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  1. You don't need to make war to be happy. And everything that anyone has ever wanted to do, be or have, is because they thought that they would feel better in the being, doing or having of it. When you actually make joy your priority, unconditionally, emotionally, then you will understand life evermore. But if you're still waiting for conditions to change, just hang on, you will die soon. And then you got no excuse anymore to not be happy.
  2. Just to restore my honor, I have taken a drop of my coffee and rubbed it on my screen. Specially for you. Hai! I had to clean it again, tho the rub is still visible. Does that count? That counts right? It has to count! This is the purpose of my life! To make my screen equally as dirty as everyone elses. So that I can finally see the world the way you see it. I rubbed some spit on here, and surprisingly, it looks about as pretty as the rainbow. I see lines of red and green and blue and magentha and yellow. Wait hardly any yellow. More red green and blue. But between red and blue some slight magentha maybe more purple-ish. But ofcourse the shakra makra hakrah! We are all a shakrah. Life is all about the shakra. If you don't shakra then you cannot shakra makra hakra! I shot invisible yellow light to my cat. She seems to be unresponsive to my magical powers. Tho, I did make her turn her ear slightly my way. Or... Did she do that herself? Aaahaahaaah. Ofcourse not my friend! We are all controlled by a giant computer in the sky! Proceeds to whisper cautiously covering mouth with hand and leaning in casually. "I'm telling you, all these messages are calculated to perfection, kno whaddim sayin...? Yo this the ballz up in hiyh!"
  3. "Hello?! Is someone theeeeere? Re?.. re? ...re?..." I look into the distant frozen mountain tops... No answer comes back. A flying saucer beams from a far distant sky, with the speed of light, buzzing motionless near above. Radiating harmonics that seem to bend the light around it. A pole descends from bellow. A beautiful poledancer slides upside down, using only her legs. "Hey hun, what you doing so cold out at night?" She asks. "Is it night? I thought it was day." I motion my hand towards the blue foggy sunset at the horizon. "It's always night, where I'm from, baby!" She smiles with great enthusiasm. "Well, technically speaking..." She takes my hand and wraps it around her shoulders, lifts me up, and carries me like a dead carpet, dragging my feet along the snow, and beams up into the saucers. I see a pattern on the walls. Red soft material ingraved. There is a bar, a cybernetic bartender. "Would you like something to drink?" I say "No thank you, I'd rather meditate." "Well, well... Look who's talking! Mister lazy boy..." He lifts his eye balls sarcastically and makes it spin in a dizzying haze.
  4. That is because there is no peanutbutter on your screen. If you paste peanutbutter on it, it is much easier to understand, what is actually going on in here.
  5. Exactly, that's why I am telling you.
  6. They tell me to send the message to someone who is not yet capable of having sex in mid air.
  7. Yes, we're all bullsht in the end. So why even curse the very thing that is part of life.
  8. And yet I have done nothing meaningful in my life and it is so easy for me to be at peace. Don't you think that's ironic? You gotta wonder. How does creation really happen? Through your actions? Have you ever seen trucks taking resources from other planets and throwing it into perfect orbit around the sun to make a planet? Hmmm... I wonder...
  9. Actually, it is according to your believe system. You believed it would serve you to serve in the military, and so you did. Oh my god, it seems that life is according to our believe system.
  10. Does shinto teach you to force people to believe in the same reality you believe in? So let's say you beat me, and then I start following you around all day long, being your servant, and admiring every movement you make, being evermore in full awe of everything you say. And starting my own worship Earl Grey club. And 1 year later you have 500 thousand followers. Dedicated followers. Who will sleep all day in front of your door. And die if you don't come out. No matter what you say, they will worship you and, if you tell them to stop, they suicide.
  11. Hi, welcome to planet earth. Your life is an algorithm. You are a dimensional being, that is infinitely accurate in dimension, and being and becoming evermore precise and well defined. Mister 4.57426625425879355544522115668088508480045622388084663522100446622154808415393840842369580744126933121455277800596358147258508632521485007... To infinity and beyond!
  12. You aren't ignorant, if you intentionally ignore something. That can actually be a wise thing to do. But often people are bored, so they sort of enjoy the drama of life you know? It is not a healthy thing to do. What would be more conscious ignorance, is simply a focused and disciplined mind of great joy or great allowed realisation. So you can focus on all the aspects of life which are truely in alignment with the truth you know of life itself being and becoming evermore here and now. So you could for example, see a path of lesser resistance, even in the communication with the people of your life, to come to conversation that is of mutual geater allowed realisation.
  13. You don't need to smoke weed in order to simply let your imagination flow freely. I can do it right here and now. "I'm trying to save you!" She takes the drewling zombie by his torn up shirt. He seems to be unresponsive. She smacks him on his cheek, real hard. Some drewl gets on her shirt. She tries to clean it with her hands but it seems to rub it only more on her hands. "This is disgusting!" Suddenly the zombie gives a lame grin. "Oh now you respond!" The zombie says with smile "uuaaaah..."
  14. I'm simply saying how and why you can focus your thinking more in conscious utilization of your own emotional guidance system, to come to know any and all things that may ever matter to you. More effortlessly, or more difficultly. Feeling better or worse emotionally. The path of lesser resistance or the path of more resistance. You do it all of the time anyway. It's only when you are consciously doing it that you reap the full benefit out of your unconditional ability to allow anything that you want to be do or have. By simply focusing for the purpose of feeling what you want first. Then if your energies line up, the natural realisation will come, by virtue of consistent focused alignment of thoughts. Into better feeling thoughts. Into better feeling thoughts. Naturally and effortlessly. Into better feeling life. Naturally and effortlessly come into evermore full harmony and alignment with the ever expanding source of all creation of infinite intelligence, eternal wisdom and unconditional love of which you are always being and becoming an unconditionally loved, supported and guided extension of it evermore here and now.