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  1. Moon Phase

    Explanation on the 'blood moon' together with some astrological insight.
  2. Moon Phase

    [ I will try and make this a regular topic of discussion and we'll see if events really do happen around changes in the moon phase. ] So it's a new moon around the 5th / 6th depending what part of the world you're in. This is supposed to be a fairly important new moon as it's the start of a lot of changes astrologically and a new direction that will last a very long time, thirty years or more. We have the continuing riots in France, gridlock in Washington and the start of another round of Brexit in the UK. What else is going on around the world at this time?
  3. Moon Phase

    Haven't watched this yet but may get back to it when I have time. As I've said previously on this thread may people think January 2019 together with the next two years are a catalyst for the next twenty/thirty years. No I don't know Lada and she's not even my favourite YouTube astrologer but does give reasonably good technical insight. Remember we can't predict the future but we can get a rough idea of the energies ahead, bit like a weather forecast, but of course the further we look into the future the more hazy things become. As Lao Tze said, "move with the present".
  4. Semen Yang Energy and oral transfer.

    Would you like to elaborate? I'd be interested to see what is taught about viscosity. There are Tibetan Buddhists text which discuss the taste of seamen. Essentially when seamen is stronger, thicker and salty it suggests the man ejaculates rarely and if sweet and runny it suggests the man ejaculates often. Of course it take time for seamen to mature about three days I think. I would also be interesting to get more insight into the 'ocean of yin' as women can also be strong or sweet tasting?
  5. Moon Phase

    First Quarter First quarters coming, today tomorrow, so are you all feeling the energy coming back? Seems to be coming back in a very chaotic way here in the UK. The energy has been coming in fits and starts very explosive in my opinion. While trying to be as objective as possible it's interesting to note that a very important vote is about to be made by the UK government relating to our status in the EU (European Union). In the US we have trump still toughing it out for his wall and civil unrest continues across Europe. The pending full moon on the 20/21 is also a solar luna eclipse and is viewable in north and south America so might have particular bearing on events in that part of the world. EDIT: That should have said luna eclipse!
  6. In this modern world of rational and logical thinking imagination is often sidelined and dismissed as a childish pastime. I would suggest that imagination is at least as important as the rational and the logical minds. Why? Well in a world which often seems as much a prison as a home we need an escape we need to free ourselves from the entanglements of the undeniable and find a world of infinite possibilities. Perhaps inspiration is an aspect of imagination and how many great advances are said to be inspired by an extrapolation of that which has gone before? So we often feel imprisoned, not only by the world and our circumstances but also, by our minds and thoughts. We have the old saying of "doing time in the eternal mind" which sounds pretty depressing but only if you neglect imagination! So I say play with your mind and discover your greater self and relish in the dance that is you, now, and always you. Just imagine what you can be if you loosen the limitations imposed by your rational and logical minds? As the tune says the sky is the limit:
  7. Attainment of the Tao

    I call this 'stillness in motion'.
  8. Imagination - There's a Reason For it!

    This what just came to mind 'crystalizes' as I was thinking when we were children our games were of 'play acting and imagining'. What do we do now we're older? Seems we forget to play and thus lose our ability to manifest! The idea of our imagination being a precursor to what we manifest in our life is a powerful idea and one which isn't new. Of course many motivational speakers suggest we use picture boards and mantrams to reinforce what we wish to achieve, change and evolve in our lives. There's also 'The Secret' and the law of attraction which I never really liked but it does have some merit. I wonder how much 'play acting', maybe even role playing, can still be used as a tool of manifesting as we grow older? The will and the imagination are integral parts of the mechanism for manifesting, yes? These functions of mind/consciousness must have evolved with us but have they out grown their use and are now a hindrance? Well obviously I don't think so but perhaps the function, use or goal is now simply different? So: Imagination there's a reason for it and we just need to understand what the reason now is as we begin to understand what it once was! If we dreamed ourselves into reality can't we now tailor our dream?
  9. Attainment of the Tao

    Perfectly said. Thank you.
  10. Attainment of the Tao

    The tao is the teacher. How to live? Follow the tao.
  11. Semen Yang Energy and oral transfer.

    I would suggest that the balance of the individual is the priority and by that the I mean the subtle electro-chemical balance within the body that effects emotions and the mind. It may be that there are certain micro nutrients or even hormones which may benefit each person in a sex act but it may be that the detrimental effects could outweigh any benefits. Whereas the protein component of seamen is negligible it is rich in many micro nutrients some which are scarce within the body. No two people will ever align perfectly when it comes to their sex-drive but some are obviously better matched than others. What remains true is that even a good match is nowhere near perfect. My only advice is when lust is driving sexual practices and not love expect to reap the negative consequences.
  12. Attainment of the Tao

    You can't attain to the tao as it's simply what is, intangible and incomprehensible yet... Enlightenment is a different kettle-o-fish and not really a daoist concept.
  13. Are you a Misanthrope?

    Before anybody else says it: I'm sure they were both on the level!
  14. Are you a Misanthrope?

    Do we think the Buddha and Lao Tze were so inclined?
  15. Moon Phase

    Has been a roller coaster for me! Pretty stressful but that could have been the coffee. Low energies but it does seem to be picking up slightly. Depths of the winter here in the UK but the suns out so that might give us a bit of zing!
  16. Moon Phase

    Getting back to the effects of the new moon. After week eight of protest in France it look as if the government are finally going down the road towards a police state!
  17. Moon Phase

    Well I can tell that was a new moon I feel really depleted of energy. Any suggestions for food types at new moons? I figure lots of carbs are good perhaps with a hit of caffeine. I do have to be very careful with the coffee and really shouldn't drink it. STRESS!!! Hmm chocolate!
  18. Moon Phase

    Stillness in Motion This duality is an illusion of course but it is what it is and allows us to dance and we like dancing as it's all there is and it's all we want and it's all we can ever do. So dance beautifully for that is our purpose, to be beautiful. The moon seems still perhaps a time of refection, still waters and a moment held such as eternal breath. Then a movement and a direction as the sparkling moon appears a shard of yearning for sensation and experience. Moving towards fullness crystallising impulse and then that ever yearning. Manifest, manifest and make it be in rising fire eternal intensity. It's coming the dawn, again and again ecstatic dance we weave and shadows come and shadows go but eternally the dance, the dance, the dance...
  19. Moon Phase

    Full moon fever eh! It's actually a new moon so I'm unsure which exercise to pursue?
  20. What are you listening to?

    And old tune of mine, this one's for Marbles:
  21. Moon Phase

    The discussion will obviously spill over into Astrology. As has already been pointed out on this thread the moon undeniably has effects although many will argue that us humans are somehow immune to such effects and this is what I'm interested in. I believe that if there's any truth in Astrology then it all has to do with the moon and the seasons, simple! The position of planets may relate to some clever algorithm although the jury is out on that. Well the Buddha did say exoterically that we should keep away from Astrology but perhaps that's because it's pron to misunderstanding? More people are seeing Astrology as a map of the terrain ahead and NOT as a tool for predicting events. So times of stress and tension can be seen on the road ahead and we can take note and be ready for them. It's as simple as looking out of your window in the morning and checking the sky for clouds. So as I've said previously I'm simply interested in what the moons doing and when I say interested I don't really want to conceptualise anything but merely intuit from what I observe. Ultimately we shouldn't even need to observe the moon as we will have learnt/remembered the dance.
  22. Moon Phase

    No I'm not selling or pushing anything just interested in the moon phase. I make a mental note of the moon phase daily and have done for years.