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  1. when time runs out...

    I already know, you like old music. Because I have been ready to die when I was born. So I walked down the path you had already lived, because I had already died before you were ready to die, a very very long time ago. And as I have been moving toward God, forever, walking down the path you had already lived, and seen the moments you had left behind, and realised the journey is eternal, as I have met the end and beginning of being after another, I have taken the time to stop and listen a while. And I have seen how the greatest musician plays alone, plays for God, and I was there, alone aswell. I was alone, with him. Listening, to the music that no one would ever hear. And I have seen the resting of the instrument, after the work had been done. I have seen the silence of the halls that were left behind in silence, when no one was there. And now I was truely alone, because I Was entering a new journey, again and again. Never to be seen again. The last note you will hear, in this music, is the last note that Johann Sebastian Bach had written. Because his journey was over, and so this music hasn't come to an end. Just as life never comes to an end. And I have slowed down time, so that you may listen with me, as I had listened, to the music, that has no time, no beginning, and no end, and meet the final moment, with me. To remember me, that I may remember you, after the music is done. As we played, for nobody but God. So that we may find contentment, and lay down to rest our arms. Because we're not here forever. The journey will never end. We will all go where we have never been before. Meet your end, with absolute peace. Because that peace continues on, to the heavens, forever, and ever. Beyond the end. And know, there is no backwards. Only forwards. There is no death. Only life, and more life. That is why you always have permission to live, exactly however you choose to be alive. But you cannot help, but be alive. So there is never a need to be less alife. Because there is only life, and more life.
  2. when time runs out...

    When people are scared of children, because they see who they really are, and they don't want their true being to be recognized, and especially not a child, they think they had to die and wait to meet god to finally be recognized for who they really are, when the child already knows who you are because they have not yet learned to forgot who they are, so they have also not yet learned to forget who you are. And the same thing with any messenger. Eventually, a child, or a prophet, or whatever, comes up to them, and reveals the truth, and then they end up seeing how that reflection differs so much from what they know, that they end up killing the messenger. The child has seen the father and loves him, and the father has long past the experience of constantly being dissapointed in his own nature, so there is no way to allow the love of the child, except the feeling of the need to correct the child and express dissatisfaction. And the child can't do anything but be silent, and take the blame, and holding on for dear life to the essence of their dad, that they see and love in them and in themselves. And slowly as they grow older, it goes further and further away. Because the dad has not been allowed to be who the dad is, and was not given the freedom to be who he is, and the child now goes through the same, and the dad cannot help but be angry with the child for holding on to "unworthy" love. The sooner he grows up, the better. Back to the beginning, where I said, the child knows who you are. When time ends, when you breath your final breath, angels will come and take your soul and mind to heaven. Guess who is also an angel. A baby. There is nothing more pure, than a small child. And nothing more innocent. So you think you are naive, you think you were naive as a child. You think, love hurts. Love was blind and stupid. That is not because the love you felt, was painful, at all. But because you felt alone in that love. As everyone around you grew up faster, they grew up in the sense they were punished earlier. And some children avoid the punishment so severely, that they hold on the their purity enough to retain some of it throughout adulthood. So that they then can remind the grown ups to remember who they were and still are right now, and that perhaps everything they have been living has been a lie and nothing to do with who they actually truely always have been. And that people only sleep every single day because they cannot allow themselves to be who they really are, they feel, unless they die. And so, they cannot live being who they are not, so they feel they have to sleep, in order to allow them atleast the unaware state of conscious being that they are. To be the child again, that has never been allowed into this life, so they feel they must then be that chid in their dreams. That unlimitted being that they are, that you are, and everyone already is, deep inside. The thing I want to say here is, you don't need to kill yourself. Because you were not to blame for the "not allowing." You in that case would be better served to kill everyone else who did not, and chose to not recognize their and your own love. Because of arrogance of their father aswell. So you kill your father, your father says, ho there son, you should not be killing me, because in all honesty, now that I'm about to die, I finally see you, and I recognize myself, and I tell you who is to blame. My father. So let's say, you build a time machine, and you go with your dad to his father, and now his father also says the same thing, yeah its because of my father aswell. Do you see the pointless endeavour here, trying to kill father after father, only to be eventually pointed back in time at some dude who hit a rock with his toe and it got infected, and now it had bad memory and now the rock is to blame, and who placed that rock there. Let's punish the rock. Do you really think everything in this universe is bad? No. The rocks of this planet has mostly been supporting your and their feet, of your ancestors aswell. There is really nothing bad going on, except your experience and their experience has been from time to time bad. And it may now be bad. But you cannot allow the better experience, by looking at the lack of the good in your experience. But usually people need some kind of zero choice experience in order to see past the limitations that the mind has assigned to their own experience. And usually that happens when people sleep. But you can also create a conscious letting go of the negative focus that perpetuates itself by simply focusing on something easy and neutral and simple like the breath, untill all perspective and thought cease. And then your natural goodness rises back to the surface of your mind and the natural inner child establishes instantly. Because you've never ever been anything else, you've just been practicing, and not deliberately, been practicing the being of the less of who you really are. That doesn't mean you need to die in order to let that go. Simply letting go of thought for 20 minutes a day, and the natural self is garuanteed to rise back to the surface, no matter how old or young you are. And then, as you realise that NO ONE can limit this you, except you, you will care less about what other people say, because they have absolutely 0 effect on you, 0 influence whatsoever, unless you allow them to have influence, in your "childlike" hopeless resignition that you have to give up who you are in order for the people "parents elders" to be happy. But when you're an adult, there's no such dependency on parents, so the time is never more ripe to die to whoever the people have told you to be, then when you are an adult. If you understand that you will "die" anyway. And that it is actually more healthy to allow yourself to be who you are, instead of what other people tell you to do, or have told you to be. Because, you have to realise, their words don't mean anything. The parents never were angry at their child, to begin with! They were angry with themselves! About themselves. Not about you. They saw themselves in you, and became angry. That has nothing to do with you. So you cannot allow that illusion to continue just because your rational mind holds on firmly to that illusion to find agreement with the people around you as a social survival mechanism. When you have to realise, that your greatest social value is to allow yourself to be that child again, pure and innocent, and loving and good. That is beyond the capability of the mind to ever create! No! It is your heart that is the source of that and your life. It is that heart that allows your soul to be breathed into you from your Source or God or whatever you wish to call it. So why then would you hold on to the rational mind, if you know it doesn't serve you to do that and neither does it serve the people around you for you to do that, it only continues your own suffocation of your own soul, and perpetuates the suffocation of the life force of the people around you aswell. So you simply let go of the mind, and FEEL your way to who it is you really are. What is really your truth and value. And that always causes fame, not because it is a rare thing. THE EXACT OPPOSITE! It causes fame because it is an UNIVERSAL THING! Otherwise no one would recognize it. So you teach everyone the "normalcy" of everyone and everything that is good, by allowing yourself to be famous. Because the people simply want to be normal aswell. And that means, being loved, being of value, as you are the value that you seek, and that is so for everyone. Everyone already has the greatest wealth in their own inner being. That is their infinite and eternal value. But coming back to forgetfulness, as it is caused by being suffocated from your own soul for such a long time, that the mind also goes into "automatic" mode, and now you have not even the will or ability to focus, tired and forgetful. This may be hard to hear, but it is your own fault, because no one else can do that to you, except you. And if you realise that, you still understand that other people are to blame aswell, it actually serves you to become angry, because that will allow you to wake up. Instead of fall deeper into confusion of forgetfulness. As we said before, you are not wanting to take revenge. But understand, you cannot accept the decay either. Just like you do not hold on to your own poop. Do you? You cannot, and luckily you don't have to do. So allow your poop to be flushed. Simple, right? In the same way, your body is none of your concern, once you're dead. But while you're alife, your body is sacred, exactly because poop has a different kind of sacredness that is of its own, and does not belong to you. Not yet. You can allow yourself to be sacred just as the poop allows itself to be sacred. In the same way, you do not hold on to what you're not made out of. And that is how you allow yourself to be yourself, and be kind to yourself. Because you deserve to be who you are. If you can understand that the poop can of value, then why would you think you need to become a poop before you allow yourself to understand that you are already just as valuable as the poop, as everything is perfectly of value. You are of value, simply because you are who you are. And you are naturally of value, in that way of allowing yourself to be who you are. And you might think, well, "Ok everything! But I cannot be anything other than who I am! What are you talking about?!" Such is the stupidity of the brilliant mind that has practiced this stupidity to such brilliant masterful levels. You are always changing. You are always becoming. That is who you really are. And that is a wonderful and good thing. That is part of the richness of who you are, and of what everything also is. But you are suppose to love your ego! For there is continuety in that, there is balance, stability and harmony in that! To be proudful of who you are. And your mind loves to go back to what it used to be and then say, well, that pride is what got all of us in this trouble in the first place. Well, WHEN is YOUR moment of pride coming? Because you cannot understand the complete picture otherwise. This tugg of war of the mind never goes anywhere. That is why meditation is always the teaching of every wise master, who sees in years of training, it is the only tool that is universal in effective application. Pride is not something that has to cause suffering, as long as you get your nose out of other people their business. Because the child just loved you for being a human being, that's it. A grown up, big human being, who can poop on their own and walk on their own, and know what they need to know when they need to know it on their own, unconditionally, in their ability to unconditionally trust in their infinitely worthy nature of fulfilling their independent freedom and ability to allow themselves to enjoy life to its fullest. That's it. That pride has nothing to do with trying to correct the people around you. But actually to live your own life knowing your own worth regardless of what other people choose to believe or think. So it is rediculous that a grown man still seeks appreciation? It looks that way, but the true rediculousness is that it still thinks that other people have to appreciate him before he allows himself to appreciate himself unconditionally, regardless of what other people think. Then you can enjoy the appreciation of people and yourself, knowing you will always become more, yet always perfect and satisfied in whatever you are right now. And so then there is no need to suffer the critisiscm that has nothing to do with you, but with other people trying to see their own self worth and looking for it in all the places where it is not, outside of themselves. So the elder is proud, and the younger folk should then not kiss their arse, because in order to be pride themselves means to not kiss their arse. But kiss your own arse. Then you can meet the pride of the elder without disturbing it. Because there is no need to disturb it, just like there is no need for the elder to disturb your pride aswell. You know why? Because everyone is allowing themselves to be who they are. And everyone is at peace. Everyone is family. Everyone is with their own family. And you cannot be with your family, by waiting for people. If you let go of the waiting, then you will be with your family and the people you waited for will be with their family, because you finally took the first step in allowing yourself to be with your family, whoever that is, is always right here and now. Where existance, is always, your family, for you exist. And you need not to die, in order to finally accept that you will always exist. So it's easy. To allow yourself to be who you are, and at peace, with everyone else aswell. To be in your own small or big family, it's all fine. It doesn't matter how small or big. Even on your own, you are family of all existance. So if that self grows, and becomes more, there's no effort in that at all. And it always grows in this allowing of itself to be ok with what it already is in the moment. And the losing of family, or appearingly it becoming less, has no effect on your ability to allow always in the now and here moment, to be who it is you are. Regardless of what that is. And regardless of all the ideas that think it needs to be different or more. As if your action will ever allow it to be more. No, effortless, allowing, now, simple. And the good experiences you wait for in heaven, are here right now, always flowing to you. And if you stand still and allow yourself to see it. Then slowly you will remember you have never ever been alone. All the good is always coming your way. For your family of abbundance is of the ever abounding well-being that is the abounding wellbeing of the entire universe. So sing about that family. And if it comes as a child, then you will in your remembrance be less likely to push the goodness of the universe away. Because the child is no different than all the good of the entire universe. So it will come in infinite more ways. Than just a child. So why on earth would you be freaked out about a child. That's hilarious from your souls point of view. That people think they don't deserve the love of a child. No wonder priests are becoming pedophiles, they are lost for words! How are they gonna teach anyone anything? If they don't even believe in their own deservingness to receive the unconditional love of a child. They think they need to die before they become deserving. Well, guess what, nuclear bombs. Japan. Child pornography is in japan. Where there is the problem, there is the solution. People wait till the problem becomes big, then they are faced with their own doom, and then they choose the lesser doom. And the lesser doom, is then, the love of the child, instead of nuclear self annihilation of the entire planet. And I am just stating the facts here. In the 60's people experienced abductions from zeta reticuli, grey humanoid race of beings from the future, that annihilated themselves from nuclear war. So they could no longer reproduce. Long story short, humanity has been exploring so many ways to come to terms with their inner child. They have seen hybrid human/grey children of their own dna, and were faced with the decision to love it or not. Then they had made bunkers to contemplate the idea of loving unconditionally with humans living inside bunkers. Sex and survival is a huge topic for humanity. People are outraged that sex is constantly being made 18+, and attacked, and demonized, all the while all the blood and gore is being deemed natural, normal. Sex has been pushed to the corner of the deepest hell, and meanwhile hell, is being ascended to the heavens. People are waiting for their satan lords, and the satan lords are all pointing humans back to their own inner child that they left behind. Satan has no use of a half wit. Satan is looking for a human who brings his complete self to him. His natural self. His self that is capable of compassion. That does not mean you have to have sex with children, but atleast love your inner child. And remember your dreams, that were not naive. The love you had, was not naive. It was a direct inspiration from your deepest and highest inner Source of Being of All Creation. And for god sakes, learn to make games that are more fun than killing eachother. Even tho killing can be fun, your child had waaaay more better ideas about life. The play and play pretend was for the purpose of fun and deserving. And only when the elders carry guns, then the child will play with guns in order to desperately find a way to believe that their joy has a future. Because they see their joy growing up into the life that is already being lived by their parents. So now you see this boom of teenagers having fun with weapons of destructions, in a more playful and carefree way, and guided by the safety guidelines coming from the wisdom of their parents. But every generation, always, benefits from the asking of the previous. So this natural evolution of improvement is a given stability, that is so balanced, and so dominant in its balance, that nothing can go wrong. For the sht that your ancestors have been pooping, was only to create the device that cleans all sht. And then you're not sitting on a toilet. So blessed be all generations, future, present and past. The natural improvement that is the result of the ever abounding well-being of the natural ever expansion of the entire universe is timeless, and always, right here and now. So relish in that. As you are it, right here and now. Where all of existance, exists. And don't worry about nuclear annihilation, because when the zeta reticulli took our dna, they gave us the option, in return. To either love our children, or become like them. And we chose to love our children instead.
  3. Be Warned Satan is Copyrighted!!!

    Thanks for the suggestion guys. I literally forgot I enjoy writing stories. Now I remember again that I have the option to enjoy writing stories. It's something that is allot of fun to me. I'm really glad, cause it's always a surprise to me how the story unfolds, so I'm eager to do that right now even, as I'm gonna write a story in just a few minutes.
  4. Be Warned Satan is Copyrighted!!!

    Haven't I been doing that? You just reminded me that I like to do that.
  5. Be Warned Satan is Copyrighted!!!

    One time I was abducted by a large terrorizing ghostlike black mist demon, that radiated trembling fury and rage arounds its very perception. It took me from my bed to nowhere land. It hated me and wanted me to get lost like it was. To lose everything I have ever known forever. And I felt excited! Oh finally! A new place! God I was so bored. Thank you so much, I said, in my very expression of appreciation. And this demon never felt or encountered this appreciation and love. So now it was more determined than ever, TO TAKE ME TO PLACE OF ALL LOSSES! THE GREATEST LOSS OF ALL LOST PLACES! THE PLACE WHERE THE VERY BEGINNING OF ALL LOSSES BEGAN! ... Everything became quiet. Because we were softly appreciating the children toys. The colorful cereal package, the vibrant loving caring home. The young child that was born to the mother who was so loving. And there was so much joy in the vibrant house. ... We shifted to a stormy cold snowy hills outside in the dark and cold night during a blizzard. And there I saw the scared cats, running, confused and lost. Surpassing hills of stormy snow that seemed like endless dunes of a desert, in a cold and lifeless place. And there it was. The cat. Who got lost. And could not find its home anymore. Everything that it had ever known. And I said, you deserve to be in a home. You are a cat, made as the appreciated companion of us humans. You are always welcome to visit my home if you wish warmth and or food. And the cat purred. With it's soft black furr and grey shapes. Almost like a ghost. That yet wanted to be seen and acknowledged. Atleast by one human. If only one. This soul was now in bliss. Demons are just forgotten beings or lost beings. But I woulden't say lost, because their soul essence can never be lost. Only forgotten and re membered. Re pieced back together. The original word of demon came from latin. And they used this word to describe the "other." If you don't understand the "other" you may experience some fearful thoughts. Because you don't allow their full essence to fully express itself in the moment, by not allowing yourself to take the first step and lead by example of fully allowing yourself to fully be present compassionately with that "other" being a "demon" And when you do, they will come out and play, and in so doing, both of you have a treasured experience of authenticity, led by the unconditionally appreciating nature of your being that has allowed for that to occur and fully manifest and express itself in such a moment of truely deep heartfelt appreciation. There is a great text speaking further about demons, where you can learn some of true infinite intelligent connected, flowed, allowed perspectives that we humans have unconditional acces to, if learned how to allow energy to flow more freely. And in that you can come to learn the blessed nature of us humans, who are allowed to explore even such an expansively overwhelming topic sucy as demons, literally, physically, in the most joyoush way possible, for the benefit of every single thing in all of creation, and even better yet, for the purpose of the ever expanding joy that is your destiny as an eternal being. It's not a matter of if we will do it. It's a matter of when. And ofcourse there are infinitely more pathways to choose from. Nothing in this universe is out of question for the joyous exploration of us humans, from the point of view of the very eternal and ever expanding infinite true original Source of all creation, also of our being, as we breath this life force through us even as we speak. There is no evil, only good that flows, and good that is not fully yet allowed to flow. But that doesn't stop the flow from always being there. In every aspect of all creation. Always fully readily available to every single thing in all of creation. As the ever greater becoming aspect of the ever greater becoming.
  6. The tendency to think people of old were dumb

    People of old had big brains. Those big brains came from scavenging. Making use of what nature throws away. Like the bones of a deer left by the wolves, the humans know if cooked well, the bone marrow holds the most densely packed nutritional value. Very fatty and nutritious for a big brain such as the one we have. Same goes for dead wood. The more dead, the better it burns. We still live that way. So now we learn we actually become tired if we sit too much and don't move. And we feel better when we excersize and less tired. It's funny. And true. And it triggers inspired action. Now then you can do the work you have always wanted to do. Or the work you have been doing become the work you've always wanted to do.
  7. The tendency to think people of old were dumb

    Actually YOU HAVE ALL THE CREDIT. FOR EVERYTHING. Cause if you do not contain it, you can not perceive it. And the ever expanding performance and rush and thrill of ever reaching heights of perfection and brilliance, you perceive it in every match, regardless of the side they are on or color of their shirt. And even better yet, even if you experience your food as junk, that might inspire you to honor your food on an altar of prayer. Or it might on the flipside possibly also inspire the eating of valuable perfect pure gems of fractalised fruit trees, harvested from the purest and most wildest of soils on the planet.
  8. God as Self, Atman

    You can think yourself seperate from your soul, but your soul will never enter this thought/perspective with you. Yes your soul knows, like you may know, that some thoughts only serve to limit you, but this thought of seperation from your own soul is just one of those thoughts! Thus people feel disconnected and negative emotion. Because your soul is forever eternally connected to you. And your heart can always instantly feel if you go counter to your very own greater truth that you always have eternal connection to. Otherwise you would feel nothing. And if you think you are a powerless victim stuck in a physical body as a prison, you block your own life force from fully and naturally flowing. Thus you feel less than good. Untill you give up the fight and just surrender. Ok... I am eternal. I am not stuck, I am not complete, I am forever becoming more. And mostly, I'm here to have fun. That is what people find so hard to understand. They think eternity is bad, because they forgot their reason for being here. Just to have fun. Nothing to proof, ever. Nothing to accomplish except the enjoying of the journey. You create your life the way you want it to be. You do this with the help of your soul. This soul is just a higher non physical aspect of the more complete more TOTAL YOU! You you you and you! So your soul knows all is well. Knows all that you want. And knows your path towards all that you want. But what you want is not a destination. There is no such thing as a destination. There is no frozen snapshot of life. Your ultimate destination is the joyous journey of the ever expansion that is your true reason for being here. To just have fun and come to new preferences and allow yourself to be inspired by life to move beyond that which you have ever experienced, forever more. Forever becoming. And no matter how much you create this forgetfulness of your true nature of who you truely are. It is not everlasting, because it requires allot of persistent effort to continue that illusion of forgetfulness and limitation and it is always exhausting and temporary. But you're so good at it that it may take some realization of what you're actually doing. Cause it's so easy so obvious it's become oblivious. And eventually, and always, things happen to disturb the illusion and forgetfulness, small simple experience that unveil the obvious in one extatic moment of ellation after another. And you feel and experience true value and then wanna wake up. Cause you are that true nature that you seek. But since your mind cannot understand because it doesn't have an open channel for comprehending or relating the understanding, at first, except maybe a few. You need persistent faith in your hearts perfect nature to feel your way beyond the current mind to the higher truth of who you actually really are now, always have been and always will be, which exists in a truth that is different from what your mind has been trained to perceive and observe and translate. Because your heart is all of that right now and always. You don't have to look for the truth outside of yourself. Because your perception determines how you look. And your truth is in the way you look and why you look. You truth is in core values. And you can feel that through your heart. So it is infinitely times more simple then you can ever imagine. Otherwise it would not be eternal and infinite if your truth was a heavy complicated substance. It would crumble instantly under its own weight. The highest truth of all that you are is non physical and subtle. And all of that, you in your physical body can feel. What is more specific and lucid than an emotional feeling about something? You can never enjoy a painful emotion and nor are you suppose to. So its perfect. Do you want your mind to explode? Or do you just wanna enjoy life. Not a difficult answer. That you have to feel before you can recognize those higher frequency thought patterns and perceptions. And THEN they will become visible to you. Once you train your mind to perceive thoughts and things and perceptions that feel good, then more you can more effortlessly uncover the simple truth that is so expansive in nature. And so enlightening! Because it feels so light and easy! So effortless, so free. And then you will know what you need to know when you need to know it, always in harmony with your reason for being here. Not to gather endless information. But just to have fun and know that all is well. And that you deserve all of the wellness of all these physical and deliciously specific physical and truely valuable life experiences. That fulfill your reason for being here in the joy of the experience and the launching into the new and even greater experience that all of this will always forever inspire within you. That is why dead people don't go away. They stay here. Because this is where all the fun is at. Right here and now. And your soul is focused entirely upon you. And loving you. And if you love yourself, you feel the joy of tye agreement with your soul. And if you hate yourself, you feel the pain of the unnecessary disagreement with your soul. So its perfect that it doesn't feel good. Because you can never be disconnected from your full unconditional acces to your very own soul. Cherrish that. Love that. Bless that feeling of your heart. It is eternally valuable. For even in the greatest pain, you will realise, the truth you perceive feels bad, because YOU KNOW! DEEP DOWN INSIDE, YOU KNOW! That something greater exists. Otherwise this woulden't feel less than the greatest, most fully expanded now version of the greatest truth, and now and now. Forever feeding off on your relationship with all that exists, in the thoughts you think and feeding them right back to you in emotion, realization, full blown life experiences, of whatever you offer. You are eternally and infinitely worthy like that. You can never get lost, because you will always be right here and right now. As all that exists always exists here and now. Simple, easy, fun. Infinitely blessed and loved and worthy of whatever you so truely and purely desire.
  9. Mark Griffin, 1954-2018

    Just like you felt the relief in your physical body when he smiled at you very gently. Who we really is actually flowing through us. In this moments of unspeakable ellation, that is when we are most fully allowing who we really are to fully flow through us. Who we really are is a non-physical energy that we feel as the good feeling life force that runs through our body. This energy is subtle and gentle as his smile. And so with one gentle smile, we suddenly learn all we ever need to know about who we really are. As a non-physical eternal consciousness of infinite and ever abbounding well-being, wisdom, intelligence, joy, love, appreciation. Peace is the softest entry to our natural well being. And it can extend far to the outer reaches of describing this non-physical well-being that is allways here with us and all around us and inside of us. So in order to understand those people who we term as dead, we do so through our appreciation, which then makes our experience of this "physical" experience more fluid, more in alignment with the actual natural order of what this reality actually is, in this harmonic sequence with the well-being that flows through everything. Which is all but physical. The physical is very temporary, for the purpose of ever expansion into more, new and better experiences that constantly flow forth from the non-physical Source that we come from aswell. So allowing this change to flow more as we then also flow more with it, more effortlessly, in our less worried state of being of appreciation, relief or ellation, and peace and contentment and enjoyment, then we begin to flow more as the non-physical consciousness who we really actually are, and then more capable of translation the true nature all around us aswell. And to learn to allow our true nature to flow more freely is what life is all about. For that is something that is always easy. And so meditation is a great way to allow the easy nature of who we are to become more fully and freely in our life experience and natural expression of who we really are as that joyful being that we were before we came here and even as we were born and always deserve to be right now unconditionally. And always will be when we die. And in between, valuable teachers such as Mark help remind everyone who we all actually already are fully capable of allowing ourselves to naturally, easily and effortlessly be. And that is invaluable to the amount of that you wish it to be. For nothing is more important than that you feel good, because that feeling is an indication of your truely eternal worth of your true infinite value as an eternal being of tremendous well-being. And that feeling is an indication that you are fully fulfilling your true purpose in your life. As you have been created to be this naturally joyous being. It is the true energy that we are all made out of. And can never ever be disconnected from. For no matter how bad we feel or lost we get, we can always fully relax back into our full true nature. And with not even one thing having been done, so then we leave nothing undone.
  10. God as Self, Atman

    You are in that case not only no different than they are, you are actually identical to them in your practice of your strict views on life. Those strict identities that are defensive and argue for their own limitations such as you are doing aswell, could benefit allot from easing up on themselves. Because if you wanna be enlightened, simply lighten up on yourself. You can demand yourself to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and at the same time think that you can ever be of even the slightest benefit to anyone in the whole universe. Not even yourself is allowed to benefit from yourself, by your argueing for your own limitations. So if you're not allowing yourself to simply be yourself, in the natural way that you were created, which means, the person who you are which has not been designed to solve the problems of this world, except the problems which you only create for yourself of arrogance and ignorance. If you are trying to give rise to the sun, you will always feel tired from working yourself to oblivion all night long, for absolutely no other reason than accomplishing your own unnecessary exhaustion, that only serves to limit you and drain the people around you who then also have to now help you recover from your own stupidity, as you are still arrogantly holding on to your ego that thinks you are a hero and saving people, when in reality you are a perpetual and chronic victim of your own arrogance and ignorance. I know you would like to blame other people for who you have become. But that doesn't change who you now are. Except, it causes you to realize that who you now are, is not fully allowing yourself to he who it is you really actually are, or want to be at the very least. If you can even remember who you are. God knows how long you've been asleep in this never ending dream of arrogance and ignorance. You might aswell, start going back to elementary school and relearn life. Years of education. And you'd most likely still get even more stupid in the process. Untill you begin to realize, that no one cares. And they are kind to you anyway. So maybe you will realize that you can be kind aswell. Regardless of who someone else is. And in so doing you begin to receive actual true value into that dense head of yours. To learn what actually matters in life. And stop being so arrogant, maybe for the first time ever in your life. But that's up to you. You can still choose to limit yourself. Untill you see the pattern of this take shape over several years, and then desire to see a different pattern, that is more free and more in alignment with your actual true nature. And eventually, you can't blame anyone but yourself. No matter how much you want to. Because blaming others will always continue your trajectory into more self limitation, even to the degree of being limitted to further limit yourself. Thus, it makes absolutely zero difference to all of creation, what you decide to choose for yourself. That is not cruel. That is freedom. And you can never destroy it, except for yourself. I know it sucks. But you cannot get sick enough to make other people better. You just have to let all of that go. And accept the natural well being. That is what it means to not be arrogant. To accept what you deserve, because you are not different from anyone else in that you deserve to naturally abbundant well being of life. No matter who you are or where you are or what you are. Isn't that easy? To acknowledge this ease is wisdom and knowledge. To lighten up on yourself is enlightenment. And you will always be free to choose it and be free to deserve it unconditionally. No matter how many years you practice the strict believe that says otherwise. And so stop caring so much about other people business. You came here to live your own unique you life that you are forever blessed to be and live now and be now. Who you naturally easily and effortlessly are as a good feeling free nature of who it is you have always actually been.
  11. Human destruction of nature

    No it's new carnation. Not re carnation. It's more carnation. Forward never needing to look back carnation because the motion forward is so exciting and fun that is the continuation of who you really have fully allowed yourself to become. You become more than you previously have ever been.
  12. Human destruction of nature

    So someone's in pain, and they're dying. And you say to them "Wake up! Don't die!" And they say "Ughhh, let me die already..." You can see how much relief there is in death, of letting go of that outdated stuff that no longer works so well. And accepting the new, fresh body, fully fresh and new and pure, new perspective now fully enjoying all of the benefit that your previous life has caused you to ask! It's huge relief. It's an experience of "FINALLY! THIS IS WHAT I WANT YES NOW I KNOW EVERYTHING! Now I know the truth of all that I have ever asked for, the answer is now finally clear within me, in my fully non resistant fully consciously expanded full blown non-physical awareness of all the good that is me and everyone. Fully capable now of purely focusing my energy and awareness on all the answers of all that life has caused me to ask" It's not heavy. It's lovely. Death is the complete opposite of heavy. It's completely feeling infinitely light and free and expanded full awareness of all that you truely have been and are. Full relief. The answer to all of your questions. But also understand that it's no more than that either. So people can allow all of that even in their physical body, if they let go of all the outdated no longer relevant ideas and perspectives while in their body that is what holds them back from fully living their life as they intended before they came here, and letting go of the resistance that causes the strain and stress. To fully enjoy all the benefit of all the new things. And it happens when you fully flow with all the life that is who it is you truely are at the core of your being that is always becoming more and better and newer and more now. And then instantly go here and now where all of that is all that you truely are fully expressed in this way and that way, walking the path of your passion here and there. Then that small paths become bigger paths and expands your excitement in life. And you then become more capable of flowing more freely with the ever expanding natural easy path of unfoldment of your ever excitement. Your essence doesn't go some place else. It's all here. Your interest in this here and now world and life and reality doesn't go away. Everyone is here, dead or alive. All part of the evolution of this leading edge time space reality. And the amazing physical nature of it that we can enjoy in so many ways. And bringing constantly into full realization all of our dreams in ever expanding ways. As every generation benefits the new from the asking of the old. And you are that new generation. That has asked for more freedom and receives it. It's not someone else that's gonna get your stuff that you truely want. It's you you and YOU! And it is never lost, because only our mind can forget, but that is why we luckily have a soul, that holds all of the best that it knows for us, eternally, ever expandingly. You are never alone in this. We're all in the same boat. And we all expand our dreams together. His dream joins my dream and we co-create in very similar dreams on this amazing stable platform of exploring all these different dreams into creation, on this platform ever abbounding well-being capable of supporting endless of souls to live their fullest most joyous life possible, in full purpose for the joy of all the individuals here. Does that come to an end when we die? No. Do you let go of the old perspective? No, you take the BEST of your old perspective into the new movement of the new life that will then be the best life you have ever lived before, that is why it feels so reliefing to let all of that old stuff go and enter the complete new of the now. As it always is that. People don't dig holes into hell, or build time machines to go to the past, we are not de-evolving into less. That is completely illogical. If you're not doing it, no one else really wants it either. If you're not interested in it, no one else really is interested in it either. Cause we all came here with similar intention, desire for growth, but mostly joy of the journey, and yet we came with different enough intention to experience completely different lifes of infinite variety of all that joy can truely be and completely free to do so, as the planet is fully capable of supporting all of it. And you don't have to worry about resource running dry. Cause the cake grows by the ammount you take from it. That is how energy works. If you truely enjoy cake, your passion for cake allows it to become more and more cake, forever! You don't have to worry about how the cake will come, that is for people who have a passion to make cake. if you enjoy cake more then you will also see more people who make cake more. New technologies are constantly rising to improve everything for that is also something that keeps expanding from the asking of so many who love all of that ever more effective and efficient technology. That then can become more like nature, infinitely slip streamed, super conductive, pure, high frequency technology, very inter connected like nature. Very sensitive technology, very natural. Very good. And same with all the communities and new ways of living and building communities. All becoming better. Ongoingly. You don't have to do anything but enjoy your life. As you're completely free to do so. Ever more so. And you certainly don't have to wait untill you die.
  13. Live and let live? (not always so)

    People are working for the better future all of the time. Building things. Making this and that. That says they want a better future. So there's no reason why that desire should suddenly go away, cause it wont. If all of the cities on this planet doesn't state that, then I don't know what will. We all want an easier more enjoyable experience. And the errors help us realize this desire for less errors. And more smooth running systems of life. Technology is going crazy fast. And you have to understand all the incredible amazing positive benefit of all of that! The internet, I mean seriously. Connection of people and information. Now the true teaching of nature can be spread so widely and naturally crystalize into the knowing of so many people. The technology is not here to destroy nature, but to help us how to live in harmony with nature. Learn how to addopt the perspective that is of benefit to yourself and your nature and his nature and all nature. And people who feel bad then go to the internet to addopt a newer more fine tuned more harmonious perspective that is of more service to themselves and others aswell. And now suddenly you can reach the most brilliant of minds from the comfort of your home and personal computer. And then the brilliant minds teach by the clarity of their own example of how they are so brilliant because they tune into the natural resources of their own mind and heart so well, so geniusly and brilliantly and effortlessly and easily.
  14. Live and let live? (not always so)

    That truth exists so that it can become a greather truth. It's a stepping stone. That's what all truth is.
  15. Logical paradox

    No, I like your different opinion. I like variety. Let's not work, let's play. I always wondered why every forum says "discussion" because I don't care. Wether people wanna discuss or not. I will always just have a conversation with them, even when they think I am discussing with them, I allow them to think that, in my conversation with them. I am stubborn like that.