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  1. Christianity

    What are examples of the type suffering he was doing?
  2. What is Fear?

    i understand. I send you a warm hug
  3. What is Fear?

    Hi Limahong, Maybe if you clarify the context of what you speak of in regards to tear i can answer?
  4. Technology

    Pretty sure technology hasn't given us anything. We created technology, hence we gave ourselves everything. Not to mention, we created both that which gave back to us and that which takes away. To worship something we created is as dangerous as worshiping ourselves, for how do we know what we're creating if we don't even know what's being created within ourselves?
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what was it that you were looking for in your life? And what was the clear insight at the end of the day? I'm not criticizing, as i believe your experience. However, i want to understand what it is. Edit: let me add that if said, 'I don't know,' i wouldn't see you or your experience any less. For it is silly to believe that experience or understanding can only be proven through words, thoughts, ideas, or even actions. However, if you do want to make a difference here in this reality for others outside of yourself, it may require some of these methods.
  6. I believe you, but what i want to get out of you is what was the actual epiphany behind it. Was it just a feeling or a realization of something? What you're describing is a feeling or a realization of feeling. which is incredibly powerful and does not need to be judged. i believe you and can resonate with that.
  7. What is Fear?

    Fear isn't real, and therefore fearlessness isn't real. not even courage. However, ones 'thought' necessity of fear and fearlessness in order to existence can be real.
  8. As you stated there's no way anyone would really know if you were enlightened or not, unless they themselves are and meet you personally. There's no test that others claim. These tests are created as a result of their own thoughts and own need for validation. However, that doesn't mean one can't acknowledge of you reaching a certain level of understanding. Can you further explain what you mean by your quote above?
  9. Observe can mean many things for different people. I've used that term as well, and this post has reminded me of something i realized not too long ago. Observing can mean having to do something. The idea is not to do anything and let the thought come to you, just as any sensations in your body might arise, without the need to look for it. If awareness of you observing arises it is like you going right through the backdoor and no longer being the observer. Thoughts and feelings require attention, let them come to you and get the attention they need by simply being there for them. That's all you need to do. What happens next will take care of itself.
  10. Troll energetics

    i think second one is how you became Nungnuts
  11. Troll energetics

    i think he meant button not botton.
  12. Troll energetics

    I completely agree
  13. Troll energetics

    Who's taking it personally? I don't think anyone took it personally imo. what i find more entertaining is how certain you seem to be about your analysis
  14. What are emotions

    Your response is taking a point out of context and taking it in a different direction don't you think? Oh Nungas you are a great salesman i'll give you that. In fact, you only know how to sell. It's westernized mentality. The danger lies in one being such a great sales man that they sell themselves too. Just as i empathized and understood why Lima might have felt you talked about him, i'll do the same with you to avoid disrupting you further. Happy Solstice You will then respond with something to try to get me to engage yet again, because of your giant ego. A simple settlement to avoid further conflict isn't enough, you feed off energy just like dim wad described as an energy vampire, which i called you a few months ago.
  15. What are emotions

    uhhh ohhhhhhh someone has some things to work throughhhhhhh.. Ironically it's a bit delusional to think that my post had any reference to you to take it so personally. If anything your response is actually quite the opposite effect of what was intended or expected. Calm down suga.