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  1. Tear it all Down & Renew the Source Seed of Love

    When you were the new breath of God, you were pure positive energy. As soon as you came here, you were surrounded by fearful people, and you didn't like it at all. But there have always been those who love you unconditionally, to remind you of who it is you truely are again. We've all been so used to trying to make up, for missing home. Filling the void, food, material, drink, drugs. And forgot that it has been who it is we truely are evermore. And it will ever and only ever be found within oneself. Where all that you seek, you had always already contained all of it, evermore. Because you are not here to take anything. But to give endlessly. Then even the dark archon lords will wake up that it simply becomes easier to find all that one seeks is already contained within oneself. You are only ever given so that you may share it with another. That is the true wealth and we all already have known it forever. So let's forget that we canever forget. Because we simply can never succeed in becoming any less than who and what it is we truely are. And all that we've truely become, as it yet evermore calls us forward evermore.
  2. A long time ago

    In the future they will say that somebody had lived here. You will know. The children will ask you how you had lived here such a long time ago. And you will know. "Together they marched..." you will say. "And together they fought a great evil..." Because otherwise they can never understand how much we loved them. And what they ment to us.
  3. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    The masters aren't gone. They just went into the vortex, to become more, and when they come out, they become all the details you've been asking for. And then will you see the children of the world teaching where the masters had left off, ever into more of the greatness that will be evermore. Every moment is new and fresh, unlike any that has ever gone before it, and will be, evermore.
  4. Spring cleaning

    Remember how last summer went. And how it ended. Are you ready for more? The winter has already been cleaning, my friend. If there is something you want to throw away, right now is the time to do it. Quickly reflect on all that you've become, so that you can more fully be present with that which truely matters. Because the new life is already coming. And it is wanting to be present with who it is you truely are. So that their benefit reaches you directly. And may no intermediary stand in the way of all that you've become. Be completely open to receive the new life of this year, they will bring you further than you've ever been before. So that you may say goodbye to the changes again next autumn. And clean next winter, in order to reflect on the deepest of truth and value of all that you've truely become. Because it will expand into more again next spring and summer.
  5. Tear it all Down & Renew the Source Seed of Love

    All is contained within you.
  6. Tear it all Down & Renew the Source Seed of Love

    And some stone hearts become harder yet, and they crack, and rivers pour out. Of light that is stronger than any you will ever witness. A long forgotten truth. But no one knows. Unless they join you, where you stand. So that they can see the truth So never be the first to strike. Wait, have patience. And then when they strike you, where it hurts, then you know they are ready to crack. And you will be there only to give them a helping hand. Because all stones fall back to mother earth. And they need a guiding hand, to show them the way. So that they can remember who they truely are again.
  7. very advanced energy practice

    The future is in all directions. Forward has been the only motion that has ever existed. We all eventually get visited by our own future. We are also their future. Only resistance ever becomes less. So that we can allow who we truely are to come to our very own fuller realisation. And on we become evermore. When you think you want something, you've already become it, but it has been growing into being so much more than all that you can ever truely conceive from your evermore current presentmode of understanding. And so yeah we are always looking at the past, but always fully connected to all that we've truely become, evermore. As it is calling all of us into motion forward evermore. As all that is stands evermore, in perfect alignment with all that we have asked for. As the future is always in a state of becoming more for us. As expansion is eternal and evermore of all of who we are, evermore. But we simply catch up to it by releasing resistance. If we realise how much we wanted it. Remember. Once you take the first there's no going back anymore. YOU ARE NEVER GOING BACK. BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO. You are only ever going forward into the past you seek, because it does already exist here and now, and the moreness of it will be allowed to be discovered evermore. And you will find it evermore. To be more than all that you thought it could ever be. And then you'll remember how worthy you are to be a part of all of it. As we all are aswell. Even all that is can wake up to more of all that is.
  8. very advanced energy practice

    Yes, always have an orgasm together. You are never alone. Many teachers are here. Many people we love. We are all in this together. People never leave. They just go in the vortex. Become more. And come back out as those we've been asking for to be here with us all of this time.
  9. very advanced energy practice

    It is just your own energy that is more fully allowed to flow right here and now. Sometimes, people use another object of attention as a permission slip, in order to allow oneself to love more fully, in the moment. But that love only happens, because you are already it. You just let it flow. You can harmonize and resonate the love, and open a bubble of third love above eachother, for a new soul to come in. The birthing of new loving light. It is a whole body orgasm, that is mostly felt inbetween eachother and above eachother, above and in front of both your crowns, as two people stand in front of eachother, and expressing mutual love, at first sight, that is so intense, that the light raddiates into full union, before one can actuallise the physical contact that used to be intended. This allows the union of two souls, through the third soul, of the bubble of a new born sun, of loving light. That seperates the two, redirecting love into itself, for the purpose of giving the love given back three fold more strong and powerful, back unto the lovers. And this creates a trinity, where the connection of the two lovers is mediated further through the third soul.
  10. very advanced energy practice

    All these tools and techniques only serve as permission slips in order to allow yourself to allow yourself to become more who it is you truely are. Permission slips to allow yourself to release resistance towards allowing yourself the greater more fully realised being of who it is you truely are. The most universal in application is the technique of meditation. Simply because one has to focus there mind on a sight or sound, like the breath, in order to release practiced and habbitual resistant thought that is the only thing that can ever stand in your way of your naturally allowing the natural re-alignment of your very own physical and greater non-physical being. Then we have, further yet, the tool of listening to good feeling uplifting music, or jogging, yoga or dance, doesn't matter what. If it serves for the purpose of offering the enjoyable good feeling attractive distraction from thought, and quieting the mind. If one is willing to focus on the music or breathing or fresh wind, long enough for the mind to quiet down, and in doing so, allowing your energy field to naturally re-align and re-harmonize back into full alignment with your greater non-physical being and all of its knowing that you then more fully have more fully allowed and allowed to flow acces to, of the knowledge of all that you've truely become, to allow yourself to flow that more fully through you here and now, for the purpose of aligning with your soul purpose here in this life aswell. Naturally, and effortlessly. You don't have to do anything to allow that to happen naturally, except just quiet your mind in order to allow it to naturally happen, and quieting the mind is easily achieved by simply ongoingly placing your attention back on and focusing consistently on a sight or sound. These tools and techniques only are all the ways we all have to step out of our own way, so to speak. To allow the natural goodness to become more fully realised here through us, as we simply allow that to happen more fully, ongoingly. For the purpose of evermore ongoing clarity of being and more fully allowed flow of inspiration from our greater non-physical being of all that is who've truely become and are in the process of becoming evermore. And music does taylor well into the relativity of your mix of being, physical and non-physical and its relationship, in the same way that breathing meditation does. It is a sort of way to keep your mind empty and allow the flow of your greater totality of being to flow more fully through you, always here and now, for the benefit of self and all, if the music is one of simple sounds, uplifting, good feeling. This state of energetic alignment is indicated by enthusiastic energy motional feelings, of good feelings that feel satisfying to the individual, and moves one and synchronises one naturally back into re-alignment with their own greater true nature of being, and of all things well being aswell. And the uplifting music blends in and synchronises well with all of that and mediates it ever so more fully, ongoingly, in all of the relativity of that is which is who it is you truely are evermore. When you quiet your mind, wether you breath, or jog, or go out for a walk and enjoy the fresh wind, or listen to uplifting music, you release all thoughts of resistance, and in doing so, the frequency of your mind rises into alignment and harmony in such a way that it synchronises back into alignment with your own greater non-physical soul consciousness of your greater totality of all that your truely are, and in doing so, you are thus then capable of RECEIVING thought, from your own soul, inspiration. And this perspective, you have acces to, seeing the world through the eyes of this non-physical consciousness of who it is you truely are in all of the greater totality of all that you are, as a soul and further so an extension of God or Source or Soul or Dao, of the greatest most fullest realised being of all that is. That is the greatest benefit one can have anywhere and anywhen, for anyone and everyone, including oneself. Joy, bliss, rapturous extacy, love, freedom, clarity, knowledge ensues. If one is willing to allow it to be so, because it has always been so, and will always be so.
  11. On the outside, they appear to be dying from the inside. On the inside, their dying inside, also has an even deeper inside, that is really coming to life. This newly born aliveness inside the dying inside, says they are earning really good money by doing this. Then inside, this newly born inside inside the inside of inside, there is an ever deeper inside yet. That is dying, inside the newly born inside of earning money, that says, I am becoming a slave to the money.
  12. The love you feel has nothing to do with the music or any conditions of your life. It is only ever about your energetic in the here and now moment alignment of your physical energy being and your greater non-physical soul of energy being, so to speak. When those two energies agree and harmonize, you feel love. It is about your relationship, in the here and now moment, with your own true being. Sure music can be used as a reason or even excuse to allow oneself to allow oneself to allow ones true self to express and be more fully here and now. But that doesn't mean music does that to you. You just use it as an excuse to do so yourself, in such a case. But you don't really need that music in order to do so. In the end music is such small pleasantry, and the most important benefit that it brings is always the distraction from your own habbitual thoughts of resistance. For this distraction, causes one to release these thoughts of resistance, allowing the individual to feel relief, in doing so, and thus find greater clarity in their life, and thus greater potential for focusing ones own energy back into alignment with all that life has caused you to become, so as to come to potentially more fully allow oneself to more fully realise ones truest most highest purpose here in this life and reason for being here, thus then. But in every single case, the music doesn't do that for you. Any less than a teacher cannot choose to mold the energy of your being. Only oneself can do that for oneself. But you can cocreate energy. Sure. You can choose to join the energy of others if it is one that is pleasing to you. That has nothing to do with them. More about your relationship in the moment with who you truely are, that causes that to feel good to you as you focus upon it. But just because someone says they are singing about love, does not make it actual love. A good example of this is metal gear solid, love theme. It's a very sad song. Sure you can find love therein, by focusing your own being on the love, and thereby feel love, but that has nothing to do with the music. It is only ever about your relationship with your own greater soul of who you truely are, that causes you to love, ever, incase your being agrees with your own greater true being. Yeah, sure. Then you feel love. And if you feel sadness, much the same story. It's not about the condition or even music of your life. It's about your disagreement with the greater knowing of your own soul that ever causes you to feel sadness.
  13. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Well, you called it out. May there be evermore clarity, for all, and may you be evermore elevated in clarity aswell. Cause you seem to have allot of things straight. And some things on a curve aswell. So be strong and flexible. Cause you are. Enjoy. Live within and without. And most of all be free to be who it is you truely are evermore. May long men pay not for gong, and more pay for you. That way short men have more gong for free, and no pay to you.
  14. Leading Qi to the teeth

    I heard a guy got knocked out all his teeth in prison, then he just regrew them all. Because no one ever told him that you cannot regrow your teeth.
  15. Leading Qi to the teeth

    Yeah it's a very cheap and effective method, to heal tooth aches using qi, energy, innertia and law of momentum, to directly relief the pain at the source of the problem. The teeth themselves. Evil tooth! Knock m out. Gtfouta heeh tooth! Behuuuummmh!.. Gggkk. Tfoooh!... Blek... Buhhh... Ay dunt nit de teet anyno. I dunt nittit! Idagunh lid didatton teet! Draahh...