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  1. The Cool Picture Thread

    Some people just have a dirty mind!!
  2. The Cool Picture Thread

  3. Be Warned Satan is Copyrighted!!!

    Seems this has been resolved, probably some money a few chickens and a couple of human sacrifices was the price Netflix paid!
  4. God as Self, Atman

    Well I liked Bergson's ideas even if he wasn't enlightened, which I didn't think for one moment but who knows? Anyway talking about monkeys wasn't Hanuman enlightened?
  5. God as Self, Atman

    Mirrors often come up in certain teachings so perhaps that's a hint. I've been thinking about time a lot the last year or so and wonder if it has an illusionary quality. The philosopher Henri Bergson gives us some ideas to play with: Because a qualitative multiplicity is heterogeneous and yet interpenetrating, it cannot be adequately represented by a symbol; indeed, for Bergson, a qualitative multiplicity is inexpressible. Thus, to grasp duration, one must reverse habitual modes of thought and place oneself within duration by intuition.[2] Source:
  6. God as Self, Atman

    Well yeah but it is kind of related, think singularity.
  7. Two for the price of one!

    He should definitely lay off the hamburgers!
  8. God as Self, Atman

    It get even more bizarre with 'quantum entanglement' and 'spooky action at a distance'!
  9. God as Self, Atman

    This might be worth a watch even though it's from 2013:
  10. God as Self, Atman

    Yes I agree. I did have a quick look and the Just read up on it and I've probably been working with the 'quantum field theory' in my world! Funny how we pick up ideas and incorporate them without too much thought. I'm obviously aware of the concepts of particles but I'm equally aware of the theories of energy fields and I always thought that both were true. Hmm it's one of those things that's not clear cut and I don't even think physicists understands it. It's this kind of voodoo which gives a degree of credence to those that believe in psychic phenomenon. As said I'm not a believer but certain things may be plausible.
  11. God as Self, Atman

    Is this a fact? I always though that there was some uncertainty to the whole idea of particles being a real thing and that they just serve as a way to understand reality because the maths is weird/complex. So are you suggesting all waves are some kind of particle/s simply in array? So light is made of particles i.e. Photons? Hmm, doesn't change much I just always though everything was energy fields although it's just as bizarre if everything is made of particles.
  12. Two for the price of one!

    Firstly we have this disgusting show of inter-species procreation! And secondly our old friend ego reaching for enlightenment!