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  1. having integrity and still getting laid

    In my Crazy situation i realized my self defeating behaviour was ultimately fueled by wrong beliefs about the world, these beleif however was only 1/2 of the puzzle, the other 1/2 was EMOTIONS, a lot of unfruitful behaviour was fueled by feelings of FEAR, ANGER and SADNESS This book called 'THe PResence Process' Really helped me and continues to, it talks about how the patterns of addiction or 'malfunction' we have in our lives are relfections that point to areas in our emotional body where we need to become more present responsible. These feeling were formed while we were children , the our ego came along and created belife systems to rationalize and hide these feeling because they were painful, once you practice being with with the ACTUAL PAIN OR FEELING OF FEAR then you can see your false belifes and change your actions... Observe your self and explore yourself Take responsability for your own well being regardless of what the world does
  2. having integrity and still getting laid

    "Maning up" THis frustration and pain is part of the maning up have to keep going and get deeper into and through it because manhood is like that, no one will fight for you or force you, life WILL kick your a$$ and if you dont choose to conciously fight back and grow and be determined to have good thing s for yourself then... YOU WILL PERISH OR GO CRAZY OR BECOME SOMEONE's BIOTCH but all of us men are going thru or have gone through it, but your pain is not without gain, the more you work thru and with your pain and angst the more return you in work out You must be willing to change and give up things you used to value in order to gain something that is more valuable
  3. having integrity and still getting laid

    I have felt EXACTLY the same way stoner..... It actually led to me sticking up strangers with a gun a few years ago the pain and lonliness is SEEMS unbearable and if you try to share you feeling with the world they just make it worst by laughing at you and alienating you further There is away up bro... seriously i KNOW by experience im gettin out of my $hit but it is HARD AS HELL!! Im learning that.our approach to getting thoses needs met needs to be shifted because NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR NEEDS as much as YOU DO, SO IT IS YOURE RESPONSABILITY TO GET THEM MET as a MAN the first step is BEING HONEST WITH YOURSELF and realizing that you are the only one that is truly 100% in your corner
  4. having integrity and still getting laid

    The last posts from the cat and the guy who said you attract what you are not what you desire had very big impact on me. They re affirmed some truths i have been struggling with. My first emotional reaction was anger and then it was deep pain anger and pain that i have felt before A LOT! That heartache that reaches out because there is that human whole in us, some deeper than others My mind went on telling stories if what was wrong with the world, and sucidal type thoughts and all that general low- self esteem crap (if you ever been thru that) The i realized that regardless of the paioon and the arguments in my ego , that ultimatley part of me was just simply asking "Who cares about me?, Nodbody does.." But then i started realizing that someone does! I DO!! thats why im going thru all this crap trying to fix my s**t and thats why i spent hours brooding over the world and myself is because I CARE ABOUT ME!!! Its just that i haven't learned to uses what what i have in a MATURE WAY I have layers of trapped emotion and FALSE BELEFIS about the world that are just OBSOLETE I think women reject me because I HAD A FALSE BELEIF that my caring and nuturing came from others, instead of my SELF in a way the workld is right, nobody really CARES about you as much as YOU should care about you, and you do care about you, even if your methods are OUT DATED for your current stage of DEVELOPMENT This message goes out to StonerWolf, Dont let this world beat you down, YOU are your own best friend and it is ROUGH out here, dont be fooled too much my 'SPIRITUALITY' into thinking its all fluffy clouds and hugs....
  5. having integrity and still getting laid

  6. having integrity and still getting laid

    IF YOU ARE A WOMAN READING WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!! SO WE WONT JUST BE TOSSING AROUND 'IDEAS' I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT EXPERIENCES Maybe this 'problem' is so old and over played because it is not a 'problem' , it is the nature of the dynamics between men and women, somtimes i think "Am I the one with the problem?" The woman goes for the masculine strength because it complements here feminie qualities If there is no 'right' and 'wrong' Then is it is not wrong for a woman to want to be with and be with masculine power that is expressed by domination, and cohercion. We see this senario played out so much, that it seems to me to be part of 'Nature' , is this pattern of nature soemthing that i need to learn to adapt to just like cycles of the seasons, a thunderstorm etc...? Although the natural pattern is interupted by the likes of: Birth control and Propaganda ie; Movies, Music, Advertisment
  7. having integrity and still getting laid

    I studied and practiced some of that 'seduction stuff' I did improve my relations with women at one superficial level But I think the real issue with me was not staying true to my own desires, beliefs and expression, i would change them to suit women and hide them from women, i guess i can see why women would be attracted to that! I kinda know the answer to my own question but i get impatient! Yea so... Love the INPUT!!! KEEP IT COMING!!!
  8. having integrity and still getting laid

    Has this worked in the 'field' !?
  9. having integrity and still getting laid

    thanks... I know that i am not being fully human either i tend to bottle up or supress my truth in terms of the way i live my life, my actions and my words, i feel like as i shine my life energy out in a honest yet strong way the things will improve... I think when they talk about 'confidence' thats what they mean gotta switch up the social things a go to , so i can inter act with a diffrent crowd of women
  10. Moving towards integrity

  11. having integrity and still getting laid

    Actually the more times i read it the more it makes sense... thnks, it give me somthing to chew on..
  12. having integrity and still getting laid

    Could you break that down in to laymen's terms please, i only have a novice knowledge of metaphysics!!!