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  1. I've dealt with the things you've mentioned my entire life. It was only after having gone through damaging my lateral and other nerves and pulling my lower back, that i was forced to address all my physical issues i intuitively felt i had my entire life. These issues consisted from my feet all the way up to my head/face. This would include flat feet, incorrect usage of legs, arms, chest, neck, hips, face, etc. etc. There's so much that could be explained, but this is your own journey and you'll need to take it a step at a time. What i will tell you is that you need to make a choice whether you want to commit a life to fixing this. Without it, you won't. Why? Not sure your age, but it's going to take patience, frustration, massive effort to fix a lifetime of incorrect physical and non physical habits. Especially with our issues, which i believe nearly no one would understand. It's impossible to believe such issues exist. What i will say is that Desmondff seems to be on the right track, and i can attest to this because of my own experiences. Fix the biomechanics, neurological patterns, and breathing first. DO NOT just get into strength or just any physical type of training for that matter. Every single thing that exists such as yoga, qigong, weightlifting, cardio, etc all have an opportunity to damage our pattern every single time. Which will happen a lot. The beauty of it is that the body is incredibly powerful, and as we can damage it, we can also heal it. But It will be more about how youndo things than what you do. That being said, in an educated way research and try practically everything out, because some things will click for your body and some won't. Here is a resource for posture you can start with: https://www.youtube.com/user/strengthsidetrainer/videos his older videos are fairly good for correcting posture. DO NOT just listen to people who say "don't think about it, it doesn't require thinking." They don't know what it means to have grown up with this specific physical debilitation. We WILL need to think because unfortunately, when we didn't think, our bodies learned to function incorrectly. But it is more of a mix of feeling and thinking. In reality though, i believe deep feeling can create thinking at a higher level. The secret is that you first think, then correct over time, and then not think and let it flow. If you are able to, i would recommend running. Simple, i know. But simple minded people don't know just how deep and complex running can be. I'm not going to explain why other than this. Requires same repetitive movement, exhaustion, force of all muscles to activate when exhausted, awareness of what doesn't work correctly. Hope you get the picture. When running try to commit to running past exhaustion and therefore forcing to utilize formerly unaware of muscle groups. This is from the way you breathe, leg usage, upper body posture, head steadiness, etc, etc (things will break during this phase, but you will have gained new insight on what issues exist) Idea is to take 1 step back to take 2-3 steps forward. Breaking is a part of the journey. Almost everything you do will break what you are reconstructing. Sitting, running, walking, eating, sleeping, etc etc. This is because we got used to doing all these things with whatever physical posture we had and including with improper breathing. You'll need to start somewhere and asking if the way you're sitting or walking is correct. Do research on what's correct way to do things. The last thing i'll leave you with for now is the feet represents the legs, the hands represents the arms, and the head represents the body. This may very well just be my own experience, but i believe fixing these connections is potentially at the root. Why? Becuase this is what is needed to function as a single unit, aka becoming one again. I hope what you have is minor compared to mine. Maybe my major injuries most likely make it harder for me to fix my body, but i've already gone a long way. Which is why i think you'll be just fine if you commit. i'll give you a summary of the system i use when i have more time. If you have any questions let me know.
  2. edit: Nvm. What's the point. To the forum in general.. Thank you for the great information. Don't let it fall, development and info of these practices is something that is maybe lacking in the 'new age' spiritual awakening. This forum provides a good amount.
  3. The Doomsday Scenario

  4. @vonkrankenhaus, just wanted to let you know your continuous argument about qi in relation to polarities from the lonemanpai thread was worth it. After a lot of epiphanies over the past week, today i got to a certain feeling after practicing feet to leg, hand to arm, head to body connection. I got a certain connection between my feet and glutes/hips. Which then led to the idea of polarities that i remembered from that thread. This in combination with Starjumper's clarification that it did have to do with both polarities and energy, gave me some ideas to try out. I think i now understand why they say everything has to do with sex/sex organs. I almost had it right in regards to penis and neck. But penis actually reflects our body from top of our head to pelvis. What I'll say is a connection and intersecting points that goes from the bottom end of the penis near testicles, and very bottom of the abs/obliques. And connection between top surface bottom end of penis and lower back. Would love to hear info on this concept if there's any
  5. Update: Found out head and neck actually represent the penis or vice versa. Bottom of penis = front of neck. Top of penis = back of neck. Won't get into details due to the topic unless someone asks. But if you're working on the neck in any way, addressing penis might be keeping one from achieving fixture.
  6. ADD or ADHD

    Mig, Just make sure to literally protect yourself at all times, but through love. If you do want to take on this challenge, take it as a growth opportunity. Because the things you'll find yourself forced to deal with will be just that. There is no logical way of thinking about it with your mind. Lots of things won't make sense, because they won't be fair. You will have to be the one who's maybe more aware for now. That means having to be the bigger person and not feeling bad that you may be viewing it as an opportunity to grow and not just simply a relationship. Do you really think there's sympathy when you will supposedly not be thought of? My suggestion to you is to remember that there is a lot more to the person than adhd. And i don't mean in the feel sympathetic sense. What i mean is realize that adhd is nothing to hide behind. Don't give them that excuse for everything. Know what it does and doesn't consist of. If you let them do that, they will hide behind bullshit forever. That being said, ultimately they have the choice to be honest with themselves or not. So don't force them to be honest about it. You make the decision about what you want based on what they decide to do. Be loving, be honest. But just my 2 cents, and this is coming from someone who it didn't work out for. At least right now. I think they are actually special people who have a different way of looking at things. And though i can't pin point exactly what i'm trying to say because it's something and internal not describable with words, i'm trying to point out that they are just as important in this world than anyone else. I'm sure the 'greats' all had a little adhd in them. Your growth is by far the most important one. So remember to never hold yourself back for the sake of waiting for another. But be patient enough to allow yourself to be accompanied by those who put the effort to be a part of your life.
  7. Central channel or Heart Field?

    i wouldn't be surprised if i'm confusing absorption or looping. The thing is it was fairly quick maybe like 20 seconds. I stopped as soon as i felt something in the same area i was touching. What mainly scares me is that i was supposedly having a seizure or something like it. The main reason i was doing this is because that other person has a lot of issues inside. And i was somehow trying to alleviate it. i will look into purging, tonifying, and regulating.
  8. Central channel or Heart Field?

    Yesterday tried to absorb stress out of my friend through energy. Apparently when i was asleep, i began coughing a lot and then started shaking as if having a seizure for 30-45 sec. Then i layed in bed and i breathed through my nose for a few minutes until calm. I have to admit that i don't remember it that well and probably only remember after the seizure. I guess i also wanted to continually lay my head off the bed. I would also stand on all fours and would roll over. Then slept. This is all told to me, i don't remember any of it clearly. edit: i remember earl gray recommended the gayatri mantra. I will do this in the meantime. Is there anything i should/can do?
  9. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    Stick to your intuition. It is very much real and it's the universe helping/connecting with you. Don't look at it as a matter of numbers or circumstances that suddenly happen. Those numbers are indicators from the universe or your higher self indicating to you whether to trust your feelings/thoughts or to avoid them in those moments. The synchronicity that happens outside is just a way for your physical body/mind to understand that something inside you is real and already knows the answers. When you are wondering or asking a question about something important. Check the time. You might find that at the time you've thought about an answer, there will be a synchronicity in numbers indicating to trust that answer. When you're hurting or are asking for help. You'll find some synchronicity happen and it can be an indicator that you will have help, and it will be okay. Everything i'm telling you is because i've experienced them in the most real physical, undeniable way. And only through trusting some and failing to trust so much more that i've realized it is really there to guide us if we can utilize it correctly. Try to not look for it, and just let it happen. That also means don't try to avoid it, if that makes sense. And constantly keep your perspective/mind in check during these occasions to make sure you're not just forcefully creating it all the time.
  10. Please do yourself a favor and get a massage gun. I got this one yesterday, and it's unknotted knots i've had for the past 15 years. https://www.amazon.com/Exerscribe-Personal-Percussion-Massage-Gun/dp/B07GPXQTBR/
  11. ADD or ADHD

    rules and structure seem to be the main things therapists suggest. But i think that's bs, considering that's opposite their nature. That being said, i think rules and structure can be implemented after more core needs are met. Such as feeling confident through a hobby or career where they can excel and demonstrate what they're capable even though/due to having add/adhd. This is my personal opinion and also based on the idea that i don't completely believe in add/adhd. About being forgetful and any other issues as a result of adhd, don't worry about being forgetful specifically. Or not paying attention. These are on the surface issues. These have to do with presence, conscientiousness, awareness. They can do other things that are conducive to attaining those skills or characteristics. E.g .yoga, meditation. For anxiety/restlessness/too much energy, exercise, stretch, etc. etc. There's a reason people have or attain certain qualities such as those of add/adhd. The only way out of it is to change or add the habits that can go against it. As a result, just one time. Maybe there will be that one time, where they are about to forget something, but they remember not to. And then maybe they can ride that wave to keep on remembering. This is of course, best case scenario. But there's no denying that life can work in this way for all of us.
  12. Is there anything wrong with releasing tension/clearing out blockages through breathing in and and then focusing on the area to extract the tension by breathing out? Just want to make sure this isn't one of those, 'no you're just draining your kidneys' type of things.
  13. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    I feel similarly. Don't get discouraged, there's nothing wrong with anything you're feeling or doing. All you need to do is observe those feelings and thoughts. If this is a phase, it will pass. Though you can stay there if you choose to as i have many times. be careful. Just like we had to learn since childhood how to become brainwashed monkeys who can interact easily with others by conforming, we can relearn a new way of interaction stemming from who we now are or becoming. No one said it's easy. Don't be harsh on yourself if you try to communicate with people and you get a bad response. Don't be harsh on yourself if you don't smile at someone. Don't be harsh on yourself for not knowing what to do. You'll figure it out, without anyone's help or perception, because you're the only one knows your own consciousness in relation to this world and consciousness of others. Test everything like a game from the perspective of love. Don't play the game everyone is playing. I realized I don't hate people. I hate having to create a specific action in order to get a specific reaction. Meaning, people are too numb nowadays to see intention, they only see specific actions they've attached their own intentions to. As if an action doesn't start with an intention and can have a multitude of them and ways of performing the same thing. Btw, if you observe or talk to homeless people, they are very interesting. Highly intelligent, and maybe even more aware than regular people. They seem to be waiting for something or have chosen themselves not to be a part of this fucked up reality. Going to the park to meditate next to the peace of the homeless
  14. I tested combing these concepts with qigong, and it created a strong connection between the entire body. Unfortunately, just with anything that takes too much thinking, the natural feel where you feel like arms are floating begins to go away the more you try to think about the concept. Does one stay in flow state or 'feeling' mode by letting go the idea of the connection after one has created it initially?