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  1. Are there evil master?

    i wonder if what's happening in the world is evil. it would be nearly damn impossible to stop it huh? good thing it's only nearly impossible. but i feel like that's why the answer is yes, there are evil masters.
  2. Are there evil master?

    deception is naughty Through terminology that can only be interpreted by one side. wait, why is one of my eyes smaller than the other? wait, why is Lady Gaga covering her right eye? nvm. she just had an itch. Hmmm, The doctor states everyone has an itch on that side. Wait is that because it's smaller?? Wait, what was the point of this all again!?? Damnit, See you next time on the next episode... of Dragon Ball Z
  3. Are there evil master?

    I'm confused as to where this contradicts anything i say. If anything i'm in agreement with half the paradox you just stated. can a hive mind only be good for few? or is a hive mind good for all naturally? whom decides it's good for all? The few that know it all? hmmmm
  4. Are there evil master?

    C14: from Latin intellectus comprehension, intellect, from intellegere to understand; see intelligence. Seems to be coming from ones ability to see it, not know it. therefore if someone can seem more intelligent than you, then you would believe that that is knowledge or truth, even though you don't know its origin. hence a hypothesized belief. "Good is explained relative to what is not good. Good is relative. Evil is relative. " that is a belief rather than a truth, because that idea is not known unless one is taught that, thinks that or believes that. rather than experiencing that. If one's survival relies on doing 'evil' or what would be considered that. For the sake of simplicity, meaning killing or stealing. Then one may not be any more intelligent than an animal. Or lacks the creativity of consciousness to find another way. 99% of the time there is another way, yet more than 50% of the time the former action is taken. because it's easier. To which then there is a predator and a prey. Yet we humans like to believe we are above animals
  5. Is speed reading possible?

    not sure if what you say is taken for a joke or not. Read the Tim Ferris's take and short guide on it from the 4 hour workweek. Basically you don't need to verbalize physically or in your head, because your mind's capacity is so much greater that it can interpret the words by simply looking at them, and rapidly at that. but it takes time to adapt to it. good for dismissing useless information and identifying useful information to which then you can slow down.
  6. Are there evil master?

    This sounds true. Lots of that has been witnessed already. So much so that it oozed into every corner of the earth including this forum. It even hurt people for no reason at all but what you describe. But maybe, justice still exists. and it has its own divine timing. Who knows.
  7. Are there evil master?

    it's not anti intellectualism, it's anti- insurmountable emphasis on intellect. Because it is the very intelle or (hypothesis), that is so easily penetrable, that reveals one's level of consciousness. To live through intelle is to live through hypothesis, and yet one does not live through it as hypothesis, and instead as knowing. Which then not only limits their level of consciousness, but also reveals to a conscious individual what level of conscious opportunity that person has. Then what describes or gives a person that consciousness? How can one know if one only knows one way to know?
  8. Are there evil master?

    I wonder if God watches us from above and wonders, how foolish can man be believing in things they don't even question the origins of. But instead relies on his limited perspective and mind to not only determine truth, but to also create absolute intelligent philosophies that sound true to every other man. I for one am guilty as charged.
  9. Are there evil master?

    mind mind mind mind mind. act act act act act. Is there anyone who knows anything that didn't come from someone or somewhere else? what a miracle that would be.
  10. Are there evil master?

    And so the spider's web is created and a never ending loop is formed. Those with eyes to see will see and those who have ears to hear will hear. Plural Imagine a manipulated gene for thousands of years. Are you you? or are you it? If you are it and that makes you you, then it is what it is.
  11. Are there evil master?

    i agree, i don't think those things are evil either. But i still believe that greed is evil. The only reason some may disagree between each other is because of one, the limiting factor of words and two, it would depend on what is considered as greed. There's actually no such thing as good. But there is just and 'right'. Good is the creation as a result of evil from which duality is created at least on this material plain. At the end of the day fewer than many are evil, because they are not aware, which is why one forgives. And yet, forgiveness is the fume that furthers that evil, because ignorance is the very thing they tried to escape and would never be willing to accept. And so goes the domino effect that becomes difficult to identify. Agreed. Yet compassion is more important during a time where it is easier to have the decision made for us.
  12. Are there evil master?

    Evil and good transcend time and action. It isn't linear. It can't be understood with the mind. Because the mind can only perceive actions within the construct of time, even though infinity is simultaneously existing with time. An evil action today might be a good action tomorrow, and vice versa. that is why unless one has gone past that level of 'thinking' or better yet understanding, then one can legitimately say one understands what it 'looks' like, feels like. And even though what i say has gotten to that level of complexity (or not), it also exists in the most simple of understandings. Greed is evil. And the mind will automatically create multiple philosophical points of views around it. Why? Because it's been programmed already. Want to know what greed is? Die, don't exist, and it will be as simple as how good water tastes when thirsty. And yet one may be wondering, just how many evil people are there really? Very few. Because most actions are not known consciously. Yet the actions themselves are evil. Like a seed or a virus implanted in every single person acting out on its own, unless or until one becomes aware that it exists. Which is nearly impossible.. However, once it is known consciously, just as free will may still exist (not sure), one may have the responsibility to not perform those actions anymore. If done, then the person might be called 'evil'. Greed travels far and wide in almost every action or thought. So much so, we killed/crucified simple men who revealed simple yet Godly truths.
  13. Are there evil master?

    "i think therefore i am" said the evil polar bear. Imagine, if one were taught nothing through words. One's idea of evil might be more clear.
  14. Are there evil master?

    evil is not the actions. evil is the reaction and perspectives to both our own actions and the actions done to us. Reactions and perspectives created for us, not from our own enlightened created processing of it. at the height of mind is the high processing of everything that was influenced upon your consciousness. The will of intelligence is the will that was thrust upon your mind. At the height of consciousness comes the true will to do what is right. The height of consciousness is the ability to differentiate between mind and conscious awareness. At the height of consciousness is where you've felt you know nothing, and the moment you feel it, you know much more.
  15. There is only one but there can be many