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  1. The Tao Sound or Nada Sound

    I would say that it's an infinite sound, so different people are open to certain aspects of it. I hear it as high all over, but I also hear a low hum sometimes. There are also bells on the right side. So perhaps they are all dao.
  2. Water above Fire

    If I pay attention to my attention.. doesn’t this create a Self-referral loop? If I let my Attention guide my awareness.. meaning becoming aware of the loudest thing in my awareness currently (any and all sense organs), moment by moment, Is this the innocence? Letting my attention live it’s own life without manually moving it myself? Without thinking about or forming opinions about where my Attention goes? Is my Attention God?
  3. Blue Light

    How is FP different from other qigong systems? I exclusively do Zifagong or Spontaneous Qigong.
  4. I don't think I believe that breathing alone keeps us alive. So I don't feel it is the action of breathing that generates chi in the body. Placing attention on the body generates sensation.. and sensation attracts attention. I feel that awareness of sensation generates the chi in the body. Breathing makes sure that there is a continuous awareness in the body on some level. I feel that breathing balances the chi by spreading out the intensity in the body so it feels smooth and the chi gets everywhere it needs to be. So intense feelings like pain and discomfort might be because the chi is only restricted to a certain area and cannot find it's way out to its proper place in the body. Then that means, if I can stay aware of body sensations, then I don't need to breathe as much. I'm spreading the chi smoothly already by having my light attention spread globally throughout the body. It's not perfect yet. When I meditate on sensation, my breathing slows down until I can't really tell the difference between breathing in and breathing out. But what is left behind is the sensation of the breath. What left behind is simply sensation where breathing used to be.
  5. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    My scoliosis resides in my middle burner only.. what do you think this means? Any suggestions?
  6. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    It's interesting you bring up green. especially green, blue, and red. Sometimes even gold... The thing is.. These are the only colors I've ever seen in meditation. So I resonate with what you said. The red doesn't move and it resembles the red you see when you close your eyes and have light shining on your face. This is from my journal. "I keep seeing green in my meditation. Today when I meditated, twice, I saw green wisps of energy. there was a dim green light that had 2 petals.. and it kept blooming upward repeatedly. then it kept converging to a green transparent ball or circle. like it gathered over and over. pretend you saw dim green energy floating in the sky being blown around by the wind.. then it father's together into a green moon. not very bright though. 6:47pm So it happened again.. the green light came back and brighter than before. it happened after I stretched my neck in all directions. the green light floated up from below I don't think it gave me a feeling sensation. I guess this sound meditation is my go-to meditation at the moment" In my chinese astrology chart.. it says that I am Wood Deficient. Perhaps if I'm seeing green it's a good sign!
  7. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    Where exactly is the lower burner? Can you pinpoint it?
  8. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    Thank you for your answer. I appreciate you, you just made my practice so much simpler and easy.. well at least I have greater trust in it now. I'm trying to shed as many unnecessary techniques as possible for the same results.. just as fast or faster. Are you equating the lower dantien as the central channel? That makes sense if the real dantien is non-local. I had a milestone in meditation today.. I was able to still hear the inner high pitched sound even while the loud AC unit was on. It was an ideal training situation! I always need to urinate frequently and need all the jing I can get.. so since the ears and kidneys are connected.. maybe I can satisfy the jing and heal the urinating issue simply through listening... is visualizing necessary?
  9. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    Yes.. They are more like metallic grains of sound raining down on the ground. like thousands of metal toothpicks falling. It's a global sound around the head and it fluctuates. It projects from the back to the front. I usually use my phone on speaker. I go into samadhi when listening to the sounds after a while. Perhaps. I thought of my friend one time while listening to the sounds and his eyes stopped hurting.
  10. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    I read your pdf and have some questions about the bindu and how it creates nectar. It's related to kunlun and the water path? Can you explain this a little more? Could I then simply cultivate chi by listening to this sound alone without breathing or dan tien focusing? You said it resonates the brain and gut. Yours Truly, William
  11. The link no longer works.. Please post.. pretty please.
  12. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    The system told me that that display name no longer exists.
  13. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    Also, there is an important message that I sent to Awaken with my first account will.liam. Can I retrieve it?
  14. I hear high pitched sounds in my head as well as a faint bell sound by my right ear. I feel great sensitivity and qi in my solar plexus.. where some call the 'Yellow Court', but I feel nothing in my lower belly. I just feel my consciousness drawn to the area between my belly button and solar plexus. I feel the impulse to breathe there. But, at times I don't feel like breathing and putting my attention on that area.. I just feel like feeling sensations around the body, occasionally breathing into them. Can I generate qi and jing in my solar plexus at the diaphragm level or does it have to be in my lower belly below the navel? Yours Truly, William