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  1. I started using these products after watching these video lectures by Dr. Jorge Felchas, MD: Boron: Boron tells calcium where to go in your body, so especially good for teeth, bones, osteoporosis, and arteries. Silica: (I have used diatomaceous earth for this, which is approximately 85% silica, and is MUCH less expensive than commercial silica supplements). Excellent for collagen support (skin, wrinkles, sagging, blood vessels, heart conditions etc.) Dr. Flechas also has YouTube lectures on iodine (he's an internationally recognized expert on this) and on my new favorite supplement, PQQ, which bolsters mitochondria, especially in heart and brain. Mitochondria are the tiny energy turbines in your cells. Encouraging them is a really good idea. Here's Flechas on PQQ: Here's an article from on PQQ:
  2. The mysteries of a woman;s heart

    So many things change over the centuries. There is a constant though: No matter how pragmatic the female human species may be, they will often truly love someone that, in all appearances, are beneath them. To the salvation of many of us males. To the mysteries of the female heart and my wife on her 58th birthday.
  3. Dark Night of the Soul

    Dark Night of the Soul An agonizing and liberating experience when one has come to the absolute limit of wilfulness with regard to a situation or situations. When no part of the tools one has used in the past is applicable. It is where the bag of tricks are at a dead end and one is confronted with non-doing. One is presented with a debasing of all positions, past views and exercised contrivances. A feeling of *nowhere to go* at a depth that depletes all grasping to mere folly but without complete release from the trappings of axiety about ones perceived predicament - though even the perception of that predicament is in question. A poisition from which one does not seek help from others for answers - where *answers* are not sought. A state where from one comes to put one foot in front of another and one walks in grace with wilfulness suspended - one step at a time in the present as a child.
  4. Some recent insights

    Hi I have had some interesting realizations. I have had some experiences with the 'clear light' that comes from the heart and manifests out of the eyes. I have written about these episodes, which I was calling 'satori moments' in various threads. The last post was here: The jist of it is that, there is a channel which goes from the heart to the eyes. It is called the Kati crystal channel. If you can activate this channel by being relaxed and loving, a phenomenon occurs which can be described as "a waterous radiantly clear liquid-like substance comes out of your eyes and projects itself into the viewable scenery." The phenomenon is characterised by tremendous Bliss, Joy, Peace, the feeling that you are everything and a particular silence of the conceptual mind. So far, nobody has been able to confirm this experience. This is not a 3D visual effect; the world is seen as it appears, not holographic. The world (the scene you are viewing) appears normally except is much brighter, radiant, glistening. The feeling (to me) is like you are God looking into the eyes of God. Everything is love or one or the same taste. Yesterday, I was reading a book called "A Clear Mirror" - Traktung Dudjom Lingpa and I came across this quote: Hmmm! Perhaps my experiences are realizations of 'emptiness's true nature'. ! Dudjom Lingpa's meditation instructions are very similar to the types of practices that I have been doing.. The text that leads into the reference of the kati channel is here: A few days ago, after posting about the 'satori moments' I started contemplating the clear waterous substance that emits from the eyes as bliss, peace, joy, love, brilliant radiance.. I focused on remembering the phenomenon, examining it, remembering each aspect. Recalling the experiences was somehow setting it off again. And, it was right before my regular meditation time, so I went to meditate for an hour. I sat in my usual posture and started with my dedications/prayers. The bells from my "Insight Timer" went off, indicating the start of the hour long session. There were great streams of love and tingles coming from my heart. I could not 'meditate'. I decided to just let it go and sit. (I was going to do 1 hour of breath meditation). As the waves of tingles radiated out from the heart, I noticed that the space had opened up inside. This is the typical space that opens when the senses shut off. It is the space in which one can see the thoughts, visions, colors, lights, chakras.. etc.. However, this time I noticed that the conceptual mind was "behind" again, which was the same positioning of the conceptual mind during the satori moments. I just let it be. The vibrations radiating upwards from the heart grew more intense. There were subtle films or wisps of light moving all about in front of the conceptual mind. I just let it be and watched. Then, all of a sudden, a very clear face appeared in the front of the space, beyond the front of the brow. It was an image of Ramana. Ok. It sure seemed bright. The image did not go away. And then it moved! And then I felt this overwhelming love coming out of it. Could it be? Ramana? His hair was white. My conceptual mind kicked in and starting throwing up all these thoughts.. I was once again plummeting into the war of mind-games.. I fought off the con-mind as best I could and refocused on Ramana. There was one thought that got through.. "What if it wasn't Ramana? " So, I binded the image of Ramana in the name of Jesus Christ and watched. The image of Ramana did not disappear. What happened was very funny. Another vision of Jesus appeared behind Ramana! Now I was looking at Jesus and Ramana. Then, something even stranger happened. The image of Ramana became a full person standing tall, then that image became a full image of Jesus standing tall, and then that image became another outline of another body (who I thought may have been Gandhi) and then another image... That was too much for my conceptual mind to handle.. Thoughts started cascading out.. I re-arranged my orientation, took a deep breath and went back into meditation. There was Ramana again. This time, he was sitting on a wooden bench in what seemed to be a scene from India. There were not many plants, the sky was very blue and there was a small structure in the background that looked like a clay-walled hut. Then Ramana said to me "Come and sit with me". !! By this point I realized that perhaps this was the real thing. I could see the whole scene as if looking through a telescope. I had no idea what I should do. I went and sat with him. It was like being in a dream. He was wearing nothing but a large white cloth around his bottom. I could not think of anything to say! I just sat there, feeling the love and understanding. Then I thought of something.. I had always had dreams that I had lived in India before this present life. I had visions of steam locomotives, and this one strange three-story-building with no center. The building had a main floor and three surrounding balconies. So, I asked Ramana if I had lived there before. At once, I got more visions of India, the colors, the locomotives, the earthen buildings.. Lots of scenery. It appears that I have in fact been in Ramana's presence before.. Back on the meditation seat, I pulled out and started crying. I had no idea. Ramana! King of the heart! It took a few days to get over the initial shock of that experience. The mind must justify by thinking that time and space are only concepts and that the great gurus transcend these phenomenon quite easily. Lots to think about. For the last two days, I have uncovered some new insights. I'm trying to stay away from heart meditations because my conceptual mind is rebelling too much.. However, for some reason, I now realise how to enter the space of the mind quite easily. What you do is this: Focus on the little space just below and inside from the navel. Say the mantra "O" silently (internally) and keep it going.. Just "O".. one long "OOOOOOOO".. not "ou" as in 'you', just one long "O" as in 'bow'. AUM has no begining or end.. Just one long "O". What this does is it causes the lower dantien, the place belowe the navel to activate. It is the center of will. It is what you use when you "really try hard". It is what is starting and stopping the breathing too. It also gives off heat if you let it. Anyway, just keep the "O" going with no breaks in it, and then do breath meditation on the place just below the navel. Watch each breath, while visually/mentally looking at the point below the navel. There is a white light there, which helps you to focus. Within a few minutes of doing that, you will see that the space inside your body really opens up. It opens up like your heart opens up, in a vacuous space. Then, you will see visions very easily, but don't look at them. Keep looking at the point where the "O" is coming out of. Keep watching the motion of the lower abdomen, moving with each inhale and exhale. Listen to the "O". Focus on the breath and don't interfere with the breathing. You will start to notice that with each breath, a sort of membrane expands and contracts around the body, from inside the space. That is a good sign. You are seeing from inside the space. After a while, the dreams/visions come quite easily. It is easy because the "O" is also activating the throat chakra, which is the source of the dream world. You can play about in this meditation.. explore, experience the space. I'm seeing some wonderful colors, brilliant displays of patterns and structures, visions and things I've never seen before.. right at the place below the navel.. I have been doing this meditation for two days now, as my regular practice.. During the last meditation, my whole coarse consiousness collapsed, I swooned and almost successfully passed into the beyond. I failed again, but I'll keep trying. It is so hard just to let go. TI
  5. Muay Thai Documentary 8 Limbs: Life Of A Nak Muay- Born For The Fight- Muay Thai Boran The noble Art- Training- Heavy Bag power training- Head High kicking- Kicking trees-
  6. Synchronicity

    As human beings become more and more out of touch with Nature and more entrenched in modern society, as they become more and more materialistic in their thinking, as their energy channels and hearts become more closed off, they also lose touch with the phenomena of Synchronicity. Here is a really cool Synchronicity quote generator, based on sayings and quotes by the one and only Edgar Cayce-