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    Hello, Dao Bums! I recently remembered about this place and decided that I should join and read up on anything that might be useful for my development. My general goal/wish is to master Franz Bardon's Initiation Into Hermetics and beyond. However that has been an on/off practice for years. This time around, I wanted to address the lack of martial preparedness and energy that seemed to cause me trouble in the past. I don't know of any worthwhile teachers in my country, so I have resorted to do without. I am always interested in wortwhile reading material, however. My current plan is to work towards and sustain an hour long session of Zhan Zhuang together with 30 minutes of meditation after which I could add Ba Duan Jin to the mix. I would expect 6 months of practice of that sort would be a good start. Any tips or pointers are greatly appreciated!