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Reaching Deep Relaxation

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42 minutes ago, steve said:

The things that have been the most relaxing for me have been spending time in nature and meditation.

Physical exercise is very important for relaxation as is adequate and restful sleep.

wow Steve, you just let the cat out of the bag.  Now who is going to write all those books on complicated relaxation methods and guided meditation music in YouTube, or get a spot on Oprah?  :)

From my path so far,  it seems like the real things in life are so simple that we completely miss them looking for something more complex. 


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On 1/5/2019 at 9:20 PM, Yonkon said:

I am doing something similar: I take my guitar, play 2 chords on and on, and then i am singing stuff like " i am totally relaxed, oh baby yeah" while imagining my absolute over the top relaxation fantasy. I call it music magick, i think it motivated me to write this post.  

Ah yes, exactly. You can become the visionary of your life, by re-envisioning the best possible version of every segment of your unique life experience prior to entering each segment and thus co-create in the best possible way, as you fulfill your hearts desire, unconditionally, meaning, regardless of what the condition may look like, you can imagine the best possible version of that condition. And then it will have no choice but to show itself to you in the way you have allowed it to be. How? By acting on your best possible imagined version accordingly, as you SAY that it is so, and you need no other reason than that you exist at center of all of existance, life happens through you and so you act on your highest excitement with absolutely zero insistence on any outcome whatsoever, to the best of your ability, but rather to allow the best possible outcome, untill you can take it no further. Why? Because you cannot know or predict the future ever! The best possible version of your life is there to be allowed, not forced. The art of deliberate creation and becoming the visionary of your life and the art of allowing are all the same thing, and then re-imagine and re-envision again and again, and act on your highest excitement, with absolute zero insistence on any outcome whatsoever to the best of your ability, knowing that that will always be enough! And again! as you allow the best possible version of that highest most joyous most beautiful and loving and pleasing imagined condition that you always have acces to in your imagination, which then can guide you always to the right course of action, deeds and words that are beyond into the perfection of each sound and movement, which will always yield the best possible outcome and ever more future and ever more becoming of all conditions and circumstances as all is here and now is forever. And extract the best possible outcome of each circumstance, that is always to your highest joy and best possible version of each circumstance. And again... Evermore.


You don't change the outward reflection of your conditions in life, because they are already perfect. The only thing we have come here to learn is to love, unconditionally. You change the alignment, the tuning, that allows you to synchronise with the most extatic version and meaning and value of each and every circumstance and condition in your life. You change what you ALLOW YOURSELF to hear/see/feel or translate through the vibrational translators of your senses, by re-envisioning the circumstances, as the visionary of your own life, you summon through you for the fullfillment of the best of your life and all that is of it, the aspects of every atom in creation, of light, that always heals every condition into the most valuable and more true version of all that it truely is and evermore ment to be the evermore becoming of.


It is the story that you tell. That becomes your life. And the better the story you tell of your here and now, the better the version of the here and now you can see and thus then allow the ever more ever becoming of, with absolute zero effort whatsoever, you do nothing and leave nothing undone as is the unyielding capability of your souls most highest truth and freedom to create any reflection or condition you so desire, through your most highest state of knowledge of the most highest truth of all that is here and now, as above so below. You tune in to your greater knowing that you always have acces to. Through your imagination, but you don't imagine a lesser version. Cause then you'll get that lesser version. And that's why your emotions are so valuable in helping you know what is what. Cause you may feel confused, but your emotions will always allow you to feel a feeling that is undeniable. Even the most subtle emotion of discontentment through the state of confusion can thus then be allowed to re-co-infuse your perception with the clarity that is what you seek of the lightness of freedom of the lightness of the ease and simplicity and knowledge that you seek and the clairty and wide open sky then re-awakens you ability to re-member all the fragmented aspects of all of your total consciousness as you are always here and now as all is one and all the one are the all.


The way you respond to the circumstances determines the outcome. The vibrational alignment trumps everything. And when you realise, you no longer have to change the reality, in order to allow yourself to allow its already best possible version as it already always exists here and now and will forevermore continue to exist in the evermore ever becoming of it. And there is no worry of the outcome, because the future is unavoidable. But how you come to the end of this story as the new story thus then begins evermore, is the only thing that truely matters for your life here and now, to live it through your here and now, where all the stories always will be allowed to become the evermore becoming of the evermore becoming of that which is what it all truely already has been, always will be and is. As all that is to come after it, will be nothing but better, than all you have ever been capable of imagining prior to your allowing of the evermore becoming of the more of it.


We are very dense beings. We cannot become more dense. We are physical human beings. One does not need to suffer, because you cannot become more dense than you already are. And you also don't need to hold on to life in order to allow yourself to live it more fully. You also do not hold on to life in order to understand it more fully. So allow yourself to become light, as a feather, and treat every condition as gentle as each and every oh so sensitive string of a guitar. And when you treat death in the same manner, than you can have an understanding of life that is truely in alignment with your soul and your highest purpose in this life, as a perfectly blended being of co-harmonized complete total hue-man being where physical and non-physical evermore walk hand in hand.


The point of life is to live it. And to live it, you have to allow the already perfection of it. And to allow the already perfection of it, you have to become light and playful as you observe your reality. If you have dense views that does not allow a more lighter and more playful perception of your reality, more free, then it will constantly dissapoint you, because you have commanded it so by your insistence and holding on to the views you have about that life, that only can happen through your own freedom! And so if you realise that you are choosing this state of bondage and failure and such, then simply becoming conscious of that you are doing it, and remembering that you chose it, whenever you are doing it, that you can feel through your emotional indicators of what you are doing with your energy, allowing the more freedom or not, simply instantly heals it. It's done, it's over. You can let the resistance go instantly, that which causes resistance, that which you do which causes resistance. Wei wu wei. You are now aware of your freedom that has allowed you to create all of it, and you let it go, and all that is left is your pure perfect natural well-being and freedom that is your natural and default state as a hue-man being. what is there left now but to allow the new found conscious recognition of your own freedom that has allowed you to do so? And so there is only that. The freedom, and now as you chose that, you can also choose this in your allowing of it being that simple and en-freeing.


And mostly when you feel bad and you recognize you are creating your life to be less than all that it truely can be, don't be hard on yourself, because that's only how you create more forgetfullness and lack of knowledge and lack of awareness. You can never be fully disconnected from your greater knowing, EVER. The bad feeling is a guidance, don't numb it or ignore it, let it show you what you are doing wrong and let it go, drop it, and don't do it anymore, unlearn it. Every habbit that becomes conscious of itself in the act is no longer a habbit but a choice. And you hearts guidance of emotional, energy motional, indicators will always be there to remind you of what you are doing with your own energy, how you are filtering the energy that comes through you from your Source of Existance, how you are aligning with the greatest and ever greater truth or less, that is of the energy that creates worlds, how you are allowing that energy or less to flow through you and the amplitude of the sensation and feeling and emotion indicating the degree of your summoning of that energy and the way you feel it as negative or positive indicating your state of dissallowing/resistance or allowing of that same energy. And as you can thus then feel this that is the only thing that truely matters, then you always have acces to the only thing that truely matters, giving you the ability to love unconditionally. And as you thus then care about how you feel, and as you thus then allow yourself to align more fully with the Energy of Source and God and All things that you call Good and Better ever more, more than anything, every possible circumstance and condition, no matter who or where you are, can be turned around, with the absolute least amount of effort, for the ever more fulfillment of your own unique and individually blessed personal life experience. And it doesn't require you to be a saint or healer or teacher. But just to allow yourself to be who it is you truely are. And celebrate the ever more becoming of the best of all that you are evermore to be the evermore becoming of. Because that is who it is you truely already are and are ment to be the evermore becoming of and you do it in your own unique way. That is always more and unique and better even than itself.


Can you get the flow of it? It is the art of allowing the true fullfillment of all that you truely desire evermore. For there is no other reason than that you exist but for the joy that is the everlasting fullfillment of your everlasting journey. And that is your highest reason and purpose that you are capable of comprehending in this life and you always be capable of imagining an even better one, but only if you allow the one you can imagine now to be the best as it is, always has been and always will be. Your imagination is not designed to show you the future, but designed to allow you re-envision the best of what is here and now, as all is here and now is forever. So trying to get ahead of yourself only ever causes you to stand still, and suffer the art of dissallowing your ever more greater destiny, that is who it is and what you are that is one and the same thing as your ever becoming of who it is you truely already are as all that you truely already are, always here and now, where all always is, and all time is and all the ways are that are always infinite in nature and freedom that is always of it's natural nature.

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