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  1. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I thought you had backup? Yes that thread did go on a bit! LOL You could have just let it go. I've had to ignore a few threads here because people took a different view and wouldn't let it go. I let go. Perhaps all the chaotic threads came into being because people didn't have anything else to talk about? I like talking about psychic experiences etc. Nature abhors a vacuum and fills it with 'something' eventually and that 'something' is often defined by the peeps themselves!! Hmm what did I say there? Well I don't hang here much because everything has been tainted because of group bias and a lack of unity. We need a road map back to the path.
  2. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Sean if there's any doubt about the hole you've dug it's fading fast! I'm not a troll as I'm not the one screaming for attention. I'm aware of the way this place has gone and I think we're all guilty. Slinging more mud isn't helping. Perhaps you should consider changing the title of this thread as an indicator of the way forward? You know, compromise a bit?
  3. No more right-wing bullshit.

    But seriously there are way to many sub forums which is certainly part of the problem. If you allow a speck of bacteria to have a place to set-up-shop and breed then what do you expect? I never understood the women's sections as it just seems divisive. I think it's easy to come up with an idea and then just go with it without thinking it through. I think the lesson is simplicity!!! How ironic is that? Hack it back to six forums. Maybe move controversial stuff to a members only archive forum. BUT! Let's think it through first?
  4. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Have you considered that I was simply trying to diffuse the situation with a degree of levity. So who started the fire? It's a bit like Russian roulette. I can talk about the subjects you outlined but I'd rather not so why bring them up? Oh trolls, same old story then. When you find an answer please share it with the whole world Sean as it sorely needs it at this moment in time! Oh shit was we being serious?
  5. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Let's debate these one by one and see what transpires? Racism: Yes we don't like groups of people being picked on but who would draw any distinction and for what purpose? This is a tricky one as the current temperature is high but are we to celebrate our differences or bow to the idea of an homogenised society? The problem is the tendency, by some, to highlight the negatives instead of the positives. Anyway we all agree on the crux of this one, obviously! Sexism: This is almost in the same league as racism but to be honest it may have a cultural bias which needs to be considered. The facts are undeniable, men and women are different but complimentary so what's the problem? Is sexism something childish or is it something much more mature and sinister?! Hmm stereotypes that's the problem. Ableism: Who does that then? Misogyny: Err sorry to sound like an, err, dick, but we also need to have 'Misandry', or not, it's only fair! LOL Homophobia: Nah most of us don't care but perhaps we get annoyed with people going on and on about it! We all have gay friends right? It's also being used by political groups as leverage, sorry but it's a fact and needs to stop! The media's obsession is actually detrimental to equality etc. Has sexuality been politicised? [obviously it has] Transphobia: I'm not even going there. Each to their own, err, if you know what I mean! [I do have an opinion but I rarely air it, I just worry about the effect on children minds] Fascism: Hmm this is another one prone to manipulation and misinterpretation. I'm not getting involved but would like to be able to have my own thoughts without being told I can't have an opinion. The middle is only discovered by seeing both sides of the argument, even the extremes. Rape and sexual assault apologia: OMG! That is a controversial one as in some cultures if a women is deemed to not have resisted... Enough said, as I'm really not going there or here! Any form of aggression is a sin but sexual aggression is the pits! Police brutality apologia: Not sure why this is in here? Obviously everyone's conduct should be proper and respectful unless they pull a knife or a gun and then the rules change or even vanish. Xenophobia, anti-immigrant rhetoric: Another hot potato! If people go through the proper channels or are deemed refugees most citizens don't have a problem. Climate change denial: Yes it has been warm and it may well be that human activity has a lot to do with it. Stop flying, stop driving, stop most of the things you do everyday and your conscience will be clear. I could try and explain the concept of sacrifice but it will fall on death ears. Yes millions are going to die because the natural balance has been skewed by human activity so just deal with it! And get this, it's too late as that train has left the station!!!!! Blame your parents. Well that wasn't so bad and now we can talk about that wibbly wobbly thing!
  6. No more right-wing bullshit.

    OK reading through this thread, haven't finished yet, I think we all agree that politics has become polarised to an extreme. Some might suggest this is a game plan which both sides seem happy to fuel but it's obviously at the price of real debate and discussion. I don't have the answer other than perhaps continue the discussion as respectfully as possible and find the common ground. Before anybody points the finger at me, for my Brexit Thread, I think most would consede that I've kept my comments on the appropriate thread. Of course there has also been the polarisation of men against women which to be fair only exists because of feminism itself as most people are cool with women's rights. So what am I saying? Nothing! I don't really have an opinion other than something is very wrong here and I almost vanished months back and rarely comment here much any more. I think if people can't shape-up then maybe just pull-the-plug but that would be a shame and 'Marbles' memory would be disrespected. So what would Marble Head do in this situation?
  7. No more right-wing bullshit.

    So Sean returns to fight the 'good fight'!! LOL Yep the left are now official off the scale.
  8. The Brexit Thread

    Ultimately all leaders follow the 'lived' often termed the Devil. They tell us to live (evil) through desire and excessive consumption. Humans 'being' are an endangered species but the dammed are legion! The Buddhists tell us we have no soul but we are eternally defining our next reappearance. Why me oh lord? Because your deeds and actions define you! Or to put it more succinctly, fuck um!
  9. The Brexit Thread

    I don't give a toss what some say I think Nigel is a class act.
  10. Trump talk

    Just remember love is the answer:
  11. The Brexit Thread

    Obviously that image has been airbrushed!
  12. Trump talk

    Gotta love Lucas:
  13. Trump talk

    And the latest here:
  14. Trump talk

    You may have already covered this:
  15. Facebook Should Be Shut Down!

    We'll get back to the original post about FB inciting violence and murder later but for now: