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  1. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    My friend you are either delusional or crazy. How can you say anyone else here is more crazy than you are, if the things you say are exponentially more absurd. Couldn't anyone just do the same, do a little research, format their wording in a way that 'sells' stature or intelligence? What i don't get is how you managed to have people believe anything you say. of course unless as i am claiming that you are someone else who already has another account and this is just a second one. I still have yet to see anyone vouch for any of your powers or development you claim. ZERO. Zilch. Nada. Nashi. It was also funny how easy it was to stir the pot and turn people against each other. It just proves everyone will always look at any other to display ego sense of worth. Even those who sound so eloquent. if one is gone, there will always be another to pick on. social experiment done.
  2. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Or literally just continue being yourself. Seriously, wtf? I don't even think i've read any post from Gendao where he's not acting humble, not processing what's being told to him, not responding directly to any post talking to him, not being respectful in comparison how he's talked down to. The fact that you're being told what you can do, yet you don't even display any action going against what the suggestions are, smh. Why not suggest that at the very people who perform the very actions mentioned. SMFH. #kaliyuga. #confusion.
  3. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    someone on this forum wanted to find out how our humanity got to this point of causing our own destruction.... No one new will stay. only the old. Which in time will wash away.
  4. Kaivalya Upanishad

    i wanted proof of noise coming out of your face. Unfortunately i didn't get any. Nor did anyone vouch for you. you're not worth my time any longer. best of luck
  5. Kaivalya Upanishad

    oh you know me so well 'master'. You definitely don't have your third eye open. If you only knew what i knew, if you only understood what i understood, if you could only decipher what i could decipher since i've been 5 years old. Trust me, you don't know anything about me. And you most definitely can't do anything that you say you can do. I know it. Maybe some here can't read you. I can read you like an open book. Goodbye
  6. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Okay . If you say so. Not one piece of proof. Just an empty vessel
  7. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    I think you just proved how much of a nobody you are. Your judgements couldn't be far from truth. And the way you explain yourself is probably even worse. I can only imagine who you are in real life. Must be sad. That being said, i hope you get out of it, because unlike you, i don't wish ants stay ants. Goodbye
  8. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    - Ya, all 400 of my friends. From high school and acquaintances. Already a dumbfuck assumption - How powerful are you? why don't you both explain and prove that? - I'm so hurt, because you think i'm an ant. Thanks for your sad opinion. - not only do i have my third eye open. But it doesn't take a genius to discern the things that you say are so full of it. Why don't you tell me one person who can see your "true level"? There should be plenty on the forum who can right? Please anyone, if you can vouch for this powerful master, tell me. And if someone does, i will genuinely accept. - sounds like a reddit fool speaking. thanks
  9. Kaivalya Upanishad

    I have no idea why you think anything you say has any value or empowers you.
  10. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    I don't, yet i am still talking to you. And you are responding. That was easy. Your ring of power is quite small i would say. And how ironic considering how you criticize everyone else in here about power, blah blah blah. i can tell you're probably hurting from whatever the f you dealt with earlier last year, and you're taking it out on people you don't know. This seems to happen a lot around here. you might be able to heal if you chill out, and stop trying to be all intelligent sounding. Just know at some point someones going to bite back, and they might be much more powerful than you. And if you even think about attacking me in any way other than through words, just know I'll be ready to test what i myself am able to manifest. Idk wtf is going on in the world right now, but this disease or virus of people conflicting and bringing each other down seems to be spreading rapidly everywhere i look. Why? i have no idea. The fact that many of us, including myself keep falling into these ways of being is very strange to me. Almost like there is mind control happening all over. Nonetheless, it just proves how far any of us is from becoming a sage or enlightened in any way. Anyways, if you have proof of how 'powerful' you are. Prove it. Have anyone else vouch for you. Otherwise, you're just like any troll on reddit communicating through patterned ways that would convince any person who doesn't have discernment from an early age. Luckily i do. And words or patterns of communication mean nothing to me. Show me proof.
  11. Kaivalya Upanishad

    Why should I?
  12. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Shouldn't make him angry unless what i'm saying is true. Which would only mean he's angry at himself for the life he lives and influences on others.
  13. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    I get what you're saying. But i don't want to partake in ganging up. All i'm speaking of is honesty. let's see what the dork can come up with. Wouldn't be surprised if it's a second profile from someone who's been here in the past. Based on his posting and history, it would seem probable.
  14. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    With the energy you spread in every single one of your posts, you must either not have any friends, or if you do, they couldn't care less about your existence. If you have a spouse which i doubt, they must only go through hell, which is clearly represented in your profile picture. WHICH doesn't only reflect how you see yourself, but how your spouse must see you as well.
  15. Kaivalya Upanishad

    That is only because you can't see yourself. duhh
  16. Video Predicting too much this year

    Thanks Gendao. Don't worry about it though. The world is too big to worry about a dying breed of ideas clinging on for dear life, only to watch an real awakening pass them by.
  17. Here's a video i've been deciphering for the past 8 months. Which i believe i have to a very deep extent. But those points aren't to important talk about. what is important is the fact that they predicted everything that happened this year 7 years ago. Obviously not predicted, but planned then. Everything until minute 3 has already happened. eveyrthing after minute 3 is what is supposedly going to happen. Today, many of it already has. And as many of you already know, 'they' work in patters. Right to left, left to right, right to middle, left to middle, end to beginning, etc. 0:30 in - look at the map. Targeted spots that seem to have things happening to them currently. New york with the snow. Florida with the hurricanes min. 3.2 is a ceremony performed by the japanese emperor of japan when they get 'into office'. Talk about Epsteinish. And is also a representation of another event which i think no one else in the world caught. I believe it's Mon Laferte, who i just so happened to have on yahoo my news feed and never knew who she was before. Where she exposed herself as well as the many things happening in chile. Both of these occurring within a few days a of each other. min. 3.3 - is min. 3.35 - is the tanks invading hong kong earlier this year. And the girl in it is min. 6 - the obvious fall of notre dame There others, but the above are the more obvious ones. the date seems near for what they want to do. creating something 7 years ago, showing the many things that would happen almost entirely in a single year, one would assume that the plans are set to reveal themselves soon no? Rather than just for the purpose of causing more fear for the next 7 years.
  18. Video Predicting too much this year

    You discussed 'A' highlight. It's okay, i don't really need anything responded to. I also don't need to bring more eyes into this toxic forum, because i know for a fact it's people like me who actually bring the eyes. Not the biased, concrete way of thinking many individuals here have. The # of members who partake is enough proof. Intentions couldn't be more blatant to someone who's actually awake. The moment i stopped coming here to read, my health got better, and everything i had once known at many points last year all came back to me. I know God, the source, whatever you want to call it speaks to me a lot more clear than many "intelligent" people i see constantly bicker like a bunch of kids. I don't think there's any coincidence in that. Best wishes if the forum deserves it nonetheless. I predict it will die soon, unless some shift happens. Don't believe me just watch.
  19. Video Predicting too much this year

    So you discussed one out of several other points which had much more validity. Not sure why. Are you basically saying that the world isn't indeed manipulated by the few or many who have their own selfish interests? just asking I also forgot to mention the strange flood in Italy in November, which happened to be exactly around the time of the Japanese Emperor's initiation ceremony, which correlates with the times in the video. I think looking at history is important, but when that itself is manipulated along with the current time we're living in, one is like a cat chasing a laser not knowing its source. Either way, i still smell something oddly fishy in this forum too. But i've learned to stay quiet to keep harm away from myself. For whatever reason, keeping people silent seems to be another tactic used here. Let's see what happens in the next 5-7 years, i know something is already set up in place.
  20. Video Predicting too much this year

    okay. thanks for your 'in' sight
  21. Damaged lower dantian

    I really messed up. a few days ago i had sex and then later did some stretching, and i believe i tore my lower dantian while doing so. Most likely due to not breathing/strethcing correctly plus the sex. I feel ashamed that this has happened. Feeling pretty bad daily, like my energy is all over the place. i can't focus, lower abdomen feels cold, not sure if fluids are going down to testicles. Do you guys believe this is something that will heal on its own over time? I already prepared for the worse and have some names down here in California to hopefully be able to heal this. https://www.nqa.org/ bruce frantzis Madison Mansy Lori Furbush Rebecca Lance Michael Rinaldini Bruce Frantzis is the closest to me. Is there anyone in California highly recommended for this? Do you recommend Bruce?
  22. Damaged lower dantian

    Thanks Dawei, This is interesting. I'll try them out.
  23. Damaged lower dantian

    Thank you for the advice. I hope you're finding progress with your tinnitus
  24. Damaged lower dantian

    'GSmaster' Too High. Thanks
  25. Damaged lower dantian

    Why do you care so much. And laugh at my post. Is it because i ignored you? i accept every hate and attack you have on me. But what do you gain? Is your sense of self importance stronger now? Keep doing it, see where that takes you. Just know you're a master of nothing. Best of luck in your life.