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  1. Is truth relative?

    It does...
  2. Are there evil master?

    Together they stand, together they fall. Don't worry, they believe you're a character playing in the game they created. What isn't realized is the game they created is within a game. That is why Pinnochio's nose kept growing over centuries. a curse of lying that can't be undone. That is why the game feels like you're alone and they are many. How can you be alone when you stand next to he who watches them all in the palm of his hand.
  3. Was gonna ask about this about a year ago. Glad i waited
  4. When i release certain blockages usually in breathing pathways, or even sometimes in other areas of the nervous system, a phlegm-like liquid automatically goes up to my mouth. This is good because i know that is what the blockage physically consisted of. A few questions i have are should I be spitting it out? I've been doing this with the idea that swallowing it back in would make that 'energy' or phlegm to create more blockage again. Is it just phlegm? Because i started noticing this a bit more often, i decided to change my diet up again to eating foods that don't produce phlegm. Another reason i may be producing it is that some people i am living with don't have the healthiest of hygiene as far as constantly dirtying our floors in the house and allowing pets to stay dirty over time. Obviously one can do their best to mitigate the external reasons such as food and hygiene. Main thing is should i be spitting out that phlegm? I only ask because i know the idea of getting rid of spit does deplete you of energy.
  5. Talk to me about your heart

    Keep unwrapping. You haven't realized that whomever it is you were is meant to die, but you're still holding on. You're not what you had. You're way way more than that. trust me. Let it die, and you will regain that which you thought you lost in much better ways you didn't think before.
  6. Talk to me about your heart

    I learn a lot from your posts. Thank you for sharing. If you haven't experienced any of it for 2 months, then keep going. i wish only the best. Also, if you think you're not divinely guided, just look at the time created your thread.
  7. Talk to me about your heart

    "I am not in pain" "Hes right of course, but for me, there is nothing more right now" either you're a trickster or you're romanticizing the existence you're living. though you're not the only trickster in the room. tricksters make me want to pierce them with a lightning bolt. And maybe eventually it will, but for now i'll leave those flys to eat their shit. So what's your illness? and do you even want to get out of it?
  8. Are there evil master?

    Why? Only because you say so? Is cold not cold and hot not just hot?
  9. My first post

    read what you want to read don't force yourself. .SLIATED eht ees ot uoy swolla taht eltrut eht si ti roF .eltrut eht evresbo ,daetsnI .tibbar eht wollof t’noD .era sgnileef ruo tahw dnatsrenni od ew tub ,si eciohc tahw dnatsrednu ton od eW .THGUOHT yna wollof ot hguone elbitpecsus era ohw esoht era ,eciohc a dah reven yeht GNIKNIHT otni sevlesmeht kcirt nac ohw esoht roF .thgirhtrib ruoy ni ton saw eciohc taht aedi eht rof llaf t'noD .esoohc ot ro wollof ot rehtehw si nevig era uoy eciohc tsrif eht esuaceB .niaga esoohc ot nrael ew wollofnu ot eciohc eht ekam ew nehW .nesohc evah uoy tahw ton si gniwollof roF .wollof ot gnisoohc potS .eb ot sdeen ti erehw thgir si ecruos ehT .pu nwod ro ,nwod pu neve toN .tfel ot thgir ro ,thgir ot tfel ton si hcihW .ecruos eht ot kcab nruter yam eno taht os ,tey nees t'nevah ew tahw ees ot si noissim ruO .ees ot su tnaw srehto tahw ees ot t'nsi ereh noissim ruO .ees ot uoy tnaw yeht tahw ees ot uoy tnaw ohw esoht yb dael gnieb naht rehtaR .yretsym taht rof hcraes dluohs eno ,ees ot seye eht sah eno fI .syaw suoiretsym ni skrow doG semitemoS
  10. Are there evil master?

    what is it damnit! insects??? reptiles???
  11. Talk to me about your heart

    hmmmmm. to offend or not to offend. to counter or not to counter. to attract a counter or not to attract a counter from many. those are the questions. though i accept is it prejudice or is it self protection? Not saying prejudice doesn't get created, but is it the core? Can the core be found down the line? Is bigotry, racism, and discrimination automatic? Or is it the multitude of choices to continue on that path after the initial trauma? is it their own liberty to pick? or is it the self protection. or the hate, which then becomes the continual choice to see only what their foggy eyes see. Not everyone deserves your goodwill and befriending, because many are vampires only out to bleed you dry. Many developed individuals/vampires might i add. Goodwill and befriending can be in a myriad of forms, including not defending oneself in a way that would make another individual feel a certain way (if that makes sense). WELL, seems to me you've been on the path of going from demon -> light. A real demon can't know what you are onto. That is why you chose to suffer this long and even still are. Because you were able to take it believe it or not. So what now? are you on the path out of it? From what you mention, it seems that you're still suffering? Am i right?
  12. Are there evil master?

    like hue-mans?
  13. Talk to me about your heart

    yes, but your intention is to be kind. Why you aren't in certain situations is a journey within of itself, that may not even be your fault. And yet the only one who can judge your inner intention is God. And yet God can also be within oneself. Does every one deserve to have benevolence shown to them? Yes? Then why hasn't benevolence shown itself to everyone and everything? because those whom are benevolent would lack benevolence the moment it is given to anyone at any one moment. and yet benevolence is also eternal.
  14. Talk to me about your heart

    go fight someone with a gun or who knows mma. stop fooling yourself