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  1. Opportunity to cross paths to meet with Livia Kohn

    Thanks for the invite Ralph. It was great to be able to meet her. The first medical qigong master I learned under also used Core Health in his healing. He would scan with one hand and use the other hand testing the resistance at the wrist (as person lays face up their palms are face down to the bed; he lifts the hand repeatedly). She is fluent in Japanese and Chinese. What sets her apart from other sinologist is she is a long time practitioner herself.
  2. Continuation

    I would agree on the basis of creating a precedent... any group can come in here and demand a private area and THEY be moderators of practice they have no official position in, and were told by indigenous practitioners to stop talking it here. So who do we listen to, the original indigenous practitioners or those who claim the need to run around the internet to defend themelves? IMO, neither. We let folks come and talk and ask questions they want on life, practice, spirituality, etc. Folks just need to follow the rules. It would seem better for folks to be true to their practice and own up to their own actions. As to precedent: We had a similar problem once. A thread became incredibly overrun by folks coming in and want to hijack and trash a thread and the practice it was about. It was moved to a PPD. Natural and common step. That member naturally became moderator. Nothing special done. Use the forum as it is intended. Of course there is room for something new and different but I personally do not see it here. But I'm happy to go along with the decisions.
  3. Continuation

    I'm similar in the sense that I don't use the ignore button when I can just skip over something when I want. Here is my perspective on the MP history here. It was amicable enough at the start with interesting conversations on the system, levels and western experiences of a few who studied directly under Chang. Its an intriguing system with surprising results (Chang is at some level around 40 out of 72?). The western students who could study directly under Chang seemed to have gotten as far as L3 (?), but seems not without some misunderstandings themselves despite the direct training. And some of those teachings 'leaked' to others in the west (aka: secret teachings were taught to outsiders). Some 'outsiders' to the secret lineage system were then practicing those levels and discussing them here. Along came Indonesian practitioners who joined the Bums to say that there is no such thing as "Western Mo Pai" (WMP) and it is an indigenous system that must be practiced directly with the lineage to claim to be Mo Pai. They asked if folks here couldn't refrain from claiming Mo Pai practice when they were already not following the tradition of direct participation with the lineage system to get proper training. This started about 8 years ago. WMP mentioning practices they claimed they were not allowed to share (not sure why because they were not under any secret oath to the official lineage nor any official master of the practice)... and the Indonesian students would come back over the years when the WMP commented, and would ask them to stop claiming to be a part of the lineage system. Over this course, several on the Bums felt there was a kind of spamming, elitist sense of WMP who claimed everyone else's practices were stupid (other colorful words used as well) and meaningless and only their's was a path of true demonstrated power... which over 8 years they would repeat and refuse any explanation, demonstration, or talk on their actual practice. They would repeat the attacks, victim sense, and inability to get the forum to ban all talk on MP... which mostly they were doing with a kind of hijacking way of posting. Here was the problem as I saw it, over the years. I've never been inclined to ban a particular discussion of a system. I just replace that system with another and would I ban it? No. Then I would not ban the first one. Folks come here and ask a question like, "What is this Mo Pai system I hear about on the internet"... Some discussion may start with folks here but the WMP suddenly show up singularly or in numbers and start to dismember any discussion on it. Its a weird vulture like stance that anyone is simply watching the board for a topic to then come swoop down and interject 8 years of the same repetitive, somewhat programmed, comments. It did very much become an 'us' (WMP) vs the rest of the world; but also an 'us' (Bums) vs the WMP. And it was dubbed, The MP Wars ... because of the similarities to the previous fights with the Buddhist elitist topics (Buddhist Wars). Maybe the Bums like a good war. There was the Lomax Wars too, let's not forget. And also, Jeff Light Wars if we wanted to be fair about how the 'us' vs 'others' seems to recycle itself here. I would hope this previous part would put in perspective there is something much bigger than MP Wars but if one were to look at each War, they would see a vast different in the 'fight method'. Those who had a very strong practice and ability to back it up were never on the attack (Lomax and Light), while those who couldn't were usually more aggressive (or passive aggressive, Buddhist and MP) in putting other systems down. It seems a funny choice to say: Should the topic be banned or the members be banned? I've followed the idea that any topic is allowed till it crosses the rules... very few topics have been banned but we're talking like serious and sick topics (child pornography or pizza-gate). To ban discussion on an energetic system and put it in the category of serious and sick topics always seemed odd to me. So I've let discussion occur and just view member participate as following the rules or not. I don't have a horse in this. If the rules changed on banning such topics, so be it. I'll not lose any sleep, not claim any relief, not need to worry the outcome. It would have no influence on me today or tomorrow. But I do see there are some where there is great anticipation for some outcome that will rescue their own anxiety over the issue. And I thought 'practice makes perfect' Peace.
  4. Chat Room?

    From my perspective, the old style chat room that was integrated was used quite a bit. Once it went to Slack, it dropped off but a few kept a presence. The free slack has an advantage that it automatically deletes history... but the con is it is not tied to the website in any way and requires a separate registration. I think there should be something but integrated, if possible, is better.
  5. menstruation and blood cleansing

    It also stops (or should I say can for some) in intense athletic endeavors... (kept trying to find another last word instead of 'period')
  6. I tend to agree on no need for non-private variants. That was simply a place to discuss gender stuff that wasn't so private and personal and so anyone could chime in. Having 2 of them now seems redundant..oops... dare I say we had 3. This was a compartmentalized overkill moment. If I understand, all four are private/request access. But anyone can get access to all 4 ? Two things really drove the original idea (if my memory is still there) 1. Semen retention threads are more often done than most would dream... and they get quickly lost in General (or Daoist) due to daily threads. So it was more a convenient storage area. 2. Women's issues seem to want more privacy than men wanted. In fact, I didn't feel men wanted a private area at all but did it just for parallel treatment. If the Steward+ group still exists, that has ACP access to only member area... so giving private access to someone is as simple as adding a secondary group. If the groups Fuxi and Nuwa are still there, that is how each private access area was setup; Each group has access to only that forum area.
  7. not showing as online

    If you go to the Full list option then you should see yourself. Maybe it changed when 'anonymous' login was turned off.
  8. I think what you say is true in terms of 'isn't used too often' but the nice thing is when just a guest you would then have only one (Tech) showing up in the Tent area... Now at least, a guest sees the publicly open forums together.
  9. It took a while to get used to the new order but now I realize to stop scrolling down so much as most of what I look at are all in the first forum set. The re-shuffling of forum locations now feels brilliant.
  10. No more right-wing bullshit.

    With no offer of ketchup
  11. It's a weird feeling when you realize that you really really really should put on your glasses before reading... Read as, Murder Superman subsection Read as, I hope the Tarzan would protect us swiftly
  12. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I've encountered that at times and it really seems to vary. Sorry about that. AH, your right !!! maybe the first link is open but later ones are not. I just got blocked from the entire article. Maybe I'll check if clearing my cache lets me back in but good to know. Thanks. I went through my clear cache that I normally do (3 softwares) and cannot read the entire thing again. Apologies for posting a link that cannot be read now.
  13. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I think you have made a clear point here, thanks. But have wondered about this on some level. The Feuding Fathers
  14. The Chinese Communist Revolution

    There is the saying by Mao [something like]: Women hold up half the world. I used to joke that he should of added, the 'heavier half...'
  15. Neither of you are defining what 'current model of globalization' means... Consumer choices are a global consideration in the auto industry (and many others). So a better form than what (I assume you mean the current model execution)? Hard to comment unless there is some explanation of what one is really talking about... what would you love to see ? Or maybe the terse comments being made are not really intended for conversation (?)
  16. Not sure if your serious or joking... life isn't as binary most of the time. I bought a Honda but not a Toyota... so I'm against Toyota and ok with Honda ? I'm all for competition in this realm and someone else is buying a Toyota.
  17. The Chinese Communist Revolution

    杀一儆百 - Kill one to warn one hundred
  18. Neiye - Section 13 - Concentration

    I hope the reader isn't using a dart to throw at the glossary and pick what it sticks to One should at least give support from the text to support their point otherwise it is speculation for the most part. I mentioned the other six uses of Shen and it doesn't fit them. There is also Ried's notes that it is akin to "roll up into a ball". Now, I learned how to 'roll the dan tian energy' like a drum... why shouldn't that be a possible and literal meaning too as that practice is well known? But I don't really see it supported in the text overall. I lean with Von that this is not a exercise manual but more a state of being with emphasis on the calm and still heart that results in many beneficial things regarding not just Qi but mentions of Dao, De, Shen. I don't see a sequence of practice like one might see in later alchemic explanations; here it is just the state of being expressed [as I see it so far]. There's enough mention of ghosts and spirits that its early date still puts it much closer to spirit visualization practices than to inner alchemy as we know it today. Roth is the most decided on the idea that this is a breathing practice. I've given several links to his articles/books to show his thought on this work so folks can see some background on where he came from. So I respect how he has justified his understanding but I don't yet completely agree. How do we know this is not an early embryonic breathing technique, which is a suppression of breathing technique in the end? One can look at Dr. Yang's book titled on this and see his translations of ancient texts on it. But most of them read more modern alchemy as well. SO I can take a few sentence examples to see if a substitution seems to play out but in most cases it seems to not work: Thus the Qi of the citizens Thus the breath of the citizens When the heart/mind is still and Qi is regulated When the heart/mind is still and breath is regulated This essence –Is essence of Qi!With Qi and Dao, then there is life; This essence –Is essence of breath!With breath and Dao, then there is life; To transform creatures, without altering your Qi; To transform creatures, without altering your breath When with virtuous Qi you meet people,They will love you as they would their brothers.When with wicked Qi you meet people, When with virtuous breath you meet people,They will love you as they would their brothers.When with wicked breath you meet people, They will harm you with their weapons of war. Once blood and Qi are still Once blood and breath are still The form of the heart/mind‟s QiIs brighter than the sun and moon, The form of the heart/mind's breathIs brighter than the sun and moon,
  19. Section 13: Concentration Eno Spirit-like, concentrate the qi, and the world of things is complete. Can you concentrate? Can you become one? Can you know the outcomes of events without divining? Can you halt? Can you stop? Can you grasp in it yourself and not seek it in others? Ponder it! Ponder it! Then ponder yet again! If you ponder and do not comprehend, the spirits will make it comprehensible. Yet it is not by the power of the spirits: it is the utmost of the essential qi. Linnell: 搏 氣 如 神 Because they consolidate Qi like spirits, 萬 物 備 存 The ten thousand creatures are prepared for existence. 能 搏 乎 Can you consolidate it? 能 一 乎 Can you unify it? 能 無 卜 筮 而 知 吉 凶 乎 Can you foretell bad fortune and good fortune, but without divining? 能 止 乎 Can you then stop? 能 己 乎 Can you? 能 勿 求 諸 人 How can you never seek it from anyone, 而 得 之 己 乎 Yet attain it yourself? 思 之 思 之 又 重 思 之 Contemplate it, contemplate it, and again repeatedly contemplate it. 思 之 而 不 通 Should you contemplate it yet not comprehend it, 鬼 神 將 通 之 Know that ghosts and spirits can comprehend it. 非 鬼 神 之 力 也 However, it is not comprehended by the power of ghosts and spirits – 精 氣 之 極 也 But by the utmost of essence's Qi! Roth: -- Section 19 -- 1. By concentrating you vital breath as if numinous, 2. The myriad things will all be contained within you. 3. Can you concentrate? Can you unite with them? 4. Can you not resort to divinig by tortoise or milfoil 5. Yet know bad and good fortune? 6. Can you stop? Can you cease? 7. Can you not seek it in others, 8. Yet attain it within yourself? 9. You think and think about it 10. And think still further about it. 11. You think, yet still cannot penetrate it. 12. While the ghostly and numinous will penetrate it, 13. It is not due to the power of the ghostly and numinous, 14. But to the utmost refinement of your essential vital breath. 15. When the four limbs are aligned 16. And the blood and vital breath are tranquil, 17. Unify your awareness, concentrate your mind, 18. Then your eyes and ears will not be overstimulated. 19. And even the far-off will seem close at hand. Shazi Daoren: Concentrating Qi -- Section 19 -- When you concentrate Qi like a spirit, all things will support your existence. Are you able to concentrate, able to be one with them? Are you able to be without divining or counting stalks, yet know bad and good fortune? Are you able to stop? Are you able to be yourself? Are you able to not demand from others, yet attain it within yourself? You think about it and think about it. And again, deeply think about it. You think about it, yet you can't fathom it. A Spiritual Being will fathom it, not due to the Spiritual Being's power, but due to the ultimate of Jing and Qi. When your four limbs are aligned, your blood and Qi are tranquil. When your mind is one and your heart concentrated, and your ears and eyes not distracted, even that which is most remote will be accessible. Yueya: -- Section 19 -- By concentrating your qi as if numinous, The ten thousand things will be contained in you. Can you concentrate? Can you unite with them? Can you not resort to divining by tortoise [shell] or milfoil [stalks] And yet recognize the auspicious and the inauspicious? Can you stop? Can you cease? Can you not seek it in others, And yet realize it within yourself? You think about it and think about it, And think still further about it. You think and yet you cannot connect with it. The ghostly and numinous can connect with it, This is not due to the power of the ghostly and numinous, But to the utmost capacity of vital essence and qi. When the four limbs become aligned, The blood and qi become tranquil. Unify your awareness and concentrate the heart-mind, Then the ears and eyes will not overflow with stimulation. And even the remote will seem close at hand. Reid: 235 摶氣如神, By consolidating {29} energy-breath (and becoming) spirit-like, {30} 236 萬物備存。 The myriad things perfect their existence. 237 能摶 乎?能一乎? Can you consolidate it? Can you unify it? {31} 238 能無卜筮 Can you, without divining by yarrow stalks, 239 而知吉凶乎? Know what is fortunate and what is perilous? 240 能止乎?能已乎? Can you stop (peril from arriving)? Can you make it cease? 241 能勿求諸人 Can you not seek this from others 242 而得之己乎? But attain it in yourself? 243 思之思之, If you think about it and think about it, 244 又重思之; And then go back and think about it some more, 245 思之而不通, Your thinking about it will not reach (comprehension). 246 鬼神將通之: Ghosts and spirits move forward and reach this (comprehension of altering fortune), 247 非鬼神之力也, Not because of the ghost’s and spirit’s efforts (in thinking about it), 248 精氣之極也。 (But because of) the extent of their vital essence and energy-breath. 249 四體 既正, When the four limbs are aligned, 250 血氣既靜, The blood and energy-breath are tranquil 251 一意摶心, When unifying intention and consolidating the heart, 252 耳目不淫, The ears and eyes do not indulge, 253 雖遠若近。 Yet what is far off is as though near. {29} Literally, “roll up into a ball” like dough or clay, often translated as “concentrate.” {30} Lines 235-253 can be further understood by studying the three chapters from Guigu Zi, provided in the introduction. {31} Similar to chapter 10 of the Dao De Jing, “Guarding the fortress of your bodily spirits, embrace Oneness. Can you do this without letting it flee? Gather together the energy-breath and become soft. This is the power of an infant.”
  20. Neiye - Section 13 - Concentration

    Lindell just defines the word in various usage, as should be done, like a glossary. What they see doesn't matter as much as what the neiye is saying.
  21. Neiye - Section 13 - Concentration

    As you might noticing looking at the translations: Qi is translated by Reid as energy-breath and Roth as vital breath. Though Eno and linnell do not use breath anywhere. I'm still on the fence regarding this but there are some similarities to other writings: See my post here. https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/49163-neiye-introduction-multi-authors/?do=findComment&comment=883948
  22. Neiye - Section 13 - Concentration

    Linnell uses Shen 7 times but it doesn't seem to have the later alchemy connotations Qi to Shen. I am likely inclined to keep it as a reference to spirits as the other 6 are.
  23. @Sean Assume you realize the above is not effected yet. I'd still put PPD last as on a phone there is too much to scroll through to get past it to another forum. The Floating World: I agree with combining the two areas as they are toned down to be too similar now. I was trying to come up with something with "Cloud" to convey some kind of Daoist mountain feeling but can't yet. Also, I should let you know the 'Stream' tab at the top was customized with the first one being "Main Board Activity". This was setup as: So you can see that O-G (now gone) and Rabbit Hole were not included as there was a request to not see those show up in a custom 'unread content'. If one uses the canned "unread content" then All forum areas show up. Up to you if you want that custom one to remain or not (or rename). Done in ACP.
  24. Daoist Meditation

    You may enjoy going through the Neiye study we're doing: https://www.thedaobums.com/forum/256-neiye/ Welcome
  25. Mass shootings

    But I don't think the shooter(s) want to show a solution as much as they likely want to be 'heard' in some cases; particularly those who wrote a manifesto. I've been mulling this over and not sure it is just alienation as their act is a kind of final alienation (most understand they will die by doing what they are doing). I think there is some kind of final act that says to the world (or locally), "you're going to hell in a hand basket and I'm done seeing it and everyone doing nothing about it". But your question remains: how does that fall occur? Why is the fact of this idea (which many likely think) pushes them over the edge to killing others (and themself), as they could just kill themselves? So dying alone is not enough of a message? In this case, I agree with his attempt to try and talk about some of it as you are. Group hug Yes, one single label isn't enough to describe this guy. I think he sees no end in the insanity going on and this is his parting way of saying so.