yet it skillfully responds to things. It comes to you without your invitation. It is not anxious about things and yet it plans well. Heaven's net is indeed vast. Though its meshes are wide, it misses nothing. Gu Zhengku 1993 73 Bravery in being bold leads to death; Bravery in being timid leads to life. These two kinds of bravery, One leads to good the other to harm, Who knows why Heaven hates what it hates? Even the sage feels it difficult to understand. This is the Tao of heaven: To excel in triumphing by means of non-contention; To be good at answering by means of taciturnity; To attract people by using no summons; To be quick in planning by acting slowly. The net of heaven is spread wide and far, Though the mesh is largely knit, Nothing can slip through the net. Ch'u Ta-Kao 1904 73 He who shows courage in daring will perish; He who shows courage in not-daring will live. To know these two is to distinguish the one, benefit, from the other, harm. Who can tell that one of them should be loathed by Heaven? The Tao of heaven does not contend yet it surely wins the victory. It does not speak; yet it surely responds. It does not call; yet all things come of their own accord. The net of heaven is vast, and its meshes are wide; yet from it, nothing escapes. Flowing Hands 1987 73 A brave and passionate man will always cause harm to himself or others. A brave and calm man will always preserve himself and others. Of these two, which is best? Heaven appears unsure and ruthless sometimes. Who knows why? Even the Sage is unsure of the workings of Heaven. Yet Heaven follows a plan and knows what it is doing. It remains silent, but hears all. Heaven's net is cast wide and although it may be coarse, nothing can slip through.
  4. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 72

    David Hinton 2002 72 When the people stop fearing the fearsome something truly fearsome will descend upon them. Don't hem them in and choke their lives with oppression. That's all. Just let them be, and they'll never tire of you. A sage sees through himself without revealing himself, loves himself without exalting himself, always ignores that and chooses this. Dwight Goddard 1919 72 When people are too ignorant to fear the fearsome thing, then it will surely come. Do not make the place where they dwell confining, the life they live wearisome. If they are let alone, they will not become restless. Therefore the wise man while not understanding himself regards himself, while cherishing he does not overvalue himself. Therefore he discards flattery and prefers regard. Bradford Hatcher 2005 72 (When) the people do not heed the imposing Then great impositions come to pass Do not constrict the places where they live Do not overtax their means of living Only when there is no oppressing Will there then be no oppression This is how wise ones know themselves Without displaying themselves Love themselves Without venerating themselves And so dismiss That to choose This Wing-Tsit Chan 1963 72 When the people do not fear what is dreadful, Then what is greatly dreadful will fall upon them. Do not reduce the living space of their dwellings. Do no oppress their lives. It is because you do not oppress them that they are not oppressed. Therefore the sage knows himself but does not show himself. He loves himself but does not exalt himself. Therefore he rejects the one but accepts the other. Gu Zhengku 1993 72 When the people are not afraid of the threatening might of the authority, The great tumult will soon ensue. Do not harass their living places; Do not deprive them of their means of livelihood. If you do not oppress the people, The people will not be tired of you (the ruler). Hence the sage knows himself but does not praise himself; loves himself but does not honor himself. That is why he discards the latter and takes the former. Ch'u Ta-Kao 1904 72 If the people have no fear of their ruling authority, still greater fear will come. Be sure not to give them too narrow a dwelling; Nor make their living scanty. Only when their dwelling place is no longer narrow will their dissatisfaction come to an end. Flowing Hands 1987 72 When men forget the care of all things in their hearts, disaster will follow. Be aware of your actions and remain constant. By being constant, there is little room for change. By not changing, man will not lose his way. When man has lost his way, the Dao is furthest from his mind. Do not interfere or intrude upon others. By interfering, things change, and so imbalance will come about. Therefore the Sage remains at one, he lives his life in harmony with nature. By not changing or interfering with the Earth and the Ten Thousand Things, he does not upset or cause imbalance. Therefore he lets go of this and chooses that.
  5. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 71

    David Hinton 2002 71 Knowing not-knowing is lofty. Not knowing not-knowing is affliction. A sage stays free of affliction. Just recognize it as affliction and you're free of it. Dwight Goddard 1919 71 To recognize one's ignorance of unknowable things is mental health, and to be ignorant of knowable things is sickness. Only by grieving over ignorance of knowable things are we in mental health. The wise man is wise because he understands his ignorance and is grieved over it. Bradford Hatcher 2005 71 To know without knowledge is best To not understand knowledge is affliction Now (it is) because afflictions afflict That there is a way to avoid affliction Wise ones avoid disease Because they are made ill by illness This is the way to avoid the disease Wing-Tsit Chan 1963 71 To know that you do not know is the best. To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease. Only when one recognizes this disease as a disease can one be free from the disease. The sage is free from the disease. Because he recognizes this disease to be disease, he is free from it. Gu Zhengku 1993 71 Knowing one's ignorance of certain knowledge is the best attitude; Not knowing certain knowledge yet pretending to know is a bad attitude. The sage is of no shortcoming, Because he considers shortcoming as shortcoming. He considers shortcoming as shortcoming, Thus he has no shortcoming. Ch'u Ta-Kao 1904 71 Not knowing that one knows is best; Thinking that one knows when one does not know is sickness. Only when one becomes sick of the sickness can one be free from sickness. The sage is never sick; because he is sick of this sickness, therefore he is not sick. Flowing Hands 1987 71 In lacking knowledge and desire, one can obtain a simple and honest heart. The Sage is sick of dishonesty and desire, so he obtains a good and simple heart. In lacking knowledge, I mean turn away from advancement, and obtain the knowledge of the ways of nature. Living in harmony with nature, one doesn't need too much knowledge. But there will always be the intellectuals who will think they know. Simply be at one.
  6. Taoism and Imperfectionism

    or: Form = Void
  7. Taoism and Imperfectionism

    If Dao is perfection [formless] then humanity is imperfection [form]. As LZ said, formless begets form.
  8. Financial tips for the bums

    I'm using Robinhood.com, no fees to trade, but to day trade you need $25,000 in the account. It is not a good analytic tool, so investing.com is better to review the stock, or Bloomberg, etc. If one is doing day trading, you have to consider when an earnings report is before or after market, and when to jump in. I can't yet say whether it is more art or science but I'm studying the data. I will say my wife has a better instinct so far but on chinese stocks in the US markets. she know chinese stocks in chinese markets but seems to have transferred the idea to US markets. So far, she likes to invest in chinese stocks in US market and does well. I have found many useful stocks, day by day but hesitation is my enemy. So trying to learn from it. But I review that earnings calendar and pick a few to watch each day. I am kicking myself in the ass on a few, both positive and negative results.... Learn and learn... Next week is black friday.... retail...
  9. Financial tips for the bums

    Here is an earnings calendar that show before and after market reports. I would not rely on that alone but there are news reports that should be researched to explain the situation. Even that is not completely useful. https://www.zacks.com/earnings/earnings-calendar
  10. What is the Taoist religion?

    The problem is likely Buddhist intervention into the culture. I just prefer the saying: Confucian by day and Daoist by night.
  11. Financial tips for the bums

    I don't follow the dividend angle. So how did they fair today ? I'm into day trading but investing in retail leading up to Black Friday. I was following PG&E this last week and I missed their moment today... went up almost 40%. I had tagged Viab to watch... but forgot... up almost 4% today. Missed it. Day trading is exhausting. Still don't recommend it.
  12. What is the Taoist religion?

    I wrote elsewhere about Taoism seems to me to be this path: Primitive Naturalism > Divining and Mythology > Shamanism/Spiritualism > Political Philosophy > Alchemy > Religion > Dark Philosophy > Modern Philosophy I find Flowing Hands to be a Daoism Shaman. His is not religious as much as he is a shaman spirit. Why did alchemy arise? Folks lost the old arts. He has the old arts, is my point.
  13. What is the Taoist religion?

    That's Confucianism... well, Zhou Rites....
  14. I tend to agree here. First focuses on life; latter focus on pre-life.
  15. God as Self, Atman

    Sorry to come to this thread late... but who is this God who is exploring ? Have you meet him or visited him?