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Found 4 results

  1. Its become apparent that there is planetary phenomena that is energetically and spiritually impacting me in a big way. The thing is I dont know a thing about astrology. I need help interpreting whats going on, as well as understanding the current conjunction of planetary alignments. Theres so much BS in astrology info so I have no idea where to start. Any recommendations on where to start, schools of thought, etc...?
  2. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    Over the last few years the phenomena commonly described as synchronicity has become more and more prevalent in my life It went from seeing certain numerical sequences and their accompanying events and sensations, to recognizing how words spoken by myself and others manifested in near literal ways At times it feels as though I am alone and in a sense creating my life my world, and in another sense it feels as though I'm simply eavesdropping on it Its pattern recognition to a point where its beyond jarring and more like a fluid narrative cascading forward and backwards, if direction is something that can be truly ascribed to time Seemingly senseless or obtuse things I have perceived others and myself saying, and maybe even thinking, have foreshadowed many things. Even patterns in the behaviors of others and the goingons in their lives have hinted at the trajectory of my own I don't think I'm alone in having experienced this. Sometimes it makes me fearful of the future, or what may actually be the past "Everything is connected" and any other oversimplified new-age vagueries that may apply
  3. Synchronicity

    As human beings become more and more out of touch with Nature and more entrenched in modern society, as they become more and more materialistic in their thinking, as their energy channels and hearts become more closed off, they also lose touch with the phenomena of Synchronicity. Here is a really cool Synchronicity quote generator, based on sayings and quotes by the one and only Edgar Cayce-
  4. Mystery

    This morning I woke up and my first thought was "Man, I've been far away". I recall some dreams of being in a foreign country but it was unclear what this country was. Then I went online and saw a message from a Facebook friend I've never met. He said I visited him in Costa Rica last night, asked if I could smoke weed at his place and then gave him a hug telling him "It will be alright". This guy is sick with cancer. Right now as I write this I'm watching Twin Peaks and the Blackfoot Indian guy is talking about wandering dream souls.... Look at that. It's as if the Higher Levels were 36 000 bit information and we only receive 36... Or something. Happy 2013 everyone!