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  1. Did The Sun Come Up ?

    Everything is true. The question is not what is true. It is, what do you want to be true? Because only then can you ever understand the reason for why everything is happening. Only a small portion of your greater non-physical consciousness is focused here through the lens of your physical body. And so as you experience confusion, clarity is on the way! Because all of your desires are answered. ALWAYS. By the evermore greater becoming of all that you truely are and will he allowing yourself to be the evermore becoming of. If whenever you are experiencing a lack of something you want, it is only ever because you hold on to that which you do not want. And so the becoming is slowed down by you. But the moment you let go, then you simply allow everything to flow again. Opening the flood gates to your own Source well-being so to speak. And often, with difficulty to let go, often people also ask for help, something to make it easier for themselves to let go. To find more clarity. To come to terms or peace or understanding or revelation or answers. And then, when you simply allow yourself to enjoy the desire for answers. Then you will receive them. Because it is always given if you ask. You just have to let go and allow the answer to be received by you in a more conscious manner. More deliberately. Cause asking a question and receiving an answer are two very different things! So you have to relax the question so that you can then allow yourself to receive the answer. Don't shut down your brain, just relax and KNOW that you asked the question, and KNOW that thus you are now receiving the ANSWER! Why? Because you are that worthy, always have been and always will be. So even when you believe you are not receiving the answer. You are actually receiving the answer. Because in that, you ask for more conscious realisation of your receiving of the answer and thus? What you ask is always given! So it's on it's way! Infact it is already done. But the process of becoming, well, it is sort of like how you cannot see the fruits in the tree. But they are becoming. Or you plant a seed and it will grow into a vegetable. So the creation happens non-physically yes. BUT ITS ALL GONNA BECOME A REALITY. So you don't have to worry ever. If you do worry, you're just gonna put more seeds of clarity in the ground. And then endless fruits of confidence will be yours. Nothing can ever go wrong. You can not ever get it wrong. And you will never ever get it done. The weight of the scales are sensitive to each atom. There is only evermore perfection and has always been. And will be allowed to be the evermore becoming of it evermore. And you will always expand evermore. So don't worry, just relax. It's all good and well. And it's only going to get weller and better. Has always been this way and always will be. And if you don't remember it? Well... You will simply ask for that rememberance again. Just like out of confusion, you ask for more clarity and will receive it. But everything is always right here and now. Always has been and always will be.
  2. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    You already are the creator of your own reality, always have been and always will be. This book is just attempting to appease to the scientific mind, to help them let go of the idea of "shortage." Because then you realise, as you create more plastic, the ocean's gonna be filled with them aswell, and is that really what you want? The point of the experiment, is to help people understand, that your desire is very important, because everything in the universe exists to help you come to new desire. It is what puts the eternalness in eternity. But more importantly, it helps people understand the real purpose is to find alignment with your own desire! And that you don't need physical conditions in order to find that alignment. And then when you do that, then you will come to the full blown realisation OF ALL THAT YOU TRUELY DESIRE. IS to find alignment with what people call "God" or Source of All of Creation. The Source of the eternal and infinite stream of well-being and ever expansion. That Source is non-physical and unconditional. So when people place conditions upon it, they only create more forgetfulness, disintegration, and disconnection. That doesn't mean there is no value, because it is still all life and all well and all good. You just don't have to constantly "crave" for things. Because you already contain all of it evermore, in you as you are of it all evermore aswell. You are always an extension of Source. So why try to look outside of you for something that you feel you "need" in order to allow yourself to be more who it is you truely are. So obviously, I can say "yeah I blame that book for destroying everything in my life" well... Than you missed the point. The point was that you no longer have to blame your physical conditions for anything that ever happens in your life, ever again! It's the same with death. When people die, they no longer hold grudges. Trust me... But you don't have to die in order to let go of that blame. You just need to let go of it. How people are going to do that? It's up to each individual, you don't have to worry about other people. In other words... Don't try to save the planet! Just save yourself! If people want to die before they let go of blame, there is nothing wrong with that. I myself often feel like that aswell. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to come to terms with your own eternalness, whilest remaining physically alive and focused. Sure, that may result in outlandish experiences, at which point you wont even use the word "physical versus non-physical" because your entire consciousness will be reintegrated. And you DON'T NEED SOMEONE OR SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOU to do that. It's all you. You, you you you. 5 Billion times per second. Can you see that? How many you's there are? And can you understand that each you is an entire youniverse unto itself? Yeah, it is all an illusion, but it is for the purpose of evermore expansion and reflection. Nothing really is changing, except your perspective of it. And everything you perceive outside of you, is your OWN consciousness. So when you perceive an outside master, it cannot be that you can ever perceive it, unless you already are it. So worshipping idols like Jesus or Masters, then you will ALWAYS get the same reflection. I am that which is you. So stop trying to look at the mirror, and remember our connection, and then we can interact in a manner that we intended to interact. Not for the purpose of forgetting who we are, by placing your response-ability outside of you, because then you just go into forgetfulness again and start screaming angrily at the mirror "SMILE GODDAMNIT!" But rather, for the allowance of the evermore joy of the journey, of being who it is we have always been and will be allowing ourselves to become the evermore allowed becoming of it. Simply reintegrating all that you are more fully in your here and now, and then move in the joy of being who it is you truely are, flowing your entire unconditional nature through you here for the purpose of taking thought beyond that which it has ever been before. If you're gonna blame things outside of you, you will never allow them to change. You infact, stop and prevent them from changing if you do that, and hold them in the place of where they are now. However, this will always cancel itself out, so it is merely a temporary experience, no matter how long it may SEEM or how long you may believe it will be so... Because you cannot change your true nature and you will always be your true nature. And so? You will ALWAYS find your freedom again when you take back your own response-ability. And accept, you created all of it. Why? Why would I do all of this to myself?! WHY?! Well, you don't remember do you? So can you understand that since you don't remember, can you then understand that you also don't remember wether you wanted to hurt yourself or not... Or can you? Do you really believe that you are evil? Do you believe, that the Source within you, is evil? Well? Ask yourself, "Have I ever wanted pain for myself? Have I ever enjoyed my own suffering?" And you will simply never find any shred of evidence out there, that this is true. So it's simply a flawed premise. You do love yourself and care for yourself and care about who you are. And you do wanna feel good. So why then is it so difficult for most people to feel good? Because they blame things outside of themselves! And in so doing, they give it more energy and momentum and power. It is your own power and energy! You are electrocuting all things evil with your own power and FORCING them to use it against you. You really are! We all do it. We humans that is. And we have been doing this for soooo long! But you didn't do it on purpose! YOU HAVE NEVER DONE IT ON PURPOSE. YOU SIMPLY DID IT BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T KNOW ANY BETTER. So why blame if you know that you have always been innocent and will be evermore. Nothing can ever stop you from being who you truely are, and your true nature will never ever become anything less than all that it is what it has always been and will be allowed the evermore becoming of it evermore, if you but simply do what? Allow it. Yes.... You have to allow it. No choice whatsoever. You just have to accept that. That you got no choice, but to accept that you are innocent. And so stop blaming yourself or anyone ever. Let go of that. Or suffer the consequences, why? Because you are blaming yourself, as you are everything. You are at the center of existance. Did you know that? Look around you. Is there anything that doesn't exist around you. So can you then understand, that you created all of this for yourself, and are still doing so, right now, and now and now and now again. Everything exists around you. No one can ever say otherwise. And then when you realise you always have been and always will be at the center of all of it. You will realise you are the reason everything exists. And so since you are the only reason everything exists? Well? Who exists but you? You are the one and all. In other words, you are existance. Always have been and always will be. Because non existance doesn't exist, so there's no room there for anything that exists, so you have no choice but to be existance, eternally. I know it sounds tiring to hear that, as I've been saying it over and over again since, I don't count the years anymore. But it is simply always true and important to know, so I keep writing it, no matter how many times it takes, it always feels good to me to remember everyone of this. Cause I am you! Why woulden't I wanna wake myself up? Dude... Just stop being so shy and be yourself. Accept you are eternally worthy of anything and everything that you can possibly imagine evermore. You are going to eternal paradise, wether you like it or not. And many people will be dragged by their feet, yes. Because we cannot exist without eachother. Because we are all one and the one is the all. It is mdrfking law btch! You better accept it. Or you get a spanking. I'm sorry, but it's simply how the universe operates. People wont ever allow you to do something that would cause any harm upon yourself. Not if they can help it. And many people can help it, more and more, every single day. And it will always be the case. Evermore. So stop trying to worry about everything all of the time as if there ever has existed any evil outside of you, that can ever be more evil than all that you are. You don't run from your own shadow either, do you? So realise how grown up you've become. How far you've come in your being. To even accept this and know this, as if it is just so normal to you to be that infinitely wise and intelligent. And so infinitely worthy and good. Because you've always been. And you will ALLWAYS deserve EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN EVER POSSIBLY EVEN COME TO THE INSPIRATION OF EVEN IMAGINING YOU WANT IT. You just gotta stop trying to stirr the soup so all the fcking god damn time! It's fcking done. You already created all of it. It's done. Now is time to enjoy your own creation. Evermore. Just enjoy what you want. Enjoy your own desires. Otherwise you simply wont allow them to become. That's it. All you have to do is enjoy what you want. You have to pay the price of joy. And is that really that big of a price to pay? If you think it is. Then don't worry. Things will get bigger. Your desires aswell. And then you got no choice but to enjoy them. Because you wont even be capable of looking away from them anymore. And that is what we all have wanted. We signed up for it. You and you and me and me and you and you. Everyone, and all of us. All the humans, all the animals, and all the trees, and birds and insects and fish and organisms and cells and elements. All of it. So stop trying so hard and relax! Let's listen to some radio! Do you want AM? Or FMMMMMmmmm???!!
  3. Shambhala

    There have been more civilizations, even far more and far greater and far more advanced than ours, more civilizations than you can count, who have been here on this planet earth. But because most people, don't really take into account, the non-physical existance, they tend to think in terms of "death." When in reality, there exists no such thing as death. So then you realise, whenever you think you "lose" something, you are thinking based on a flawed premise, that becoming less is possible. When in reality, only expansion exists. Only becoming more. Nothing ever gets lost. So when you realise, those civilizations which have become more, and you're interested in them, you don't need to digg the soil to find them! You just need to meet them in the moreness of all of that which they have become and are evermore becoming, right here and now! So you can meet those you are interested in, more fully in the here and now. When you understand how consciousness and reality as the evermore expansion of the resonances within your consciousness works. You realise, your own inner being, is huge. And your life here has even caused it to become more. Like a flower, from seed to full realisation, when the flower dies, it is not dying. From the physical point of view, yes, it seems that the full becoming of that flower is becoming lost. But that is because YOU ARE FOCUSED HERE IN THE PHYSICAL. You are not going with that flower towards the moreness of all that will become evermore. So your ability to distinguish the preciseness of all that greatness of all the specificness and vast immense beauty of that flower, is not yet fully allowed to be realised by you, so you don't perceive it and so you don't translate it through your physical senses, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist! As it does and will do so everMORE and not less. The flower is not gonna become less and then say hi to you. It expects you to meet it in the moreness of all that it has become, why? Because you are going to become the moreness of all that you have become and will be becoming evermore so aswell. The flower knows you are that worthy. Why? It has become the full blown realisation of all that worthiness, so it can fully recognize it in everything aswell. Just like your relationship with your ring, is in the process of evermore becoming, and has already infact become huge and more than anything than you can ever possibly imagine all of it to be. But you can feel your way, towards the perspective, that is the most aligned with all of that, along the path of least resistance, so that you can come to realisation of allowed flow of inspiration of appreciation that can help you develop further clarity of all that that means to you, and will be the evermore becoming of all the moreness of all that you have truely become right here and now aswell. And also will be allowing yourself the full blown conscious realisation of all of it evermore once you "die?" No, once you allow your life, to become more life, as it always will do so evermore. And then you say, it is lost... It is not lost! You are simply going in another direction, for the purpose of your very own further expansion and natural evolution and evermore becoming the moreness of all that is who it is you truely are and are evermore becoming the moreness of evermore aswell. But the fact that you would even say such a thing, means that it has become more, and you're not allowing your consciousness to move with it. Because you love it, then you say it is lost. Because it is waiting for you to meet it, where it already is and knows you will be too. Once you allow yourself to be there. So when you translate through your physical senses, yeah, you cannot distinguish all of that immense specificness into a meaningful translation, of even all that you have become. Even your imagination can sort of pinky finger tap into the full integrated realisation of all of that which will be evermore for you, but that's it. So then you have to understand your relationship with that, is primarily an emotional, energy motional, one. Why? Because your ability to translate energy motionally is by far your most sophisticated energy translator, and so you can feel your way towards your very own full blown realisation of all of it, evermore. Because everything exists here and now. Always has been and always will be. Nothing has ever been lost. It is all just waiting for you, evermore, to allow yourself to come to your very own full blown realisation of it evermore. So then when you allow yourself to be an unconditional being. You can even allow your relationship with your ring to become more, right here and now, to the point that you can translate it through your physical senses as a full blown realisation of a full blown physical reality that you can taste, touch, see, hear, smell, etc. And you are always moving towards that. But if you pay attention to how you are feeling in every moment, then you become a conscious and deliberate realiser. And that's the joy in the journey you are looking for.
  4. Yeah, I think you are looking for detoxing of your physical body. As that is always done in combination with more water and fasting. I've heard that some herbs can help aid and assist your bodies natural ability to detox aswell.
  5. It is the Source of All that exists, and it too is ever expanding and evermore becoming in its ever being. And a small portion of your greater non-physical consciousness' is focused here through the lens of your physical being which is an extension of your greater non-physical being. You can NEVER be disconnected from all that you truely are. But you CAN pinch your connection with all of that off, only ever for yourself, by energetic thought patterns and perspectives which you hold on to in the moment, which function as resistance towards the full allowed flow of your own true nature, and this resistance towards your own full true nature will always be indicated by the primary manifestation of it, of emotional discord and negative energy motions of discomfort, indicating your in the moment, not full allowed flow and alignment and blending and harmonization of your physical and greater non-physical being. And in the most "pinched off" (disconnection is too strong of a word) state of being, you simply feel that despair, of not allowing your true nature to fully flow to you, in the moment. And with one simple meditation, one can simply undo all of that, letting go of whatever thoughts that function as resistance, and poof, gone. The natural alignment, and harmonization and blending and evermore evolution, unfolding and becoming, naturally happens and evolves again, evermore, along the path of least resistance, towards the full blown realisation of all that you want evermore. Naturally and effortlessly. Evermore. And you never need to die in order to allow that to happen. Like all tools and techniques, wether meditation or dying or sleeping, it's just always simply nothing more than a mere permission slip you use to allow yourself to be more of all that it is of who you truely are and all that you've truely become, and all that you've always been and will be evermore in your ever state of being that is one and the same thing as your ever state of becoming, evermore. But again, with dying, well, you withdraw your consciousness from the physical. And you come back into full realisation of all that you've become. And with sleeping, you do it too, but often you're unconscious of doing it. And that's the entire point of meditation, to simply allow all of that to simply be for yourself, here and now, in the moment, while remaining fully conscious and aware in the physical body so as the enjoy the life you came here to live. In full blending with the true unconditional nature of all that you truely are, indicated by the primary manifestation of positive good feeling emotions of harmonizing and blending of your physical and greater non-physical being and consciousness, back into full alignment with the Source of All of Creation, allowing all of your true nature to fully flow through you here in the moment, for the purpose of evermore joyed evermore becoming, along the path of least resistance, that is who it is you truely are. In all of your true nature flowing here through you for the full blown realisation of your evermore expanding true evermore unique and evermore expanding true nature, of all that exists evermore. And words don't teach, only experience teaches. Hence, the conscious technique leading to the conscious awarenss and benefit of the conscious re-alignment with your own full true nature, of meditation. It being the most universal tool and technique and permission slip to allow you to be more of all that you truely are evermore. And the more you do it, the more you realise meditation is not really the point. It is the allowing that has always been the point. The letting go and letting flow or letting god, or letting be and allowing your full true nature, that is the greatest benefit for you evermore, as you are ment to be in evermore joy. And you will always be capable of allowing that with the least amount of effort. It is so easy that it can hardly be done. And in doing nothing, you leave nothing undone.
  6. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    Yeah, the suffering is just the secondary more evolved reflection of your own primary manifestation of negative emotion indicating a resistant thought pattern that does not agree with your greater non-physical unconditional consciousness' nature and being's greater knowing. And that evolution always happens, but the suffering requires GREAT effort to continue, tho sometimes people think it's difficult to let go of it, because there's allot of momentum behind their suffering, due to them ignoring their negative emotions all of their life, so as to allow the momentum to just expand for themselves, untill the point of no return. So often, when one creates allot of suffering in their own life, they come to the point of realising that nothing matters anymore, because they have no choice or direction of relief, except inward, back into alignment with their own full true unconditional ever greater nature. And then they remember the true nature of reality. That it's just a flawed perspective that created them to feel bad (guidance, so you're always aware of when you're having a flawed perspective), and that out of that all the natural evolution, due to freedom, was allowed to evolve into all of that which does not serve them. And that they are and simply allways will be free to simply let go of that and allow their natural evolution along the path of least resistance, indicated by joy, indicated their own alignment with their own greater unconditional being, in the moment. So then you can realise, in your greatest despair, you just let go of your thoughts which created all of that, and you feel good again, why? Because feeling good is and always will be your true nature, and you don't need to do or think anything to allow that to simply be more of all that which it already is in its evermore becoming, naturally, effortlessly, for yourself, as the life you came here to live. And nothing needs to change in your outward conditions (because you cannot change the reflection in the mirror by screaming angrily at it, insisting that it smile back at you). And then you realise how you are the creator of your own reality. And that yes, you didn't come here in order to suffer, because that will never feel good. And you will never enjoy the pain, because it's not natural and not of your nature. But is that suffering necessary? Do you need to hold on to it? Not at all, that's the entire point of suffering in the first place, to help you realise you created it and that YOU are the one in control, and YOU are the one who is always going to be free to choose for yourself. And NO one else can EVER do that for you! And you have help, you are not alone, your own soul and own greater non-physical consciousness is always here for you, and infact it is the greater part of all that you are and it is always flowing towards you, and your own emotions help you know how much of that you are allowing to flow in the moment or not, indicating the degrees of resistance / allowance, harmony or discord of the only relativity that ever means anything to you ever, that between your physical being and your own greater non-physical being. So back to the beginning. Your suffering has got nothing to do with the conditions of your life. Everything is energy. When your perspective of what you are perceiving is not in alignment with your very own greater non-physical consciousness' that is when you feel bad. That is not about your conditions. It is about your PERSPECTIVE of them, that causes you to feel bad and experience it as negative. So when you meditate, and release your thoughts and perspectives, you return back to clarity, and well-being, and emotional relief. And from there you can simply re-allow your natural joy to come forth and effortlessly re-align with the perspective that is always going to be available to you here and now, which is what will allow you to effortlessly continue your evermore existance along the path of least resistance, that is indicated then primarily by the joy you would be feeling in the moment. And of you go. Back into harmony with the Source of all that exists. And so often people think, well... Can't I just accept the entire existance all in one big bite, and ignore my suffering? Well, that's kind of backwards, because you cannot focus upon something and ignore it at the same time. And you didn't come here to get anything done. You are an eternal being, here for the joy of the journey of your own evermore becoming. The variety is always going to be here, and cause you to expand. You don't need to DO anything in order to ALLOW that to simply be and naturally happen and evolve, naturally and effortlessly, always along the path of least resistance. You just need to let go of whatever is holding you back, and often it's just a flawed perspective in the moment, and often, a meditation is enough to let go of all of that. And then you can simply continue to enjoy whatever it is you are here to enjoy. Yeah the purpose is that you are here to enjoy it. And you don't need to do anything in order to allow that to happen. But you do need to stop holding on to the perspectives that doesn't allow it, that causes resistance between your own physical being and your own greater non-physical being. That is the only thing that can ever hold you back from everything that you want evermore. So if you try to feel good in order to achieve something, it will never work, because then you place conditions again upon your own true nature, and your true nature will simply forevermore be unconditional and far greater and beyond anything that is physical. So you never need a reason to be who it is you truely are, and then you simply allow that unconditionally. That's what unconditional love is. And that is where your true power always is. To allow the natural and effortless integration of your TOTAL being of all that aspects of ALL that you truely are in the moment. And the primary manifestation of that will always be joy or all the good feeling positive emotions that indicate your very own harmonization of your very own alignment and blending of your own physical and non-physical being, hand in hand, as one whole full true being. That is simply how it has always ment to be, and will be evermore. And that doesn't mean you can't astral project. To the contrary. It means you can simply do whatever you want. But you do have to pay attention to how you're feeling as you're doing it, as that's your greatest guidance, and the only one you'll ever need. And as you're feeling good, while you are doing anything, wether reading what other people have written, or doing anything, then you realise in the moment how well you are achieving your true life's purpose in the moment or not. And if not, you can simply let go of whatever perspective that's holding you back from fully enjoying it in the moment, as simply as taking a deep breath, and of you go in joy and succes evermore, effortlessly and joyously along the path of least resistance, evermore. And it really is that easy, you came here to enjoy every single moment, that will be evermore. And you don't need to do anything in order to achieve that. And then when you learn how to allow all that is who you truely are, then you will realise you can be do or have anything that you want. You are free, always have been and always will be. You just need to let go of whatever is holding you back, and it's often simply mere thoughts and ideas that you hold on to in the moment (often unintentionally, due to unawareness of your own emotional guidance system), that doesn't allow the true clarity of your true nature to flow fully to you in the moment.
  7. It's your unconditional being. Your degrees of alignment with it, determines the primary manifestation of degrees of emotion, energy in motion. And the secondary manifestations? Well... They are all and everything else, and they are secondary. Including the everlasting flow of relentless inspiration and evermore allowed flow of evermore allowed higher knowledge, OR NOT. Simply in the moment, OR NOT. And the most universal, effective, practical and easy tool or technique or permission slip, to align with your own unconditional nature is meditation. This is literally the greatest text I've ever written. You've now graduated. Congratulations.
  8. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    Astral Projection IS a tool and technique, IT IS CONDITIONAL in nature. And ALL tools and techniques are merely permission slips to allow yourself to be more of all that it is that you truely are. And meditation is the most universal tool for that. You have to understand, that you ARE UNCONDITIONAL in your true and primary nature. Your true primary nature is non-physical primarily. This entire universe and your physical body, only a small portion of your greater non-physical consciousness is flowing through you here. So dreaming consciously is just one of way of allowing yourself to expand back into all that you are without needing to die. And allowing all of that of your true nature to flow more fully through you HERE IN YOUR PHYSICAL BEING. You had that experience of joy with the squirrell. And you have to understand this emotion is always gonna be your primary indication in your physical life here of wether or not you are fully allowing your full connection to your own greater non-physical consciousness to flow through you in the moment or not. Then it will be easy to simply meditate, untill you feel good, and then you can approach this subject of conscious dreaming, or ANY SUBJECT in your life, while being fully tapped into your greater non-physical consciousness, unconditional nature, of infinite intelligence, and simply have the best time of your life with conscious dreaming, or any subject you approach in full connection and allowed alignment to your own unconditional nature. You will have the impulses, of an aligned being, a blended being, one harmonized physical and non-physical blended together, indicated by bliss and joy or whatever you call those good feelings of blending with your own true unconditional nature. And with those impulses comes effortless realisation, always fully along the path of least resistance towards YOUR VERY OWN full blown realisation of achieving absolutely anything you can ever want. Wether conscious dreaming, or whatever. So just enjoy the journey. Cause again, you're eternal. If you seperate your physical being from "dream lala land" non-physical being. Then you are offering a contradictory thought. Because this entire universe IS THE DREAM from the non-physical point of view. You came here to enjoy this eternal dream. Now there are levels to it, so yes, there is a "dream" land where you can lay down the foundations of what you wanna experience in your physical life, more easily, effortlessly, effectively, more interdimensionally. But that's not gonna happen if you try to reach for it as an escape. Because you are in that dream right now. You are living the physical conditions of what your very own consciousness created in the dream world. You just don't remember it clearly, because you are offering energetic resistant / contradictory thought patterns which lessen your fully allowed connection to your own unconditional nature, which will naturally and effortlessly allow you integrate YOUR ENTIRE CONSCIOUSNESS ON ALL LEVELS physical and non-physical, in your here and now, indicated by the energy motional feeling of emotional positive good feeling emotions of joy bliss or whatever you wanna call it. Without that, you're simply thinking you're doing something which you're not actually doing. And that is termed "trying" So do you get it then, that you are dreaming right now? And how is your dreaming going for you? Well? How do you know? Are you being the true all that you are? Your unconditional nature is ever expanding aswell. You're always gonna become more. Your alignment is indicated by how you feel, and the better you feel, the greater the alignment with your own greater all that is. And that is called conscious dreaming. Being a conscious deliberate creator. Being in alignment with the dream itself. Allowing the essence which is the source of the dream itself, the creator of the dream itself, to flow FULLY THROUGH YOU. Which is indicated by your feelings of joy and bliss and freedom, and evermore inspiration, effortlessly guided along the path of least resistance towards the full blown realisation of whatever you want. So you need to exit this life in order to create a better life? No... A simple meditation will do. Because again, you are unconditional. You release thought, your unconditional nature fully flows back through you again. And you allow effortless and natural evolvement of your life which you came here to live, in utter freedom bliss and extacy and succes and empowerment, etc, etc. You just flow your unconditional nature towards whatever you want. But you don't do it for the conditions. You do it for the joy. Which is your primary indicator of your here and now alignment. So the emotion is the only conditional guidance you need of wether or not you are on your path of least resistance towards the full blown realisation and manifestation of all that you want evermore. Why? You do it for the joy of the journey. For the joy of being and expressing ALL OF YOUR unconditional nature fully through the conditional events of your life. But your unconditional nature will always be far and beyond greater than whatever this consciously created dream can or will ever be allowed to be. So there is 0 vulnerability and 100% conviction. And if you're feeling any vulnerability whatsoever, there is some re-aligning to do for you. And meditation is always the most universal tool for that. As it's the easiest, and most effective, universally. But the allowing is the point. Not the tool or technique which is just a permission slip to allow yourself to allow your own unconditional nature to flow more fully through you, in whatever conditional life you may be experiencing yourself as to be in any given moment in time. And your imagination is always the path of least resistance for you to develop your own tool and technique that is most in alignment with your own believe systems so as to allow allong the path of least resistance the development of a tool or technique to use as a permission slip for yourself that works best for yourself, as your imagination is unique to you, to guide you back along the path of least resistance towards your very own allowing of yourself to awaken back fully into ALL that you are, as your true unconditional nature, is allowed to flow more fully here and now through your physical being and this life you experience right here and now. And you don't need to die to do that. Whatever feels better is the path of least resistance. And often, meditation is simply the best tool or technique, most universal, effective, practical, easy, etc. But once you flow all of that you truely are fully through you, yeah then you wanna live, and do all the things you came here to do. Wether conscious dreaming, astral projection, or whatever. You're free to explore absolutely any all aspects of creations, whatsoever, for the sole purpose of your very own personal satisfaction evermore.
  9. Consciousness Fragmentation Repair?

    Then you are not focusing. Your mind has the ability to focus into a singular fashion of awareness and attention, so as to RELIEF or RELEASE any contradictory thought whatsoever. Now, here is the key to understand when your focus is powerful enough, when you are actually utilizing the full capacity of your minds ability to focus, your own freedom of choosing where to place your own awareness. And when not. It's very simple... HOW YOU FEEL EMOTIONALLY. If you are having contradictory thought, that does not agree with your own greater non-physical consciousness and it's infinite intelligence and eternal wisdom. You feel less than absolutely extatically rapturously blissfull. If you even have to wonder wether or not you are feeling good energy motionally? You're far and beyond from that. Why is this important to know, and how does it relate to understanding how to focus your mind, and more importantly, why do you even need to focus your mind? Meditation. When you focus your mind, unto one singular thing, and dive deep deep into it. Like a sound. For example, focusing your attention, placing your attention and holding your attention CONSISTENTLY FOR ATLEAST 20 SECONDS, on for example a sound (can be imaginary or inner voice) like a mantra. Let's use oooohmm, in this example. Your awareness, your consciousness will be fully immersed in the experience of hearing the auditory experience of the sound OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmOOOOoooooooohhhhmmmmm.. If your focus is singular enough, you will feel emotional relief. Why? Is there power in the mantra? NOOOOO!!!! All mantra's are designed to mean as little as possible. Completely meaningless, so as to prevent people from worshipping the mantra. What is really happening here, is that you cannot think a thought and fully immerse yourself in the experience of the sound of OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooohHHHHhhhhhhhMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... And since you cannot think a thought, your energetic thought patterns are no longer expanding, your mind is quieting down. Which means you no longer have thought. Infact, you cannot even feel your emotions, because you're too immersed, too focused on that sound. So your experience is pure and singularly focused unto one single thing, and what happens? All thoughts just are no longer there. And it just requires WILLINGNESS and DESIRE to be free from pain, in order to do this. You don't need to die in order to focus yourself entirely and singularly in order to release contradictory thought!? You just need to decide a consistent object of attention, and place your attention on it consistently for atleast 20 seconds, with zero flaw or distraction from it, 100% your entire full awareness and consciousness simply gently held unto that object of attention. And I do mean PURELY experience NOTHING EXCEPT the awareness of the object of attention, like a breath or mantra, or even sound. Usually the more consistent, the easier it is. Because you need atleast 20 seconds to release energetic resistant / contradictory thought patterns. Why because it takes ~20 seconds for your contradictory energetically resistant thought patterns to expand and therefor lessen your consciousness. So if you focus consistently for 20 second, and you offer no thought for 20 seconds, YOU WILL EXPERIENCE EMOTIONAL RELIEF GARUANTEED. And more after that aswell. So you may meditate 20 minutes on a music with several mixed jumbo conflicting sounds, and it will be difficult to hold your attention unto one thing as it keeps changing into another, as it jumps from one thing to the other to the next, and then a thought comes, and your awareness falls into that thought, and gets thrown and tossed around... See what I mean? Make it easy for yourself, + go all the way 100%. You need to find your own object of attention that you can easily place and hold your your awareness upon consistently, and I recommend it be something you always have with you, like for me it is my imagination, simply my inner voice, the one with which I read, but some people use there breath, however, I find the breath is not always easy, especially when you are in a crowded place like a night club for example, where the sound is so loud you will hardly hear the sound of your own breath, I know it's even funny to think of that but that's the world we live in today, I'm just saying, this tool and technique is a condition pointing at your own unconditional nature. You can for example visualize a dot, and focus your inner eye, your inner vision. If you find it easier to hear your own inner voice (which is the case for me) use a mantra. And the reason I recommend this, because you will be using this powerful tool and technique in many cases and conditions and circumstances, for the purpose of ensuring your absolute unconditional alignment in the moment where it matters the most, for the purpose you need it the most, and when you need it the most. Which is when you feel bad, indicating contradictory thought/energy. So you're always gonna use it to what? FEEL BETTER! Because that is the PRIMARY INDICATION that you are in alignment with your own greater non-physical consciousness and your TRUE UNCONDITIONAL NATURE OF WHO YOU TRUELY ARE AS ALL THAT YOU TRUELY ARE as that which this entire physical universe is merely a tiny little extension of! So you wanna not care so much about it, except the emotions you feel in this physical conditional existance. As that is the only indication and guidance you need towards everything that you want and your purpose for being here and all the knowledge you can ever ask for ever. Now back to why this is so valuable. Your own non-physical greater consciousness and being and soul is the all of who you truely are, and it is always in that high pure positive energy, and it is in full connection with the Source of All Creation, and it has acces to infinite intelligence, and you (physical you) have acces to your own greater non-physical consciousness! AT ALL TIMES. Unless you lessen your connection to it, by offering thoughts which are in contradiction to your own nature (which is an extension of your unconditional nature, no matter how much you pinch your self off from it, (indicated by negative emotion)). So when you stop that, by meditating, as I just explained, and stopping thought, your physical being NATURALLY AUTOMATICALLY EFFORTLESSLY aligns back into full alignment with your own greater non-physical consciousness and you become one who allows fully to flow through your very own life force, good feeling, true unconditional nature of all that you truely are again, simply... Put. Evidence of releasing resistant thought / resistant energy / contradictory thought? You feel RELIEF. Now, you cannot feel relief while meditating with a singular focus, why? Your awareness is simply only experiencing that singular stabilized vision or sound mantra. But I promise you, if your focus is singular, the moment you drop your focus, you can even notice and feel REAL PHYSICAL EFFECTS ON YOUR HEART. If you feel despair, (indicating contradictory thought) and you focus singularly on a mantra, and thus you let go of EVERYTHING in that moment, because your focus is so powerful you have literally dropped all awareness of anything that is physical, except your object of singular attention and awareness on whatever your stabilized mantra or vision or whatever you use to meditate. Then you will experience the emotional relief. And this emotional, energy motional, relief, is indicating the natural realignment of your physical being with your greater non-physical consciousness and your TRUE UNCONDITIONAL NATURE WHICH IS INFINITE. thus it is also infinitely valuable for you to do this. You may think, well, I feel better now, so what? Well... Again, the feeling is just an indication, and it is indicating THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS OR WILL EVER MATTER (MATTERIALIZE LITERALLY CREATE MATERIAL OUT OF NOTHING FOR YOU, THE POWER OF MANIFESTING ANY DESTINY YOU WANT) IN YOUR LIFE> Which is what? Your physical being energetically in alignment with your VERY OWN greater non-physical consciousness of your own soul of which YOU are an extension of. And again, you don't need to die to do it. Just a simple meditation of 20 seconds can do it. Now doing 40 minute lazy meditations, sitting on a chair, thinking about this and that. Is not gonna do it. Because you will just think, meeehhh.. I have to do that in order to feel good. That is conditional. And the whole point of this tool and technique of meditation is to help you have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND EVIDENCE that your power, leverage, is UNCONDITIONAL. YOUR TRUE BEING IS NON-PHYSICAL. UNCONDITIONAL. It is not an electricity spark or thunder that you can see. It is literally non-physical energy, that is DEEP at the foundation of everything that exists in this universe, and it is 99% greater than this entire universe. But it's not big, because again, it's non-physical. But it is multidimensional. I'm just blattering out words here, cause if you can use this technique, in tandem with your ability to feel your emotions, and see how your life unfolds, when you feel not so good, and sense contradictory energy, and then witness the shift that happens when you make the energy shift of releasing contradictory thought / energy, and naturally re allow your connection back with your own greater non-physical consciousness, without dying, but just 20 seconds of pure singular focused awareness on anything in order to release all thought, therefor having no thought, therefor naturally allowing the automatic re-alignment with your greater non-physical consciousness and all the knowledge and perspective and viewing your world through the eyes of the Source of All Creation in absolute bliss, and you see the power, leverage, influence and effect that THAT has on your life? Then hopefully my words have been useful. But again, you're not gonna find that in these words. You have to care about how you feel, and meditate, with a powerful singular focus, and just see if you feel emotional relief, it means your focus is consistent enough that you are letting go of thought. And being without thought, your energy of your ENTIRE physical life is re-aligning back into harmony with the Source of All Creation, and the ENERGY THAT CREATES WORLDS. And from that, you achieve anything, untill you think a thought of contradiction, which will instantly be indicated by negative emotion, which is indicating you are blocking your own consciousness from fully flowing to you! And your own greater non-physical consciousness and life force at that! You block it with contradictory thought, and no one can stop you from doing that, ONLY YOU! Or a huge brick wall moving at 200 mph straight at you. Surely, then you will no longer offer contradictory thought and off you go expanding in bliss again. And you simply don't need to suffer your entire life just to wait for a miracle like that in order to understand that you have the ability to allow yourself to open up to the greater non-physical consciousness that is you, which always feels like emotional relief, into absolute bliss and rapturous extacy. Plus you get the benefit of having whatever you want and enjoy your life under any and all conditions. And all of that, in just 20 seconds. You can meditate 1 minute, go higher. 5 minutes. 10. 20. It doesn't matter. You don't have to meditate, it's just a tool and technique to help you understand how to allow your own true nature to come forth. And once you learn to do it, you don't need the meditation anymore. You can just do it at will. You can release all contradictory thought at will if you want after that. Just in the snap of a finger. Or with one deep breath and intention, and woooooohhhh, breath out, and you can be in absolute despair and bad health and go into perfect well-being and good health in just so few seconds. It's really easy, simply a matter of letting go and letting "god" or soul or greater non-physical consciousness.
  10. I'm just saying that it can be a reality, like everything else can. That specific truth however is the least assertive of them all. You can literally go up to one of these individuals, tell them what to do, and they will do it exactly the way you tell them, to the best of their ability.
  11. Ofcourse it is bullsht, but that doesn't mean it's not true. Remember, bullsht is also true. Bullsht actually exists. Take the ingredients of life which you enjoy, and leave the rest out of your pie. Someone else might fall in love with the other ingredients. Not up to you to get rid of bullsht. Maybe the fertility of the soil loves bullsht.
  12. If you want enlightenment, simply just lighten up on your self.
  13. Universe Friendly or Hostile?

    Hahahaha awesome
  14. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Infinite reasons. That's an infinitely straight fact. So you don't mean it indeed.
  15. Look Towards the Stars

    I practice sleeping. It's so difficult. Everytime I start my practice, I fall right asleep.