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  1. The Evolution of a spiritual douche bag

    That is why the words you use to describe the emotions, are not important. For they are not always accurate. Many people use many different words to describe similar emotions. But what is important is that you feel the emotions that you are feeling, always here and now, and feel how they feel that is always undeniable to you in your utmost honesty of feeling them and clarity of allowing yourself to accept the emotion that you may bee feeling in any given moment in time. That can always help you and guide you, to the best possible feeling you will always want to feel the more and better of. As you're focused in such a way that causes discord within you, and in that moment are not fully in alignment with who you really are and your greater knowing that is for yours evermore, then you can feel early on, in the subtle beginning stages of that negative emotion, energy in motion, before allowing it gain momentum, that will always cause the pain to expand aswell from within and outward aswell. But if you always tend to your own energy and allow your hearts feeling to guide you in this, as you are focusing more towards what does feel better, and better, then you can also always easily and effortlessly, feel better, regardless of the conditions of your life, as to eventually also be feeling good. And when you do, that can then be allowed to gain momentum aswell, and eventually reach such a great point of clarity so as to inspire one to take inspired action, from a state of greater allowed awareness, love, acceptance, and knowing. That will always yield the best possible outcome and result. For these kind of inspired actions always leverage the power of the energy which creates worlds and is also thus then fully backed up by it and always fully supported by it in that way, so as to allow for the most fulfilling course of actions to be oh so naturally and pleasantly and joyfully and effortlessly expressed through you. Through you unwavering doubt and greater knowing, of all that holds value to you and these values then forever can be reflected back to you, unconditionally, meaning regardless of whatever condition you may thus then be in. Thus then also allowing the conditions to show to you how it can be so that all these values are there for you. And you allow that, simply because you care about how you feel more than the conditions of your life, meaning more than anything, that may inspire you to always allow your greater knowing that always happens together with your better feeling. Only when you reach such a depth of despair and pain, that you begin to realise that all circumstances depend solely on your own inner alignment, and never the other way around? This incredible pain and despair is also then often a catalyst for an individual to begin caring about how they feel more than the conditions of their life. And thus then unconditional love can be achieved much more easily and simply, by virtue of the new found realisation of the importance of it, and thus then the new found ability to focus on your own ever greater inner alignment that you can always achieve here and now, where all your power ever was, is and always will be. And it also doesn't take allot of pain or discord in ones life to realise that this is so. For if they simply choose to care about how they feel, and tend to their own alignment with their greater ability to allow all that is well, by virtue of their focusing, the personal experience that follows than can also be their greatest and most undeniable teacher of all of it aswell. In such a way that they can never ever possibly forget. Not completely. Not untill they die, and then realise, they no longer need that emotional guidance, for they have thus then fully re-emerged into their greater non-physical consciousness and all of its greater knowing that thus then has also become more, by virtue of your having lived your life here, that has also always have been a vital part of it's ever expansion, and will continue to be so, evermore. But ofcourse you and no one needs to die, in order to allow themselves to simply choose in the here and now to align themselves with their inner greater knowing, by virtue of how they're feeling as they're focusing their mind creator mechanism, in whatever way they can do so. And forever thus then reap the benefit of this doing, of the art of allowing, the art of feeling better, unconditionally.
  2. Watching My Thoughts Because of Blue Balls

    I like that guidance from that book, about stilling your eyeballs, in order to cease thought. For if you learn to cease thought, you can thus then also learn to truely receive thought, from your own non-physical consciousness of infinite intelligence. And that is and can be forever the most valuable thing you can do and learn in life. That is a profound realisation.
  3. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    As you already mentioned, they are clouded in a veil of darkness. That doesn't mean there isn't good within them. Infact, every single atom in this univere contains both positive and negative. If you can learn to focus on the positive aspect, you also have the evermore capability of allowing that to be more fully realised by you. And the way to focus on the positive aspect, is to learn how you feel, emotionally, as you are focusing, that then can always help you and guide you towards the more fuller and greater realisation of all that is ment for you to be good and better evermore.
  4. Yes you could call the most high and effortless nature of enlightened decision making the idea of the positive aspect of having no choice. To have a choice that feels so absolutely good, that you have but no choice but to choose it, because that is how good it feels. And thus then you can't help but to allow your ever greater destiny and purpose in life to be more fully realised by you, evermore, through those choices that will forever feel so absolutely good for you, that you have no choice but to choose it, evermore, as it's being and ever greater becoming are one and the same thing.
  5. Different Kinds of Love

    You are approaching this in somewhat of a backward manner. You look outside of yourself for the love that is already contained within you. For example, you look at a beautiful woman, and you love the way she looks. And you love the idea of mating with her. However, then you look back at the conditions of your life, and no longer see that love that has only ever been capable of being allowed through yourself, and then you say, there is no love here... And then you're dissapointed or maybe even angry, but that anger is only due to what you did as you gave up your own desire that feels so good to you, by looking away from it, even tho you can never succeed in allowing your love by doing so. For it is all that you are to become the ever more greater becoming of evermore. And the more you allow yourself to know this, the less resistance you will have towards who you truely are and are ment to become ever more. And the more you are thus then capable of allowing yourself to look at what it is you do want, evermore. That way the journey can be allot more pleasant and enjoyable aswell. For that is the only reason you exist anyway. To enjoy the journey that never ends. And lucky, the joy is in and of the journey itself. So allowing yourself to love is the only thing required of you ever, for the ever fullfillment of your life, and its ever greater and greatest purpose, evermore. And that is the most important part you need to know. For you can become that love here and now in any given moment, without needing your conditions to change before you allow yourself to become the love that you truely already are. And you need to focus to allow yourself to focus on the love that you already have contained within you and that you emotional guidance can always more fully guide you towards the more fully blown realisation of it, always here and now, as all is here and now is forever, as you thus then allow yourself to feel that love that is already there for you, and enjoy it ever more, for the sole purpose of your feeling of it and feeling good as you're doing so. Otherwise you'll just wait endlessly for something that can only ever be allowed to happen through you and by you and as you, and not outside of you.
  6. Yeah but those thoughts of love are not without form, they are full of form, and will be the ever more fuller form of all that is to be evermore. Your non-physical being is not of less form than all that you have allowed yourself to be in this life. It is ever so more fuller and ever so more fuller fullest form of all that you have to truely become as a result of your having lived in this physical life experience, that you may call the "lesser" form. Thus then you can allow the greater form ever more to be realised by you, through your thoughts of love, or through the guidance of your emotions that let you know wether you are allowing your fuller form or not. That is thus then always the catalyst of your ever allowing of your ever greater becoming of who it is you truely are ment to be the ever becoming of ever more.
  7. Meditation sickness and related deviations

    Yeah exactly, and thus you can call that the allowing of your true unconditional nature. That then wants to allow the thoughts of evermore inspiraling inspirations of flowing through you and as you as who it is you truely are ever so more fully through you, here and now, only for the purpose of feeling absolute good as you do so, for there is no other reason that this reason that is the greatest reason for all that exists, always here and now. As all is here and now is forever.
  8. Imagination - There's a Reason For it!

    Funny video. That is a good example of how people use imagination for conditional love. That always serves them only to limit themselves. So if one, again, uses the imagination only for the purpose of feeling good, in the moment of their imagining, then you understand the unconditional love, through which everything in the universe is created, including you and all that is of your life, evermore. The creations that you have been asking for, has already been created by the power that creates world, and will be doing so evermore. It is only when you feel good that in that moment you are allowing your very own personal ever greater realisation of it all. And thus then you are allowing all of that you want, in your ever more allowed realisation of it, through your feelings that feel like passion and excitement and love and eagerness and happiness and joy and empowerment and freedom and knowing and clarity and well-being. And then you can leverage your aligment with Power that Creates World, as you allow Source Energy and Perspective to flow through you for the fulfillment of all of your life's desires and more, that is more than well known by your greater non-physical being and consciousness, that also thus then always guides you through your heart for the full ever more greater realisation of all of it, evermore. Including all the physical realisations and more, that always and only ever ment for you and no one else. For you are at the center of your own yoUniverse. But only if you realise it doesn't happen outside of you, but only ever through you, then you simply allow yourself to feel good, and take the path of least resistance towards the fulfillment of all that you truely want evermore, and the good feeling emotion is the indication that lets you know wether you are thus then in any given moment on the path of least resistance or not, and allow all that is good for you to evermore flow to you, effortlessly. Without trying to make anything happen. But allowing what truely needs to happen and thus then can will be allowed to serve you evermore, in your ever greater and more fuller realisation of all that who it is and what it is that you truely already always have been, are wanting, and will be the ever becoming of evermore. If you truely allow it to be that simple. For you truely did not come here into this life to make everything more complicated than it even wants to be or ever will be the wanting of it to be, evermore.
  9. Imagination - There's a Reason For it!

    The imagination is only for the purpose of allowing yourself to feel good. If you can approach your imagination in that way, yes then it will always show you what is to be for you evermore. To imagine the way you want to feel, that will then forever inspire you to move forward with that feeling and it can only ever happen or be allowed to happen through that feeling of love or good feeling emotion, that you have allowed to be more fully, through your using of your imagination to reach the best feeling you can in any given moment, to allow yourself to stabilize that feeling and learn of it's blessings for you evermore, that it can have for you, if you allow it. But only if you only ever keep holding on to imagination itself, even tho it no longer feels good, then it will just become another form of limitation, like any other of your physical life experiences. So be flexible and always present in your moment of now and here, then you always have acces to the best feeling imagination you can possibly find, evermore. As you are thus then also able to feel your way through it, always fully through the guidance of your emotions, that let you know wether you are focused more unto what it is you truely want or not. Someone may say, you are only happy if you are my slave. So keep imagining that you are my slave untill you are happy. That can never work. For only you can ever tell in the moment of how you're feeling as you are focusing your mind's capability of imagining and envisioning what it is that you truely want in any given moment. And the next moment, and new moment, and new here and now. And the now, here and now, and new here and now. Always. As you, as all, is here, and now is forever. You always have everything you need already contained within you for the full blown realisation of all that you can ever be fuller and more greater realisator of, creator of and allower of. And the best way to master it, is to allow your hearts feeling and emotion to guide you in your everlasting journey, evermore, always here and now. As all is here and now is forever. May it all be well with you.
  10. The Evolution of a spiritual douche bag

    Yes, but again, you are thus then focused on what is outside of you. The conditions of your life. Unconditional love is about what you do, and think, and allow to be for yourself evermore. As all is here and now is forever. You never need to go looking outside of yourself to find that love that you already contain within yourself. And that will always be your calling, evermore. And you didn't wanted it to be any other way, anyway. A tree doesn't go only one branch and just grow dead center upwards, like a stubborn cactus. So what you say is wise, and it also speaks at the importance of unconditional love. To simply enjoy our life in whatever way we can. The same person you can love, and they may love you back. And you always meet in that way, when both of you are in your best state of being that you can possibly be in, and if they don't love you back or no longer love you, then you simply move on, because you are not conditional enough to care about the conditions of your life more than how you feel from within. The conditions, that may or may not have anything to do with the love that you always have the ever more capability allowing and acces to, that always comes from within you and that can only ever happen or be allowed to happen ever more through you, and never without you. So you allow your full unconditional love in the moment, also by allowing yourself to move on from people who are not able to allow themselves to love you in any given moment in time, for they have not yet learned to do so, or simply forgot how to do it in that moment. If you no longer care about the conditions of your life, the conditions can then show you how it can serve you, by allowing you that same freedom you have given it, to love unconditionally. evermore. In an everlasting life experience of evermore joy. Regardless of what may be happening around you or not.
  11. I Don't Care If You Hate Me ...

    Yeah I totally agree. To just don't care anymore. To die. To let go. It's all the same thing. To stop struggling. To surrender, to all that is forever gonna become better for you, evermore. Sometimes we have a wonderful idea about what we want, and we enjoy it so much. And then, when it becomes painful, you simply let it go, so that you can continue on to your ever more better ideas that are always to come, evermore. And when it becomes painful, you simly let go. As you just allow to be that way. There is a time to allow what if more joyful and there is a time to let go of what is more painful. So what caused tremendous pleasure, may now be the source of tremendous pain only if you keep holding on it, insisting that it continue to be the source of your pleasure evermore, when it is only ever through you that it had ever been capable of being so, and so you simply let it go, and move on to who you truely are, and are always ment to be the ever more becoming of, evermore. So that you can just enjoy your life, and not need to die, before you allow yourself to enjoy life more, that will always speed up the process of dying, to die when the time for that is appropriate. It will become very obvious when that is, and it will also become very easy when that is. There's no rush in it ever. All is well. Everything in the right time, always here and now, as all the guidance you will ever need to help you let go of what is more painful is also always here and now at the center of your very being. And to allow through your central being thus then you can allow what is less painful and always more fully toward the feeling better, evermore. Always along the path of least resistance, towards all the you want, evermore. You don't need to worry about loosing anything ever either. You will always become more of who you are when you let go of that which you are not. Cause all that you want and love can only ever happen through you, and you are always here and now. As all is here and now is forever. And all is well, and may it all be well with you.
  12. Watching My Thoughts Because of Blue Balls

    The actual truth is, of your true eternal and infinite nature, which actually also includes your physical body, which exists as you, here and now, as all is here and now is forever, is that it doesn't matter, wether it is 99.9% or 0.00000000000000000220584% in both cases, the creation of it, and the allowing of it, are always both 100% equally effortless. You allow by virtue of your attention on it. The longer your attention is placed on it, the more it expands. Inwards and outwards. However, when people first realise this, they freak out. How can it be that simple?! How are you making me responsible now for the creation of my entire life?! Well... The point is, you're gonna place your attention on anything for longer than 50% of your waking day, unless you absolutely love it, and it is truely aligned with your desire, and it is your true passion. You are not doing this alone. You have your entire non-physical greater knowing, that knows all that you truely want evermore. And guides you trough your emotions, that allows you to tell the difference, between what you want or not. That is also the path of least resistance. So luckily, you don't have to worry about bad things happening to you. Cause you're always gonna want to place your attention on more of all that is truely ment for you, evermore. And in every new becoming, is new variety, and new expansion, new desire, and new realisation, evermore. So nothing can ever go wrong. You can't ever get it wrong, and you wont ever get it done.
  13. Yeah I'm a spiritual parrot. Pugaaaa! Maybe if I say PUGAAA! long enough, I can make you happy. Pugaaaaa!
  14. The Evolution of a spiritual douche bag

    I can't really teach your unconditional nature, it's something that only you can allow or not in any given moment. So you could say, I am at the mercy of your decision, evermore. And there is absolutely no blame ever, in any of it.
  15. The Evolution of a spiritual douche bag

    It's simply ok to allow that love to come from within. To understand it wants to express itself. That is how you allow your unconditional nature to flow more fully through you here and now.