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  1. What are you listening to?

    This class:
  2. What are you listening to?

  3. Misandry

    After returning to this place after a 10 year absence all I can say it that it seems to suffer from the same problem, i.e. Misandry! There are many reasons men and women or often segregated within societies and I am not here to talk about them. The women's section is obviously fairly new and in itself is indicative of the problems on this forum. I'm pretty fed up with the constant bickering here as I'm sure others are and I don't see a resolution. Yes things will carry on here but don't expect any insight from this place as it's pretty much dead and a poisoned well! Seeya!
  4. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    Love it! And I love this, great lyrics:
  5. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    I would tend to agree as it's always easy to fall foul of conspiracy theories!!
  6. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    I''m not interpreting anything and the sage is like a child but you are just being argumentative, again! Children are not all desire but they may be enthralled by sensation and seek out experience which might be misconstrued as desire. Desire as the sage would explain it is cleaving or holding on rather than just enjoying the ride/journey. So the sage is not attached but experiences the thrill of sensation as if for the fist time, like a child. You will continue to argue because your ego is inflated so I recommend laying off the beans. So you are now telling me 'what I'm doing' I'm not doing anything other than pointing out that big brother has arrived in China and Japan. You're throwing a hissy fit, for some unknown reason, and it's yawningly tedious. I never mentioned politics and to be honest it probably has more to do with buSINess. You seem to have this view that my posts always have a political motivation but you are very wrong. As for the "sexually exploiting their followers" I'm not sure what the hell you're getting at other than you seem to have issues talking about sexuality. And I mean sexuality in all it's diversity and expressions unlike the conformist stereotypical view of masculine and feminine. Don't worry we don't have to discuss such things if they're difficult for you to come to terms with! I said "I don't think spirituality has much to do with religion" which doesn't mean it's exclusive or inclusive but you are struggling to keep up. Exoteric religious teachings are often just moralistic stories with a few hints for those that would look for deeper meaning. Esoteric religious teachings often have more of a spiritual thrust but this is often tainted by the peculiarities of the particular religion normally having a cultural basis deriving from shamanic traditions. There's the mystery schools and all that jazz which is interesting but again get's stuck in translation!!! Religion can lead to the beginning of a persons unfolding but more often than not will just become a major stumbling block. This is why I said "I don't think spirituality has much to do with religion" and I believe this is generally born out by the evidence. As for you quotes
  7. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    Seems to all be rather drab and slow to me. It has had it moments in the past although I've been away for almost 10 years. To be honest I'm on the verge of moving on as there's something wrong with this place, a constant division and a nasty vibe! Think the last straw for many was us losing our marbles!
  8. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    Really? I always thought the sage was much more like a child than anything else unfettered by opinion and always discovering greatness in simplicity. No it's not it's individual! We're all allowed to pick and choose and we do such because we have freewill. Do you have freewill freeform or is your form set in stone? It's within all things and if you choose not to see it and understand it then there's no point in talking it! Different and not different! To differentiate that which is whole, straight or obvious is to create arguments and confusion. We can only truly differentiate if we know the whole otherwise it's best to just accept it whatever you think it might be!!! I think you'll find those were ideologies that are fed to the masses as a means of control very much like what's going on in China and Japan (Watch the video). I don't think spirituality has much to do with religion and everything to do with everything! Religion likes to think it's special which is, of course, utter bollocks. See it always comes back to sex so why don't we just discuss that and stop all this posturing?
  9. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    The crux of it is that I see spirituality as inclusive and not exclusive therefore by default everything is relevant to the spiritual life. So regardless of what I post I am viewing it through a spiritual lens and I feel not seeing the world through such a lens is the only real danger to mankind as a whole. Things will carry on whatever but we can make it easy on ourselves or simply court disaster, pain and suffering.
  10. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    But some activity is better than none right? Also certain discussions, for whatever reasons, don't seem to attract much interest so they have to be brought into consciousness by stealth, almost. So, what part does society play in developing, evolving and maintaining a healthy spirituality?
  11. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    I wonder if being religious affects the social score? I keep asking you what you mean when you use this term and you have yet to answer I therefore take it that you don't know what you're talking about! And you still haven't answered my question from a previous thread regarding the importance of understanding human sexuality and it's importance to spirituality? Of course I doubt you will ever answer that question because, and again, you don't seem to know what you're talking about. Is it just about making money and controlling people is that what you do? So how much do you charge?
  12. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    Isn't there a spiritual element to this? I mean spirituality dressed up as religion, or whatever, is often used to control people. So the question might be, "can you follow a spiritual path while being oppressed by the society you live within?". Obviously from many of your previous posts, and your knee-jerk reaction on this post, you would rather people just do as they're told. Do you make a living from what you do? You never did explain what you actually do but I can imagine it revolves around convincing people of something? So what you selling?
  13. Well with all the chaos going on in the western world I don't think the east should become complacent as I don't think the youth of China or Japan are going tolerate the current social oppression happening to them.
  14. Pandemic!

    One day it will arrive!
  15. Haiku Chain

    In manly fashion Critically obscene She yearned for greater