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  1. Chatroom sexcapades has been removed

    Just be sure to wear protection before inserting...
  2. Time to Rotate

    If the information is inaccurate, then perhaps it wasn't about you? Or perhaps you could clarify what happened first hand so we aren't just pushing heresay?
  3. Time to Rotate

    Bad memory Jeff? It was 4 years ago.It has been Seven years now since I have been practicing 2 hours a day, every day. I supplement my practices with reading. When you say that you "attempted to explain in full detail all of the energetic happenings." perhaps you could explain to us what exactly you explain to a newbie when you ask them to feel the blonde's breasts and imagine having sexual intercourse with the blonde. Did you call it "consort practice"? (A highly advanced Buddhist practice which first requires the realization of emptiness)
  4. Beyond the spiritual heart

    Interestingly, I did not include you in "moderators". I can see that taking your advice and not responding to your assumption has caused a weed to grow. Further, my statement concerning getting what one deserves is not an ad hominem attack. It is a reference to karma. I sincerely hope I get what I deserve.
  5. Free speech sign up

    There is no such thing as free speech. Every thing that comes out of your mouth costs something.
  6. Time to Rotate

  7. The onus is on you to prove your statement.
  8. How about you prove your statement that Max is "attackng people with snake beings." Did Max's snake being attack you?
  9. Can you prove your statements? Otherwise it is known as slander. Why would Max attack people?
  10. TM is not real meditation, it is more like hypnosis

    Well, I would have to disagree with David Chapman there. Many text sources have originated from before the last century, in a sense bypassing modern revisionism... Interesting link, by the way. David should really read Dipa Ma and the Visudhimagga before throwing them into his scholarly analysis. But it was amazing to read a very long discussion of most of my books.. What an interesting recent historical perspective.
  11. TM is not real meditation, it is more like hypnosis

    Please, let's not turn this thread into another Mopai crash and burn. (Not pointing at anyone, it's just that the word Mopai seems to be a grenade )
  12. TM is not real meditation, it is more like hypnosis

    That is an interesting statement. The video is about where the potential for awakening exists with relation to brain wave activity levels. From your statement about Mopai, it would seem that Mopai is something else, not a tool for awakening... I know nothing about Mopai but I would guess from viewing the JC videos and the heated debates here on it (pun intended) that it is a form of energetic practice. I played in a band in my younger years that was a Hawaiian act which included a hypnotist show. The hypnotist would hypnotize people, put them between two chairs (one to support the head, the other to support the feet), tell them their bodies were stiff like steel and then he would sit on them! The hypnotist weighed about 200 lbs! After, most people were ok but in a few cases some complained about pain. The point is that it is possible to hypnotize people and have them perform superhuman feats so maybe Mopai is tapping into that aspect or some form of self hypnosis. Self hypnosis has its value as Roger attested to in his post, but it seems to be on the other end of the scale concerning placement in brain wave activity with regards to realization/awakening/enlightenment. Actually, according to Daskalos, the physical etheric double is super powerful and is capable of unimaginable feats. He supported learning how to manipulate it for the benefit of healing..
  13. TM is not real meditation, it is more like hypnosis

    Wow, Karl. You have come close. But due to lack of instruction and direction, you turned back too soon. You focused on the content of conceptualization (thoughts) and even on the arising and passing of thoughts and you were very close. It is hard to realize that the content of thoughts is irrelevant at this point in the meditation. Did you notice that for each thought that was viewed it had its own witness (subject)? You have called your watching of thoughts introspection, which is sort of correct, except that introspection is turning your attention back around to the witness or subject that is watching the object (thoughts). Had you learned to view your thoughts dispassionately, like an old man watching someone else's children at play in the park, each thought and corresponding witness (subject) would have dissolved, leaving an open space of sheer luminous awareness. That space is not a subject, it is called rigpa in Dzogchen. If you train to remain in that space, you will attain buddhahood. Here is the same topic but in different words by the Dalai Lama.. From https://www.amazon.com/Heart-Meditation-Discovering-Innermost-Awareness/dp/1559394536 Oh, and thanks for the comments about AYP. I find that I agree with them.
  14. Therefore, the AYP deep meditation is also more like hypnosis, below the critical factor. Very interesting.. Comments start at 59:00 about TM but the whole presentation is a good introduction to basic theory..
  15. Forums Outdated

    The main problem with web based apps is that they use a browser and you have no control over what companies do to their browsers. Case in point: Win 10's Edge browser written in HTML 5 does not work well with TDB posting...