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  1. Thanks for this. it makes sense. I'm curious about something that i've been wondering for a while now. So if there are all these prerequisites to working with energy. Do ccult or those who do magick, get affected negatively assuming they don't go through prerequisites? or is it that they aren't affected because they are drawing energy from a different realm? hence magic?
  2. The Doomsday Scenario

    I think people are becoming more conscious as in they are aware. There is mind created consciousness which is not being conscious. i keep hearing all this awakening stuff recently, couldn't it be as simple as people are just getting more information due to the spread of info through web 2.0? Anyways, i've gone away from all this stuff recently. I got too much info too quickly, and now i'm seen as a crazy person. So, i'll just keep everything to myself moving forward. Save my own ass i guess. dreaming about the crown of thorns burning/steaming because of holy water the same week as the Notre Dame falling means nothing i guess. This was before i even know the crown of thorns existed and was kept in notre dame.
  3. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Edited so that no attention is given to pointless events. I'm only joking because Forwards was joking about taking over the world. Not to mention the mixed signals of ya you can trust lmp. next, "illuminati, taking over" I know you are doing it out of concern for everybody. So I'll just leave it at that.
  4. Will do. So you're saying any experimentation with these energies is only affecting me negatively in the long run? Is it because you believe i should get to a certain level of development in a system before doing that? To a certain degree i believed the fact that i am able to do certain energy feats meant that i had developed those things naturally, though maybe not necessarily as disciplined, controlled, or built through a specific practice. How about healing myself with my hands? Should i not be doing that either?
  5. .

    I get what you're saying. Never been a running guy myself to be honest. I used to find it as the most boring thing to do. But something really hit when i began doing it instinctual. It is an interesting form of meditation, especially when you're past the point of exhaustion, where your body is just going. I think it has to do with the sheer repetitive movement and no change at all. It makes you think about the patterns constantly and the body begins adjusting how it should to do the movement. I will admit that it is fairly taxing on the knees though. It has affected mine no doubt.
  6. Who is Loneman Pai?

    That's fair. and the part about family, friends, and support is probably the most important part. I struggle with this currently, but for good reasons. Hey it just shows, the bad guys have families and friends too right? The movies don't show this side. Jk jk Okay, i know i'm asking for a lot and it might cost you an ear. But would you mind asking SOG what he knows about that bone thingy in the back of the ear? He talks about it in those timeline videos. No particular reason i'm asking , except it would answer one of the biggest mysteries of life.
  7. ok deciding to talk about this because i don't want to have it in the back of my mind wondering anymore. Last week, my upstairs neighbor was being grumpy bitter man, and was stomping. i get mad and decided to raise my hand and throw energy at the roof where he was. He goes to the bathroom to turn on the shower, comes back and i hear a big fall noise in the same area where i shot up energy. one would think it's just coincidence. Btw, in my defense, before he came back i was like sh** what am i doing and drew as much of it back as i could. Real? should i not even mind it? if it's real that is something to worry about? This literally looks like a scene from star wars where i start going to the dark side.
  8. is it bad to practice specific qigong movement without doing an entire sequence of movements? So for example, (pardon me, i don't know any names yet). But in flying pheonix it's called arm rolling. If i just wanted to do this for like 20 minutes. would that be bad? Assuming it is very hard not to do certain things if you have the ability to. such as levitating your hand on an armrest by throwing out energy for example. Does one waste a lot of energy doing this? What is protocol for before and after? Sometimes i see videos of them using one hand to transfer the energy from the opposite hand to the chest to the lower dantien. When we meditate or do qigong movements, is it all building energy inside the lower dantien or are there specific types of things one must do to store that energy? Currently i'm doing simple meditation and flying pheonix by Terry Dunn.
  9. Making videos

    To be honest, nothing should be on DVD. So your problem is solved there. A good looking business model looks to be Damo Mitchell's. All videos are online, and he specifically put his Foundations of Qigong on Vimeo, where you can purchase it. As far as videos 2 mains ways to do it: - Put it on publishing platforms one being Vimeo - create a membership site where people have to pay to get access. Only issue here is people can just dl and spread it everywhere, and poeple can get it for free. But you can do that for DVDs anyways. i wouldn't worry.
  10. .

    Edit: feel dumb for neglecting the obvious. I am very sorry to hear what you went through. I also had my share of tribulations as a child, which now i realize probably affected me a lot unknowingly until now. Just know you're not alone and it's all fixable, which is why i jumped on explaining all of this. It answered questions i had forgotten i had over a decade ago. Seems like we are very similar in many physical aspects. i may be able to help, though i'm sure some others will chime in. i've gone through an intense journey of body correction the past 2 years, so you might have to trust me on this one. Assuming ZZ is maybe a bit too intense, therefore not creating enough soft feeling sensation. I still don't know all the specifcs about it, but if i were you i would probably pause it. Maybe replace it with something slower like Flying Pheonix. Of course, use your own judgment though. questions: - what specific injuries do you have if any? Apart from the blockages and stiffness on that side. - do you sit a lot? - do you currently run or exercise? if so, how much do you run? - age? give or take - do you smoke marijuana? would you? What you can do now (all you need to know for now): - Start running and max out, but not to kill yourself. But past when your mind says i can't go further. When you're at the point of body exhaustion, that is when you should begin to think with your muscles. What i mean by that is that you will begin feeling more sensitivity to all your muscles, because you are forced to utilize them. The body gets the point of complete exhaustion where it forces the dormant or stiff muscle groups to have to begin activating. (these may not activate well when running and not tired yet). This effect only happens past the point of exhaustion, or runner's high. Also where epiphanies are made . Track your runs too, so you can keep pushing the point of exhaustion every time. Your goal should be to get to this point and keep going every time. Tips on what to do while running in exhausted state. Start comparing your bad side to your good side. You don't have to think of everything as a whole just yet. Think of small ares, such as your quad, hamstring. Don't 'over think', just feel. And try to get it in balance with the other leg. But most importantly go for the areas you know need the most urgent attention or will make the biggest difference. And as always breathe into the muscle so you can relax it and activate it, since currently it is stiff and dormant. - Order some disc sliders: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0195KXS6I/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 - If it doesn't make a huge dent, get a 7lb mace. I get mine's from Onnit. I developed an interesting concept with the mace. Idk if it's out there on the internet, but i dont research, because i like keeping what works and not infiltrating with it too much. I call it the support system. Long story short, it's about one side carrying the heavy load and leading, while the weak side that needs to be rehabilitated simply follows along with the right movement, action, and activation, because it doesn't need to carry that much weight at all. And another effect in a similar way in vice versa. This allows the underdeveloped (messed up) side to do movements withought have to put much effort, therefore recreating biomechanic movement. - This is quite possibly why i developed healing hands or energy moving hands. The above are shortcuts for things i've already discovered. But near the beginning of where it all began, i began obsessing over this technique of pressure and release using hands. For example, with my fingers i would press on let's say my upper chest, and i would simply breathe in and out while focusing on that area. And i would just begin doing this through my whole body, most of the time my left side. I would probably begin doing this on your face and in your mouth. Literally put your fingers in your mouth and massage the insides of your cheeks, your gums, lips. That will release so much tension you have throughout your body. The running is the main one though. your body needs to get to the point of exhaustion where it doesn't recognize itself and only wants to survive. That's when you can begin creating change. The other option is to go to physical therapy places, sports medicine ones seem good. Though i will say it was refusal and lost hope in "professionals" that allowed me to develop abilities. But it takes a motha*** of an effort to recover.
  11. .

    Looking forward to what others say. How long have you been doing energy practice/qigong? I ask, because i thought it was the actual solution to issues such as traumatized parts of my body. But not so sure if that alone is enough now. I was learning to heal myself before i came across these practices 3 months ago and created a lot of theories that have proven to work for me at least. Since trying to get into these practices, and following directions, i have since felt like my body is not as balanced as before. My theory was because my body is 'broken' to the point where qigong practices are not as effective, it's not granular enough and slow enough to focus on what needs to be worked on. Like there might be prior preparation that needs to be made. For now, i can say that the main ideas i have thought about are: - if you've had physical trauma, the body conforms to a certain mechanical way of working/moving at all times. That means everything from standing, walking, running, sitting, etc. further keeps those areas imbalanced. - so one must re-train the bio mechanics to work properly when doing practically every activity. - to me retraining biomechanics means loosening the muscles (through a variety of methods), working them out in a specific way where it is moving exactly how it should with all correct muscles recruiting. - i have specific techniques i will share. but i want to hear more and what others have to say. These physical injuries, in my opinion is one gateway to full potential. Soreness from running is a physical injury too. - without getting into specifics, one theory also goes along the lines of injury -> muscle dysfunction else where -> incorrect posture at core areas such as face, hips. So one needs to fix the dysfunction in that same order all the way to the end. Otherwise, any of these can simply recreate entire issue again. In my experience these more traumatic injuries are an opportunity to become very energy powerful, because of the requirement it takes to fix oneself.
  12. Who is Loneman Pai?

    @Forwards, what's the coolest/most usable thing you've learned from LMP? are you allowed to say?
  13. Shambhala

    Sounds like America Still following you. You're really setting us up for fireworks on Shambhala.
  14. so it looks like the animals can sense your energy levels in sync with the world aka them. Mine has clearly diminished in the sense that it's not as easy anymore. And i know why for my own personal life. But the bright side about this is that it can be a good indicator of maybe your presence energy, if you're on the right path, your happiness. I had to let go of everything and remember my soul through observing nature. Only then i was able to reconnect with the squirrels.
  15. Are you a Shaman

    What do you when working with these spirits? And how do you communicate?