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  1. The Self, Does it Exist?

    If I had to give a yes or no answer I would say no. Just a bubble rising to the surface and the light.
  2. Mystical Christian Thread

    Just remember to stick to reality and the truth.
  3. No doubt I'll get a torrent of abuse for this but I feel it's a valid topic for discussion especially for those with children. Whereas we all may wonder about our sexuality when younger how much more confusion is thrown into the the mix with the media spotlight and political activism aimed at LBGT? I've only watched part of the following video as I find it quite disturbing. When I say disturbing I mean very sad as people should be encouraged to just be themselves and not conform to any stereotype! I mean if guys want to wear dresses and wear makeup it doesn't phase me but people wanting to mutilate their body is a great concern and a worry. If people are inter-sexed of just not the stereotypical male/female form then isn't that a good thing? But feeling you must conform or even being pressured into conforming is akin to a sin in my book. People are not just male and female and never have been. Biologically yes but emotionally and mentally we are all as diverse as the stars. To revel in our uniqueness is true freedom of expression and not the Frankenstein media driven dystopia that is being feed to the populace as a truer way of being.
  4. I'd be careful with all this voodoo! Perhaps 'thought forms' exist as suggested by C.W. Leadbeater of Theosophy fame? If a thought, idea or meme can have a physical reality/body then perhaps it can gain energy and momentum and perhaps even infect and multiply? It seems to me that more basic ideas have a strong emotional content whereas lofty ideas are more abstract with only the faintest of emotion, think faeries!
  5. Sequential Iterations of Universe as Consciousness

    This video may simplify what I was trying to explain above. The author seems to suggest there are paths of growth and evolution/creation that exist as potential and we can unlock them. This reminds me of the esoteric idea of the "Ring Pass Knot" although it may not be the same thing. Basically what I'm getting at is the idea of an evolutionary leap both personal and planetary. By the way no bullshit in the video it's just what is.
  6. The Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry (Videos)

    Luv this one!
  7. Just a passing thought as I've been revisiting sacred geometry and Phi/Pi, and was wondering if there are thresholds that we pass which are somewhat akin to initiations leading to an expansion of conscious? I was wondering if patterns are seen and then transcended as a move into a more complex reality? So we see the pattern of day and night and then the seasons but we also begin to extrapolate and realise that there are patterns within and without which are independent yet interrelated! So I'm wondering if mankind, or the individual, reaches a point of insanity where the current sphere of patterns are seen everywhere, sometimes called the oneness, and this causes the mind to breakthrough to another level of perception? So we can look back on evolution and understand it's unfolding but realise that consciousness is integral to this evolution and so our consciousness must at some point outgrow it's current womb! Hope that makes sense, just a passing thought. I mention it as I've found myself several times on the threshold of something that seems to unravel the whole of existence and consequently I have to close it down as it simply blows my mind. One way I would explain it is that it's like outgrowing your current perception of reality but in so doing the patterning, or your perpetual narrative, is perceived (watch "Westworld" the TV show to understand this). It's like realising you're in, or are, a mantra that's a monotonous perpetual state of being! So to conclude: Is god, the infinite or whatever you would call it, eternally striving for greater and greater perception of reality? What if the only cure for ever expanding and complex states of being is stillness and peace? Does one relinquish the complexities of reality for simplicity and perhaps comply and return to the endless hum or do we just grow more conscious for eternity?
  8. Found these two videos and they are very concise in explaining the fundamentals of sacred geometry. I've also added a longer one I reconstructed years ago (long story) for those that want to delve a bit deeper. There is also a really great website with a ton of info about Phi and Pi here:
  9. The Reality of Life & Death

    All things are relative and the minds of people have been evolved over thousands of years by those that would control. The fear of death together with the preciousness of life have been upheld as being sacrosanct in an attempt to manipulate the perceptions of the masses. LIFE: We all struggle to accept the fragility and fleeting nature of our existence but tend to only do so within a framework that we have been indoctrinated into. We are told what is a 'good life' and what is a 'bad life' when these are in reality phantoms which only exist to exert control and remove any desire for speculation. Indeed where there is greater truth to be found it is often distorted by those that wish to keep control. Secret groups shrouded in mystery have existed for as long as mankind itself because as the saying goes 'knowledge is power'. DEATH: Many of us here will accept that death isn't something to fear and may even be a release into a fantastical universe of our own creation. If we factor in time-dilation we are left wondering if life after death isn't in fact a much greater life lasting for an unknown duration of time? Perhaps to die is to be born into a greater life and makes this world with all its stunted and limited perceptions seem like a practice run or dress-rehearsal? THE MEANING OF LIFE: So what purpose does life serve in our current sphere of experience? Perhaps we are choosing the colours of our rainbow the pallet from which we will paint our greater life in-death? As the blossoms fade and the fruit ripens what are we doing other than defining our universe to become? THE MEANING OF DEATH: If we accept that in death there may indeed be life so therefore what is death other than a transition into another sphere of existence one in which we have predefined the parameters of experience through our earthly existence? We have been shopping and dressed ourselves according to our desires or lack thereof in garments which are an expression of ourselves manifest. But as we undress to lay to sleep so our garments are removed one by one and cast aside as a butterfly (moth) emerges from it's cocoon. Journeying into less which is bliss-within-bliss and being-which-is-non-being towards boundless ecstasy the rapture of nought becoming spiralling is rejoined with sensation and the vision again dresses for it's new characterisation.
  10. Tear it all Down & Renew the Source Seed of Love

    Yep "stuff bellies and empty hearts". We could also add fill minds full of pointless crap so they can't even think straight!
  11. Getting really, really fucked off with everything in this world. Why O why don't people just follow their hearts? Listen and then reflect at how far astray we have all become from the source of all that is goodness. Empty be filled, Light of my life, Darkness has taken you, Renew me, Take me, I am nothing, Alone, Your servant, Bright ones.
  12. What are you listening to?

    This class: